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Without a Trace - Part 6: Baiting the Trap

Without a trace part 6
Baiting the trap

JR after his mom hugged him smiled as his stomach again made its presence known and sheepishly grinned. His sister and her partner grinned and even his mom laughed, as a group they decided to head down to the cafeteria and get something to eat. They walked through the hospital corridors in an uneasy silence JR’s mother holding tight to his hand. He felt a bit uncomfortable but his Kylie side was comforted at the close contact. He had to be honest he was scared at what his sister wanted him to do but also proud.

My Transgender Childhood Comix #5

Hello everyone! This is a rather long delayed addition to this series of single-panel comics. It's a bit different than the other ones because it implies a body swap, but I hope it still fits in with my theme of being a child and gendered differently than you may appear. If it doesn't, then I hope it at least gives everyone a bit of a giggle or a reason to smile. Enjoy!

Petticoat Detective Squad Adventures - Mystery on the Beach

Mystery on the Beach

The second in this series is a variation on that theme and viewed from a different perspective. Our little tale once again concerns eleven year old Tony, who is continuing a holiday with his older girl cousin and favorite aunt. The children go to spend a week at a large modern house along the beach when our hero's cousin is given a holiday job by the lady owner. Unfortunately for Tony, he had previously upset the lady so the only way he can accompany his cousin is to go in disguise, as a girl....

How Life Can Change -1-

by Little Katie

Part 1

"Mom, where's my glove?" John yelled out.

"Where did you leave it?" his mother called back.

"I left it on the counter last night."

"Well, I put it in the closet, where it belonged."

Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 5

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 05
Chapters 11-12
By Katherine Day
Jarod loves wearing his longish hair in pigtails as he grows more and more convinced he should have been born a girl. He finds an unusual friend in Wanda, an athletic 12-year-old girl who lives next door and accepts him for who he is. His mother, who truly loves her only child, is concerned for his safety if he continues to adopt feminine ways. And, his girlish behavior has an impact on others, too. Thus, the conflict continues as Jarod prepares to enter middle school.

Without a Trace - Part 3: Some Answers

Without a trace part 3: some answers,

Part 3 of without a trace

Jonathon slowly walked down the stairs to the kitchen where his mom was sat at the table just pouring a cup of coffee. JR slowly walked in and sat facing her; she did not look up for a few minutes as she slowly stirred in some sweetener. Without a word she pushed the pot forwards and JR poured himself a cup and slowly turned the cup in his hands.

“Well JR, do you want to explain?” Mom asked.

A few changes

A Few Changes
By allie elle

Part One

Steve sat in his favourite tree looking out over the fields; he swung
his legs idly as he watched the dusk sun. He was happy with himself; he
had managed to avoid the fallout from his latest escapade. He had
managed to lock most of the doors to the Martin's farm house and make
it so only one door opened. He sat there laughing to himself as he

A Mothers touch

Synopsis: Billy was a normal boy or so it seemed, behind his eyes
though there raged a battle and slowly the conflict was eased by his
mothers touch.


A story by Allie Elle.

Billy stood there hands on his hips looking down with a sneer on his
face at his defeated opponent and wiped the blood from under his nose.

Barbies Diary

Barbie's Diary
Read Ashley’s hertil secret diary to discover a boy whose life changed when he got a new step mum. He is being transformed into a girl. Parts of him hate this, parts of him like it. This is a story of the evil step mum, or is she evil? Barbie’s diary is full of twists and I hope will make you think.

Fairy Mistake

Ring of Love

Ring of Love
by Cleo Kraft
Kim sat across from me on the enclosed back porch. She sat on a white plastic
lawn chair and looked down at her fingers semi-folded in the gap between
her pretty knees which were about two feet apart at the moment. She was
quiet as was I, for she'd just revealed a secret she'd kept from me the

The Other Side Of The Door

"Get out now!"The house is on fire! I screamed.

"My brother Dan was on the other side of the locked bathroom door.

That was the last thing I said to him before the world went black.

I woke up three days later in the hospital.

"Mom? Where am I? I asked. Where is Dan?

The Dream Part 1 Chapter 2

I came to in another room. I was alone and scared out of my mind. I had no clue as to where I was, or if anybody knew, I was awake. I couldn’t move again and I could only see the ceiling in my room. I guess I woke up when I heard a familiar voice raised in anger. I couldn’t quite understand what was said, but there was a lot of noise then a door closed. I heard snickering and laughter as the sound faded. Eventually I found the call button and managed to press it. The quiet room suddenly burst with activity as a nurse, a doctor and some other people came running in. I found out that I was at Primary Children’s Hospital back in Salt Lake City, and I was back in the ICU.

A Fantasy Gone Way Wrong -2-

This is a fictional tale about a guy, who just wanted to recreate for him self a part of a fantasy story he read. But as we all know things don’t always go as we plan, and this was no exception. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it

Chapter #2.

A Fantasy Gone Way Wrong -1-

This is a fictional tale about a guy, who just wanted to recreate for him self a small part of a fantasy story he read. But as we all know things don’t always go as we plan, and this was no exception. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it

Chapter #1
The Intro And How It All Started

The Rose (Chapters 19-21)

A meeting on the beach brings two people together and changes the world.
This is not your usual Maggie the Kitten story. It is an adult story, a romance, if you will.
I think you will enjoy it. Holly

The Rose (Chapters 19-21)

Written by Maggie the Kitten

Edited by Holly Hart and Shelly Shalimar

Dolly Daddy - Chapter 1

A brilliant inventor suffers a an unusual accident and needs to get to the local store to acquire a part needed for his invention before he can return back to normal. His young daughter innocently offers to help. Deciding to accept her help starts off a chain of events leading to the incredible adventure of the dolly daddy!

Dolly Daddy - Chapter 1
Copyright 2007 by Heather Rose Brown


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