Identity Theft

Secondhand Life - Part 34

Dennis stood as I approached our table.

“Damn, girl” he smiled “I thought we were going to have to send out a search party”

I smiled to myself. We knew each other so well.

“It was crowded by the stage, so I took a detour... around the back bar.”

Dennis' eyebrow raised “Is that A&A?” He shot me an inscrutable stare. “How on earth...”

“One of the bartenders saw me passing and asked if I wanted 'the usual'...” I shrugged.

Dennis nodded. Apparently Katherine's 'usual' was a state secret to everyone but the bar staff.

Slave of the Fae: Chapter 17

Crier rested on my lap, almost humming with power. Mrs. Jones was still asleep on my bed, she must have stayed up most of the night. My hand barely hurt, although my fingers were stiff and my skin still cracked and bled if I moved it too quickly. It had been over two hours and Calandri still hadn’t come to see me, that had me worried yet happy. It had looked like she was ready to kill me just before the fight. I hadn’t gotten a look at her afterwards, so it was possible she had been mollified.

Not likely.

“I must thank you, Alex,” a deep voice said.

Slave of the Fae: Chapter 16

I woke up in pain.

My leg and hip felt fine, but my right hand was icy cold and cramped. Mrs. Jones was sleeping at my side, blood smeared on her clothes, still she was smiling peacefully. Easing myself out of bed, I found I was dressed in a nightgown. For at least the tenth time I wondered what was up with people constantly putting me to bed and changing my clothes every time I was injured. Raising the hem, I saw my leg was perfectly healed without even a mark. My hand wasn’t so lucky.

Slave of the Fae: Chapter 15

It was hard to walk as I followed the whisp. It was hard to breath. I ignored everything around me, trying to bring the pain under some kind of control.

Slave of the Fae: Chapter 13

The next morning I counted the days since I'd arrived, it was hard with how time moved so strangely. It didn't help that when I slept I spent time training with Crier, sometimes figuring out when I'd actually slept and when I'd been awake was difficult. Still, I had a pretty good guess that it was my birthday.

For Master Chapter 9

Whateley Academy,
Morning, August 22nd, 2007

Head Mistress Carson was sitting in her office, remembering the wonderful, if short, visit to New York, after visiting a new student in Pittsburgh. The paperwork wasn't quite the mountain it would be in less then two weeks when the students arrived, but it was steadily building up. As she thought about the coming year, Carson gave a silent wish that it would be easier then the last one, there wasn't much hope for that, but she could dream.

For Master Chapter 8

Two things, first this is fanfiction and has nothing to do with canon Whateley.
Second, the happy gas used by Glitch, is a drug that works extremely fast, and when something similar to it was put into rats and they could give themselves a dose of it by pressing a button, they pressed it as often as they would forget to eat and sleep. Everything that occurs due to an addiction from it is real.
So yeah, don't modify your body to put out an aerosol spray of the stuff.

Mississauga, Canada
August 10th, 2007

For Master Chapter 7

Mississauga, Ontario,
August 1st, 2007

Rachael and I played some pool in the teen drop in center. We weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, she wasn't comfortable being in that type of relationship while I was still looking for Master, but that didn't keep us from being best friends. Since most of Sam's old friends were out of town for the summer, or in the case of Bobby, Frank and a few others, pissed that I had beaten up Bobby, we had explored the city some more finding new places to hang out and meeting new people.

Slave of the Fae: Chapter 7

Please note, I am the original author of this story. It was posted originally over on TG Storytime under the pen name A. Kent, I'm now attempting to finish it here. While I appreciate emails saying someone has stolen my work, in this case everything is kosher.

Slave of the Fae: Chapter 6

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. Calandri wasn't in the room with me, but I saw a set of clothes waiting for me at the foot of the bed, Crier was placed on top of them in a sheathe of gold. I put on the tight, red shorts that felt a lot like spandex but were more comfortable and a body hugging, sleeveless red top made of the same material. I didn't like the way they showed my body and my underwear, but Calandri had asked me to be pretty, and I didn't want to disappoint her.

For Master Chapter 4

I got home, proudly showing Mom my MID, she wasn't quite so happy, giving me a hug but fighting back tears. The sadness had been building up for several days, ever since I brought up the fact that I wanted to go to Whateley to improve my education. I had to lie and tell her I'd discovered the school from talking to other mutants on the net. With the help of several emails from 'alumni' including a letter from the Vancouver Heroes Corp. Well one of their fan groups that managed get the website name, which was enough to convince Mom they were the real thing.

Slave of the Fae: Chapter 3

Blood and Fire

I looked at Sam, I couldn't believe that he had been a girl. He was huge, even bigger than my Phys ed teacher and he'd been in the NHL. With his dark black skin, buzz cut, brown eyes, hands that looked like they could crush a coconut and legs that were as big around as my waist, there was nothing feminine about him. Not even his dark blue shorts and open, short sleeved shirt looked remotely like what a girl would wear.

Perfect Crime

"This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but it's fan fiction so I hope it's forgivable.

This is an introduction for a character I plan on eventually fitting into Fate Sucks. I don't like having all goody goody's for characters.

Upper Peninsula, Michigan,
September 15th, 2006

“You've got to help me, Ricky!” Chase said, grabbing my shoulders, and nearly knocking me to the ground.

My Life as a Mail Order Bride

Steve has some anger management problems, but he mostly gets away with it. All that changes one day when he loses his temper and makes a racist remark. Now he's going to find out what it's like to be on the other side of the fence. His life is about to change forever as he finds himself trapped in the body of an exotic oriental bride.

Growing Up Kitty

Growing Up Kitty
By Paul Calhoun

A teenage boy in a dystopian future has had some bodily development frozen at a younger age due to a medical mixup, and when he sees his similarly affected cousin he's crushed on for years has left her swimsuit in the changing room he goes in to touch it and finds a lot more.

I personally do like ageplay, but also understand that though I consider it only a vehicle for a form of transgression that is difficult to replicate anywhere other than underage that underage is also a big issue these days. I think that the setting I put it in and the method I used to make him SEEM younger actually improves the narrative because there's the transgressive element of being somewhere people would chase him away from as well as the element that he really ought to be able to go and usually can't because of his appearance.

Request for :iconmeioubunny:

The Jogger

jogger.jpgThe Jogger
By Anon Allsop

I sat at my window and peered out into the night sky, only the moon was visible to the naked eye. Pouring myself another glass of liquor, I momentarily studied its contents before downing it. Once again, my drinking companion tonight would be my insomnia - and my damn brain refusing to shut down.

Tears welled into my eyes as I thought of her lovely face constantly in front of me, haunting my mind each and every time I would close my eyes.

How did my life get so screwed up? I cried to the empty room.

Skin Spin

Getting back into doing my own stories with one that people asked me NOT to do. The start of what I expect will be a new continuity early in the history of a civilization that recently developed a need to molt skins so they can maintain their empathic abilities.

The PA of an influential - and extremely attractive - politician has an idea and with her boyfriend's help they'll have Legate Ginger on the front page of every news organization in the world.

Body Hopper - Redemption

Body Hopper – Redemption

I borrowed the basis for this story from Mister A's "Body Hopper" stories on Fictionmania. While I enjoyed his writing in a way, the stories also angered me. How dare these hoppers abuse their victims like that? Can't they see the harm they are doing? Don't they care?

I felt it was time to write a story about one body hopper who developed a conscience, and tried to make the world a better place. I may write another tale, or maybe flesh out this story some more - time will tell. I hope you enjoy it - please feel free to post comments below.

Secondhand Life - Part 15

We arrived in L.A. and dropped off Dr Dale. Matt headed back to school and I thought Dennis, Mikey and I were headed back to Monterey. However, Dennis informed me that I had a meeting with Dez, Katherine's agent Lorne Cullen and some studio execs before heading home.

Secondhand Life - Part 14

The European tour was nearly finished, but after I filled Dennis in on Matt's discovery, he collaborated with me to feign a severe case of what seemed to be norovirus, and Katherine – and her entourage – were excused from the last 10 days of the press tour, to take the gulfstream back home and recuperate. ...also sparing the rest of the company from coming in contact with this possibly highly contagious digestive scourge.

Secondhand Life - Part 12

As much as I was becoming obsessed with the woman whose life I was living, I became immersed in the nearly fulltime job of being the public face of Katherine Keller.

One of the highlights of our European tour was a hastily improvised performance after a chance meeting with a principal of the Vienna Light Orchestra, a group of serious classical musicians who do 'popular music' in an orchestral tradition to introduce general audiences to the experience of classical music.

Secondhand Life - Part 11

Rado Mitruczek was one of the 'old guard' of modern art in the former Eastern Bloc going back to the 1950s when he emigrated to Czechoslovakia before the 'Prague Spring'. His battles with authority over freedom of expression were the stuff of legend.

And it was mostly legend.

Rado's wrangles with censors were mostly theater... both the artist and the bureaucrats got a lot of mileage and cachet within their respective communities of supporters over the 'culture wars'.

Secondhand Life - Part 10

We had to curtail our fox and hound games for the European leg of the press tour. The studio spared no expense. We flew private across Europe as if we were some diplomatic entourage or a ceremonial royal family of some sort... and in a way we were. Right or wrong, in the minds of a lot of the general public, celebrity is the new royalty, only without any deference. Everyone was waiting for us to trip-up.

Our merry band of travelers, reassembled for this leg, was quite impressed at the chartered plane, though I knew it was in large part to spare me from airport scanners.

Funky Lady: A TG Mixed Tape

Funky Lady: A TG Mixed Tape


Edited by PersnicketyBitch

A mortally wounded superheroine chooses her successor. A young man makes a mistake when administering a love potion. In the near future changing genders is as easy as popping a pill. Hit play on the first Mixed Tape collection of 2015 for all these stories, an interview with Morpheus, and more!

Secondhand Life - Part 9

It didn't take a private detective to find Matt Cutler. Want to find a guy on the UCLA track team? ….Hang out at the UCLA track.

I was dressed down in sweats and a hoodie with logo and school colors, courtesy of the campus shop. I looked like any other student ...maybe a little too student like with all the branded apparel. Still, no one seemed to notice.

Secondhand Life - Part 8

Monterrey was relaxing. I started making a habit of running on the beach and into town. It wasn't too long before people stopped treating me like a sasquatch sighting and actually started waving and saying hello as I'd run by.

Secondhand Life - Part 4

It seemed I had the rest of the day free. I wandered into Katherine's 'office'. I guess it was a tax thing or somesuch, but this was the room with all the Katherine Keller memorabilia.... her framed first Vogue cover.... a number of other framed glossy magazines and photos, including one with a very perplexed looking Dalai Lama which made me smile. There was her Golden Globe, her people's choice award, a number of teen spirit awards going back to the time she first started modeling. I hadn't realized how long she had been doing this. How long since she had been a part of the 'real world'.

Secondhand Life - Part 3

I was accompanying my cousin on his contest winning trip to a lavish Hollywood premiere. I was merely his 'plus one' and chaperone. The last thing I had intended was to become the center of attention - as the stand-in for the reclusive, troubled starlet.

Secondhand Life - Part 2

I simply joined my cousin as his plus one on a contest winning trip to Hollywood.
I had hoped for a break from my rather miserable home life, but never imagined I'd get swept into the center of a scheme that belonged IN a Hollywood movie.

A Goddess Like We

Bought by Demuto

Two starving street urchin refugees are given a chance at living a life of luxury by a corporation desperate for good news. The catch is that publicly they're living as a goddess incarnated by the company as part of their program of creating deific avatars.

Secondhand Life - Part 1

Call me Elsie. Everyone else does. Actually, it used to be L.C. And that was only because I never let anyone call me by my proper name.... never let anyone even know it if I could help it. What kind of parent names their kid Lorenzo Carlton? I used to half joke that I should be able to bring them up on charges, for naming your child something guaranteed to get them picked on at school surely counts as child cruelty.

Spooked - Part 2

One night only, but still almost 14K because SOME PEOPLE decided they wanted to have long, analytic conversations about themselves. Fennis and Lakshmi turned out to be very interested in exploring their feelings. I could have done a whole series just about them wearing skinsuits of each other, but that's not what this story is about so I tried to hurry things along.

Lots of switching around, some evil and some not. Someone asked for there to be a more Scooby-Doo feel to things, so I did that flavor for a chase scene or two. It couldn't get too outrageously jinkied, but I think I got a good balance in.

And back by popular demand: THE SKELETON! WHOOO! I didn't know who the real villain of the piece would be and the skeleton was popular, so it gets to come back.

Dead Ringer (Part 11)

Chapter Twenty Eight

The pieces, methodically and patiently placed over the preceding three years, were all falling into place, and having laid dormant, were apparently still undetected. The end game was ready to begin.

Over the months Aaron and I had spent many long nights discussing the situation, and I was beginning to truly feel like the partner and co-collaborator that everyone always presumed the fictitious Lade 3V3 to be.

Spooked - Part 1

The first 20,000 words of the Halloween story. I don't know if I should continue it since it's so long and involved. If there's a big demand to keep going then I will, but both the people asking and my commissioners have to understand that while I'm doing this I'm not doing anything else.

Four friends find treasure maps, but the treasure is guarded by monsters, seductive strangers, and often each other!

The Princess & the Slave

This story is one of six new stories in the compilation, Talons of the Hawk by Emma Finn, a book of transformation stories available on Amazon.



Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in an exotic land very far from here, there lived a princess who was very spoiled.

Multiverse Lucy & Ruth

This is a totally non-canon thought exercise, describing the first-time "transformation" of Peter and Luke to Ruth and Lucy, in my story "A Bikini Beach Summer." It was suggested by a Multiverse interpretation of Bikini-Beach reality shifts.

A Quiet Strength - Part 3 - Trial and Tribulation - Chapters 12 - 14 End

girlinwoods.jpegA Quiet Strength - Trial and Tribulation
by Anon Allsop

-Part Three-


There was an earthy smell of Spring in the air, snow was melting and Aponi had noticed two birds of the like she had never seen before. There was a bird that she seemed enamored by, bright blue with a dusty orange upon its chest. Another was a bright yellow and had black feathers in its wings, a smattering of white downey feathers covering it's neck. Both birds were occupying upper and lower branches of the same tree, but each seemingly ignored the other.

A Quiet Strength - Part 3 - Trial and Tribulation - Chapters 9 - 11

snowing-blizzard.jpgA Quiet Strength - Trial and Tribulation
by Anon Allsop

-Part Three-


Max sat in the quiet solitude of his study sipping on a dark colored liquor from Ariellian IV, when a noise caused him to glance up. It was Elise, she was wrapped in her robe and holding a cup of tea, the string swinging just outside. Max smiled and sat his drink down, "Come in Elise, sit with me awhile."

She slipped inside the room, and settled into a chair opposite her fathers. "What brings you up on such an early hour?

A Quiet Strength - Part 3 - Trial and Tribulation - Chapters 6 - 8

snowing-blizzard.jpgA Quiet Strength - Trial and Tribulation
by Anon Allsop

-Part Three-


As morning dawned, the storm and fierce wind had abated and a clear blue sky was overhead. Etu pushed through the drift that had sealed them inside the boughs, and stepped out into a strange but beautiful landscape. Aponi passed the papoose with little Machk through the opening to Etu, as she stepped through to the outside she was forced to shield her eyes from the brilliant sun.

She quickly glanced toward Machk, making sure that the covering over his face had remained. Her breath hung in front of her like a fog, within moments a negligible breeze seemed to push it away.

Etu wore the papoose and was aiding Aponi as they walked, both being very careful to avoid falling with little Machk. "The snow is very deep in spots, but showing ground in others." Aponi commented as they picked their way through the trees.

"Such is the way with the great white death. In one area may be a drift only knee high to a child, in another it could be well above a brave's head." He replied, assisting her to a clear area where no snow was lying.

Aponi cringed as snow dropped into the moccasins that Etu's mother provided, leaning against her husband she dug out the offending snow with her finger. "I am still amazed that I was able to survive being out in that storm."

A Quiet Strength - Part 3 - Trial and Tribulation - Chapters 4- 5

snowing-blizzard.jpgA Quiet Strength - Trial and Tribulation
by Anon Allsop

-Part Three-


His hands stinging from the cold, Etu continued to smack it against the bole of the tree, its impact scarring the bark deeply. To have come so close to his beloved and to lose her in this snowstorm would seem almost unfathomable to the young warrior. Always before his eyes, the swirling snow blowing in his face, seemed merge everything into one ferocious gray fog.

Desperately wanting to strike out in search of Aponi, yet he knew that once he left Machk, he might not find him again. So, the young brave did the only thing he could and continued to strike the limb against the trunk of the tree.

A Quiet Strength - Part 2 - Paying the Piper - Chapters 6 - 8

abuse.jpgA Quiet Strength - Paying the Piper
by Anon Allsop

-Part Two-


Max sat in the Intensive Care Unit's waiting area, a tall young doctor approached. "Mr. Augustus?" Max nodded, the doctor took a seat beside him on the couch. "Your daughter is resting now, Elise is pretty severely injured. She has bleeding on her brain, and for now, we're keeping her in a medically induced coma."

"Will she live, Doc?" Max asked without looking up.

The Doctor inhaled deeply, "There are no guarantees, Mr. Augustus. Any brain injury is life threatening, there is always a danger when it involves the brain. Your daughter has had some serious trauma, the next 72 hours will tell us quite a bit. Go on home, sir, get some rest, we'll let you know if anything changes.


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