I Was a Teen-age Cheerleader - delayed


Well, I've got one page of IWaTaCl done but I'm not completely happy. Specifically, I'm not happy with my inking. I may hold this episode till next weekend, if I do, I intend to post two pages then. But I just might post it sometime in the middle of the week if I'm suddenly happy with it. Thanks for the patience, story art is harder than gag art.

I Was a Teen-age Cheerleader -1- Do You Believe in Cheerleaders?

Walter O'Buffle was a normal, horny teen-ager. He didn't want much out of his unexpected magic powers--just a date with a cheerleader. He certainly didn't want to be a cheerleader.


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I've been sick the last three days and it's worse today. Aches and pains and an incredible lethargy. I've slept about 24 hours of the last 48 and I'm still tired.

I'm having weird dreams, too. In fact, I've dreamed a very nice long-term plot for IWaTACL, if I can draw some of the characters. :) The Alley Oop musical I dreamed is right out though. :)

Off to Mom's


I'm off to spend the night with Mom and fix her breakfast in the morning. :)

I'm feeling hugely better after sleeping a great large amount, thanks to everyone who inquired.

I've got some catchup tasks to do on the site and there may be a couple of MAJOR changes in the planning ahead.


Pandora -3 and 4- New Premiums

Pandora -3- Cover     Two new episodes in Keshara Narme's Pandora illustrated series are being offered through the BitPass Donations Link. To the right is a thumbnail of the cover of Episode 3. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger (though still not full size or full quality) version of the cover.


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