Bizarre Body Modifications

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-3.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-3.

My great thanks to Thera who came up with the greater part of this really interesting character.

………………………………................. *Karma….

My name’s Quinn, Quinn Jackson…yeah that guy…poor me right. I know, I know.

I guess this is how things got started and that was as far back as junior high. I was famous. Q-J…the all star basketball star and even then…It thought I was perfect…I thought I was king of my world. Big and strong…I was even good looking and I’ll admit…I knew I was all those things.

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-1.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials

Chapter 1

Three years in the making. Three years with every step forwards been ten steps back sometimes because of just anger, stupidity, racism, politics but it’s finally done. Finally here.

Victory looked out over the campus while sitting on the roof of the stadium and smiled letting the wind blow through her long white hair. There was movement to her left and right as she was being joined by Sentinel in his power suit and Champion all the way up from Paradise City on the other side.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-5

My Super Secret Life…Villain 5

Chapter 5

Thankfully I passed out at some point as I was crying myself to sleep and there was the distinct sort of feeling that someone had shot me up with something fizzyly and bubbly and hurt like hell.

Really hurt like hell and right now it doesn’t feel much better.

My guts hurt.

My insides hurt and it’s like someone is grabbing them and squeezing and twisting.

Tomgirl Revolution Part 1

Tomgirl Revolution
By Beyogi  ©2012
thanks to Janet Miles for editing

Tom is a rather timid guy and now his girlfriend has made a suggestion that will change his life forever. They will undergo a surgery to change their genitalia. What will this mean for them, their sex and their life in general?



Chapter 10

I definitely get a sense of pleasure from seeing Brandy this way. I am really liking the way that she kisses me over and over sweetly as she has me backed into the kitchen counter. The tears are stopping but her smile is really big.

“I will have to make you tea and soup and sandwiches more often if they make you this happy.”

“Please? I’d honestly love that.”


“Because…this, just you being here and me coming home to a home rather than just my empty house especially after dancing and a long night…it means so much to me Maddy.”


What a good boy...Chapter 2

What a good boy…Chapter 2.

Chapter 2

“when you were born…”
“they looked at you and said.”
“what a good girl..”
“what a smart girl.”
“what a pretty girl…”

The song still has meaning for me passed the accident actually more that ever really because when you just listen to the lyrics and with what I’m going through it’s just something that fits me.

Others too.

My Super Secret Life-22.

My Super Secret Life-22.

Chapter 22


I dozed a little curled up and comfy in the chair beside Kyle’s bed. I guess that’s a good thing about being this tiny little Asian girl and that’s being able to curl up like this. I have no idea why I’m here and helping Kyle but I honestly can’t help myself.

I never thought that I’d be feeling attracted to him either. To a guy…

Part of me was actually relieved in everything that’s gone on in my life when I found myself really attracted to girls and to have the hots for Sunny.

But having the hots for Kyle is something new.

Here comes the Troubleshooter! Part 2

Here Comes the Troubleshooter! Part 2 - The Troubleshooter transforms.

Next morning I wake up to Carl cooking an omelet. He approaches cooking like he does his inventions, and more often than not the results are amazing. Which is a good thing because I have super-strong senses including taste, which can be a lot less fun than you might think.

The Amy Series: Prequel: A Girl's First Jockstrap

A Girl's First Jockstrap By Kozmik Alaska

Amy wins a prize at a big swimming competition. But that's not the only gift she comes home with. This story is a prelude to the rest of the series and is meant to serve as a character introduction for Amy and the adventures that lay ahead for her.

In many ways this is Slush Pile material, and quite a load of rubbish, but it is literally was the first piece of FTM crossdressing fiction I ever wrote, and certainly the first in The Amy Series. It was written in 1999. I struggled with including it in the canon of the series, but decided to after viewing it from the point of view that Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd didn't look like the later character presentation in classic Warner Brothers cartoons, and the Simpsons as presented on the Tracy Ullman show barely resembled the series characters. Heck, even Spock had emotions in the pilot for Star Trek, yet was still a Vulcan! It does however tie to some references later in the series.

Permission is hereby granted by Kozmik Alaska for the publication of this story on his behalf here at Big Closet Top Shelf only.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-4

My Super Secret Life…Villain-4

Chapter 4

I’m sitting with the make-up off of my face and looking at Jeff as he’s looking at the stuff on the sheets in front of him and I’m chewing my lip and staring at him.

Jeff’s my doctor.

Well Jeff’s a doctor that I free supply with stuff that I steal so he has the stuff to actually treat people, poor people out of his small little clinic. Usually the wait out front is nuts but I get special consideration so he doesn’t lose his golden goose as it was…were?

“Well Rook it looks like you’re showing normal blood work.”

FTL-10...Faster Than Life.

FTL-10...Faster Than Life.

Chapter 10

*Two months later…

I’m in line up at the mess listening to people talking about stuff and sort of daydreaming in my own right as we’re heading into the Soleil system. We’re getting shore leave being here at the halfway point in out milk-run tour and we’re resupplying and we’re going to be doing a few things here.

Enter the Darkness

Enter the Darkness
By Morpheus

A teenage boy wakes up in the middle of the night to discover that his mutant powers have manifested and left him drastically changed. Fortunately there is help in the form of a mysterious stranger and a school for mutants. This story is a pseudo X Men fan fiction that is the follow up/sequel to my X Men fan-fiction The Ice Queen Cometh.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-14

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-14

Chapter 14

It’s really, weird having someone stuck in your head like that. I mean I have no idea who they are or even what they are. I mean I can’t tell if he’s a pretty guy and all of that or if she was this really boyish and handsome girl.

Either way it did start occurring to me that I was being not a fair date to Kaylee. It wasn’t like she was saying anything about me being distracted but it was sort of like a vibe coming from her that I was making her feel a bit alone, like my mind was elsewhere…which it was but I just didn’t like the feeling that I thought was going on with her.

I reach over and lace my fingers into hers and smile at her. “Hey, sorry just some random weirdness I guess, I didn’t want to wreck tonight.”

“You didn’t Dylan, hey; I’d have a lot going on too if I was going through what you’ve been.”

The Day the World Changed

The Day the World Changed
By Morpheus

I was crouched down in my garage, looking over the dirt bike in front of me. It looked like it was in pretty decent shape but I knew that it had some nasty problems that weren't obvious at first glance. For one, the gas tank had a small crack in it and that wasn't even going into the engine. I'd had a nasty spill on the bike a few weeks ago, and though my helmet and pads had kept me from getting anything worse than a few nasty bruises, my bike hadn't been quite so lucky.

Mermaid First Class, A Twisted Princess Story

Author's note: I'm messing with another princess! "The Little Mermaid" meets "The Hunt for Red October"


I was not really looking forward to this deployment. I had just found a girl that I liked, and quite possibly loved. And, living for six months in a metal tube with 140 other men was not my idea of a vacation.

My Super Secret Life-20.

My Super Secret Life-20

Chapter 20

I was more than ready for the shower after my time in the gym with Terry it had helped actually helping her and helping out Shane with her friend Kyle. Shane gives me something to really think able other that my break up with Matt.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-13

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-13

Chapter 13


I never expected to run into them…not this soon and the contact just…god I could feel their soul calling to mine…there was an instant spark between us and I’m scared. God I’m scared.

Oh yeah we have or had a creator belief too but I guess It doesn’t matter. I’ve been here on earth ever since I was a toddler.

We’ve been set adrift as a people, and when I… I was sent here when the Loci of Dylan’s spiked. I never expected to meet one…a Shuan the fourth gender.

Dylan’s just…

My Super Secret Life-18.

My Super Secret Life-18.

Chapter 18


I’m still not sure why I’m befriending someone that I would have hated in my old life. But I am. I sit with Kyle and I hold him when he cries and hold him later when he’s starting to shiver.

I’m a bit worried, his chi is a mess.

I can feel it’s like his energy pathways or for a lack of a better word for it his chakra net work is shorting out some of the time and moving to areas where the concentrations shouldn’t be gathering.

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-4.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-4

Chapter 4

It took me awhile to get out of the showers. Just to get myself moving not getting a shower, least not in public. I’m not ready for that really after my encounter with…Nickolas…or Shroud.

I get to the quarters we’ve been assigned. It’s a condo really and a lot nicer than our place at home. Heck my room alone has a huge bed specially built for my density but there’s a media nook/office spot and a full bathroom with those fancy whirlpool tubs and a separate shower. Plus a closet that’s almost another room.

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-3.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-3.

Chapter 3

My Mom looks at me and sighs. “Honestly honey I don’t know. I suppose we play it by ear with these folks and see what their doctors can tell us.”

“Okay, I guess there not a lot of choice in the matter is there huh.”

“It really doesn’t look like it.”

My Super Secret Life-16.

My Super Secret Life-16.

Chapter 16

I made a coffee trying to pick one of those mini packs that Alexis might like. I settle for a full fat latte and set the machine. I look over at her/Matt. She’s got her back to the headboard, wearing the blankets like a girl but knees up, hugging her knees and she looks…good?

Not even upset, her hair’s a mess and hanging everywhere and the vocal modulator choker’s still on her throat. And her eyes are just doing that dreamy not dreamy off in though stare.

A boy…that’s so much a girl,…he’s beautiful.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-2

My Super Secret Life…Villain-2.

Chapter 2

I suppose I should really clear up a few bits of stuff about how I do things. I take the gift cards for like the stores themselves with me and I’m going to spend them in an area pretty far from where I’m living. I’m disguised as a girl because I can’t pull off the guy thing at all and they really don’t think that a young teenaged girl is breaking the law buy buying things especially in a nice clean and safe whitebread area like Beacon Hills.

Another advantage to stealing from the chain places. They’re everywhere.

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-2.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-2

Chapter 2

*This starts along the time of chapters 13-14.*

I’m waking up after being really spaced out…again. I hate this, I hate freaking out and acting like I’m a fucking psycho but getting turned into a girl by a four armed mad scientist….and as bad as it was it was worse, I was a fat chick.

I hate saying it, I hate thinking it’s so bad but I was already fat, fat and lower middle class so there was really shit I could do about it. Yeah, yeah I know exercise and diet.

Fuck off.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-1

My Super Secret Life…Villain.


I’m a Villain.

Sure, right.

No, I’m a criminal, with powers…hence villain.

I’m called Rook, that’s my handle and I was thirteen when my meta powers blossomed. Dad was drunk, and he was beating the shit out of my mom and was coming for me and something went snap, crackle, pop in my head.

I’d thrown my hands up to ward off the blows and he hit something bounced off and freaked out. He grabbed a bat and kept trying to kill me. Felt him hitting the nothing stuff, he’d break through and miss me as I ran around the trailer and of he’d hit me and…well if you’ve ever been baseball batted…you know.

If not…hey that’s a good thing.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-12

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-12.

Chapter 12

“Ugnn! Holy cow this is heavy!” And I’m talking to myself pretty much back to work out and Mr. Seger’s place. I’ve been clearing out the big garage sheds and then helping him hauling old engines and stuff like that he had for his boat that he had kept even though he had replaced the over the years.

FTL-9...Faster Than Life.

FTL-9...Faster Than Life.

Chapter 9

The rolling thrum of the grav sheer is running through of all of us like the breathing of some great unseen monster breathing down our necks. I’m reading scans on my section as thorough as I can I’m feeling the sweat building under my clothes and running down my spine.

It’s really tense and scary so quiet you can hear the sheer hitting the shields in what I imagine that waves would sound like.

09 - Grendel and Beowulf

06 - The Vengeance of Lady Hexx

The Vengeance of Lady Hexx

A man is caught in the middle of a superhero battle and suffers a horrible accident, causing his body to mutate and him to lose everything.
Afterwards, he seeks vengeance on the person he holds responsible.

05 - Mannequin


A truck driver survives a horrible accident, only to awaken in the body of a female android. This story takes place in the Legacy Universe.

03 - Hardshell


After being abducted by aliens, Aaron finds himself drawn into a world of superheroes and alien invasions.
This takes place in the same universe as The Miracle Legacy and A Change of Heart.

FTL-8...Faster Than Life.

FTL-8...Faster Than Life.

Chapter 8

I wake up to the sound of this low frequency vibration through the ship and through me. I get a flash on my implant saying. [Attention all personnel we are now entering a class two grav-front.]

A grav front is where you get two opposing forces of gravity or more too close together and the competing gravity sort of sucks space apart? It’s not really apart but it makes the stuff that makes up space sort of choppy. See the pull isn’t standard or constant there’s all these stellar conditions and variables that make ripples in space.

Chop (Shrugging).

My Super Secret Life-12.

My Super Secret Life-12.


I’m still kind of cursing myself out as I driving my car. I feel like a grade A spaz with the stuff I handled or tried to handle with Shane. I mean nothing has been like this since I was this gawky eleven year old flat chest little girl with braces trying and failing to be cool around the hot guys at the beach or at school.

I mean C’mon!

I’m tall, long legs, great body and I’ve been one of the hottest girls in my school for years. Okay the valley stuff aside I was even cool back then.

Fade to Black-3

Fade to Black-3

Chapter 3

The reports take me awhile. It’s why I guess that armies really do run on paper. I didn’t really want to do this stuff but I need to. Mom keeps refilling my coffee and Dad’s still kind of surly; I can really start to see why he hates this, why he never wanted to be part of the life. He actually shot me a sort of sympathetic sort of look and then left after looking at everyone.

Athena/Andrea is sitting with Dorian and are talking is a very foreign language save for the names of people and places that don’t fit the language I mean what ever they’re speaking stuff like “New York” doesn’t seem to translate to. I think he’s getting caught up on current events.


Encrypted 8

Chapter 8

I wake but I don’t wake. I mean I open my eyes and the world is changed again. I’m not lost but I’m here…or rather there again in this place that’s outside of myself. I look around and see myself and Brandy still intertwined it bed.

I hold my image self’s? Hands out in front of me and I seem to look like myself but there’s this blue-white shimmer around myself. I try to keep calm and just try and record all the strangeness.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-10

Don’t Blame Me I’m a Martian-10

Chapter 10

It’s so good, I’m drifting in this haze that just is like this…I don’t know it’s that foggy place in dreams like you see on TV. I’m in this hotel room and it’s nice and it’s there’s some soft music playing and I’m in a silk teddy and I hear. “Hey beautiful…” it comes from Kaylee coming out of the bathroom in this skimpy sexy set of lingerie and that’s it.

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-1.

My Super Secret Life…. Diamond.

*(This takes place between chapters 11 and 12.)

Paradise City, Orange-town, 4:22 PM

It’s after school and I’m coming out of my favorite comic shop having my chocolate milk and make my way to Galaxy dog so I can do my usual, escape from my life with food and the pages of my favorite comics. I know, super geeky but even in this day and age there’s tones of us.

Us being the overweight losers that life passes by. It’s not fair in the slightest. I’m smart, no genius but I’ve got good enough marks on stuff I’m scholarshipped to one of the best schools in the city.

I can’t transfer out because my folks would kill me. Why would I want to transfer out?

The answer to that comes from me getting hit by several milkshakes as two cars full of the elite kids throw stuff at me laughter and yells from the guys and giggles a squeals from the girls.

“You shoulda moved fat ass!”… “Freak!”…. “Geek!”…. “Loser!” Some of the guys.

“Eeeew stop being gross!”….. “You’re fucking disgusting!”….and of course they carouse “Loser!” with the jock guys.

It hurts really, I mean getting bullied and picked on hurts. Being this way hurts, you get shunned by a lot of people when you’re like me. Yeah I could diet and exercise and I’ve tried, but it’s too hard to do sometimes when you try to work out and stuff and run or bike or swim hearing the jeers from the people who bitch at me for not being just like them…It’s really hard to be motivated when you hear stuff like “Earthquake.” and “You’re crushing the frame.” and “Whale.” And honestly I’m not strong enough to work through it and work through the heartbreak.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-8

Don’t blame Me I’m A Martian-8

Chapter 8

I really try to shake off the funk that I’m in as we head to the theatre to see the movies. I have to because yeah it’s really messed up the way that I am but I can’t really do much about it. And If I let this get to me too much then it’s going to get to me all the time. I don’t want to live my life in a constant state of “Poor me, Pity me, Why me.”

La La Land

La La Land


I've always wondered what would have happened if I never had went to the shop to get that juice box....
I probably would have dehydrated and died.
But that's not the point, because it was that juice box that changed my life.
It was apple, by the way.


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