Gallery and Amazon Premium sites on Down

Update May 27 - The qnez4u server is up again. The Gallery looks to be intact. I'm not certain what the exact cause is/was but the logs show a possible hard drive problem. I've made a backup of the Gallery so we haven't lost anything and moved a copy of the backup file to one of Erin's other servers.

Bob Arnold


girlery (ger'|luh|ree) noun - 1. place where people, presumably boys or men, are girled. 2. the practice of girling. 3. a sequential display of images of the victims of girling. From girl+gallery.

A Girlery of Gals
Where Image is Substance and Virtue is Illusion

Site Down


For anyone who was wondering, the site was down for eight hours today due to network problems at my ISP. Then, after they fixed the network problems it took them two hours to figure out they hadn't turned my server back on! SHEESH! It's all back and fluffy now, though.

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