Bizarre Body Modifications

Drabble Theatre: The Shnozberries Taste Like Shnozberries!

Romeo Cassanova was really starting to regret ever finding that golden ticket. After that incident thirty years ago no one had so much as heard from the Wonka company, but with the reopening came the contest...

Mary white dissappeared down the cream sluice, Ollie Line vanished during the tour of the new sweet-E internet HQ, and he'd last seen the other two in the room with all the fizzy lifting drinks.

The man in the purple suit turned to him. " And lastly, our new line of edible underwear."

'Oh, no.'

Humor Me ~ Part 4

In which our Technicolor Angel's gruesomy dark side emerges, and she tolchoks me soundly from gulliver to yarbockles, leaving your humble narrator one bruised and weepy and disillusioned young devotchka, who sadly concludes that she must leave the employ of this certifiable bozova, who has suddenly turned all brutal-like...

===== HUMOR ME

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~Mr. Bill

Tale of Jet and Quartz - Chapter Six: Puzzle Box

By: Darian Deamos
The Twins celebrate their bithday on the run, and the gang scatters, heading towards the location of their quarry. But someone is stalking the Twins, and with thier protectors off prepareing the way, they are vulerable...

Chapter Six: Puzzle Box

Ms Frankenstein Part 2

Credence continues to search for clues about her past life. Fred becomes a much larger force; friend, protector, confidant. Will he be a lover? She begins to see that the evil forces in her life persist.

Humor Me ~ Part 3

Miss Tricia and Punkin Judy arrive at the worksite. The two clowns make out a bit, which sends P.J. to dizzying heights of love struck bliss. Over a series of vaguely surreal encounters, the imitation girlclown discovers s/he is passing as female without hardly trying, and that there is something quite nice about it. Which leads to a reaquaintance with someone dwelling deep inside...

======== HUMOR ME
======== by LAIKA PUPKINO
======== Part Three: AFTERNOON DELETE

"She's calling from inside, trying to get to you. All that woman really wants is you give her something too..."
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ~~~ Bowie/Ziggy Stardust

Mean Girls 3026 Part 7

Retrograde Dreams

My figure, its shape, was pure Valerie... except for one part, which was embarrassingly evident.
The doctor stood, watching me, and then slowly pulled the mask from her face. "Hello, lover, it seems you're all developed now."

Retrograde Dreams

A Tuck © Fanfic

By Kim EM

Copyright (c) 2000 by Kim EM
The characters and situations depicted in this story are Copyright  © 2000 by Ellen Hayes.
All rights reserved

The Silver Ghost - Book Two

The Silver Ghost- Book Two

by Danielle Leigh-Anne O'Bryan

Part One:

The Rift

Chapter One:

Jeff Materialized in the middle of the living room, scaring the bejezus out of Maxwell, the cat. Mom yelled at him, "Jeffrey, how many times must I tell you? Not in the house. Poor Max is going to have a cornary."


Team Stryke is a multi-national para-military army dedicated to promoting peace world wide. The team is supported by the United Nations, bank-rolled by special interest groups dedicated to maintaining world peace even at the cost of human rights.
The team is trained in a series of skills that compose both military and civilian needs.
The technology used by the team is cutting edge, developed from U.F.O. technology found in various crash sites. ________________________________________________________________

The Tale of Jet and Quartz - Chapter Five: Finding Center

In this, the twins arrive in Seattle, and make plans. And so do their pursuers. But now the twins have a chance to take a breath, and to plan for the future. Only time can tell if their ingenuity can overcome the forces arrayed against them.
For the rest of the universe, go here.


By: Darian Deamos

Chapter Five: Finding Center

Dragon and Tiger - Adjustments

Dragon and Tiger

By Darian Deamos

Chapter Two: Adjustments

Jason Drake had just been through a rather traumatic experience. He had been out with some of the guys from work, celebrating his engagement to Christine Felix. Then things got annoying. He was kidnapped by an insane sorceress named Morganna, a bitch with a grudge against all men, and an obsession with controlling Chris. She had taken him, and had started to work her will on him, turning him into a petite bimbo without intellect or memory, when Chris had burst in. Chris and her old mentor Cassandra had taken him out of there, but the damage was done. He few choices after that, but what he wound up doing, was to transform himself into his own deepest sexual fantasy. He had awakened mystical power within himself in the process and let loose Astra, the dragon that lived within his soul.

Gender Express

Peer pressure can be tough ... really tough. So what do you do when all your friends are changing genders? Why, you go to

of course. ;)

Gender Express
Copyright 2007 by Heather Rose Brown

The Tale of Jet and Quartz - Chapter Four: Blowing Town

Well, things start off with a bang, and then we enter secret agent mode.
This is also the first appearance of the infamous Wolf, so hang on, this gets complicated, fast.
If you want to check out the rest of the universe and the multiple fine stories within, you can check out the whole thing HERE


By: Darian Deamos

Chapter Four: Blowing Town

The Tale of Jet and Quartz - Chapter Three: Going Postal

Well, I guess I'll be nice and let you know just how things go from that VERY unfortunate place I left you last time. I'd say I was sorry, but I'm not.

But before I continue, allow me to remind you that more of this story, and the entirety of the MORFS universe, wich includes many, many more excelent pieces of fiction, can be found Here


By: Darian Deamos

Chapter three: Going Postal

The Tale of Jet and Quartz - Chapter One: Changing Faces

This is the story of the privileged sons of the wealthy and very conservative senior senator from California, and what happens to them after they catch MORFS.

For the rest of the story, and the universe, go to

And now, without further adieu, I bring you


By: Darian Deamos

Chapter one: Changing Faces

Desert Princess

Well, here is my first story on this site. I am not happy with it but I decided to just stop fiddling with it.

Erin, If you want to suggest someone to edit it, you would have my gratitude.

Dragons, Fairies, and Elves, Oh My!

My hair streamed behind me and my gossamer wings fluttered in the slipstream as I hitched a flight from Bahadur Azi Dahaka, dragon warrior of the Mountains of the Summer Snows.

Susan's Odyssey

Hi There Everyone: This story was written as a means to answer what I felt was an inhumane treatment of a loving husband by his so called loving Wife. With no disrespect intended to Miss Karen-Anne Brown for her story entitled 'Heatherized Hubby' as I of course realize that it was indeed just a flight of fancy?

No Obligation, Part 15

Becca discovers she's not quite herself anymore (but doesn't seem to mind). She also gains another mentor and friend, takes a "paws" in the action to go fishing, and discovers that you really CAN go home again ... especially when nobody knows you left.

No Obligation
Part 15

by Randalynn

"Transformational Analysis"


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