Estrogen / Hormones

Real Life

She was living in her parents' house. Not earning nearly enough money. She sometimes felt that the pronoun was undeserved, she hadn't done enough to earn it. Hormones for a year and her appearance basically hadn't changed. People in stories always changed extremely. Transformed beyond recognition. They got desirable female figures, dyed their hair blonde, wore makeup and dresses. Even the nonfiction stories the press seemed to pick up, the people they seemed to be interested in, were like that. Look at these before and after pictures, it's amazing how much the person changed.

Nikki, part 21

“Don’t see why you’re moaning,” dad laughs as I pass him yet another handful of pink and silver streamers. “You’re the one who insists on hanging out with these celebrities, attending their parties… There’s no ducking out of it now just because it’s your turn to organise one!”

“Give me a break,” I sigh. “I’ve been at work every day this week…”

“Ooh, poor you, having to work for a living,” Beverly laughs, making me sigh. “Thanks for helping out today, Chris.”

“My pleasure,” dad says. “She’s my future daughter-in-law, that makes her family, right?”

Little Boy-Girl 2

This story looks at the other Trans-Girls and brings their new life to light. Riley and Mackenzie start things and we'll look back at some of the others in the story. Then look at how they get along with the other Trans-Girls. Then we show what happens to a new bully that has to go to the new school and has to wear the girls uniform.

Patriot Games - Chapter 44 - Aftermath for a Domme

This chapter was contributed by Licorice, with very few changes, as we had neglected to show how Linda was dealt with as a result of her notoriety in being associated with the HLS mission.

I think that it is a good chapter - Monica Rose.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 9

Jessica smiled for the passengers as they disembarked the plane, stretching their tired muscles after the long flight from Madrid.

“Thank you for flying with Soixante-Trois Airlines,” Jessica gushed in her practised overly-saccharine ‘stewardess’s voice’. “Enjoy your stay in London!”

“I live here, you dumb valley girl,” one of the passengers snorted as he passed Jessica with a backward glance.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 15 - Back to School

Back to school day is here. We decided to fly even though we had just barely escaped disaster. We didn’t figure lightning would take a second shot at us, and neither of us wanted to endure the long drive in the Corvette again. I was happy not to have the specter of surgery hanging over my head. My new parts were still tender, but could hardly wait to take them out into the world.

Jenny’s Story – 6 Becoming Jenny

Brian, wanted to get in touch with his feminine side, and hopefully get some help in doing so. Most of all he wanted to see himself look like a convincing girl in his own way of thinking. He never imagined or planned what happened. Brian likes being Jenny too much to stop. He is now justifying in his own what he’s doing. He still tries at times to persuade himself he’s not really Jenny.

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 20

*Before… Elizabetha

And then I can see the shorelines and then just out about a mile from the shore and the beaches is…
The White Spire… out on the coast… City Island…that’s actually the name of this place the only city that is on an island here and not just bordering the water.
Home of mother’s house…House Petrel.
The keep is all of pale sandstone blocks as in the wall for the city but The White Spire as well…it’s is actually a beacon within a tower an ancient marvel and responsibility called a lighthouse.
The whole city as I’m coming down is both more lovely than I remember with there being the same sort of colors around so much here and stone homes great and small to weather all manner of storms and clay interlocking tiled roofs.
People are pointing, bells are being wrung and men at arms are running out of barracks into the courtyard armed with spears and crossbows and cutlasses.
The bubble breaks and I fall as soon as I try to stand and my legs are too numb.
I yell though. “Fetch Grandfather! Please now!”

*And Now…

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 14 - Meeting Amie’s “friend”

Our flight continued. We were told to divert to New York for debriefing, but when the pilot made the plane’s billionaire owner aware of it, that order was quickly rescinded and we were able to go straight home. Score: one for the people, zero for the bureaucrats. I loved it. It helps when the people have lots of money and connections. What about my confrontation? Didn’t happen. I pictured myself sitting down for debriefing with an old man with a clipboard. It turned out to be an intelligent, attractive young woman named “Laura”.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 13 - Plane crash

It turned out that the person lending the private jet to Dr. Adams was not from Texas. He was a billionaire from Utah. The pilot, co-pilot and flight attendants were family and friends of the owner of the jet. It was obvious from their actions that the man put a high value on poise and character. Any airline would be glad to have these crew members as employees. They all worked for the billionaire but volunteered for this flight. When one of us asked for something, it seemed as though they knew the request was coming and were merely waiting for it to be verbalized.

Nikki, part 19

“Three cheers for the college girls!” Charlotte announces. “Hip hip-“

“Hooray!” The modest number of partygoers cheer.

“Hip hip-“ Charlotte repeats.

“Hooray!” The partygoers again reply.

“Hip hip-“ Charlotte yells at the top of her voice.

“Hooray!” The party goers again cheer as Sarah, Katie and Lauren stand at the front of the room, their cheeks burning with embarrassment.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 12 - Strange Conversations in the Nether Region

I was alone…staring at the clean, white ceiling. I thought about getting on the web, but felt relaxed and content to just lie there and let my eyes close and think about was would be happening in the next few days…the next few weeks. Suddenly, I thought of my dad. He didn’t know that he no longer had a son. I wanted him to know. I wanted him to realize that I would not be stumbling in his footsteps. The bad memories dissipated and I remembered the few times my dad smiled at me or held me. He was not soft like my mom, but hard and strong.

Patriot Games - Chapter 42 - The Trial and Its Consequences

Ivan's trial is winding down now. Jack / Daisy is preparing to move on with his life and is faced with heartbreaking news and a decision. In other news, the local HLS office has been seeing some changes. Some folks more than others.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 11 - 'It's over?"

Someone turned on the hall light and opened the door. Today was the day and everyone seemed ready to get started. After a couple of injections, I was numb enough below the waist for anyone with a task to perform there to perform that task with no discomfort for me. After the initial prepping, it was time for the general anesthetic. A nurse held a clear plastic mask on my face and told me to breathe deeply. I took a deep breath. Then I heard Amie whisper, “Jamie”, as she gently kissed my face.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 10 - Crossing the Atlantic

I watched the graphic depiction of our flight path on the screen. The plane crept slowly toward the northeast. I assumed the pilot knew the way, but it looked like we were headed for New York. We had been in the air less than a couple of hours, but it seemed longer. The total trip was almost 20 hours. The hormones I was taking provided some extra padding and made prolonged sitting less uncomfortable. I wished I could sleep, but I was never one who could fall asleep just anywhere. I certainly couldn’t sleep in a pressurized cabin miles in the air with dozens of strangers.

Alex & Chris Chapter 8

Alex & Chris
Chapter 8 Tilly & Aunt Christobell go to a show.
By Sharp

Back in Scarborough Aunt & Niece had quickly got all the shopping required. Rose had also mentioned.

Christobell, “I could do with going for some special outfits. I need a complete wardrobe & rather fast most of my other stuff can be dumped.”

Tilly, “Shopping with you is almost like shopping with Aunt but more fun.”

Alex & Chris Chapter 7

Alex & Chris
Chapter 7 Tilly goes to the theatre
By Sharp
Christobell handed her niece a parking pass. “I use this when anybody take me out.”

15.00 Back at the airport the plane was just landing.” Rose, “Miss Chris they turned up unexpectedly, and Miss Alex spotted them straight away they look like three clones of her & the youngest one has been calling Alex & Miss Angela big sisters all day. Miss you are a big sister as well.”

Construction Diva um Re-Constructed, edited, fixed

So, I didn’t like the old version of this story very well, so I reworked it, adding substantial content. A large part of this story is true. The bit about the E-coli happened to me. I spent 32 years working in industry and construction here in America. The way the construction guys treated me is authentic, and yes, some of them thought I was a woman and some thought I was gay. I hope that you enjoy this. Can you guess which feature of the story has become my de-facto “trademark”?

MB2- Momma's Children (Part 3)

MB2 - Momma's Children (Part 3)
Sequel to Momma's Boy
Miss Isabella is trying to help this family, if they like it or not. They twins are getting changed and its a question if this will bring them happines or they will be accepted

Bridges 47


I do this for a reason, you lay down the law and they know what’s going on. Every shift you get people tired of waiting wanting to know where they are in the queue. They almost always cause trouble or get loud or upset the staff it happened a lot in Afghanistan and the same ones were the complainers and that’s the ones with the self-important sort of looks on their faces.
If you give then the how it works then you can actually run things smoother, and the staff doesn’t get hassled or intimidated and also…also the message of they don’t mess around will spread after a couple of weeks or so.
I call out the first name from the first sheet I have and they actually sort of do a bit of civilian hustle getting to me.
I give her a smile. “Alright you’re my first number and that’s a fourteen.”
I give her a Post –it and I start to triage her and write down my notes.

*And Now…

Charlotte, part 17

“Remember when these lessons used to be just for the two of us?” I ask Charlotte as we tie our shiny satin pointe shoes to our feet.

“Barely,” My BFF giggles. “Then again, who is it who’s always saying ‘you can never have too many friends’?”

The Chrysalis Project Book 1: Ghost Moth- book 1


GM cover.PNG
The Chrysalis Project: Ghost Moth
  Training is over. Now her
  mission is to move within the shadows
  of agencies. The Ghost Moth flies on her own

WARNING: The Chrysalis Project may be hyper-violent for some readers!


MB2- Momma's Children (Part 2)

MB2 - Momma's Children (Part 2)
Sequel to Momma's Boy
Miss Isabella is trying to help this family, if they like it or not. They twins are getting changed and its a question if this will bring them happines or they will be accepted

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 8

Jessica breathed a sigh of relief as she peeled her clingy blue skirt from her glistering, nylon-covered legs and carefully placed it in the locker to be washed ahead of the following day’s flight. After stripping off the rest of her uniform and changing back into her tight, chic pencil dress, Jessica elegantly lowered herself onto the bench in front of her locker and took her smartphone from her handbag, switching it on to check her messages.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 6 - Volleyball!

Amie and Jamie
Chapter 6 – Volleyball!

The sunrise brought our first weekend at our new school. The faculty left it mostly to the students to organize activities. Students who had car were prohibited from using them without specific instructions from the parents when and where they were allowed to travel. Still, such permission was discouraged by the school due to the many things that could go wrong.

Sissy Girl Forever part 2 and 3

Sissy Girl Forever Part two.

No going back now.

Mistress was going to be certain that there would be no turning back for me. Over the next few weeks she made certain that I used my hormone cream daily. No my breasts haven't started to grow yet but I could notice some slow down in hair growth. My male wardrobe seemed to be dwindling, with more camis, blouses, soft pullovers and ladies pants taking their place. Of course I have only had pretty panties and tight girdles for underwear for many years already.

The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 37 - Touch Me Not; Forget Me Not


Book 37 of The Lyssa Kordenay Missions!
  Training continues for the recruits
  now they venture into the field
  but reality lurks everywhere!

WARNING: The Lyssa Kordenay Missions may be hyper-violent for some readers!


Nikki, part 18

“Mmm,” I moan as the image of Sarah in her wedding dress fades and my brain starts swimming back to reality. I blink my eyes twice, turning my sore head to shield my sensitive eyes from the bright light streaming through the window.

“Morning, beautiful,” Sarah says, giving me a quick kiss on my forehead.

Patriot Games - Chapter 40 - A Successful Mission

Chapter 40 - A Successful Mission

There was a rapid knocking on knocking at the door and Linda opened it to see a distraught and disheveled Daisy. Throwing the door open, she pulled Daisy into the apartment and looked quickly around the corridor outside to make sure that Daisy was alone.

After she closed and bolted the door securely, she turned to Daisy and asked, "Did you get what we need?"

Vanessa's Secret part 2

Vanessa’s Secret

Jason Morgan

Vanessa tells Michael her Secret as their romance starts to get real. He finds out her real history and what happened to her. He agrees to help her escape Antonio.

Part 2

Nikki, part 17

“Come on, hurry up!” Katie urges Sarah, Lauren and myself as we stand in front of her long mirror, fixing our make-up.

“Oh relax,” Sarah laughs. “It’s not like the night’s going anywhere…”

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 5 - Lauren

Amie and Jamie
Chapter 5 - Lauren

Each student had been issued a name tag with her first name in large black lettering. We were told that the tags were to be worn as part of our school uniforms. On Friday, a dark-haired girl whose tag boldly proclaimed her name to be “Lauren” sat across the table from Amie and me. Lauren had an air of smugness about her. She seemed much more interested in the two of us than she was in eating lunch, and she kept staring at us … mostly at Amie. Finally, she asked, “Where ya’ll from?”

Mother's Child - Chapter 6

Liam knew where his life was going, or so he thought until an incident at football practice turns into his worst nightmare. And the fun is only beginning.

I want to thank Maggie Finson and all the other authors for creating the Whateley Universe. This story is Fan-fiction and may not conform to Canon rules or timelines. I am only playing in their sandbox. I also want to thank Connected and my wife for all the editing work put in to turn my scratchings into a readable story.

Please note that all of the categories checked do not apply to all chapters.

I apologize for the delay in posting. I decided to do a last minute rewrite of a couple of scenes.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 7

“Exhausted yet?” Jessica asked Abbey, smiling as the two women returned to the locker room at Charles De Gaulle airport.

“Almost,” Abbey replied, returning Jessica’s smile. “It’s harder work than I expected, though I suppose it would be harder on red, black or grey route…”

One Last Shot

Reposted from 2004-10-29.

Cassie and Brian are best friends, sharing just about everything, including a life-long love of basketball. But what they don't share is Brian's deepest secret.

Patriot Games - Chapter 39 - Daisy and Ivan Have an 'Interlude'

Chapter 39 - Daisy and Ivan Have an 'Interlude'

Linda helped Daisy pick out his dress and lingerie for the evening. Surprisingly, Linda insisted there were no need for a corset or waist cincher.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 4 - Girls' School

Two days before our scheduled departure for our new school, Dr. Adams removed my bandages. He left the catheter in and gave Amie and instructions on removal. It seemed simple enough. Everything seemed surreal but wonderful. My mom and Amie’s parents all warned us that the new curriculum would be much more challenging than that to which we had grown accustomed in public school. We both agreed that a more challenging curriculum would not be difficult since the public school seemed to be geared to the lowest common denominator.

Nikki, part 16

“Happy birthday!” Everybody in the packed ballroom yells at the top of their lungs. I can’t help but giggle at some of the bizarre costumes being worn by some of the party attendees, myself included- there are very few places you could get away with wearing a skin-tight green thong leotard, a pair of brown booty shorts and combat boots, but a videogame-themed birthday party is one of those occasions.

“Hey Miss Croft,” Sarah giggles as she gives me a tight cuddle. “Want to go and ‘raid’ me a drink?” I smile as Sarah adjusts her own tight white top and loose over shirt.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 6

Jessica took a deep breath as she tried to relax in the aeroplane’s plush, comfortable seats- though the discomfort her clothes were causing and the stares she was receiving from the other passengers weren’t making the task of relaxing any easier. Next to her, her Scottish lover was suffering from the same levels of discomfort as she fidgeted in her seat.

“Feel like everyone’s staring,” Paige whispered to Jessica as the aeroplane’s safety briefing continued in both English and French.

“Oh whatever, let them stare,” Jessica snorted. “There’s nothing any of them can do.”

Patriot Games - Chapter 38

Chapter 38

"I have never seen a situation so dismal that a policeman couldn't make it worse." Brendan Behan

After leaving the doctor's office, Desiree was an emotional wreck. He sat in the passenger seat and cried. Phyllis handed him tissues as he tried to compose himself. The mere thought his body was producing milk like a breed mare was devastating to his male ego. The ride home was the world's biggest pity party, all that was missing were party favors.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 20

Atalanta clears up a misunderstanding and answers some questions. Meanwhile Mrs. Carson reaches out to learn all she can about Atalanta and makes her plans. I hope you enjoy this chapter.


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