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Our Son Nick

“The parody is the last refuge of the frustrated writer. Parodies are what you write when you are associate editor of the Harvard Lampoon. The greater the work of literature, the easier the parody. The step up from writing parodies is writing on the wall above urinals.” - Ernest Hemmingway.


Friends Four Life / Gill, A Girlfriend Part Six


The attempt to teach Tony a lesson went wrong, wrong, wrong. Jill finds herself at his mercy; and it appears Tony has none. Warning: note explicit sex, although the sex is not gratuitous, it is graphic.

Friends Four Life / Gill, A Girlfriend Part Two


Jim wakes up naked in a motel room. There are two letters on the table. One is from his wife and the other is from his three friends. There are several boxes in the room filled with his secret wardrobe.

Best Served Cold


Gloria Marshall is recruited into a clandestine group of women which exacts a cruel revenge upon the male sex by capturing men and transforming them into feminized maids. As part of her induction, Gloria chooses a man for transformation. The members of the group who call themselves The Sisterhood arrange for this man to seemingly disappear, as though he had never existed.
All seems to be going well for Gloria. But has she and The Sisterhood made a fatal mistake?
(This is the story that introduced Diana Hunter.)

Hair Soup


Steve is married to Dee Lilah, who is running for the U.S. Senate. The League of Women’s Voters has scheduled a beauty contest for the candidates' spouses. Ironically, the League hadn’t anticipated a female candidate, and had made the rules quite stringent in regards to what the spouse must wear and do.

Exitus Acta Probat - The Outcome Justifies the Deed


Dennis had worked diligently to achieve the best grades possible in college. All of his life it had been his dream and his parents’ dream that he would work for Universal Corporation. It is 2023, and he has an offer of employment in his hands from them. Has his dream come true, or is he entering into his worst nightmare?

The Protector: Assorted Sweets

Federal Agent Ally Burns, a preop TS, is back in her latest
adventure, coping with running an enlarged department, helping a male
agent go deep undercover as a TS, trying to help her friends, and

The Scholarship - Part 1


A transfer student discovers his new high school's scholarship program and its unusual rules. Warning the Explicit Content rating is due a violent sexual assault scene. It is not erotic nor is it intended to be.

Note: This story was originally written and posted in 34 parts over two months in the spring of 2003. This version has been revised, edited, and had substantial additions to the 2003 version.


The Scholarship
By Julie O.

Part 1 of 3


While Sleeping, Beautified


Doug is in a horrible accident and finds himself in a coma, where he can hear what's going on around him, but he's unable to see, unable to speak, unable to move to stop the crooked doctor that's turning him into a woman! Will he wake up before it's too late?

Trick or Treat? -3-

Trick or Treat?

By: Enigma

Part 3 of 3

Saturday, October 17

I woke the next morning, stiff and sore, still in Amy's dress and my ruined makeup. Amy lay near me, propped on her elbow, watching me closely. I noticed a musky taste in my mouth, and it all came crashing back. I didn't know I had that many tears, but I sure shed a lot more of them. The storm passed, and I struggled out of bed to get cleaned up. Amy followed silently, helping where she could, just being close when she couldn't help.

Trick or Treat? -2-

Trick or Treat?

By: Enigma

Part 2 of 3

Sunday, September 13

The day dawned bright and clear. The outlook was for above average temperatures. Despite my misgivings, I was looking forward to getting out, and a water park sounded like great fun. The laid-back experience last night had settled my nerves, and I was feeling more confident.

Trick or Treat? -1-

Trick or Treat?

By: Enigma

Part 1 of 3

Thursday, August 27

"Come on, Sandy. Not all men are alike, and certainly not all of them are like that slime ball ex-husband of yours!" Amy said.

My Funny Androgyne

My Funny Androgyne


 © 2005 by Nom de Plume


What will Donna Mae Trix get her girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? Could a cruise be the cure for the wintertime blues? The continuing misadventures of Miss Anne Thrope, by the author of The Jessica Project.


Synopsis: Mace Conway loves the power of transforming and betraying submissives. His latest victim is a young transsexual college student named Mandy who seems almost too good to be true.
Warning: Contains scenes of sexual abuse and violence.

Purty Prison Guard

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence,
bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from
my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and

Laura Returns to Brazil - Rio Team - Slothrop's I Can See For Miles

Laura Returns to Brazil
- Rio de Janeiro Team -
Slothrop’s I Can See For Miles

by Bluto

Series Originator Note: I first met Bluto through his comments on one of my stories, and we found we shared a similar set of themes around the unsung and unwritten tales of the TG fiction victims. After exchanging emails, I knew he would be key to lending Angel a helping hand. It is so good to see Laura and Harold live again, I need to find another reason to get them to come back.

By Dreams Betrayed-Allentown Team - Slothtrop's "I Can See For Miles"

By Dreams Betrayed
Allentown Team — Slothtrop's “I Can See For Miles”

A Men In Black Dresses Adventure
Valentina Michelle Smith

Series Originator Note: Tina writes with passion and skill and we found a similar interest in the concept of victims who won’t be victims. In many ways, Diana Hunter was one of the inspirations for Angel and Angel and I are very pleased that they got to meet.

Someday, the MIBD may call on you. Be ready.

Enjoy “By Dreams Betrayed”

Tyrone Slothrop

I Can See For Miles - Part 1

I Can See For Miles

By Tyrone Slothrop- Fourth Story in the Angelverse

Author’s Note: This is the fourth Angel story and he needed lots of help for this mission. Even when I threw in characters from my previous work into the mix, we still needed more. I then reached out to other authors who had created heroic figures with a similar purpose. You will see a series of works attached to this story, all launching off the same assignment detailed in chapter 20. I can tell you we had fun doing it- Tyrone Slothrop

A Christmiss Story

A Christmiss Story

 © 2004 by Nom de Plume

Will our scoundrel-turned-damsel survive the office holiday party? What will she find in her Christmas stockings? The continuing misadventures of Miss Anne Thrope, by the author of The Jessica Project.

Spring Is The Season Of Recovery

Spring Is The Season Of Recovery

By Tyrone Slothrop- An Angelverse Story

Authors Note: I write to tell myself stories. Sometimes you get an idea and cannot let it go until you key in the final sentence. A rare few of these ideas come out like pearls, an irritant which produces a thing which can amuse or give pleasure. Sometimes it is like worrying out an abscessed tooth. This one is a reaction to abuse which comes in many forms, and it is a strictly personal reaction. It may be different from other stories, I certainly hope so. It is not meant to challenge any other points of view, just to express one. Parts of it are a bit dark. It may not be welcomed by some.

Accidental Momma

Accidental Momma

By Tyrone Slothrop- A High Sierras story, part of the Angelverse

A young teen is betrayed by those who should look out for him, and learns the meaning of responsibility and family

Miss Anne Thrope

Miss Anne Thrope

 © 2004 by Nom de Plume

As I write this tale of woe, the sight of manicured fingers flitting over my keyboard evokes the utter misery of my situation. Not long ago, I was vice president of a major pharmaceutical firm, with a six figure salary and a corner office. Now I am sitting in a secretary’s cubicle, trying to keep from snagging my pantyhose each time I escape from my pathetic little desk. How did this ever happen to me?


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