Bizarre Body Modifications

The Travel Agency: Larger than Life

The Travel Agency: Larger Than Life

A young man goes to the Travel Agency for vacation and trades places with a woman from a fantasy world, giving both a of them a whole new perspective on things. This story was originally written and posted in 2001

The Travel Agency

The Travel Agency

A group of college friends find a travel agency that offers them a very unique vacation package. Soon they find themselves in a world of fantasy, with bodies that are not their own. That's when the adventure really begins. This story was originally written and posted in 2001.

The Tribe of the Mountains – Chapter 6 – The Blessed Ones


How do you convince a heterosexual male to become a woman?
Well, a heterosexual male will do almost anything for a woman.

From the teachings of the blessed ones as originally kept in the Library of the Mountains.

The Tribe of the Mountains – Chapter 5 – The Goddess

IMG_1127.jpgThe Tribe of the Mountains — Chapter 5 — The Goddess

God or devil, spirit or creature, male or female, usually the distinction is easy to make and it is utilitarian.
If it is powerful and helps me it is a God.
If it is powerful and hinders me it is a Devil.
If it does not have flesh but was never a human being, it is a spirit.
If it has flesh, is a creature.
If has a penis and can`t bear children is a male.
If has a vagina and can get pregnant is female.

But what happens when all definitions get mixed up? When male does not have a penis but still can`t get pregnant, when a god has flesh and has its own objectives, sometimes helping, sometimes hindering my work?
Can our minds survive the chaos? Can it become Kaos, the creative force of mythology?

From the teachings of the blessed ones as originally kept in the Library of the Mountains.


A tale for the season. I know the contest cited was long-closed, but, to quote Doc Brown at the end of BACK TO THE FUTURE I, "I figured, what the hell."

FTL-15...Faster Than Life.

FTL-15…Faster Than Life.

Chapter 15

I guess that part of me wants to say that like any good girlfriend I pined away and mourned our relationship and the parting of ways. But I guess there was still too much of the old me still lingering in the fringes of my head and the first thing I did was go back to our cabana and packed my things and went and rented a single.

I just couldn’t face the rest of my time here in the place we had so much fun in and made love in so many times.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-12

My Super Secret Life…Villain-12

Chapter 12

Kiss her.

She’s certainly attractive enough.

“The last time I kissed you Link, I had quite the reaction.”

“I know.” She smiles and dimples.

“Not that funny.”

“Did I laugh?”

“Okay, no kisses?”

I sit back sideways in the seat. “How’s about an explanation then?”

She grins and sits facing me but cross legged. “I’m called Link not just for my look but for the fact that I can feed off of your powers.”

“So you’re a Dracula.”

“I’m not a vampire.”

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-23

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-23

Chapter 23

It’s so like déjá -vu but not.

There’s this thing that just feels like nothing I’ve ever know as Shy takes my hand the same time as I reached out for her hand and there is this moment that we are so in tune with each other it takes my breath away.

It was so like I could feel her wanting the exact same thing and at the exact same time.

I touched serendipity.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-22

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-22

Chapter 22

It’s something despite the breasts I’m growing or the way that I look that’s very soothing about gloving up. Wrapping my hands with the tape and getting ready that I don’t know is really so much more of a guy thing despite there being girl boxers out there.

I get them on and Jax is putting the pads on and I step up and we start warming me up and I’m hitting the pads going more for the strikes that hitting with force and power as he calls out the change ups and feet switches and stuff.

I have to make a few adjustments to the way that I do all of it now. My breasts are getting in the way sort of. It’s more that I’ve never done this since all of this has started happening so I’m really not used to trying to throw punches with c-cup boobs.


“Yeah…I need to talk.”

Sunshine...Part 3

Sunshine…Part Three.

I don’t know how long I’m in the darkness but I’m not really all there either…the drugs…I know their drugs are keeping me under…and I sleep deep but it’s ever deeper than the sleep I remember that real sleep was.

I do remember the cold!

Cold unlike anything I can ever describe and it was not just outside of me, but seeping inside of me too.

This wasn’t drugged blackness but a hell I have never known.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-11

My Super Secret Life…Villain-11

Chapter 11

Jeff’s sort of recovering and Holly is shocked and wiping her coffee off the table and her face but she’s got this look there too that is all OMG this might be interesting going on.

“Rikki, my daughter’s right fricking here y’know.”

“So, it’s not like she’s got virgin ears I’d say since she’s not that freaked out and I think she’s old enough to get that two consenting people can and do have oral sex.”


Sunshine...Part 2

Sunshine…Part Two.

There’s a lot of darkness.

Flashes of lightning in the darkness.

The thing is I know what they’re doing.

Trying to bring me back…I’ve been through this twice…

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-7.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-7.

Chapter 7

It’s been a couple days since the Jakeisode.

It was a bit upsetting at fist but sitting with Parvati while doing my practices and talking about stuff like dealing with being a woman, and being aware of sexism and the whole meta backlash thing and the other complex stuff about being a woman and Mom’s there too which brings two lifetimes of real life experience and dealing with things like…well Jake.

Walking through Hell...Chapter 2.

Walking through Hell…Chapter 2.

I lead the others as fast as we can go or dare to go through this place. Strange colored skies with browns and streams of toxic colors.



I walk through the doors but actually slow up enough to take Justin’s hand and use him to sort of shield me from the aura thing the mana boosting thing I’d been doing that fang has obviously been using as well.

None of the other Were’s I’ve met have been even close to this either and he’s ding this slow inhale through his nose thing that is obviously him doing some kind of magic or wolf magic.

My Super Secret Life-29.

My Super Secret Life-29.

Chapter 29

I’m the one to leave first and I’m actually right in between that place where I’m happy because I’m getting a chance and this whole oh shit so big shot what do you do now thing.

Alexis is Matt and Matt is Alexis and they’re the same and they’re different. (Big deep breath.) The point is that Matt is guy enough and has been around enough that he knows all the usual guy stuff that guys well would do on a date.

I get in my car and drive out but I wave at what feels like Matt again in the store window just so it doesn’t seem like I’m taking off.

FTL-14...Faster Than Life.

FTL-14...Faster Than Life.

Chapter 14

I can’t help but wonder if we’re being watched?

Command has shown me they’re fond of tests for things and even if this party was one of those military personnel only things and approved escorts and Elle’s people…if we’re being watched as to see just who’s going to say the wrong things. I noticed Elle had glanced at several people in a strange way and I didn’t know those people.

A woman scorned

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-21

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-21

Chapter 21

Mom drives and we’re quiet at first as we drive through the rain and pass buy a few places mostly chain food places. Some’s not bad I like Dairy Queen and Burger king if for burgers because a good burger should be flame broiled. A&W is good buy shy works there and so that’s out of the question. We actually settle for Fu-lamb’s Kitchen a mom and pop Chinese place.

I like Chinese and it’s one of those foods where you have the places around but you just don’t end up eating there often.

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-9 The Start.

Potential-9 The Start.

Chapter 9


I run over to where Cody is and find him aways away pinned to a tree by a tree branch blood everywhere….

“Oh shit, oh shit of fuck…Cody…hang on Cody we’ll get help…” I’m looking for something anything…I don’t have a phone…shit!

I pull off my shirt it’ll help stop the bleeding….I have to try.

“Aaaargh!” Cody screams as he pushes himself off the branch…oh…dammit! He falls to the ground and I almost puke…blood wow there’s so much blood.



Chapter 14

A shiny black hair…

I had the distinct feeling that this was a somebody and not a something when I had seen her. But what does this mean? Was she able to break herself down into pure information?

Oh the implication of that have me there for likely an hour just staring at the thread.


Like Star-Trek?

But in wide, wide theory this could be plausible. We are all made of energy? Matter breaks down into energy, but can energy become matter? Not that we know of but…

A House Divided, part 7 of 7

“Most of you already know Jeffrey Sergeyev,” Ms. Turner said in a loud voice. “She will be using the girls' facilities from now on, as I explained Friday. Please be courteous to her.”

“Ignore the bit where she called me ‘she’ and ‘her’,” I said to the girls nearest me.

A House Divided, part 6 of 7

“Sir,” I said, trying to stay calm and respectful, “could you please ask Ms. Turner not to refer to me with female pronouns?”

“Well,” he said, “we have to use some pronoun or other. Perhaps one of the English teachers can recommend a good gender-neutral pronoun.”

A House Divided, part 5 of 7

“I know there would be problems with you using the girls’ bathrooms or showers,” Dad said, “but — after today, there might be just as bad problems showering with the other boys.”

A House Divided, part 4 of 7

“I can’t,” Arnie said. “Keith and Tara Saunders invited me to a party at their house. I asked if you could come, but they said it’s centaurs only,” he went on, looking vaguely embarrassed.

“Have fun,” I said. I felt weird about that, and wondered if things like that were going to happen often, and if so, if this was the beginning of the end of our friendship.

A House Divided, part 3 of 7

“I don’t like this,” Mom said. “I don’t see how you can keep it up, and the longer you manage to pretend, the more people are going to be hurt and offended when they find out you lied to them.”

I was starting to worry that she might be right, but I wasn’t going to back out unless she and Dad forced my hand by telling people.

The Changeling Chronicles

The Changeling Chronicles

When strange things begin happening to Shane, he soon discovers the truth about himself and this leads to an adventure in a world of myths and legends.

A House Divided, part 2 of 7

Dad snuggled in next to Mom on the sofa; she put aside the skirt she was working on and they hugged and kissed, but I thought I saw a little bit of hesitation, and it hurt. I knew too many kids at school whose parents were divorced, or looked like they might get a divorce any time now, and I was happy to think that my parents looked like the sticking-together kind. But when I saw her hesitate a little before letting him hug her and kiss her, it worried me. Could they still stay together after changing in such drastic and different ways? And if not, what would happen to me?

Evanescence 24.

Evanescence 24.

Chapter 24

I get out of the trailer and head for the truck and Shaun pipes up. “Here, I rigged these up for something else.” He’s tossing sunglasses around to everyone. It’s not the expensive ones but those cheap all black plastic ones but there’s microchip on the inside of the cross-piece and a symbol?

“What’s this?”

“I charmed them with voltage detection chips, you can see the current running through things including people when you concentrate on seeing it. Vamps won’t have any being animated by blood magic.”



Chapter 7

I get my arms around Justin and they lead us to their vehicles. How is it that the bad guys can always seem to afford better vehicles than I’ve ever owned? One of them opens the door with a feral smile on his face showing some teeth.

There’s enough alpha bitch in me that it really pisses me off. And part of me would love to reopen the can of whoop ass I was serving up but I can’t. I’m on a mission for Stevie and I’ve got Justin with me so it’s a quiet, quiet hard stare no growl but all the hard female ire that I’ve learned or been learning to channel.

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-8 The Start.

Potentials-8 The Start.

Chapter 8

*Samantha Chase…

I sort of see the puff of Cody reappearing out under the bridge area and then another puff of him vanishing again. “Okay…I hope he’s okay and not getting himself in too deep.”

I feel a Zzzt feeling off in the distance. I say feel that because as a TM or Telemechanic I’m sensitive to electricity this was a serious discharge, and another and another. I hear a scream that goes along with it.

“Shit, shit, shit…that can’t be good.”

Becoming a Were

Becoming a Were
By Morpheus


16 year old Jake is caught unaware when his body suddenly undergoes a startling transformation. But it isn't long before he becomes a Were. This is the fourth story in the Were universe.



Chapter 12

I lean into Brandy and she’s leaning into me and this is where my brain really understands that I’m a transgendered woman. It’s this.

It’s where we have this soft way of melting into each other’s care where I don’t have to pretend to be strong when I’m just not equipment to be. It’s lying in a way and I’ve never been good at lying. Yes I didn’t know and that sort of makes it okay but it was a lie of omission to me at least which is why I didn’t know.

FTL-13...Faster Than Life.

FTL…13 Faster Than Life.

Chapter 13

There was part of me that wanted to stay in bed.
Maybe, just maybe get as far as the chaise out there on the sand.

But Patrick had started to massage me with coconut oil all over and was straddling me giving me this wonderful massage and it had gotten better…

Very surprising but better when he slipped back and he sank into me from behind and dammit he made love and he kept massaging me.

Worse yet?

The Grange ~ 01

I was 19 years old, my parents where separated and I would divide my time living with either parent for a short time, they where both into new relationships and I always had the impression that I was just in the way. I didn’t get on with my father he used to beat my mother about, until eventually she had the courage to walk out on him, but her new partner was just as bad, I still had not found a job since leaving school but had a sizable inheritance from an Aunt I never really new, so I spent most of my time either just lounging around or reading the situation vacant pages of the local newspapers and just generally getting in the way.

That’s when I spotted the Add.

(Volunteers Wanted for Medical Research into the Common Cold. Get Excellent Rates of pay while you relax in our Health club)

The Add also contained a phone Number for further details.

My Super Secret Life...Scarlet-8.

My Super Secret Life…Scarlet 8.

Chapter 8

Flying is just so intense really and it’s getting more and more special to me. I head out over the city and instead of flying just over the city and the Super-Bridge I head out to Sanctuary out over the water.

I’d have enjoyed it a whole lot more but I pull up but slow down. There’s barges everywhere with protestors about the whole Sanctuary thing. Even from the height I’m at I can hear them chanting hate slogans and waving their signs. Everything from them saying God hates freaks, mutants must die, Satan’s creatures….and more.

What a good boy...Chapter 4

What a good boy…Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Uhm oh boy wow.

Gwen talked to me.

And kind of nice she didn’t treat me like a freak.

But she’s pretty…well better than pretty she’s stunning and popular and a jockettes. But honestly I don’t really know the jockettes that much so I can’t actually say if they’re assholes like the guys that are in some of the teams here at school.

But…honestly should my spider-senses be tingling?

My Super Secret Life...Villain-8

My Super Secret Life…Villain 8

Chapter 8


I almost rattled stuff in the diner.

So why in the world of don’t give a fuck am I so pissed?

I’ve been on the streets a long time. And in a city like Ark City there are over five to six hundred thousand kids on the streets. Some get out, some don’t stay and are just visiting, so go gang or become hookers and junkies, the list goes on and on…but you just think about the population and the amount of predators that come here for the camouflage…

Yeah run the numbers.

FTL-12...Faster Than Life.

FTL…12 Faster Than Life.

Chapter 12

I’m really focused on scan now that we have real live alien VIP’s on board I have visions of something coming after us because of it and thankfully I’m wrong and the one thing I do notice is.

Nav-Command didn’t treat us any differently than any other VIP shuttle. We’re treated with the same respectful indifference. I know one thing and that’s I’m glad I’m not flying. There’s a lot of pressure I can imagine.


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