Bizarre Body Modifications

My Super Secret Life-32.

My Super Secret Life-32.

Chapter 32


Time seems to do funny things when you’re trying to clean your place up. It’s not like I’m a slob but I’ve been living the guy life and I’m not saying that all guys are slobs either it’s just sometime’s or in my case some how my priorities with training and stuff have sort of shifted.

Mind you I wasn’t that tidy and stuff as Sunny either but I still want to clean the place up for Alexis when she gets here…

The house screen rings with security checking in and showing me Alexis down at the main gate to The Tower and I tap the screen to okay her inside and leave and go down to meet her.

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-9.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-9.

Chapter 9


It’s midnight and passed when we’re finally out from the game and it was kind of awesome to just let stuff go and play and be with friends well I was sort of too shy to really get to know them that well before but tonight it was cool it was different.

I never played a one shot RPG game before either.

I see Alex walking and I pull up. “Hey you want a lift home?’


He gets in the passenger side and he’s smiling at me and he’s so cute…and wow…I’m sitting really close to him too.

My car suddenly feels really small.

*And Now…………

My Super Secret Life-31.

My Super Secret Life-31.

Chapter 31


Breathe…even though everything is chaos around me I have to breathe, slow, steady let my breathing control my rate.

I block the pipe coming for my head with a palm and twist my wrist and arm as I do with a burst of soft chi turning it away from me and over balancing the thug with it I use him as he’s falling over to use him as a jumping block to get me into the upper parts of the warehouse. I combine my jump with a kick to the back of his head hard enough to lay him out.

Bonsai….Like the art for not Banzai the charge thing, that’s my code name. I’m on the team. I’m a junior member but at I’m active…not a reserve but an active junior Champion.

It’s Kai…me, I’m experienced and I’ve passed most of the tests they’ve put me through and I spar well enough that I’m on active duty being the team’s shinobi while Shroud’s away in Ark City

Once I‘m up in the shadowy dark of the ceilings I‘m in my element.

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-10 The Start.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-10 The Start.


I’m still holding hands with Cody as he’s devouring the weird bacon and granola bar that this Sam girl gave him. I’m…I’m not sure how to think or react really since he’s nice and he’s sort of cute in a way that is so freaking me out and she’s friendly to him and he’s friendly back like they already sort of know each other and…

And dammit if she ain’t one of them pretty ones.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-13.

My Super Secret Life…Villain-13.

Chapter 13

This isn’t like the parts we passed through The Fringes, no this is Freaktown this is packed, really packed and my god.

If the humans above had any real idea, there’d likely be so much a panic it’d lead to war. I hear such a mix of languages here too.

And I spot members of the big three alien races down here too which isn’t surprising as they have made it clear they’re watching this whole thing unfold. More to think about really.

We’re heading into one of these tower buildings one of the largest within eyesight and its castle like a big square keep and there’s another square and another until just about ten feet from the ceiling. But the place is built from black spray painted riveted metal and has something familiar to it…box cars; it’s made out of box cars.

“This is?” I’m looking it over.

Shepherd walks beside me. “Welcome to Grand Central Station, home of The Underground Railroad.”

Evanescence 26

Evanescence 26


I see Alecia moving through the crowd and the place is packed…I think I see some people from back in school her and others too. There’s a lot more people here than I though there’d be
She stops in front of a VIP section of the club and she’s talking to this guy that looks like Raphael…but he’s not at the power spot in the table. There’s a very gangland looking guy there Hispanic with lots of tattoos and another to the other side that is vamp pale and he’s smoking meth from a pipe…blood red meth…his eyes vamp over then there’s a shimmer of that green in there and in the eyes of the Hispanic fellow too. His eyes go slitted.

Alecia reaches for something and she pulls out a baggy?

She pours the stuff inside out from the bag and it falls in an ashy swirl.
The music stops and every vamp there just went fangs out.
Oh shit…

The fop guy I’m pretty sure that’s Raphael get’s up and goes for Alecia and they’re into the crowd on the floor snarling. The other vamp gets up to interfere and Jill’s walking in towards them like the effing Terminator with two guns in her hands and she’s shooting the vamp or was until he starts moving fast and the Hispanic guy get’s uhm…scaly…like a snake and rushes Jill. Sloan’s in his grill after tossing a smoke grenade behind the bar?

And all hell’s breaking loose now.

Shit, shit, shit… “Alecia! We need him alive!

And Now……..

My Super Secret Life-30.

My Super Secret Life-30.

Chapter 30



“Thanks for this…for really, really trying….for making things right?”

“I had to…I love you whether you’re you or Matt I love you too much not to fight for you.”

She rolls over and looks at me. I get the look in her eyes, I really do even as Tyler…I was born a girl…and sometimes it’s the most important thing in the world to a girl to feel like she’s worth fighting for…worth it.

We kiss and she rolls me onto my back and we kiss as she straddles me and it’s really amazing. It’s like we used to be but reversed and the same all at the same time.

It’s maybe better? Like we’ve crossed some point with us and now we’re getting back to us but better? Experienced maybe…It’s just we’ve not kissed like this and just sensually made out like this for a long, long time.

We’re both smiling and holding hands fingers interlaced on the way back. I put stuff away and open her door and kiss her again. She smiles after the kiss like I hung the moon and it sinks right into my heart. It’s a new feeling. “I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day’s going to be like.”

Me too…

I think I’m starting to finally find myself.

Snakes and Ladders-26

Snakes and Ladders-26

This was hard to come back to. I started this as a present to Wren who had very quickly found herself a place as a dear friend in my heart. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to put another one out and they’ll be coming out probably infrequently so I hope everyone is patient and understanding.

Wren…. We love you, we miss you.

Chapter 26


“No, you’ll be protected.” She passes me the sword in that knightly over her wrist way.

“Wren, you are Erendae, Wren Phoenix yes and I’m here able to unspell this warded box on this mission and theirs is a blade form and you think that this wasn’t something the gods set into motion? This blade was meant to be your sword Wren.”

I take it and stare at it and step back and charge it up and there’s this red-gold light that shines out of the bird decoration with raptors scree and its glowing red…and there’s little tufts of flames coming off of it.

I’m not even hot holding it.

I’m not sure about the whole gods thing since I’m kind of a Christian but this…this looks a whole lot like one of those flaming swords that an angel might have had.
I’m kind of scared of this and yet…

Was this meant for me? Is this a sign?

I have good people here looking at me and nodding like this is.

I cut the power. And look up? “I’ll try; I’ll do my best to keep them safe.”

*And Now……..

Rae Summers: A New Beginning Chapter 13

Rae Summers: A New Beginning Chapter 13

Want to thank this lovly community for all the love and support you have shared with us over the years. We look forward to being aa part of this wonderful group for many years to come. Now from out of the past a little more Rae Summers.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-28

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-28

Chapter 28

I was a little worried still with the whole Shy and Jax thing but if Shy’s doing anything then I can’t feel it but Jax is sort of…he’s treating Shy like a mix of me and Hill. He’s still being him and being a rude butt and all that but he’s not perving on her anymore. He’s treating her like a girl but also like me so…a girl that he has no mouth to brain filter for and is acting as gross and stuff with like shy’s just one of the guys.

Okay…I so think I had something else in mind and I might have gotten more than a little freaked out by Cheyenne doing that whole martial arts powers thing. I mean its one thing to watch it on a movie or TV but to actually see someone do stuff like that guy from the movie. “I am Number 4.” Is really kind of freaky in real life.

And I’m an alien, still human but I’m an alien from another dimension.

So if I’m jumping to conclusions then that’s sort of why.


Sunshine…Part 7.

Sunshine…Part Seven.


We’ve been calling it Déjá -Nostalgia Joel and me. He’s been helping me move in and I’ve been helping him move in too and neither one of us really seem to have an idea of just what to do.

Coming back from what we had come back from scrambled us good but almost deep down neither of us feels like we were the whole skilled decorator types. Me I can probably pin that down to when I was in porn and making tons of money I likely had someone else do it.

White Witch Chapter 3

White Witch Chapter 2

White Witch




White Witch Sigil

The White Witch is the most powerful spell caster on earth, Rachael Aurora and her Apprentice will be pushed to their limits. Satyr, undead, shape shifters, Magic users, and a host of Mythological creatures will befriend her or Attack her which is friend and which is Foe. The fate of all life on the planet hangs on The White Witch finding the Green Mother's Fountain.

White Witch Chapter 1

White Witch




Witch Sigil

The White Witch is the most powerful spell caster on earth, Rachael Aurora and her Apprentice will be pushed to their limits. Satyr, undead, shape shifters, Magic users, and a host of Mythological creatures will befriend her or Attack her which is friend and which is Foe. The fate of all life on the planet hangs on The White Witch finding the Green Mother's Scepter.

One April Morning: The Rising of the Queen

“Good Morning My Queen.” A musical voice piped, far too cheerily for any morning much less this one. This weekend was supposed to be magical, the fulfillment of all of his dreams, but he'd only found bitter disappointment, again.

MAU: The Typhoid Mary Syndrome

MAU: The Typhoid Mary Syndrome

Synopsis: A bitter but brilliant and attractive woman who feels her career has been sidetracked by men finds an MAU. She figures out a clever way to use the device to get back at some of the men who she feels wronged - or will wrong - her.

[email protected]

Author's notes:
I've watched the evolution of MAU with mixed emotions. On the one hand, it's been quite popular for authors, which is rewarding to watch. On the other, well, one thing I really didn't want to create was a universe based on fantasy, and I hoped the rules would help contain that. Unfortunately, my fears have been realized as stories have strayed into the fantastic and beyond. I could be like Bill with SRU and consider anything not by me to be non-canon. I could close the universe. Both of those seemed inadequate, or unfair to those who chose to play by my rules. The final straw was the theory that the agency had become a dark X-files-like conspiratorial evil group, as opposed to the light-hearted MIB spoof, powerless to do much beyond simple investigation and offering some help to victims.

Consider this a creator's slap at the big red RESET button. Please, authors, respect the rules of the universe I created, or create your own. There has to be some scientific rationale behind a change, not some weird fantasy. The agency is not some conspiratorial evil group. Thank you.


MAU: All Alone

Morphic Adaptation Unit — All Alone


A forest ranger in a remote cabin finds an MAU. After experimenting a bit, he finds a way to alleviate his loneliness. This story was posted several years ago on another site. This is its debut on Big Closet Top Shelf. It's a light-hearted little romp, but a bit explicit in points. Enjoy.

The MAU story universe and characters contained therein are copyright by ElrodW, all rights reserved. Use of the story universe or characters without the express written permission of the owner is a violation of copyright law.


Catburglar 6: Catburglar's Cradle

Catburglar’s Cradle
By Paul Calhoun

The final installment of Catburglar. Kelly takes care of loose ends, Ned comes to terms with his forthcoming death of personality and Mike lets the nanites loose on Kelly.

Contains foreshadowing for an Allie story that is forthcoming this week which in turn is foreshadowing for the Unplanned Adventures.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-27

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-27

Chapter 27

We’re into the second batch of blueberry ice cream that old Mrs. Anderson had made for us when the cops showed up. Kaylee’s sticking close to me enough that I’m holding her and trying to sort of radiate comfort and that I’ve got her and its safe now, to her with my powers.

She’s leaning right into me with her weight right into my boobs pressing them into hers and it’s so on purpose too. and jeeze I really want to be with her and yet I want to be with Shy after what happened and her being that amazing and there’s another part that’s upset that I kinda froze and got scared and all girly about these guys and the way they seen me sexually and wanted actually wanted me freaked out and scared by that and that well…had me… freaked out.

MAU: Trekkies - Trek Wars

MAU: Trek Wars


Synopsis: Further adventures of Seven as she and her Trekkie friends confront their ultimate challenge - Star Wars fans.

Note: This tale contains numerous characters from both the Star Trek and Star Wars universes. If a reader is unfamiliar with the Star Wars characters, the official Star Wars databank can provide more information than I can include in this tale. I am trying to not clutter the story with too much detail on the characters, but to provide enough to identify most of the characters...

This story was posted a long time ago (in a galaxy far away ....) on another site. It has been mildly modified here - some of the very long list of changed characters has been deleted or shortened for readability without altering the intent of the story. And I know that I really pushed the limits of my own universe. So sue me - after you enjoy the story.


A pair of themed pairs

A pair of Themed Pairs
By Paul Calhoun

I felt like riffing on a couple of ideas without making a big series out of them. Two love doll stories and two prehensile limbed alien stories. Sweet doll, stuck doll, exploited alien, opportunistic alien.

Adult for when you work out what the words 'venerate' and 'gratify' mean. Oh, and sex dolls. But really those two words are a hell of a lot dirtier in context.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-26

Don’t blame Me I’m A Martian-26

Chapter 26

There’s apart of me scared and I hate it and there’s a part of me mad and I can’t do anything about it and they thoughts and the leers and the icky squishy touch you in a bad way that I really, really don’t want is just.

And Kaylee’s scared and I’m feeling that and her feelings and her fears are deeper than mine but I’m still getting them anyway and I need…need in a capitol N way to keep myself covered.

Just getting caught like this and them having fun victimizing us has this violated flavor.

Eldorado part 3.


Daniel Scott…

Dammit I’m actually pretty mad at this whole thing. One I don’t take kindly to someone…anyone laying hands on me especially if it’s a man. I’ve got lots of reason and lots of memories of those reasons to haunt me the rest of my life.

I’d be taking my ire out of him if it wasn’t for him savin me and using himself as a shield. Well he didn’t go down and I’m hoping he’d not too badly hurt unless he’s wearing an armored longcoat.

And then well there’s Damon.

Between all of the stuff he’s already done today and stabbing Jade and betraying us I’m really ready to lay into him and the fella’s he’s got with him.

I’m already drawing as Daniel pulls me around in from to face then and the fella with the double barrelled get’s it first and I shoot the gun out of the hand of another and there’s a bullwhip uncoiling fast at my face and I stop breathing and just let everything slow down to a crawl and I bring my right gun up and I put a bullet it the whip as it’s uncoiling slicing it’s braid to bits…kinda like that trick when a bowman uses an arrow to shoot another arrow to split it.

After all y’all I might not be in the shows anymore but I’m still Nikki Steele.

Sunshine...Part 6

Sunshine…Part Six.


It was really one of those firefighter right down to his soul things... him coming over to talk to me or rather talk me down out of this funk memory not memory kind of freak out sort of thing.

He calls me Sunshine.


He makes me smile when I think smiling is the hardest thing to do in the world.

The Morpheus Collective

The Morpheus Collective

This story was published way back about 1999 on another site. It's repeated here for the first time, and hopefully, everyone will find this as entertaining as I did when I wrote it.

Resistance is Futile. Prepare to be Assimilated ...


FTL-17...Faster Than Life.

FTL-17…Faster Than Life.

Chapter 17

I’m scared really as I’m sipping at my water and trying not to feel like I’m about to go through a great deal of pain. Sipping is important because if I drank a lot of water then there would be some or rather more of it in my stomach waiting for Corporal Armstrong to beat out of my in a spray of eww.

Before the likely sprays of blood…

My teeth…

Everyone’s ready but me and that includes her outside the ring with some of her people and she’s kicking this big pad one of them’s holding and the heavy "thud" is audible.

And she's staring me down with a savage grin.


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