Purty Prison Guard

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence,
bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from
my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and
especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming
offended viewing such a story, don't!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or
send it to a one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it
and no monetary profit is made from it without sharing it with me. (I'm not
greedy, but I did write it.)


Purty Prison Guard

By Wholeman


Personnel Record

Job Title: Security Guard
Name: Buttman, Harold A.
Age: 22
Disciplinary Action Record


Employee's conduct is deserving of the most extreme punishment, within
this institutions capabilities.
Description of Disciplinary action and reason for said action is as follows
in the employee's own account:


My name is Harold Buttman, sure go ahead and snicker,
everybody does. Yes, I do go by the nickname, Harry. I've been teased
about it my whole life so I'm used to it. It doesn't help that I'm only 5' 4"
tall. I make up for it by being heavily muscled and meaner than a

I'm a prison guard at the Purty Women's Correctional Center, and
I love my job. Women all over the place, big ones, small ones, fat ones,
and pretty ones, I love the women, and can't get enough sex, so in my
position as a guard, and with all of these love starved babes around, I've
been able to get enough sex to almost satisfy even me.

I trade cigarettes, drugs, and favors for sex, with the occasional
blackmail for the unwilling ones for whom I set my cap.

I've got my little love nest set up in one of the locked electrical
maintenance rooms. No one ever goes in there and I have the only key.
My little operation is perfect. To top it off I they pay me to do it. That
with the money I'm making selling merchandise to the prisoners outside
of the parameters of my discerning tastes, I figure I'm making $100,000 a
year. Life is good when you know how to work the angles.

Today I have a meet set up with this hot little blonde from C Block
that I blackmailed into being my first of today's parade of sexual
conquests. I caught her lezing her cellmate, which goes without saying,
is strictly forbidden by the prison rules. So now, that bitch is all mine
and I'm going to do my best to turn her into a heterosexual, or at least a


I met up with Callie outside her cell and had her follow me to my
little love nest.

"You are looking lovely today Callie," I started, "I have been
anxiously looking forward to this since yesterday." I told her as I opened
the room with my key, and ushered her inside.

She was grinning ear to ear, acting as if she wanted me bad, "You
look pleased Callie, as if you are hankering for a bit of man meat for

She quickly entered the room and started stripping.

Seeing this, I followed suit assuming that she was as enthusiastic
as was I. My cock was rock hard and wanting this woman badly.

She smiled seductively and pushed me down on the airbed set up
there, "Eager little thing aren't you honey?"

She made no effort to answer. She just took my hands and placed
them on her lovely DD cup breasts that I had been drooling, over.

"Oh God, these feel… incredible!" I enthused.

She was sitting on my pelvis in just her panties and my cock was
at attention between the cleft of her heart shaped butt cheeks, straining
at the silky material of the pink panties, she wore.

"Mmmm," she moaned as I manipulated those intoxicating

I closed my eyes concentrating on her wonderful breasts, and the
next thing I knew there was a, "Click, click," sound as a pair of handcuffs
were, clipped around my wrists.

'Wait a minute, she's an inmate, where did she get handcuff?' I
thought as my eyes flew open and I felt a pair of manacles being, affixed
to my ankles.

"What the Fuck…!" I exclaimed trying to dislodge Callie and force
her to unlock my bindings, but the dozen women that surrounded me
held me down to the mattress.

Then I saw the face of the Warden, Ms. Sterndackle, "You have
been a very bad boy, Harry!"

She turned and addressed the women, "Do it, and then take him
to his cell," she exclaimed with vehemence and disgust.

I felt the sharp poke of a syringe in my butt cheek and everything
went black…


I awoke in the warden's office in chains and shackles, forced into a
kneeling position, with the Warden behind a big desk, wearing a black
robe, in front of me.

"I see the accused is conscious again," Ms. Sterndackle
announced, "The witnesses may come forward."

Prisoner after prisoner came to the desk in front of me and told
the Warden about every incidence, every dalliance, and every indiscretion
I perpetrated since coming to work at that Prison, and every time I
opened my mouth to protest, I was, zapped with a stun gun.

After my third time though, the warden grew tired of it and had
one of the female prison guards shove a cock gag down my throat and
strap it in place.

"I trust there will be no further outburst now, Mr. Buttman," she
admonished, though she looked amused at my predicament.

I had to struggle just to breathe and suppress my gag reflex so as
not to vomit while my face was impaled on that disgustingly, realistic
looking thing.

"Please proceed with your story, Helga," the warden continued.

Proceed they did, until every sexy babe in the prison and even one
of the guards had testified against me.

Ms. Sterndackle called to the bailiff, "Bailiff, please run the video."

The monitor behind her showed my 'love nest' and a few of the
dalliances I'd had in there over the last few days.

When it was over Ms. Sterndackle picked up a ledger and said, "I
have here your business ledger, detailing your illegal activities in my
prison and here," she picked up a passbook, "is the evidence of all the
profit you have made off of the suffering you have caused, some three
hundred, fifty four thousand dollars."

"Bailiff, un-cuff his right arm please," Ms. Sterndackle, ordered,
which they promptly carried out.

She handed the passbook and a pen to the bailiff, "Now Mr.
Buttman, if you know what's good for you, you will sign that withdrawal

I hesitated. After all, it was $350,000 bucks.

The bailiff took her stun gun and fired it off into my balls,
"Yaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" I screamed

After twenty minutes of intense testicular agony, Ms. Sterndackle
again stated, "Sign the slip, Mr. Buttman!"

This time I grabbed the pen and signed quickly, I didn't know if
my testes could take another hit and still produce sperm.

"What you have done here Mr. Buttman is beyond reprehensible.
You have frustrated the rehabilitation of my inmates. You have raped,
stolen, and preyed upon the weaknesses of these women. God help me,
I'm partly blame myself. I have failed in my duties and failed to protect
my employees and prisoners. I failed in that I did not catch you until

"A diseased creature such as you must be made to pay, and I will
not leave it up to the legal system outside of these walls to punish you.
You will be punished here and in a way I deem appropriate
compensation, that will rehabilitate you before you leave these walls,"
she struck her desk with a gavel.

"Bailiff, sedate the prisoner," Ms. Sterndackle ordered and I again
felt my ass jabbed with a syringe.


'What a fucking weird dream that was,' I thought as I swam my
way back to consciousness. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a
Pink Cell.

I sat up quickly and felt a wispy feeling garment, shift around on
my body. I looked down to see that I was wearing a pink baby doll

'Cute, real cute, wait till my lawyer gets hold of that warden,' I
thought nastily, 'She'll rue the day she humiliated me like this!'

I peered around my environment, seeing a typical solitary
confinement cell with a full bath. Except that this one was pink, I mean
everything was pink, the sheets, blankets, false curtains, commode,
shower, sink, floor, ceiling, everything.

There was a small dresser in this cell and a television. "Well at
least I can watch some tube until Ms. Sterndackle comes to her senses,"
I said to myself.

I turned it on and the screen warmed up to Ms. Sterndackle's
smiling face, "I see you are once again conscious and obviously bored.
Welcome to Ms. Sterndackle's, Buttman channel, the only channel you
have. This television is programmed with training videos," I tried to
change the channel, but whatever channel I turned to there was the
warden, saying the same thing, "you will be rewarded with a movie after
watching three videos, but only after demonstrating that you learned
what was taught in the videos. Yes, you are under video surveillance at
all times. You might as well get comfy because you are not getting out of
there for quite a while and not until you have been rehabilitated, which
means you will have seen all the videos and learned what we want you
too learn."

'Well let's see what educational video she wants me to learn.
Anger management, or some lame sexual harassment awareness video…'
I thought as the leader on the tape wound through the system.


"Hello," said a pretty woman standing in front of a nondescript
background, "and welcome to Personal Hygiene for Girls. Before your
teacher has to tell you, I will… Let's keep the giggling to a minimum,

The instructor walked to her left and stood in front of a drawing of
a naked female, "This anatomically correct drawing, will be used to show
the areas of your body and we will run films segments to better illustrate
the techniques we will be instructing you in today."

"This series of 5 films will be presented one per day for the whole

"Your bodies are changing, starting to blossom into full
womanhood, and you will need to know how to keep yourself healthy and

"Today's lesson is washing your body. I know that most of you,
have been taught by your mothers but we may have some girls in this
class who do not have mothers in their lives. There is also the possibility
that we might know something your mother doesn't or has neglected to
teach you, so pay attention."

"Now I know that many of you may use antibacterial soap, we are
not recommending the use of this since studies are showing that using
this type of soap all of the time tends to breed antiseptic resistant

"This is a washcloth, and though many of you have been taught to
use them, some have not. The cloth holds the soap and provides a soft
yet increased ability to remove the dead skin cells that your bodies are
constantly shedding…"

I turned it off


'Great I'm being, shown hygiene for little girls. I guess since this is
a women's prison that's all they have on hand. Well at least they show
half naked little girls and have a drawing of a naked girl on it,' I reasoned

"I better have a look around my cell before I zone out on the tube
for too long," I muttered to myself, "and see if there is something else to
wear in that dresser."

I made my way over to it and opened the drawers. They were all
empty except for the bottom one, which had a half dozen baby dolls,
which were also all pink. There were subtle differences in the lace and
shapes of them but to me the all looked the same.

"You could at least give me something decent to wear," I yelled at
the walls not expecting to get an answer.

You can imagine, my surprise when I heard, "You will be provided
clothing when you earn it Mr. Buttman, not before." The warden's voice
came seemingly from all around me.

Now that I knew she was listening, I was going to give her a piece
of my mind, "You fucking bitch! You can't do this to me! This is illegal
and you know it! You wait till my lawyers get done with you!" and then I
got foul mouthed and nasty.

As I continued my tirade, I failed to notice a hissing noise
emanating from the wall, as I lost consciousness and fell flat on my face.


I could feel myself strapped down in bed as I awoke, but could see
nothing, nor could I open my eyes. The only thing I knew is that I was,
drugged and my face hurt terribly.

"Hello, is some one here?" I asked.

"You were very bad Harry and the warden had to gas you. The
only trouble is when you fainted and hit your face on the floor. You
broke your nose and shattered your brow but don't let it worry you, I'm a
rather good plastic surgeon and I have repaired the damage beautifully.
You will look a little different but that couldn't be helped," the lady
doctors voice came to me sounding strangely familiar.

I felt a needle stick on the side of my butt.

"I'm going to have to do some more work on your jaw, so when you
wake again, don't try to talk," she said, I felt her grab my wrist and check
my pulse as blackness swept over me.


I slipped in and out of consciousness a few times again but not for
long enough to really remember anything until I came around to a
brightness that caught my attention and the sound of someone calling
my name…

"Harry… we need you to wake up now…" the female voice called.

"Mmmmf?" I answered.

"Good you're awake. Now don't try to talk. Doctor, the patient is
conscious again," she called.

"Thank you nurse. Well Harry, it's time to take the last bandage
off your eyes. Now things are going to be blurry at first, so if you are
ready wiggle your right fingers," the doctor asked me, again with her
familiar sounding voice.

I wiggled as asked, then felt gauze being unwrapped from my head
and cotton balls removed from my eyelids.

"All right, you may open your eyes now Harry," the Doctor said.

I opened them and saw the rather lovely face of the Doctor, who
was also my last intended victim, Callie.

"That is wonderful work doctor. Harry should be grateful we have
such a talented plastic surgeon in our midst," the warden's voice praised
Dr. Callie.

I could not see the warden but I saw the doctor move out of my
limited view and listened intently. The only words I could hear was, "eye
shadow," so I figured that it was just girl talk and allowed myself to fade
into the drowsy state that the drugs kept me in.

Later the nurse came in and I discovered my wired shut jaw, when
she fed me a milkshake through a straw. When I was finished, she took
out some kind of cream and rubbed it into my face, wherever the skin
was exposed.

"This will prevent scarring and help you heal quicker," the nurse
said, then she jabbed me with another syringe, "That's just vitamins and
stuff to keep you healthy since your jaw is wired and you cannot properly
chew solid foods. I'm going to turn up your dosage on the morphine
pump now so, nightie night."


It was like that for, I don't know how long, then finally one day
they wakened me, and the nurse removed the last of my bandages. I
was, escorted to my cell and left there, my food, which I ate through a
straw with liquid pain medicine and 'vitamins', brought to me at regular
intervals and pushed through the slot in my door.

I became bored enough to watch the stupid hygiene tapes and
finally was able to watch a movie …'Miss Congeniality,' whoopee. I
wasn't too bad though, better than learning how to shave my legs. That
damned warden made me shave my legs and underarms, moisturize, and
exfoliate before I could watch the movie.

I was so weak from the stay in the hospital I could hardly believe
it. To top it off my appetite was gone. I was eating barely enough to keep
a bird alive. I must have lost fifty pounds over… well to tell the truth, I
have no idea how long. I have no clock, no window, and no idea how
much time has past.

They finally unwired my jaw, and it feels so weird, like my jawbone
is smaller and I can open my mouth farther. I suppose it is going to feel
weird, until it is totally, healed. I wish they had put a mirror in here. I
can't even see if Callie did a good job on my face, or if I look like
Frankenstein's monster. At least she must have given me something to
temporarily stop my beard from growing, I can't even feel the stubble.

Every so often, I have to back up to the door slot so that they can
give me a shot of antibiotics to keep me from getting an infection. How
long do you have to take these though? I'm sure I've had forty or more of
them so far.

I keep yelling to have them let me out long enough so I can get
some exorcise but there is no answer, the walls just stare back at me. I
can't wait until that bitch of a warden has something to say to me. I'm
going to give her a piece of my mind. This is just illegal and she is going
to be in here, instead of me, as soon as I can manage an escape. My
friends must be hunting for me by now, my sister at least. She calls me
every weekend to 'check in' she should be looking for me and filing a
missing persons report at least.

Well enough staring at my toes, I might as well watch the next
installment of the young and hygienic, let's see what the next installment
is today…


"Hello," said the woman again, "and welcome back to Personal
Hygiene for Girls. Today we start a more advanced topic, 'Hair Styling'.
We will show you how to do some basic hairstyles and how to use the
tools of hair care that the beauty salons do."

'I suppose that whacked out warden is expecting me to put my
hair up in a ponytail,' I thought and quietly snickered to myself. 'Ouch,
what in the hell is that prison laundry doing? The baby doll I was
wearing was irritating my nipples. They are all swollen and puffy


A few minutes after the video ended I heard the warden come over
the intercom, "Harry, we are going to need a blood sample from you."

"Fuck you, bitch. You send someone in here to get it and I'll fight
tooth and nail. This is illegal imprisonment. Pretty soon my sister and
my friends will put enough heat on, that the cops are going to search this
prison, find me, and that will be the end of you!" I screamed at the

"First of all Harry, no one is looking for you. Listen to this
recording your sister Simelda, made for you," she told me sounding

"Harry, you pig… You low life scum bucket! You total waste of
skin! I… I can't even think of you as… as my brother anymore! Don't
ever call me! Don't talk to me! As far as I am concerned, I have no
brother! I saw all of those women tell what you did to them. I saw how
you sold drugs in the prison, and anything you could to make a buck off
or… or…(sobbing wail) trade for sex! I hope you die!" then the tape, with
my sister's voice on it, went silent.

"I don't think she is looking for you Harry. If she is, she probably
has something sharp with her," Ms. Sterndackle said.

"You Cunt! You fucking…" I screamed at her, as the gas took me


"Well Harry, you did it again," the nurse said, "You weren't even
healed up from the last time so the doctor had to do more extensive
surgery on your face, which is why you cannot see. You also managed to
break your foot when you passed out, then unconsciously you tried to
break your fall with your hand and broke that as well." She sounded as
if she really cared about me so I held my tongue and was a good patient
for her especially since they wired my jaw shut again.

"The doctor has you on a morphine pump, so if the pain starts to
creep up on you, press the button that I am placing in your right hand,
feel it? Now I am pinning it to the sheets right next to your hand, so it
will always be there when you reach for it. Now I am taking your hand to
the call button on the side railing of your bed. If the morphine pump
isn't keeping up with the pain, press this button. I am sliding your hand
down the railing to the bed controls. Feel them there under your hand.
This button raises the head of the bed. This is for moving the foot, up
and down. There you go. That should make you more comfortable."

"I'm going to arrange your baby doll so that it isn't all bunched up,
so just relax," she informed me.

'Wow, this nurse has a great bedside manor. Hey, let's see if this
button really will give me an extra shot of painkiller,' I thought to myself
as I pressed the button.

A warm rush of well-being, started to wash over me. I couldn't
voice my pleasure in any other way except to moan, and somewhere far
off it sounded to me like a girl moaning, 'Damn, this is some good shit,' I
thought as another warm wave washed over me and I lost consciousness.


"Well doctor, how is our patient coming along?" Ms. Sterndackle
asked, sitting behind her desk, nervously drumming a pencil on the

"Warden, Harry is progressing faster than I had anticipated. Of
course, I didn't have the facilities that you have made available to me,
before. It's funny that the thing that sent me to prison, is being used to
rehabilitate a scumbag like Harry," Dr. Callie Mannatter replied, sitting
in the leather chair across the desk from the warden. "He has discovered
his morphine button and unlike those set up in hospitals, this one has
been set at a very high dosage, and Harry is using it generously. He is
staying so stoned that I think I will start in on his other side without
sending him back to his cell. By the end of the month, he should be
completely addicted to the morphine. I should have both of his hands
done and his feet. His pelvis is mending quite well and the vocal cords
are so tight that the next time he speaks you won't be able to hear him
unless you are a member of the Canine Family. Additionally, there is no
way you will ever see an Adams apple on that throat. I have taken three
inches out of his legs and he is missing three ribs now. The over all
shrinking of his skeletal structure is on schedule as well. When I have
finished with him, his bones will be lighter and smaller."

"You will, be able to get me the transplant materials that I
requested, won't you warden?" Callie asked.

"Yes, like you said, we can't request the exact parts we want but
you can harvest them directly by declaring a radiation victim with
multiple needs. We can then have the whole donor sent here on minimal
support and you can take what you want," Ms. Sterndackle admitted.
"The unauthorized research that you were charged with, you're certain
that you can actually, do it again?"

"I've done it twice so far. Never on a mentally alert person though,
I used a couple of coma patients. If they ever wake up, they might die
from the shock of finding themselves so radically different," Dr. Callie
tittered at her own joke, "I just hope that a donor is sent to us fairly

"How are the subliminals going?" the warden wondered, as she
stood up and walked over to her coffee pot.

"The hypnotics are being pumped in with the morphine, he can't
put up any resistance to the tapes we run, while he isn't fully conscious.
Katie says that he has even, become comfortable in his baby dolls," Dr.
Callie let out a self-satisfied snicker. "He has been trying to speak along
with the tapes as they command him, even though his jaw is wired.
Have you thought of what name you plan to give him, we should start
adding that to the tapes right away. You don't want him to be able to tell
anyone his name, do you?"

The warden sat in reflection for a short while and stated, "Horatia
Harlie Hoard, that will be her new name. Befitting her rap sheet, which
we are in the process of producing, don't you think?"

Callie giggled, with her hand over her mouth, "I like it. I'll get
started with her programming right away. You, are sure that you want
the whole treatment?"

"I want even more than you did to the others. I want your
imagination to get to work on everything that you can do, to maximize
our goals. I want you to make sure that no matter if she has been
sleeping in a gutter, she looks absolutely gorgeous. I want everyman
that sees her to immediately have an erection and start drooling. Do you
think that you can accomplish that?"

Dr. Callie gave her a diabolical grin saying, "I think so. Now, here
is what I need you to set up for me…"


'Oh man,' I thought, 'time for another push of the magic button.'

I pressed it and waited for the warm elation to wash over me and
take my pain with it. I didn't even think about why the pains I am now
experiencing, were now in different places. How my pain seemed to
lessen in my right foot, only to reappear in my left one. It didn't even
bother me that the push button became bigger, when one day it
appeared in my left hand after being in my right for so long.

I was a little alarmed when I heard, "Hello there Horatia, how are
you feeling this morning?"

'Who in the hell is Horatia?' I thought, but for some reason I knew
she was taking to me.

"Pretty darn good, I'll bet. Well, this is Dr. Mannatter speaking,
and I thought I would prepare you personally for your next surgery. This
is going to be the last one, so don't fret any. You have the easy job today,
but for me, it is going to be a long one. I'll see you in a couple weeks
again, after your recovery."

I felt a poke far off in my butt, although it barely registered in my
drugged haze, as I drifted off to oblivion.


"Alright nurse Goodbody, let's get her into the operating room.
The donors organs aren't going to wait much longer," Dr. Mannatter told

"Oh Dr. Callie, she should be so grateful for the wonderful job you
have done, although I'm certain she won't appreciate it for some time, if
she ever does at all. (Giggle)," nurse Goodbody praised the doctor, as she
helped push the gurney towards the surgery.

Dr. Callie giggled as well, "We sure got lucky with the donors. I
never expected to be provided with three of them all at once. I'm going to
be able to do something special with this one."

"I hope you'll let me massage the kinks out of your back after all of
this intense surgery. Maybe after that, (giggle) you will enjoy having me
tongue fuck you too," nurse Goodbody licked her luscious lips

"If you don't quit that Katie, I'll forget all about Harry and do you
right here, you vixen," Dr. Callie threatened, "Anyway we're going into the
operating room and the other nurses will be jealous, so keep your motor
running on idle till later, alright baby?"

Nurse Goodbody gave her a quick peck on the lips, "It's a date!"


I came swimming up slowly from a long strange dream. I became
aware that I was wearing a pair of headphones, which someone removed
almost immediately.

I was feeling kind of sick and tried to press the button that should
be in my hand, but wasn't.

"No more morphine pump for you, Missy. It's time for you to get
up out of that bed and get on with your training," I heard Mistress Callie,
tell me.

I opened my eyes to see the doctor's smiling face right in front of
my eyes. I could see nurse Katie Goodbody standing off to one side.

"Now just to prove to me that you are once again awake Harry, tell
me your name?" she sweetly asked, still grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Sure, my name is Horatia," I replied, "No that's not right, my
name is Horatia! Wait, wha… my… name… is… Horatia! What in the
fudge?" I quit with my mouth hanging open in shock.

I heard Katie titter in the background, while Callie laughed in my
face. A devilish look came across her face and she pulled away a little
and said, "Not long ago, you would have done almost anything to get
your hands on these," as she removed her blouse and bra, pressing those
beautiful breasts almost against my lips, "You should be sporting a rock
hard woody about now."

She was right, I should be. My heart was pounding, my breath
was short, and I was definitely excited, but no hard on. I concentrated
on the area between my legs and it only felt as if I had wet myself,
instead of the rigid meat I should be feeling.

'Did all of that morphine make me sterile? Had the drugs
chemically castrated me?' I fretted.

"Oh, poor Horatia, she looks so frightened, doctor Callie. Maybe
you should tell her why she doesn't have an erection," Katie Goodbody
said in a rather condescending voice, grinning all the while.

"What a good idea Katie. Well Horatia, the reason you are not
sporting a woody is simply that you no longer have the wood," as
impossible as it might have seemed to me, she smiled even wider
knowing the effect that this information would have on me.

"What? You, castrated me? You can't do this. It's illegal!
Nooooooo," I screamed then fainted.


"Now don't you faint on me again Horatia. You need to realize,
that you were not, castrated. Now if you will stop this sissy fainting
routine and listen, I have more to tell you," Mistress Callie told me, as I
regained consciousness for the fourth time after she told me that my
cock was no longer, my own.

"That's better. Now you relax Missy, that is an order from your
Mistress," she ordered shaking her finger in my face.

Completely against my will, I found an intense blanket of calm
descend over me.

"Good girl. Now, if you stay conscious for a few more minutes you
may hear the rest, and get on with the rest of your life," she sounded
exasperated as she ordered me to listen.

Katie was holding my hand and patting it, "Callie remember, she
is still weak from all of the time in bed…"

"Right, I'll lighten up sweetens, but only for you. I don't give one
whit what this scumbag is feeling," Callie exclaimed.

"Horatia, you need to thank your lucky stars for Katie here. She
has been the only person in this whole prison who has tried to keep
some very nasty things from happening to you," Callie said, as she
walked a little ways away, "I have an idea, Katie, why don't you tell her
about her new situation? I have better things to do." With that Callie
spun on her heals and left my room.

"Ughn, why do I feel so sick?" I moaned as every nerve in my body
complained, and the room was doing flip-flops.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Your suffering withdrawals from the
morphine you were on for so long. Here, let me give you a little shot to
just help you over the hump a little… but first will you do some thing for
me?" she asked so smoothly and convincingly I would have been hard for
me to think something was up, even if I had all of my wits about me.

"Anything, if you can make me feel a little better," I smiled up at
her as best as I could manage. I saw her take out a syringe and fill it
from a little bottle.

"Well, this favor should be easy for you. All I want is that you,
please, please try not to do anything to make Doctor Callie any madder.
It is really hard on me to keep the others from doing things to you in
retaliation for any little thing that you do. So please promise me that you
will try, so that I can keep taking care of you. They have talked about
using one of the other inmates as your nurse, but I think they will find
someone who doesn't really care about her patients, and that makes me
feel sad for you. Do you think that you can try hard, for me?" she
finished in an, oh so caring voice.

I got a tear in my eye and said, "Thank you for helping me," I
could hold back no longer… the hopelessness of my situation, and
everything I had been told to this point came crashing in and I started
weeping. Not your ordinary basic cry mind you, but the whole body
wracking all out kind.

Katie hugged me while I sobbed, and dried my tears, saying
soothing things while I had lost it entirely.

When I had started to calm down, I felt the sting of the injection as
she poked me in the buttocks with the needle. Mere moments later I had
a smile on my face and was in a warm floating blissful high.

"Do you feel better now baby?" Katie asked, while she held me
sitting on my bed.

"Yes… I feel all warm and floaty. You are my best friend Katie. I
know that I don't deserve you, but knowing you are here for me, makes
my heart soar," I rambled, in the haze of the drug. Had I been a little
straighter, I would have wanted to gag at the effeminate things I had just
said to her.

"That's alright baby, Katie is here for you…" she held me and
rocked back and forth as I became ever so much more placid.


As the trio reviewed the tape, Katie said, "Can you believe that
turd is buying this drivel? I had to work so hard not to retch when I said

"Was it that bad? She looks so different from Harry that it's hard
for me to think of her as the same person," Ms. Sterndackle admitted,
sitting in one of the office chairs next to the other two women, reviewing
the tape of Horatia's first awakening.

Dr. Mannatter piped in with, "Well since we were the ones who did
the actual alterations, it probably is a little easier for us, to know that
underneath that beautiful exterior, lays the disgusting and fetid mind of
a rapist and blackmailer."

"I have to admit that you did a splendid job on her, Callie. You
two had better get back there, she should be coming around soon," Ms.
Sterndackle reminded them.

"Yes warden, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to prove
my theories, and to save the other women incarcerated here from that
pig," Callie shook the warden's hand as she stood to leave.

Katie, being the more emotional of the ladies, threw herself around
the warden's neck, hugging and kissing her, "Thank you warden. You
are doing a wonderful thing for women everywhere!"

"Sometimes I have my doubts about that. Luckily, all I have to do
is review Harry's file, and I am once again totally convinced that we are
doing what must be done," Ms. Sterndackle sighed deeply shaking her
head, "I just wish we didn't have to."

"Bye warden, we'll keep you informed on how things are going,
even though it is mostly Katie's job for now," Dr. Mannatter left with her
nurse to check on Horatia.


I came to, still feeling good and seeing the lovely face of my only
friend, Katie.

"Hi, welcome back sweetie. Are you ready to take your first walk
to the bathroom now? Come on, get that cute little tush out of the bed,"
she said as she pulled me gently to the edge and I expected she was
going to help me to my feet.

As my torso came more to a vertical posture, I felt… something I
never in my life, expected that I would feel. My chest slid into my lap,
"Oh god! What was that?"

Katie giggled, "Don't be a silly girl. That is just your bosom's
natural motion, when you are not wearing your brassiere."

I was shocked. Yet for some reason, I knew it was natural for a
girl like me. My head was spinning trying to get a grip on why I would
think it was natural. Then I unconsciously stood up. Well that's not
entirely correct, I tried to stand up and wound up having Katie steadying
me. She helped me to my toes.

Try as I might I could not relax my foot to stand on the floor. I
tried to take a step on point, but my feet just weren't strong enough and I
was forced to sit back down on the bed.

"What is wrong with my feet Katie?" I asked in astonishment.

"Oh Horatia, you know you need special corrective shoes to walk
in, ever since your accident," she chided me.

"I wish you would stop calling me that," I asked her, as she bent
down to place my feet into a pair of shoes from underneath the bed.

"What would you like me to call you sweetheart?" she asked, as
she slipped my strangely tiny feet, into a pair of radically high heals.

"Please call me by my real name. Horatia," I asked then tried to
correct what I had said, "I mean the name I was born with, Horatia."

Katie giggled a disarming titter and said, "That's what I have been
calling you dear."

"Oh piffle! I give up! Call me Horatia then," I said, even though I
really wanted to use much stronger language.

"I sure will honey. Do you remember the rest of your name?"
Katie bated me, as she did up the little strap across the top of my feet.

"My whole name is, Horatia Harlie Hoard. Oh dear lord, that's
even worse than my real name, Horatia Harlie Hoard!" I was so frustrated
that even feeling as nice as the drugs were making me feel, I started to
tear up.

"Now don't you go, getting all emotional dearie, this is just going to
be a quick sissy, and then it's right back into bed," she scolded me, as
she finished putting my shoes on.

At least I think she put shoes on my feet, I could feel them, but it
was impossible for me to see them with those giant bulges in my way, "I
can't see my feet," I complained.

"Well I can tell you that you are missing a beautiful sight. These
are two of the prettiest feet I have ever seen," I could feel her gently
caressing the top of my foot, which sent a sensuous shiver up my spine,
making me quiver, "Now that's enough stalling, come along, Horatia."
She pulled me over to the edge of the bed.

That's when I realized that this couldn't be, the Katie that I knew.
This woman is an Amazon! She must be six foot or taller. Even her
hands were bigger than mine are. Not to mention she was one strong
girl, pulling me as easily as she was.

She tugged one last time, and my bottom slid from the bed as I
dropped the short distance to the floor, and her strong arms kept me
from falling over. I felt my chest pulling heavily downward in front of me,
while it bounced and jiggled all over. My legs were weak and my knees
felt like warm gelatin, as she slowly walked me to the water closet, as if I
was eighty years old or something.

When we finally arrived, she turned me around facing away from
the toilet?

'Wait a minute,' I thought, 'I only have to go pee, why turn me
around? Maybe I'm so weak that it's safer to do it this way, so I won't fall
down if my knees go.'

Satisfied with that reasoning I suddenly felt Katie drop my baby
doll panties to my ankles for me, and then she held up the top so I
wouldn't soil it when I sat down.

'Well I guess it's not so strange… she is a nurse and has seen lot's
of people naked before,' I rationalized as I sat down on the seat.

'It sure feels like my butt is covering more of the seat than usual,'
I casually observed, 'I'm going to have to get to the gym when I get out of

I relaxed the usual muscles and I nearly fainted. It felt like I was
peeing out of my butt. My piss was spraying all over my ass too.

Katie must have seen all the blood drain out of my face because
she asked, "What's the matter, Horatia? Your face just turned really

"It felt like I was peeing out of my butt," I almost screeched, having
finished my sissy.

"Of course it did, that's how we girls pee Horatia. It's no big deal
is it? Are you done now?" she queried with a matter of fact expression on
her face.

I started to stand up and her strong gentle hands stopped me,
"Horatia, you must be really out of it girl. Don't forget to wipe yourself,"
she chided with a little giggle.

I snatched a wad of toilet tissue and reached between my legs, and
when I wiped my smooth creased gash, I screamed, and fainted dead


When next I awoke, I felt myself floating in a strange unshakable
state, I heard Mistress Callie say, "There that should keep her awake
long enough for us to get her past the basic hurdles. She's on enough
Prozac to mellow out Richard Simons. She's alright now, aren't you

I felt Mistress Callie pinch my face to purse my lips with her hand.

"Hi gorgeous, didn't I fuck you a while back?" I asked stoned out
of my head, sitting up in my hospital bed and smiling.

"Actually no, I fucked you, and I fucked you real good," she patted
my cheek smiling at me.

"Aw that's nice… cause I like you a lot. I always did like a lady
with big boobies. Do you want to fuck me again? You can fuck me as
good as you want, pretty lady," I blathered, barely able to form words as
stoned as I was.

"I'll take you up on that offer later, after you get more familiar with
your body though, for now why don't you let Katie help you learn more
about yourself?" she suggested, with her hand stroking my hair on the
back of my head.

"Does she want to fuck me too? She's pretty. She can fuck me
too," I offered.

"Okay, it's a date, but only if you are a good girl and learn what
Katie is going to show you. Do you think that you can do that for your
mistress, Horatia?" Mistress Callie asked now staring deeply into my eyes
and holding my hand.

"I'll try really hard Mistress Callie," I promised, in the high sweet
voice I was hardly aware that I now had.

"That's a good girl Horatia. I have to leave now, so you be nice to
Katie while I'm gone," she ordered, with a sweet smile on her face.

As she got up to leave, (I still don't believe I did this), I said, "Can I
have a hug before you leave, please?"

"That is so sweet of you. You sure can honey," she hugged me
tight, squishing my boobies' way out to the sides as she did.

I started panting like a bitch in heat. Wow! I was, inundated by
pleasurable sensations coming from my chest. I really liked how my
boobies felt when someone touched them, I almost orgasmed just from
her hugging me.

"Oh, so you like that, do you? Well sweetie, I'll be back and
hugging you a lot over the next few weeks, so keep that motor running
honey," Mistress Callie kissed my cheek and I orgasmed.

Not like… so hard to think… anyway, I came harder than, I think I
have ever orgasmed before. Whether I have orgasmed that hard before or
not, I want to do it again, a lot.

"Perfect! Everything is working out just as we planned," Mistress
Callie announced and then kissed me right on the lips, sending me into
another magnificent orgasm, only this time she held it for a couple
minutes, I kept squirting and squirting lubrication, until I was sitting in
a veritable puddle. She patted my cheek again and ordered, "You be a
good little sissy girl for Katie, and I'll come back and kiss you again
later." She walked out of my room leaving me with a satisfied smile on
my face.

"Well that makes my decision for me, as to what I teach you first,"
Katie giggled and went on, "bath time is what you need the most now. So
let's get you to your feet and into a nice hot and soapy tub full of

Katie helped me to my feet, well to my stiletto heels to be more
precise. Her strong hands supported me into the bathroom and she
placed me onto the water closet, while she filled the tub and squirted
bubble bath into the hot water, saying, "While you are there you might as
well go sissy, it will be a little while until the tub is full."

I stood and pulled down my pink silk panties, and then sat down
again, and let loose the stream of urine from my butt. I wiped my
hairless pussy and started to pull off my top in preparation for my bath.
Katie came over and helped me get the gossamer fabric over my gigantic

When the tub was full she supported my, oh so weak, feminine
frame all the way into the blissfully relaxing bubble bath. At least it was
relaxing until Katie started washing my boobs for me. My legs went
straight and rigid, the muscles tightened up so much my legs were
shaking. My hands kept grasping the water at the bottom of the tub and
I was moaning as if I should be looking for Scrooge.

"I think you are going to need help getting washed, at least for the
foreseeable future," she giggled.

I on the other hand could do nothing but twitch.

"Okay, now your mountains are cleaned, why don't you wash your
arms and legs," Katie handed me a wash cloth and I automatically took
over washing myself as I had been taught by the training tapes.

I ran into trouble when I started to clean my vulva, one touch and
I nearly drowned. My back arched hard and my head went underwater
as I did. Lucky for me that Katie was there to save me. She pulled my
head up into the open air while I orgasmed.

"My, you are easily satisfied sweetie. How about, we wash your
hair now Horatia?" she wiped the bubbles off my face, which had covered

"Why am I orgasming so much Katie?" I asked her as she
supported my head out of the water.

"You are just a horny slut, Horatia. You always have been. It's
okay though, everybody is used to it. In fact the girls on the cell block
miss you terribly," she giggled, and I was wondering why that would be

Katie showed me how to pat myself dry. Then she powdered me
all over, telling me, "I kind of envy you Horatia, not ever having to shave
your legs, underarms or pussy. The way you can casually walk around
wearing stiletto heels, which are so high that they are nearly ballet boots.
You are incredible girl. Your breasts are delightful as well. I wouldn't
have the courage to have my breast augmented to the extent that you
have," she lightly caressed my nipple, making me quiver all over.

"Do your breasts, make you do this?" I barely managed to ask.

"Not to your degree honey. I love it when mine are, caressed, but I
have never orgasmed when someone played with them. You were just
made special Horatia, created to be a sex toy," she smiled as she told me

"Time to get dressed girl," she informed me. "I'll hold your bra
while you step into the cups, and then I'll make up the clasp in back,
while you situate your boobs in the cups," she directed, as I did just that.

"You might just have to get some bigger bras soon, this one is
almost too small," she told me as she hooked me tightly in the back.

She handed me a crotchless pink thong to pull up my legs, which I
did, enjoying the sisterly help she was giving me. She had me pull up
rose colored stockings with lace roses woven into them, to attach to the
matching garter belt I put on, and then she had to straighten them for
me, since it was so hard for me to see them with my huge boobs in the
way. Next came a pink see-through silk blouse with elastic woven into
the lower half, so that it would cling to my tiny waist, before flaring out
to hug my breasts and display them in a deeply scooped neckline.

The silk fabric, hugging me so tightly, and sliding around my torso
was sending wave after wave of pleasure signals directly into my brain.

Katie then helped me into a sweet silky pink half-slip, she rested
on my wide flaring hips, before slipping up a scarlet silk skirt and
fastened it in the back for me.

I was seated before a mirror, Katie helping me to rub conditioners
into my face, and then she showed me how to outline my lips with a lip
liner, before helping me apply my lipstick.

I found myself wondering why I didn't have to put on blusher or
eye shadow until I noticed that I really didn't need it. I already had a
violet and pink eye shadow and dark eye liner on, and my cheeks were in
a perpetual blush. For that matter I really didn't need the lipstick or lip
liner, I had applied the same colors that my big soft lips already were. I
think she had me do it to protect my lips from chapping, yes that must
be it.

She brushed out my long thick wavy strawberry blonde hair and
fastened it into a cute ponytail, which hung midway down my back.

I looked at my tiny slim hands and appraised my nail polish, it
was immaculate as always, just the perfect shade of pink and an inch
longer than my fingers.

I was smiling at the sight of them when I heard Katie say, "You
know you don't have to worry about your fingernails or toenails, Horatia.
Remember, Doctor Mannatter replaced your nails with enameled
titanium implants, after the accident made you loose a couple nails on
each hand, she thinks you are real special and wants you to always be

I was grinning broadly, knowing that what she told me must be
true, since my nails were so beautiful.

"That should do it Horatia. Now, you and I have an appointment
to keep with the warden," she led me through the security areas into the
warden's office, where I took a seat across from Mistress Sterndackle,
Mistress Callie, and Nurse Goodbody.

"I see you have finally recovered from your accident Horatia. Do
you think you are ready to go back into the general prison population
again?" Mistress Warden Sterndackle asked me, her hands clasped
together on her desk as she leaned closer to me.

I cleared my throat and answered in my sweet, high, little girl's
voice, "I feel all better Mistress Warden Sterndackle. I'm sorry to be so
much trouble. I can go back in with the other girls again now, and I
promise to be a good girl."

Ms. Sterndackle looked at Dr. Callie and said, "Impressive work
Dr. Callie. You are, sure that she can perform her trustee duties now?
The duties that we discussed earlier?"

"Most assuredly warden, I will personally acquaint her with her
new position as a trustee," she replied with a devilish grin, knowing what
awaited me.

"Excellent, make sure I get copies of the first day's training films.
You may take your charge to her cell again and begin. I'll finish up the
paperwork transferring her back to her cell," Mistress Sterndackle told
her, picking up a sheaf of papers and glancing at them. Then she
whispered to Dr. Callie, "Harry's sister, who works for the county records
department, has filed the fake records for Horatia. She is now officially
here on repeat offender charges of prostitution. Many, many charges of
prostitution," she snickered deviously.

"Perfect," Mistress Callie and Katie stood, took my tiny hands, and
led me back to my special pink cell.

Right away, I noticed they had redecorated. There was a new King
size bed with pretty pink sheets and a ruffled pink comforter on it. All of
the plain curtains had been, replaced with ornate pink hanging
draperies. There was a new cabinet against one wall. The bathroom now
has a big mirror. They replaced the small shower with a huge bathtub
and shower, in pink. There was a walk-in closet filled with pretty, pink
clothes and lingerie, even a section with latex outfits hanging there. My
pink dresser was double the size it was when I last saw it, I opened the
drawer and saw scads of lingerie. There were different colors and styles
aplenty and none of them looked at all like ordinary daywear, it all
seemed to be out of Victoria's Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood.

I walked over and bounced onto my back on the bed and only then
did I notice the huge mirror on the ceiling.

"Beautiful isn't it Horatia?" Mistress Callie asked, as she had been
watching me look around from the doorway with Katie.

"It's wonderful!" I squealed enthusiastically.

"Well, not everyone has a nice cell like this one Horatia, and if you
want to keep this one, you have to work for it. You do want to keep it,
don't you?"

"Oh yes," I replied.

She closed the cell door and began stripping off her clothes, as did
nurse Katie. I was confused and started to remove mine as well when
Mistress Callie said, "Stop! We will do that ourselves in a minute."

They both walked into the closet and when they emerged, Mistress
Callie was wearing thigh-high black leather, high-heel boots, a leather
thong, and a leather shelf bra, which left her nipples exposed.

Katie was wearing a soft, frilly baby doll with a leather collar that
had a leash attached, and the other end firmly in the grasp of Mistress
Callie, "That's more like it. Now my lovely slave girl Katie, I want you to
prepare our special guest."

Katie came toward me with an evil grin on her face.

I was so frightened I began to tremble all over, which made
Mistress Callie laugh evilly.

Katie veered off toward the new cabinet, opened it, and brought
out some restraints, which she promptly affixed to my wrists and ankles.
I knew that both women were bigger than I am and that the crop that
Mistress Callie had would be able to quickly subdue me, so I didn't

Katie laid me down on the bed and tied me to the four corners.
My legs were, spread wide and painfully. Katie then put a tight collar
onto my neck with a small box attached to it.

"The collar you have on will emit a painful shock if you cry out or
start saying inappropriate things. Do you understand Horatia?" Mistress
Callie told me holding the remote control in her hand.

"Yes," I replied.


"That is, 'Yes, Mistress Callie!' Don't forget it. Note also that what
you just felt was the lowest shock level. I have four higher levels. Now
say it again properly WHORE," she yelled.

"Yes, Mistress Callie."

"First lesson learned. That is good Hor, you don't mind me
nicknaming you Hor, do you?" she demanded, hand on her hip, the other
firmly hovering over a button on the remote.

"N… No, Mistress Callie," I hesitantly replied, afraid to be shocked

"Good, because that is your new job, Hor. You are the prison
whore. You will be trained on how to please a woman in many ways, and
will become proficient in all of them, since you will be having so much
practice," she turned to face Katie, "Make her ready Katie."

Katie splayed opened my blouse and scooped my breasts out of my
bra, leaving then standing high on my tiny chest. She hiked my skirt up
around my waist, and then cut my panties off me.

"She is helpless and ready Mistress Callie," Katie stated, taking
her place standing behind and to the left of her mistress.

"Key phrase, Harry Ass Buttman," mistress Callie stated with a
smirk on her face.

Suddenly the haze in my mind lifted and again I was 'the me', that
I should be, "What in the fuck is going on! Where in the hell did these
fake boobs come from and why am I tied to this bed?"

"Those are not fake boobs Harry, those are your tits. You are tied
to the bed to begin your training as the prison whore," she left it at that,
and just stood there smiling.

"Gigolo maybe, but only girls are whores, and I'd have willingly
fucked as many of the inmates that you want me to, without having to be
tied down," I replied.

"Katie, go ahead and start tongue fucking her," Callie ordered.

I could feel the bed bounce while she climbed on, especially since
my enormous boobs jiggled all over, sending strange sensations all
through me.

The next sensations were unbelievable, she spit on my crotch, and
I felt it run down… the crease in my crotch? Before I could come to grips
with that, she gently spread my vulva with her slippery tongue. I was
unprepared for the intense pleasure her tongue was inflicting on me. My
head went back into the pillow hard, my toes curled up and I started
trying to buck my hips into Katie's face.

Mistress Callie grabbed my hair and pulled my head around so
that my eyes opened to see her face closely, "Harry, you are now a
woman. You have a uterus, a vagina, and ovaries. Unlike most women
though, you have six ovaries, I wanted to make sure that if any were,
rejected, you would still have functioning ones. You have three clits, in a
cute triangle configuration in the top of your vulva. I gave you a sixteen-
inch long vagina, which will accommodate an enormous dildo. You have
flexible labia that will stay tight on whatever penetrates you but will still
stretch around huge objects. You have six Bartholin's glands, which will
make you just the juiciest fuck around, and guarantee that you orgasm
buckets of pussy juice. I made sure that those udders on your chest are
incredibly sensitive with enormous nipples so that they will send you into
quivering submission easily. Each normal woman's breast has 15 to 20
sections, called lobes, you however have sixty per breast, so when I say
udder, I really mean that. I removed five of your lower ribs, and shrunk
you in almost all directions. Your waist is a tiny eighteen inches. You
are almost five feet tall on your toes, which by the way is the only way
you can walk anymore. I spread your hips nice and wide, around thirty
nine inches. I'm sure that you have noticed that you sound like a six
year old when you talk, and I made sure that you're ravishingly
beautiful," she laughed long and wildly.

"You look like you don't believe me Harry. I'll prove it, look
straight up, and watch as Katie makes you cum in a wonderful, gushing,
feminine orgasm," she pointed my face toward the ceiling mirrors.

I saw a sweetly beautiful, tiny, strawberry-blonde girl with her
head held firmly by Mistress Callie, staring back at me, buried by a pair
of huge boobs and a pretty blonde with her tongue driven deeply up a
hairless cunt, attached to the little booby girl.

"Noooo!" I screamed, "Please tell me it's a joke! I… I… I can't be a
girl! No one can give a man a cunt that works. It's not possible. You
have to be lying," I ranted, Katie licked the three clits in my soft sensitive
labia, as she was rapidly bringing me towards orgasming.

When I did orgasm, it was like having an epileptic fit. I thrashed
about, bucked, arched, clenched, and gushed a small tidal wave out of
my pussy.

Katie didn't stop though, she had me thrashing about three more
times in the space of a few minutes, one multiple orgasm after another.

Finally, Mistress Callie told her to stop, whereupon she came
around and kissed me. That didn't shock me as much as her sharing a
mouth full of my own pussy juice with me, which I had to swallow, or

"It's time for Harry's 'Lady Viagra TM' shot Katie, so please
administer it to her, and then inject the oxytocin, I want her to become
extremely feminine mentally, so getting her breasts to lactate should help
her to be more nurturing," she watched as Katie shot a huge syringe of
'Lady Viagra TM' into my butt.

Katy turned to a table and filled another huge syringe and injected
both of my boobies with half it's content.

"You see Harry, you are going to be more of a woman than even
Katie here. You should start to menstruate in two weeks. You had
better be a good girl or the warden has promised that she will send a
male guard in here to fuck you at the proper time, to insure that you are
pregnant. Won't that be fun," she giggled at the look of terror on my

"Don't worry I'll help you in that area, I'm going to restart your
conditioning so that you will be a proper whore, right up to the point
when you are so close to the throws of ecstasy that you can't stop. Then
and only then, will you be able to remember that you are Harry Buttman,
ex-prison guard, rapist, and drug pusher. Oh, and the other leash we
have, is your addiction, if you are not a good little slut-whore, we won't
give you your maintenance dose of morphine. The withdrawals are
impressive to watch, and I'm sure that you will do anything we ask to get
your drugs. How do you like being a drug addict whore Harry?" she
patted my cheek painfully.

"You Fucking b…" I started.


The pain overwhelmed me, and my jaw clenched.

"Pain and pleasure, I'm sure you will find it an effective
combination," she caressed my huge breast sending shivering waves of
pleasure to my brain.

"After a few years of our loving ministrations, even the slight
remnant of Harry that is left now, will be so thoroughly immersed in
Horatia, he'll love what she has become… Harry Buttman, prison
whore," she laughed then spoke the key phrase that mentally turned me
into a submissive girl.


"Hor, it's time for your next appointment," she announced, as she
led into the room a prisoner that I had blackmailed into having sex with
me many months before.

"That's really him?" she asked incredulously, her hand covering
her mouth.

Mistress Callie gave her a stern look.

"S… Sorry, her… She is lovely! I dressed up. How do I look?" she
twirled slowly so that we could see her dress.

She was wearing a chiffon pastel print dress, wispy and gossamer
looking, with suntan pantyhose and white sandals.

Mistress Callie replied, "Quite lovely my dear. Hor is prepared,
just as you requested. Katie, please go and pick out an appropriate
collar for Lillie."

Katie undulated off to the closet, returning with a pastel blue
collar that she strapped to Lillie's neck, handing the leash to Mistress

"On the bed now my pretties," the two women hopped onto the bed
with me, one on each side, as Mistress Callie ordered. "Now, as sexily as
you both can, strip one another."

Katie and Lillie started kissing and slowly undoing each other's
clothing, right over my tightly bound female body. As things proceeded,
the sight of them stripping was making me crazy, but when they started
brushing against my boobs and tiny little body, they had my cunt
drooling like one a Pavlov's dogs.

"Use your discarded clothing to tantalize our victim," Mistress
Callie ordered, having taken a seat across the room and began rubbing
her own crotch as she watched.

Katie placed her D cup bra on top of my much larger breasts,
rubbing my nipples through the lacy fabric, and tickling the sides of my
mountainous mammaries with the straps.

Lillie took her silky panties and rubbed my face with them, and
then moved them down around my breasts and tickled me all the way to
my toes and back upwards to my vulva, where she concentrated on
driving me wild, slipping them between my legs, and sometimes my labia.

I was so, turned on that I was trembling all over, straining at my
bonds, and moaning loudly.

"Very good girls. Lillie, I believe that our little Hor here would like
to have sex with you. I think, since she was always looking for some
pussy, you should feed her yours," Mistress Callie snickered, and started
pulling at her own nipples. "Katie, I want you to use your fingers on
Hor's cunt. Go slowly and teasingly, and not more than one finger in her
at a time."

Lillie straddled my face and brought her sweet smelling pussy
down on my mouth. I was, so crazy with sexual energy I willingly began
tongue fucking her. She was moaning and caressing my boobs. With
every lick, she would reciprocate by twiddling my nipples and moaning

With Katie finger fucking me with maddening slowness, even so, I
screamed an orgasm into Lillie's vagina, well before I brought her to her
own trembling, face dowsing, orgasm. I swallowed at least two mouthfuls
of her pussy juice before she lifted off my face allowing me to breathe

"Wonderful Lillie, now you know what to do next. Katie, you now
have boob, and face duty. I want to see her lips trembling, before Lillie
returns," Mistress Callie ordered, with a steamy satisfied look upon her

Katie nibbled my ear, nuzzled my boobs, twisted my nipples, and
then she stuck her tongue down my neck, tickling my tonsils. She
started licking between my breasts, and sure enough, my lips were
trembling in no time.

"Ah, you're back, Lillie. Crawl into position," Mistress Callie
ordered and I felt the mattress move with her presence, jiggling my
massive breasts, "You may begin when ready."

I felt Lillie's fingers play with my labia, smearing my pussy juice
all over and next… Oh GOD NO! I felt a hard blunt object sliding up
and down between my lips. I flexed my pussy muscles trying to deny
entry to the invader, but I was way too wet and didn't have enough
strength in my cunt muscles to deny its entry.

I felt my lips stretch around the invader and my resistance
dwindle rapidly. It felt… it felt like… I felt… well… whole, is the only way
to describe it. The invader plugged the vacancy between my legs and I
wanted more of it. I wanted her to ram that thing into me to the hilt, and
when she started backing out, I clenched my muscles in an effort to keep
it within me. I had no reason to worry, since she started another stroke
before she came out. I tried to grab hold of her, tried to cling to her, but
my bonds were preventing that, so I concentrated on kissing Katie
whenever she was near my mouth.

I orgasmed in a torrent, loudly screaming, "Oh god… oh GOD…

"Keep going Lillie," Mistress Callie ordered then she stood up and
walked over to the head of the bed, bending over so that she was close to
my ear and face. "Hor, do you like being fucked? Do you enjoy being,
filled by that big dildo? Tell me that you want to be fucked. Tell me you
want to be fucked a lot."

"Oohgloo," I replied to her demand, my mind lost in the incredible
ecstasy I was experiencing.

Mistress Callie held her hand up to Lillie indicating she should
stop, "Hor, now I want you to say, 'fuck me. Make me your whore. Fuck
me hard, please!' If you don't, I won't let her continue."

I wanted more. I wanted her to keep going, I needed her to keep

I was taking too much time, so Mistress Callie waved Lillie to start
backing out of me.

"Nooooo! Fuck me. Make me your whore. Fuck me hard, please!"
I screamed, trying to scoot my butt toward the retreating dildo.

Mistress Callie signaled for Lillie, to start stroking forward again,
"That's better Hor. Lillie needs to know that she's, appreciated. She
needs to hear you ask her, to fuck you. So now, every time you stop
asking, she will stop fucking."

Now she wants me to beg to be fucked… but it feels so… I don't
want to say it, but I need it! I started quietly saying, "Please fuck me
Lillie. Please keep fucking me. Fuck me Lillie! Fuck me… Fuck me…
Fuck me… Fuck me…Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," I kept
screaming louder and louder, until, "Oh god… oh God… OH GOD!"

"I think it's Katie's turn to fuck our little whore," Mistress Callie
announced loudly at my side.

Katie donned the strap-on and Lillie started work on my boobs
and head.

"Don't forget to encourage Katie, my little whore, she likes to have
a cheerleader. It's easier to hurt her feelings though, if you stop begging,
she pulls out and goes home," Mistress Callie whispered into my ear.

"Oh beautiful Katie, please fuck me. Please fuck me hard," and so
on… until I came in another mind numbing torrent. By then I was
sitting in a puddle of my own vaginal fluids, the sheets soaked all the
way up to my shoulder blades, but I didn't care.

I was exhausted, but reveling in the afterglow of all the sex.

Mistress Callie had the girls untie me and change the sheet
underneath of me, and then she left, having Katie and Lillie sleep next to
me, cuddling.


I awoke in a bathtub full of bubbles, with Katie and Lillie washing
me all over using plenty of soap. My breasts and vagina as well were
being, washed. I had never even heard of a penis shaped sponge, until I
had one used to clean out my pussy, especially not one with a tube up
the center that douched me out as those wicked women made me orgasm
into our bath water, and of course, I'd pleaded to be fucked throughout
the whole thing.

When I got out of the tub and they dried me off, Lillie, jabbed a
syringe into my left breast and deposited half the contents in the syringe
there, then she put the rest in my right breast. While I was recovering
from that, Katie jabbed a syringe full of something in my left butt cheek, I
grabbed to rub the spot and felt her nail my other cheek with a shot. A
warm soft feeling enveloped me and I smiled.

"I know that you don't really care right now Hor, but you just
received your Morphine, oxytocin, estrogen, Prozac, and Lady Viagra TM
cocktail shot," she kissed my cheek, making my knees tremble.

They dressed me afterwards in a pink leotard and tights, which
clung to me like a second skin and showed off my vulva quite
dramatically through the thin fabric (Due partly to the fact they pushed
the seam up between my labia.). Whereupon I was, escorted to an
aerobics class, led by Mistress Callie, and by the two women who had a
leash attached to my collar on each side, with me also wearing handcuffs
and hobbles.

It's not as if I could put up much of a fight, without the boobs I
couldn't weigh more than 90 lbs. If I thought I was small before, now I'm
a waif. I have, pipe stem arms, thin legs, hardly no waist, and they tell
me that I was bed ridden for six month after my last accident. These
trustees were going overboard with the security for me. Heck, with the
stiletto heals they make me wear I can't even walk at a normal pace, let
alone run. I'm just a weak little girl after all.

How do they expect me to do aerobics with these shoes on?

When we entered the room, I saw that there were already thirty or
so women present, all of who were dressed somewhat as I am. The ladies
escorted me to the wall where a bench sat, amid the giggles and titters, of
the other students. They removed my leash, hobbles, and handcuffs,
and then proceeded to take off my high heels, which they were replacing
with high heel wedge/sneakers.

"Do I have to wear high heels? Can't I just go barefoot?" I whined.

Mistress Callie heard me and came over with an evil smile on her
face, "Lillie, Katie, I think we need to educate little Hor here…" she was
standing with her hands on her hips watching us, "leave the shoes aside
for a bit."

They did as they were, told.

"Alright now Hor, I want you to wiggle your toes for me," she
smiled as I did so, "now wiggle your feet up and down," which I did as
well, "see girls, they feel quite normal to her, but you saw how her feet

The two ladies nodded that they had.

"Perfectly designed to function as well as they do in the designated
footwear. Now help Hor to her feet, so that she may walk around
barefoot for us," she instructed, with more than just a hint of sarcasm in
her voice.

My two escorts helped me to my feet, but my feet wouldn't work
right. When I relaxed my calves all the way, my feet were still, pointed
down in almost an 80-degree angle, my heels, far from contacting the
mat we were standing on.

"Now Hor, up on your tippy toes," Mistress Callie ordered,
motioning with her hand as well.

I went up as she ordered, and my feet reacted easily and not only
could I support myself on point, but I could see in the mirror along the
wall of the exorcise room that my feet were actually even pointed
backwards a little.

"Now I want you to walk with me around the room once to show
all of the other women your pretty little feetsies," she said in a little girl
cutesy voice, and then giggled. She walked along the wall around to the
front of the class, with me trailing like a puppy.

When we came to the front of the class Mistress Callie announced,
"Class I want you all to meet Hor, short for Horatia. On the other hand,
if you prefer you may spell it 'w h o r e', she won't mind. She is walking
around the room on-point to show you all her pretty little feet, so I want
you all to take a good look. You may comment if you like, she
appreciates knowing how you all feel about her appearance. She has
had quite a few surgical alterations to her body to make her more
attractive, to either sex. She loves sex, and she loves to be fucked, by
anyone," she said, concluding my introduction.

"Go ahead Hor, I want you to walk up and down between each
aisle. Stay to talk with each of the women as long as they want you to.
Don't be rude to any of them or you will be, punished. I want you to let
them do anything to you that they want while you get to know them," she
snickered evilly, followed by a chorus of more than thirty other giggles.

I seemed to know all of the women, but for the life of me, I couldn't
remember a thing about them, all I know is that for some reason looking
at them was making me incredibly horny. I was sure that my pussy had
soaked the crotch of my leotard by this time (I couldn't see it over my

(Out of my hearing, Katie was telling Dr. Callie, "She has so much
Lady Viagra TM coursing through her veins I am surprised that she hasn't
thrown the whole class to the mat and started fucking them to death,"
she snickered quietly, along with the Mistress. Then she said, "Three
times the maximum dosage… we better keep an eye on the guard dogs.")

I started with the first woman on the left of the classroom as I
easily, and quite sexily undulated over to her. As soon as I was close
enough, she grinned broadly and grabbed my cunt. I was shocked but I
knew that the Mistress would punish me horribly if I did the wrong
thing, so I merely moaned as the pleasure exploded in my mind.

"Wow, you are a horny slut, honey," she announced to the whole
class, "She's soaked her tights and leotard all the way to her knees." —

"Go on and let the next lady have a feel, Hor," she waved me on to
the next student.

I walked up to the tiny red head that was, glaring at me.

She reached out and lifted my enormous boobs, and then let them
drop and jiggle, while I tottered trying not to fall over, "Well it's a start.
Maybe I'll feel better about it in a couple months. Get on with you Hor."

When I walked up to the next lady, a blonde with an impressive
rack of her own, I stopped, she went to her knees and started caressing
my feet.

Who would have thought that those tiny feet could make a girl so
hot? She said loudly, "I can't wait for my turn. These are all mine."

She had me panting like a bitch in heat with what she was doing.
How could my feet be making me so hot?

She finished and stood, but not without sliding her hand up my
legs and cupping my vulva, while saying, "You loved sex, and now you
are sex!" —giggle-

She sent me to the next woman in line who simply planted a lip
lock on me that left me gasping for air.

It went basically the same way, woman after woman, by the end of
the line I had orgasmed five times, my feet were soaked with my own
cunt juice, and there was a dark wet stain all the way up my leotard to
within six inches of my neck.

I was relieved that my ordeal was over with, when I heard, "You
naughty women! The whole bunch of you got poor Hor all worked up
now. The whole class must be, punished. Since you all got her so
horny, I think it only fitting that you all fuck her brains out."

My tired eyes flung themselves open in terror! My knees went
weak and two of the ladies caught me on my way to the mat.

Dozens of women pounced on me stripping my tiny trembling body
like piranha attacking a swimmer. Someone poured a gallon of baby oil
all over me and within moments, naked, squirming women covered me
using hands, mouths, tongues, and toys on me. I have no idea how long
they fucked me. It was at least two or three hours. I lost track of how
many times I orgasmed, and I remember Katie and Lillie giving me
another series of shots partway through it, making me crazier for sex
than you could ever imagine. Those women fucking me insatiably drove
me into having ever more sex, no matter how sore my cunt was
becoming, just as long as I kept orgasming.

I awoke to hear, "I don't care what she did. I really like her. Can I
help you take care of her?" The cute six foot tall blonde was cradling my
head in her lap as she pleaded with Mistress Callie.

"We can discuss that privately Darlene, especially since Hor is
awake again. Darlene will you slip her gym shoes on her so she can be
taken back to her cell?" Mistress Callie asked bringing the gym shoes
over to her.

"My pleasure Doc, I'll even help take her to her cell if you don't
mind?" she gently laid my head onto the mat and crawled to my feet,
lifting them and fitting my comfy sneakers on them. "How does that feel,

I immediately fell in love with her. She was the only one to call me
by my real name. I think it's my real name…? Anyway, she was nice to
me when everyone else seemed to just want to use me.

"Thank you very much ma'am," I told her with as much feeling as I
could put into it, while still being respectful.

She picked me up off the mat as if I weighed nothing at all,
sending my naked boobies jiggling and undulating every which way.

"Damn, those things fascinate the hell out of me sweetie," she

Since she seemed to be deficient in the booby department, I could
understand her fascination so I said, "They're yours anytime you want to
use them."

"My, that's sweet of you to offer sugar," she kissed my little cheek.

Mistress Callie cleared her throat to get Darlene's attention,
"Darlene please set Hor back down on her feet so that she can be
properly bound for her trip back home."

"Heck Doc, with me along she ain't going anywhere. This little
lady can hardly walk at all, and I can run the hundred as if my ass was
on fire, when I have to. I'll keep an eye on her so she doesn't overpower
anybody and run away, he, he, he, as if she could! One titty twister and
you'd about kill this one," she joked, as she placed me back upright on
my feet.

Mistress Callie gave her an extremely annoyed look.

"It's alright ma'am, I don't want to make any trouble. Please put
the restraints on me, as Mistress Callie asked," I didn't like the look
Mistress Callie was giving Darlene, and I didn't want my new friend to be
in any hot water on my account.

"I'll do it if Doc here agrees to let me come with you…" she

My eyes must have screamed out my fear because she held me
tightly to her, "Don't you fret hon.. I'm here and there's nothing to be
afraid of."

Mistress Callie looked up towards the ceiling as if to ask for help,
then replied, "Darlene, you may come along, but we are really going to
have to have a long discussion later, agreed?"

"Sure thing Doc, hand me those handcuffs and I'll get started,"
she asked in her simple, straightforward way.

I was quickly, cuffed, hobbled, and we started back on our way to
my cell. Of course I was still naked and cum covered, but we didn't get
near as many cat calls, whistles, or nasty comments as I expected,
apparently Darlene has a few menacing looks of her own.

Mistress Callie was not very happy when we entered my cell, but
she held her tongue while Darlene was there.

Darlene removed my hobbles, handcuffs, and sweetly kissed the
inside part of my wrist. When she was finished, she looked questioningly
at Doctor Callie and waited for her to speak.

"Thank you Darlene, Hor has a date now so we will talk later…"
she tried to dismiss the large woman.

"Uh Doc, before I go let's you and me have a little discussion
outside," Darlene insisted, motioning her to come with her as she left the

I couldn't hear what they said as I sat on the side of my bed and


Outside the cell, a brief and slightly heated discussion was

"I know that is Harry you have in there, Doc. I also know that she
doesn't know that she is Harry as she is, isn't that right?" Darlene
started, her fists on her hips looking down at the much smaller woman.

Doctor Callie, somewhat exasperated with the other woman,
replied, "Yes, Darlene, she does not know at this particular time that she
is Harry, but with what we are doing that is necessary. If he knew he
was Harry, she would be fighting tooth and nail every minute, which
would make what she must learn more difficult for all of us."

"The way I look at it Doc, she is a girl, she is going to need a friend
that she can cry in front of and do all that girly stuff, without worrying
about being betrayed. So if you really want her turned into a girl, and a
soft submissive one that must rely on all the feminine ways that you
want her to have, why don't you let her use me as a crutch, and she will
never be able to function without a strong protector?" Darlene grinned
wickedly at the doctor, showing a heretofore intensely intelligent gleam in
her eye, the doctor was shocked to discover.

"That is a good idea, we'll talk more after dinner tonight," she
agreed, "I'll have the trustees bring you to the wardens office and we can
work out the details."

"Great Doc, I want that piece of shit to be the most simpering,
spineless excuse for a woman that has ever walked the Earth," she
concluded vehemently.


When the doctor returned to the room, she met only Horatia and
Katie inside. Lillie had gone back to her cell.

"Well now Hor, it's time you cleaned up and dressed for your next
date, so into the bath with you. Katie, go with her and make sure that
she does not ruin my good repair work by falling down in the bath tub,"
she instructed.

I was promptly bathed, coifed, and then dressed in black lace
stockings, garter belt, thong panties, an impressive shelf bra, full silk
slip, black stretch mini skirt, and a form fitting low cut, tightly stretched,
tee shirt.

I looked positively sleazy. If I were to leave the prison, I'd be,
arrested on prostitution charges even without a John on my arm.

I stood staring into the mirror at myself thinking, 'this is wrong…
That can't possibly be me! I'm not… I'm not a prostitute, am I? Mistress
Callie says I am the prison whore. I must a whore, I look like a whore.'

A tear started rolling down my perfect cheek, not even disturbing
my perfect makeup.

"That's enough of that Missy," Mistress Callie ordered.

Nevertheless, I could take no more, and slumped to the floor in
sobbing wreckage, my whole body felt like the nerves were screaming. I
felt the poke of a needle in my butt and quickly lost consciousness.


I swam up from my oblivion with two more sticks in my boobs and
another one in my butt, "Ow."

Then I felt another stick in my arm, and as I fluttered my eyes
open I heard, "Ah there's my girl. Now listen very carefully. I want you
to watch the pendant swinging in front of your eyes. You are falling into
a very deep trance, a very deep trance. Deeper than any you have ever
been in before. Feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed, from the
tip of your toes to the top of your head, completely relaxed. You are now
completely under my control, now I want you to tell me that you are,
completely under my control."

"I am completely under your control," I flatly responded.

"Now it is time for you to learn a new behavior. Open your mouth
as wide as you can," after I did so she continued, "You no longer have a
gag reflex. Nothing stuck down your throat will ever make you gag. You
love having something jammed deeply in your throat," she slowly
inserted a large lubricated realistic dildo into my mouth and down my
throat, "You need to have this feeling," she worked the big rubber cock in
and out of my neck, "This is a very fulfilling feeling for you. You have to
have it. You want to have it. You must have a big dildo in your mouth
and stuffed in and out of your throat three times a day. You need to
have this feeling three times a day or you will become hornier and
hornier for this feeling until it is all you can think of and nothing else.
You will find anything that you can to stick into your throat to get this
feeling. You love having your lips stretched around a big dildo. You
must do it or the craving gets worse and worse." She pulled the big
rubber cock out of my throat.

"There in your hand is a huge dildo. A full day has past since you
felt that wonderful rubber cock in you mouth and throat. In your hand
is what you need more than anything in the whole world, go ahead and
do what you really, really want to do," she commanded with only a small
suppressed giggle.

I quickly rammed the huge rubber cock into my face, moaning in
pleasure as I fucked my own face with it.

"It makes you feel so good. It feels exactly like when you are,
fucked in your hot needy cunt. You know, for certain that if you keep
doing this for five minutes, you will orgasm in a tremendous gushing,
mind numbing crescendo," she paused, "Four and three quarter minutes
have passed. You feel yourself on the very edge of orgasm. You moan
louder and louder."

I was now desperately fucking my face, nearly screaming around
that huge dildo. Then I orgasmed, throwing my self about, screaming
into the dildo, and filling my panties with hot sticky pussy juice.

"That was so good! You feel so wonderful. Now you have an
insatiable craving for cunt juice. You need to taste pussy. You must
taste a hot wet cunt."

She pulled her panties down and hiked her skirt up, "Look, in
front of you. The thing you need. There is a beautiful hot wet pussy all
for you. Go ahead and do what you need to do, and enjoy it as much as
when you fucked your face with the dildo."

I dove into her cunt like a starved woman, licking, eating, and
sucking with total abandon. I tongue fucked her until she came in my
mouth saying, "Drink all of the pussy juice. You want it all. It tastes too
good to waste. You love it so much, that you must lick the pussy
completely clean. You are so grateful to be able to drink a woman's love
juices you must thank the cunt's owner for letting you eat her."

"Thank you Mistress Callie," I thanked her sincerely.

"When I snap my fingers you will awaken, feeling refreshed. You
will remember your new desires and cravings from this session, but you
will not remember having had a session," she ordered, "One, two, three."

I stretched and yawned.

"Wow Hor that must have been one sexy dream you were having,"
Mistress Callie exclaimed, "I have never before seen a woman orgasm in
her sleep."

That's when I felt the soaked clothing I was wore and the sopping
wet bed, which I lay in. However, for some reason, I couldn't remember
the dream that I had been having.

"Well Katie, clean her up again, and don't forget this is a brand
new day so help her out with some of her cravings while I attend to
things in the infirmary," she left without further ado.

"Into the tub with you Missy," Katie ordered.

"How come I never take a shower?" I hesitantly asked Katie.

"With those feet?" she replied astonished, "You would break your
neck in a shower honey!"

'Oh yes,' I thought, 'how could I forget?'

I followed her into the bathroom and plunged into the tub full of
bubbles, while Katie helped scrub the places, which my little arms
couldn't reach. I really love cleaning my boobs and pussy, and rubbing
the soapy washcloth all over them and inside me.

We got me out of the tub, dried, perfumed, and coifed. When she
gave me a lipstick to apply to my lips, I looked at it strangely. It was
making me feel oddly, as if I wanted it to be bigger. I applied it to my lips
and then started to slide it in and out between my lips and moaning.

"Oh my, time for your favorite thing I see. Put the lipstick down
and come with me, I have what you want, all ready for you in the other
room," she took my hand and led me back to my bed.

Right in the middle of the bed was a huge, disgusting, realistic-
looking latex cock. I looked at Katie to give her a nasty comment, but my
gaze slipped back to the cock, and I wanted it. I dove onto the bed,
snapped the monster up, and without thinking, jammed it into my
mouth and down my neck, sliding it in and out, while moaning loudly.

"You do love giving blow jobs girl. Shit watching you is making my
panties wet," she pulled her panties down and started diddling herself

I must have fucked my own face for five minutes, getting hotter,
and hotter, I felt my sexual elation building to a crescendo and orgasmed
in a huge gush, ruining my clean clothes.

It didn't stop there though, I needed pussy, and I needed pussy
now! Katie hadn't cum yet, and she looked so delicious, I dove onto her
cunt like a starving Plecostomus.

I tongue fucked her like mad. I worked her lovely slippery pussy
lips every which way possible. I occasionally sucked on her swollen
clittie, making her squeal pleasingly. It didn't take long for my
ministrations to bear fruit, she screamed, clutched at my head, and
gushed tremendously into my hungry mouth.

"Oh good lord Hor! I… [Puff] I've never… [Puff] never, gushed
before in my life! You are one hell of a cunt licker! Oh God! I love it
when you clean my pussy off," Katie screamed, overwhelmed by her mind
numbing orgasm.

"Thank you so much, Miss Katie for letting me lick your lovely
tasty pussy," I told her still kneeling in front of her looking up into her

"Thank you for such an enthusiastic tongue fucking," she knelt
down and hugged me tenderly, squeezing my boobs far out to each side.

I love hugs!

I softly said, "Time for another bath?"

Katie giggled, "You got that right girlfriend, but wouldn't you like
to snuggle on the bed for a while?"

"Yes please."

"Come on then, we can snuggle for a while, lunch won't be for
some time yet. Are you hungry?" she chatted as we lay down together
and she wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly.

"No, I don't feel hungry. I have a tummy full of sweet pussy
juices," I purred, and wiggled closer to Katie. "I love snuggling with you

She kissed my neck.

I felt so comfortable that I dozed off.


"Doctor Callie, I think I need a break," she looked squarely into
the doctors eyes, "I need to distance myself from Harry. In his girl
persona, he is so sweet, and such a good cunt licker I'm beginning to like
her too much."

"You are kidding me aren't you?" Doctor Callie asked
incredulously, "You really are starting to like her?"

Katie looked into her hands, "Yes, she is so sweet and loving, and I
just got the best tongue fucking of my life. I actually gushed. That's
never happened to me before."

"Incredible, I am impressed. We are making the horniest slut who
ever walked this planet. Shit she is going to be very popular," Callie
smiled broadly, "Don't worry Katie, I have a relief worker all lined up.
You did leave her tied to the bed posts with the fucking machine working
her, didn't you?"

"Yes, it's been fucking her for twenty minutes or so. She
orgasmed once before I left her," Katie confirmed and went on with, "Lillie
will bring her lunch, with a big English cucumber, which she will want to
do nasty things with."

"Great, Darlene is meeting with the warden and I in about an hour
and she will be able to take some of the pressure off you. Anytime you
want to have another gusher though, just say the word and you will have
a special date set up for you," Callie assured her lover and nurse, "We
need to spend time together, watching you with her was making me so
horny for you."

"I think I need a night off to myself if you don't mind?" Katie
couldn't look the doctor in the eye, when she asked so softly.

"That's all right honey," Callie hugged her, "I know what a loving
and sensitive person you are. I shouldn't have put you in this position to
begin with. You go and get some rest and private time and I'll see you

"Thanks Callie," Katie said as she rose and went back to her cell.


Darlene entered the warden's office on time to find that the
Warden and doctor were already there.

She took a seat across the desk from the warden and next to
Callie. She crossed her legs and waited for the others to speak.

"Well Darlene, it seems that we need your services. Katie
resigned, as her number one companion," Doctor Callie admitted.

"I can understand that. Katie has a huge heart, and I think she
was getting pretty close to Horatia and forgetting about Harry," Darlene

"Darlene, I must say that you surprise the hell out of me. Usually
you present yourself as a big dumb bumpkin. Why do you do that when
you are obviously an intelligent girl?" the warden asked.

Darlene smiled, "Well warden, I found out long ago, because of the
way I look and my size, most people assume that I'm just a big dumb
blonde. I just use that fact to my own advantage. It is a whole lot easier
to get what I want when someone doesn't expect what I can do." Darlene
smiled a mischievous smile.

"Oh, well you had us completely fooled, which is an important
talent for what we need you for. I see that you are on the list of those
mistreated by Harry, but I don't know what for, can you refresh my
memory," the warden asked.

"Harry was providing my lover with heroine, feeding her addiction
and fucking her as often as he could. She died nine months ago of an
overdose she gave herself so that she wouldn't have to have sex with that
pig anymore," Darlene replied vehemently.

The warden hung her head in her hands, covering her face and
said, "I am so sorry Darlene. I can't even ask for your forgiveness, I
should have saved he…"

"I don't blame you warden. You couldn't have known, unless
someone had told you. Once someone told, you acted quickly and
exacted a fair punishment upon the guilty party. I'm just anxious to do
my part in the final stages of it," Darlene reached out to the warden and
held her hand reassuringly.

"Thank you Darlene," the warden straightened up, "But with your
obvious hatred of Horatia, she will pick up on it and won't bond with you
the way we want her to."

The doctor broke in with, "Don't you worry Warden. Darlene could
win an Oscar with the performance she put on in our aerobics class.
Hell, I was becoming seriously pissed at her for not letting me hobble Hor
on her way out of the class. I thought I was going to have to call the
guards and have them remove Darlene. Warden this lady is perfect for
the job."

"That is high praise indeed, Darlene. As far as I am concerned,
you are the new trustee assigned to the Horatia project. I will be keeping
tabs on this whole thing. I won't let this prison be used the way Harry
used it, ever again," the warden ended emphatically. She quickly
scribbled out a note and handed it to Darlene, "This will identify you as a
trustee until I have the proper paperwork made out. That's all I have.
You two can go on with your business."

The two women rose and left the office.


I was tied to the bedpost, someone had jammed a big dildo
attached to some kind of machine into my cunt, and I have been being
fucked forever. I guessed it might have been only an hour, as I screamed
through my tenth orgasm, thrashing about on the bed.

Lillie entered my room with a tray of food, which she set carefully
aside, then switched off the machine, "Oh poor baby, did someone forget
you were here?"

She climbed on the bed, untied me, and held me tightly.

I mewed and buried my face in her shoulder.

"We better get you bathed and then you may have your dinner,"
she told me, half carrying me to the bathtub.

Lillie took especially good care of my boobies, when I had dried off,
she covered my whole body with pretty smelling moisturizer, and then
she dried my hair again.

She had me stand still as she gave me my four standard shots,
then I was dressed as a slut again.

I sat down to eat my dinner and part way through it Lillie
presented me with an English cucumber. I ate a few more bites of my
dinner and then decided to have a bite of the cucumber, only when I
stuck it in my mouth. I kept going with it until it was down my neck. I
started fucking my face with that long hard vegetable when I heard Lillie

She hiked up her own skirt, sat on the corner of my bed and
started finger banging her self.

After five minutes, I orgasmed and could finally take the cucumber
out of my mouth. However, Lillie's cunt looked so good, I had to go over
and tongue fuck her.

Lillie was thrashing around on the bed, screeching and clutching
at the bed covers, until I brought her to a mind numbing gushing
orgasm, which I hungrily slurped, down. She was clutching her head
when I thanked her for letting me eat her.

"Oh dear god! Hor, that was unreal! I can't move! It was
wonderful! Come up here and snuggle for a while until I can catch my
breath," Lillie insisted, as she lie there in post orgasmic bliss.

I crawled up and was immediately, captured in her arms. She
held onto me as if she were afraid that I would run away.

She started lazily playing with my breasts and nipples and in no
time at all, she had me panting like a race dog.

"I think Hor likes having her huge boobies played with, doesn't
she?" she asked naughtily.

"I love it," was all I could manage as a reply, as my body quivered
all over.

"Shit, I bet if I keep this up, you'll orgasm," Lillie speculated as
she continued her titty onslaught.

She was right of course, and she had me orgasming in just a few

Lillie kept cuddling me until I drifted off into a light slumber.


I awoke to being lifted easily, carried to the bathroom, and being
deposited in a warm tub full of bubbles.

I was, lovingly washed, dried, powdered, perfumed, and dressed by
Darlene my big friend.

She deposited me back into my bed and lay next to me and
chattily asked, "Hi, sweetie. Have you been busy since you saw me last?"

"I have been in the bathtub more than anything else. That and
orgasming…" she hugged me tight at that.

"Have they been taking advantage of my little Horatia?" she cooed
in my ear.

"I think I have been taking advantage of them… I can't seem to
ever get enough sex. I seem to have developed a fixation on sucking
dildos too… mmm just thinking about it…" I moaned, my saliva flowing
freely, "I want one… Can you hand me a dildo to suck please Darlene?"

"You stay right there sweetie, I'll get one from the closet for you,"
Darlene rose from the bed and swayed into the closet. When she
immerged, she had both of her arms behind her back. She hopped back
on the bed, sitting with her legs crossed, and brought out an 18" long,
three-inch thick veined and flesh colored monster.

I couldn't stop myself. I snatched the monster from Darlene and
tried to ram it into my little girl mouth… It was too big! Nevertheless,
that didn't stop me, I kept shoving, and working away at it, until my
mouth stretched around it and then even though my little mouth was
painfully tight around that dildo, I started working it down my little
throat. I hurt like hell, but I wouldn't stop until I could slide it in and
out of my face, fucking my mouth and throat vigorously.

It took three minutes or more to get into my face, so it wasn't long
and I was gushing like Old Faithful, trying to scream out my ecstasy into
the latex monster filling my face.

Darlene had been rubbing her crotch through her panties and the
fragrance of her arousal was making me crazy, so I yanked her panties
aside and tongue fucked her to her own wildly thrashing and
fountainous ecstasy.

"Jesus Horatia! You are the most enthusiastic cunt licker I have
ever met!" she panted, as she cuddled close and kissed me.

I was still diddling my own burning wet slit and trembling.

"Are you still horny Horatia?" Darlene asked sweetly.

"I'm sorry Darlene… I… I… can't seem to help it," I told her, nearly
in tears, still frigging myself.

"Poor baby! Don't you fret hon. I can help," Darlene snagged the
dildo and gently started working it into my huge stretchy cunt.

It didn't take long and I was, impaled upon the same monster that
I had used to fuck my face.

Darlene was ramming it in and out of me, slapping my vulva with
her hand on each stroke. I orgasmed screaming and gushing, but that
didn't stop Darlene. She kept fucking me with that dildo until I had
orgasmed six times.

The only thing I could do was lay there quivering… I couldn't even
answer her when she asked, "Satisfied now sweetie?"

Darlene picked me up, as though I weighed nothing, and carried
me to the bathroom where she deposited me into a hot tub full of
bubbles. She had to wash me and keep me from slumping under the
surface at the same time. When I was clean, she dressed me in one of
my frilliest pink baby dolls and sat me in one of the chairs in my room
while she changed the sheets. She then carefully deposited me into my
bed and administered my now accustomed four shots.

I fell into unconsciousness almost immediately.


After I was asleep, Darlene pressed a button on the wall to talk
with the warden.

"Yes Darlene?" Ms. Leslie Sterndackle answered.

"She's out cold. I gave her a double dose of Lady Viagra TM, and
handed her that enormous dildo we talked, about. My god she actually
rammed that thing down her neck! When we were done, she was still
horny as hell so I used it to fuck the shit out of her. When I was done
with her, she couldn't even squeak out an answer. I bathed and then
dressed her. She is now one tired slut," Darlene explained to the wall.

"Good, I was watching part of it," she admitted, "What is next on
the agenda?"

"I believe that Doctor Callie has a show planed for aerobics class
and some gang cunnilingus after the show. How many do you think she
can satisfy before she passes out?" Darlene giggled cruelly as she asked.

"As many as she can is all I ask for and all the Doctor says will be
needed to reinforce her conditioning," the warden replied in a dead flat

"Right you are warden. Sometimes I let myself become caught up
in the role, don't worry, I never let it show when it is not supposed to,"
she assured the warden.

"I know but, I am trying to keep the purpose of this little escapade
in focus. This is not for our enjoyment, it is to punish that scum bucket,
for what he did," the warden told her, the emotion evident in her voice.

"Yes warden, I understand…" she finished her report.

"Sorry Darlene, I'm just having some issues about what we are
doing right now. It's not your fault. You should know I appreciate your
help," the warden sighed and closed the intercom.


I had been awakened, bathed, and dressed in my pink exorcise
outfit, wearing high heeled pink Reeboks, hobbled and escorted to the
Aerobics class by Darlene.

Mistress Callie was again leading the class, "Ah our guest of honor
has arrived!"

Darlene removed my shackles and brought me up to Mistress

"Are we feeling a little anxious this morning?" she prompted.

I nodded.

"Would you like this?" she produced the huge dildo that I had
used the day before.

I reached out slowly, trembling all over my entire body, toward it,
but waited for her approval before I actually grabbed it.

Mistress Callie proffered it saying, "Go ahead, you can have it."

I snatched it and immediately started working the huge cock like
dildo into my sweet face. It took a lot of effort, but I got it past my lips
again, and began ramming it down my throat moaning like the slut I am.
I was so, caught up in fucking my face I barely noticed the catcalls and
whistling the ladies in the class were making.

"Fuck that sweet face baby!"

"Ooh, you are a cock sucking whore!"

"She sure loves that cock!"

"Suck it you slut!"

They called out many more encouraging comments the entire time
I was deep throating that monster latex cock.

"Now before she finishes girls, anyone who wants the best tongue
fucking of her life, show us your pussy," she encouraged, as she too
dropped her own hose.

Even though I was frantically fucking my face, the sight of all
those naked cunts, both terrified and thrilled me. The hand that wasn't
driving the dildo down my neck, found it's way to my drooling snatch,
and started diddling my clit, heightening my orgasmic bliss.

Five minutes after getting that obscene tool in my hand I
orgasmed in a huge knee buckling, gushing, mind bending, puddle of

Luckily, Darlene had anticipated my weakness and caught me
before I hit the mat.

When I had recovered enough, the sight of all those naked cunts
drove me wild. I attacked Mistress Callie's sweet pussy first. After her
cunt exploded all over, my face I went to the next closest slit, and the
next, until I finally had a badly distended stomach and fainted from all of
the exertion.


"You sure do know how to break up an aerobics class sweetie,"
was the first thing that graced my ears when I came to.

"Where am I?" I asked Darlene as soon as I could open my eyes
and after she gave me a long languid kiss.

"Back in your warm soft bed snuggling with your favorite
girlfriend," she answered sexily in my cute shell like ear. "You were
bathed, powdered, dressed, and lovingly placed in your bed by moi."

"Oh thank you so much darling. I'm so grateful to have one friend
that I can rely on," I kissed her with as much passion as I could muster.

"You are so sweet and so welcome hon.," she said as she cleaned
my tonsils with her tongue. "Don't worry about your shots either, I took
care of them while you slept."

"Whatever will I do with myself now?" I declared sarcastically.

"Well you need to eat something, and I don't mean my pussy
either, and you need to visit the infirmary for a check up," she informed
me, as she stopped my hand from diddling her lovely crack.

She helped stabilize my huge tight feeling bosom as I strained to
regain my feet, but as she grasped one I felt something strange happen…
the front of my baby doll became warm and wet.

"What in the hell," I declared, "was that?"

"I don't know," she stated as she tried to get a better look, "let's
find out."

She reached in, scooped one of my enormous fun bags out of my
bra, and inspected the nipple. What happened next shocked me more
that I can ever say. She placed her lips on my nipple and began to

I could feel the milk letting down and flowing out of my boob. It
came joyously squirting out of my nipple into her warm, soft, lipstick
covered, mouth.

"Mmmmm, you taste good lover," she enthused as she continued
her feeding.

"Milk?" How can I be lactating?" I asked Darlene in my sweet little
voice, lubricating my slit freely, as she continued to nurse at my huge,
full breast.

"Whuwd whaoh mnoh," she answered, her mouth, happily full of
my big sensitive nipple.

"Wow, it feels great when you do that," I encouraged her, as my
panting became louder and my hand found it's way to my hot vagina.

Mistress Callie came into the room and Darlene released her
suction long enough to say, "Doc, I hope your thirsty. You take the other

Mistress Callie hopped on the bed next to Darlene and latched
onto my other boob, I was immediately in stereo ecstasy, and I orgasmed
in no time.

That didn't even slow them down. By the time they had drained
me I had orgasmed twice more.

As I sat there recovering, mistress Callie stated, "I'm glad you liked
that. Especially since you are going to be doing that three times a day
for a long, long time. Don't worry we have lots of volunteers to help out
and Darlene here can teach you how to use a breast pump for those
times no one is thirsty. You might have noticed the refrigerator that we
put in here, this morning. It's so you have a place to store your milk
where it won't go bad, before we can take it to the cafeteria, where we
plan to have a lottery to see who will be the lucky girl that gets your milk!
Isn't that exciting?" she asked with an evil grin plastered on her face,
caressing my sensitive breast.

I shuddered as much from the stimulation, as from the knowledge
that I was now the prison's prize cow.

"Triple sets of mammary glands, and they are greatly enlarged by
the drugs that we have been using on you. You should be able to out
produce some milk cows in a couple of weeks, after some more injections
of course," she caressed, lifted and grasped my nipple, which she used to
squirt Darlene with.

"We can have squirt gun fights with these guns," Darlene squealed
happily, squirting Mistress Callie back with my other udder.

I know I should feel angry with them… but it felt so good and they
were having so much fun, I just couldn't. The two of them couldn't play
long, since they had pretty much drained them, there wasn't much left in
my swollen mammaries.

Darlene sucked a mouthful from one of my boobs and kissed me
on the mouth. I wasn't expecting her to split my lips with her tongue
and fill my mouth with my own milk, however. It was swallow or drown.
Now, I'm not into drinking much milk, but mine is sweet and tasty, so I
didn't mind so much.

"What do you think lover? Do you like how you taste?" she
teased, her face four inches away from mine.

While I was formulating an answer, Mistress Callie started
sucking and caressing my breast, while Darlene tickled my clit.

"Oh my God!" I squealed.

"She likes her own milk. You know, I don't think that she has
orgasmed in ten minutes…" she brought out a large dildo, which I
couldn't take my eyes off, and handed it to me.

While they nursed, I fucked my face and orgasmed. It was
absolute heaven…


When they were done with me, I was bathed and perfumed,
dressed in pink, as a slut again and taken for a walk around the prison

The other inmates seemed to giggle and point when we walked by,
but with my big companion, none of them bothered us. I was still
scared. Virtually everyone is bigger than I am… It seemed to me that
every one of them looked at me hungrily, as I jiggled my way around the

I found myself clinging tighter and tighter to Darlene, the longer
we walked, and the more I came to notice the women pointing at my
bizarre feet and enormous breasts, my need for having Darlene beside
me, growing ever greater as we went along.

"Where are we going Darlene?" I asked her peering up along her
arm to her face, as we slowly walked. (Since I can't walk very fast, due to
what they did to my feet.)

"Well little one, we are taking you to the infirmary, for a quick
check up, it seems you are due for your period soon and the doctor
wants to verify all six of your ovaries are working," she stated, smiling
down at me giving me a reassuring squeeze on the hand.

When we entered the office we were sent to an examination room
in the back by a nurse I didn't recognize, "What happened to Katie? Is
she angry at me?" I tried to put on my cutest, hurt puppy look.

"She, um… is busy with other cases, right now. Please, disrobe
and put this on," she handed me one of those hospital gowns, the ones
that are open in the back, with the exception that this one was pink,
"then climb up onto the examination table, and put your feet in the
stirrups. The doctor will be with you in a minute."

I stripped, trying to do so seductively in front of Darlene. I
wriggled and bent over as far as I could, as I slipped my lacy pink panties
down my slender legs, showing my naked bottom to Darlene as I did so.

She lightly patted my big bottom saying, "Careful where you point
this thing, my sweet little slut. If one of the male guards came in, you'd
get this hot pussy stuffed with man meat." She giggled and stroked my
bottom, eliciting a low moan from me.

She slipped the gown around me and easily lifted me onto the
table, helping me place my feet into the stirrups, and pulling the gown
down to cover my privates, but not before giving me a quick diddle with
her finger to rev up my motor.

So that is the way Mistress Callie found me, legs spread, panting
like a dog, and sitting in a little puddle of my own pussy juice.

"Good god Girl, I'm here to examine you, not fuck your brains out,
so you can just turn off the lubrication for now," Mistress Callie told me,
in front of both Darlene and the nurse, as she sopped up the mess I had

"Well it looks like I won't have to use the KY Jelly," she promptly
slid the speculum into me and spread me wide open. "Hmm, oh my god!
Darlene come here you have to see this!"

Darlene moved to where she was working between my legs, "What
is it?"

"There's a Buick in there," she told her laughing at the dirty look
that Darlene gave her.

Darlene recovered quickly with, "You mean the one parked next to
the pickup truck?"

They giggled together at their jokes, and at my huge vagina.

"Come here Darlene, and put these gloves on," I heard the snap of
the gloves as she put them on, "now give me your hand. Just let me
guide you in… here, do you feel this? Now over here is the same thing.
Inside her deeper, that's good, do you feel these?" the doctor asked her
as they explored around inside me.

I could feel both of their arms moving around within my body, as
well as see my abdomen bulging, and with that bulge moving about on
my tummy as they explored.

"Oh my god, I'm inside her up to my elbow!" Darlene exclaimed.

"Be careful here, we are right up against her diaphragm. Watch
this, when I push up like this…" she did something inside me and all of
the air in my lungs whooshed out, "see, she exhales. If I keep pressure
on it, she can't inhale and would pass out," she wouldn't let me breathe,
and everything around was turning grey…

"But I won't let her take the easy way out," I could breathe again
suddenly, "The inmates would never forgive me. Now see how slimy our
arms are, she loves it when anything is, stuffed inside her. Don't you
love it Hor?"

"Y… Y… Yes, Mistress I love anything you do to me," I squealed,
with my back arched, and my hands with a death grip on the
examination table.

"No wonder she's always thirsty. Hey doc, I've got to show you the
new bottle I made for her to drink from," she turned and hurried away,
only to return a moment later with something she kept out of my view.

"See doc, how do you, like it?" Darlene sounded so proud of

"It's perfect. I'll like it even better when she is drinking out of it all
of the time. Go ahead, let's see her use it," Mistress Callie replied

Darlene came up to me with a large dildo coming out of her hand.
Then I noticed that below her hand was a two-litter bottle of water, which
was, attached to the realistic looking cock.

"Here you go sweetheart," she said lovingly, helping to stuff the
cock into my mouth, whereupon I started fucking my face with it while I

"We won't even have to compel her to use it, she'll use it, just to
fulfill her other programming. How is that water Hor? Do you like, your
new baa baa?" she asked, but not without playing with my boobs and
diddling my clits.

"Ulllglloog, oommffmm!" I replied not even slowing down my
drinking and face fucking.

"Go ahead Darlene, diddle this giant cunt while I milk Miss Moo
Cow here," Mistress Callie instructed Darlene who was more than happy
to comply! "Tilt her pelvis back first, like this."

My hips swiveled up until I was almost lying on my neck.

'I don't know why they are bothering,' I thought, 'I'll be orgasming
any second now anyway.'

They went at me hard and heavy, but I couldn't cum. Finally,
after drinking, for five minutes, and with the bottle long empty, I erupted
like a geyser. My eyes rolled up into my head and I twitched wildly. This
was the most explosive orgasm I could ever remember!

When my twitching subsided, I could feel Mistress Callie and
Darlene down at my twat and heard them say, "Can you believe the lake
of cunt juice in there?"

"No, way!" Darlene exclaimed, "Good god, not even could I fit my
head in there, but I could drown too."

I felt one of them reach inside of me and, heard wet splashing
noises as they played in my juice filled cavity.

"Here, let's save it in this bottle, and think up all kinds of
disgusting uses for this stuff?" Darlene suggested.

"Sure, get that measuring cup and start baling it into the bottle,"
Mistress Callie told her while she held the jug for Darlene to pour my
cum into it.

I listened to the wet noised as they filled the jug.

"We can let her down now, I think that's all we can get this way,"
they lowered my hips and I could feel all of the wet lubricant running
down the crack of my butt.

"Shit, she had at least another cup left in there," Darlene let out
an evil sounding snicker, as the puddle under me spread.

"Oh well Darlene, go ahead and clean her up, we finished the
exam before her little drink," Mistress Callie told her, as she snapped the
gloves off, washed her arms and hands, just prior to leaving.

Darlene washed and cleaned me with a washcloth and towel,
conveniently found in the room. She dressed me in my hooker clothes
and walked me back to my cell, in front of all of the catcalls and remarks
that the other inmates shouted out when Darlene wasn't looking.

I was waddling due to the fact that my pussy hadn't even come
close to closing back to normal, so the only way to walk was with an
exaggerated swing of my hips. By the time we arrived at my cell, I had a
death grip on Darlene again and was trembling with fear.

"Don't be frightened little one. Darlene is here to protect you. You
are my sweet and delicate little flower, and I have to protect someone
who is so defenseless. Here why don't you have some maraschino
cherries…" she said handing me a jar, "go ahead and open it, while I get
a spoon. I know how much you love them," she went into the closet to
get a plastic spoon.

I tried to open the jar, with all of my might, but the lid wouldn't
budge. I even tried to hold the jar with my thighs and use both of my
tiny hands to take the lid off, but to no avail.

Darlene returned to the bed where I was sitting and asked,
"What's the matter little one? Is that lid on too tight?"

"I tried Darlene, real hard too. I thing it's stuck. I'll have to go
without any cherries," I sighed, wishing that I could have one. I really
like them.

She picked up the jar and spun it open like it was, lubricated with
Teflon, "Not to worry my weak little pussy girl." She giggled as she
scooped out a cherry and fed me as if I were a baby bird. "That's my
little girl."

I giggled and said, "Mmmm! I love cherries, and you too Darlene."
I smiled up at her adoringly, "I'm so glad that I have a big strong lover
like you."

"You can lean on me princess. I'll do all the hard things for my
weak little sissy. You won't even have to strain one of your spongy soft
little muscles. I will do everything for you. Your job is just to be soft,
beautiful, weak, and vulnerable, plus of course have as much sex as
your super horny little body can stand," Darlene assured me, and then
kissed me passionately, before putting the lid back on the jar.

"I'm going to go potty," Darlene told me and went into the

I thought it was the perfect time to sneak another cherry, so I
grabbed the jar and tried to take the lid off. It wouldn't even try to move.
Even when I put everything I had into it.

"Did my sweetie want another cherry? You should have said so,
I'll get you one," she took the jar and the lid spun away even easier that
it had the first time. "There you are baby bird," she spoon fed me and

"I'm so weak! I think a baby bird could beat me up," I sniffed,
frightened once again.

Darlene hugged me protectively, "It's just a jar of cherries. No
reason for you to cry baby."


These kinds of things happened to me for weeks, even throughout
my period. Darlene had cobbled together a fucking machine, to keep my
overactive libido satisfied, during that disgusting time.

I was so reliant on Darlene, the warden had another adjoining cell
modified to join with mine so we could room together, and she would
have a handy place to stay while some of the other inmates would be
visiting me and fucking my horny little body.

The four times a day Darlene gave me my shots and my boobs
were milk fountains all of the time it seemed. I seemed to become
hornier by the day as well. It was as if I had to have something in my
cunt or mouth all of the time.


"All right ladies, what is the status of our project?" warden
Sterndackle asked in her businesswoman's way, hands clasped together
on her desk looking at the other conspirators.

Dr. Callie Mannatter responded with, "Hor is at the point that we
can integrate her into Harry now. The mannerisms that we wished to
impart to Harry are strongly in place in Hor. Darlene and others have
virtually done everything for her for so long now that she is weak as a
kitten. We reinforced her mindset of weakness by using many tricks, like
what Darlene used with the locking cap on the cherry bottle."

"The warnings, that come with the 'Lady Viagra TM' about not
overdosing or using it more that twice in a weeks time due to the
permanently increased libido, which will result. We have had her on a
placebo for a week without her showing signs that she is any less horny
than the week before. She even tried to fuck the edge of the bathtub
yesterday. I believe that now she will fuck anything that moves, and
many stationary things too."

"She is producing enough milk every day to make a Jersey cow

"She is acting more feminine, and more of a nymphomaniac sex
bomb than anyone that I or anyone on the team has ever seen. Hell one
of the inmates said that she thought Hor was beautiful and the nutty
little fem bitch sobbed for half an hour."

"She goes into catatonia if you put her in pants. The frillier and
sissier her underwear and clothes are, the more she likes them.
However, she will wear Daisy Mae shorts and that's as close to male garb
that she can stand. Pink rumba panties are her absolute favorite panties
to wear, although she never gets to wear them very long, she orgasms
every time she wears them, within fifteen minutes."

"Hor has to drink out of a big cock shaped bottle nipple now, or
else she vomits up everything she drank."

"I believe that when we destroy the hypnotic overlay, all of the
mannerisms that we have given Hor, will be inherited by Harry, including
the inability to say what her true name is. We have ensured that he will
never even attempt to leave the prison, especially after we spring our
little demonstration on her."

The warden nodded her head saying, "Then I believe that you
should go ahead and do the integration as we planned. I for one will be
glad when this whole ugly business is over and done with. I want to
extend my deepest gratitude to you ladies for the help and cooperation
that you have given me during this entire trying episode."

"No, thank you warden," Dr. Mannatter replied, "I cannot express
my gratitude for your giving me this opportunity to prove that my
theories and techniques are completely viable. Not to mention how much
fun it's been making a man into a prissy sissy lesbian." She giggled with
her scary near maniacal laugh.

The warden attempted to smile, while trying to hide her obvious
distaste. It looked more of a grimace than a smile, but was sufficient to
satisfy the doctor.

Darlene chimed in with, "I thank you too warden. Harry, err…
Horatia is going to make a quite suitable replacement for the lover I lost,
due to him."

"Well that remains to be seen Darlene. Once the integration is
complete, it will be her choice whether she wants you to stay with her.
Although with the programming she will have, it does seem nearly a
guaranteed thing."

"How is Katie holding up, Callie?" the warden asked.

"She still has a hard time even seeing Hor. Although I believe
once the integration is complete and the old Harry is allowed to surface
again, she will come around again," Dr. Callie told her.

"Keep me posted on her, she might be the weak link in all of this,"
warden Sterndackle stated, a slightly worried expression on her face.

"Don't worry warden, if she should prove to be a problem, she
could wind up Horatia's sister slut," the doctor informed her, a very
serious expression on her face.

"You could do that to your lover?" the shocked warden asked.

"Well if she was to betray me and us, that would prove without a
doubt that she does not love me. Therefore no, I wouldn't have a
problem with doing that to someone who had betrayed me," she replied
coldly and logically.

A chill went down the warden's spine.

"Very well doctor, you have permission to start the integration.
We will however have to coordinate the timing, Harry's sister was
instrumental in the creation of Horatia, and she wants to witness the
first parts of the integration. She wants to have an opportunity to speak
to her, in order to impart her disgust and righteous indignation," the
warden informed them, obviously dismissing them, as she went back to
work on her paperwork.


Two days later, all of the preparations were in place.

Simelda Buttman was present in the warden's office watching on
the same monitor as she was.

Katie was busy in the Infirmary.

Dr. Callie Mannatter was in Horatia's room, with Hor in a hypnotic
trance wearing one of her see through pink baby dolls.

Darlene was also present wearing a red corset, black boots, scarlet
thong panties, and elbow length Satin gloves.

"Warden, are you and your guest ready to witness the
integration?" Dr, Callie asked.

The P.A. answered with, "You may, proceed doctor," in the voice of
the warden.

"Ready Darlene?" Dr. Callie asked.

"Get on with it doc," she replied rather tersely.

"Horatia? Can you hear me?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress Callie, I hear you," I replied.

"The artificially created woman, known as Horatia, will now
integrate with the original personality known as Harry. The mannerisms
and compulsions, which we imparted to Horatia, will become an
irreversible part of the integrated personality. The very feminine manors
and the insecurities shall remain predominant. You will always act and
present yourself as a sissy woman. The integrated personalities will
retain contiguous memories of everything that has happened to them,
with the exception of the hypnotic sessions," Dr. Callie informed the

"When I count to three, you will stay asleep for the rest of the
night. You will continue the mental integration that is needed while you
sleep. When you are complete, you will finish your night's sleep
naturally and awaken normally in the morning, as you would awaken
any other day, with the exception that you, once again have a mind of
you own, and with the integrated personality that I have just described.
One… Two… Three," she told me.

I rolled over into a peaceful slumber, which lasted until morning…


I awoke slowly and lazily, until I brushed my long hair out of my
eyes, "What in the fuck?"

The memories of the last months hadn't completely pushed their
way into the fore part of my brain yet, but they were beginning to.

I grabbed at my chest and crotch at the same time, winding up
with a handful of pussy and boobs. I couldn't believe it, the last fully
wakeful thoughts I had were in this very cell. I had been, gassed and
had fallen down, breaking my leg… then some hazy things while being
drugged in the infirmary, now I'm a fucking woman?

Tears started streaming down my cheeks, and I rolled onto my
side in a fetal position, hugging my knees as close to my chest as they
would go. Since my chest was so big, they didn't have far to travel.

After Sobbing for what seemed like hours, I felt an arm reach
around my impossible body and hold me. I knew it was, Darlene's arm,
one of my recently acquired memories reassured me.

She whispered in my ear, "I'm here for you Horatia. I know it
must be hard for you with what has been done to you, so I will just hold
you until you are ready to talk to me."

I was so grateful just to have anyone who seemed to care about
me that I turned over and clutched to her like a tiny little girl, with my
head buried in her shoulder, crying my feminine little eyes out.

"That a girl, just let it all out, Darlene is here," she cooed in my

I felt a poke in my big soft butt and some of the edge faded away a
bit. I seemed almost able to think again through the slightly hazy warm
glow that filled me.

"Is that better sweetie?" she asked.

"Mmm hmm," I moaned, realizing how soft Darlene felt against me
and how pretty she smelled. I started to become, turned on. Without
consciously knowing what I was doing, I began caressing Darlene's
breasts, which felt so nice to play with I almost forgot about my

"Mmm, that feels nice sweetie…" she moaned, and began rubbing
my big bottom, occasionally barely brushing against my vulva, making
me quiver like Jello in a paint mixer.

My quivering boobs were arousing me so much I couldn't believe it
when I felt my crotch start drooling down my legs and all over Darlene's
chest and stomach.

"Are you sure you want to do this right now Horatia?" Darlene
whispered breathily in my ear, which only served to make my slit drool

"I need you baby," I begged, as I felt my pussy screaming to be
penetrated. "Please, please, fuck me. I… I… I… need to be fucked," I
begged trembling like a junkie needing a fix.

Darlene French kissed me and said, "It will be my pleasure to fuck
you lover."

I felt her fingers begin to work my dripping slit, and my hips
started moving with a mind of their own. When her finger penetrated
me, I had a mini orgasm, still trying to take more and more of her hand
inside me.

She rolled me onto my boobs and spread my knees on the bed, as
I felt the humongous strap-on she was wearing slip inside my steaming
cunt, and her hand reached around me to tug at my huge nipples.

My butt moved to meet her hips with each stroke, Horatia… ah…
I, had been, trained well. I rode her rigid shaft like the whore they had
turned me into, until had I screamed out more orgasms than my addled
mind could count… more that six… which is where I lost count.

When she was satisfied that I had come enough times she left the
dildo inside me and held me tenderly.

"Thank you so much Darlene, for fucking me so well," I heard my
little girl voice chirp out to her.

"My pleasure sweetie, I love fucking my little Horatia. I love it
when you gush out all of your slit juice. You announce to the world that
you are sexually satisfied, better than any other woman, I have ever
known. Your orgasms turn me on so much," she praised, as she hugged
me tightly.

"I… I… love you Darlene…" I whispered so quietly that I didn't
think she heard me.

"Would you like me to take it out now…?" she asked

"Yes please."

I felt her gently pull out the large dildo within me, and I couldn't
believe I still really wanted it in me. When it was out… I felt so empty.

She handed it to me and I took it. I held it in my tiny hands and
stared at it. Sweat was pouring out of my forehead. I strained to resist
it, but the harder I tried, the more I wanted it. Me, a once strapping
strong guy with an eight-inch cock of my own, I wanted to suck and fuck
this huge phallic symbol in my hands. My mouth was watering so much,
I started to drool out the corner of it, and I began trembling all over

My right hand snaked its way down to the huge gaping hole
between my legs, and then slipped inside me. I slowly started to fist fuck
myself, but that wasn't enough, I wanted… I needed to take this big cock
into my mouth and feel it sliding down my throat.

When I could no longer resist, I watched in horror and desire as I
slowly shoved that cock-like latex monster into my pretty, little face.
Then faster and faster, I banged away at my mouth with that monster
dildo until my sexual frenzy reached a crescendo, I spurted cunt juice all
over the bed, lovely Darlene, and myself.

I looked at her naked body, shiny with fluid and just had to have
her, worse than when I was a man even. I dove between her legs and
tongue fucked the living daylights out of her.

When she had attained her own screaming gushing orgasm, I
latched onto her like a baby koala, while she reveled in her afterglow.

I started thinking again, about what had been, done to me,

"Yes princess?" she dreamily replied.

"Does everyone know about me?" I asked, hoping to get an honest

"Yes Princess, everyone knows who you were, and what was done
to you," she replied, shocking me to my very core.

"You mean when we went to the infirmary, all of the convicts were
whispering about me, giggling, and making those catcalls…" my voice
trailed off.

"Yes, they are happy to see that Harry is being suitably punished
for his crimes," she, matter of factly stated.

"Why? Why turn me into a woman?" I tearfully asked.

"There were many reasons. To show you what it's like to be a
woman, humiliated and turned into a sex object. In your diary, you said
that you loved having sex with women more than anything. Now you can
have as much sex with women as you can handle, and no one needs to
worry about you making any more women pregnant, and their children
fatherless. They wanted to insure that you know how it feels to be small,
weak, and defenseless, having to rely on someone else to take care of you
and protect you. That's a few of them, and all of the ones I will tell you
right now. The warden has arranged a few demonstrations, so that you
can learn what the others are," she stretched and hugged me, picking me
up and carrying me into the bathroom.

Once again, she bathed me and made me look like hooker.

"The warden is having a tour through the cellblock by some
visitors. You are not to speak to the visitors, except to answer their
questions, should they ask you any. If you try to speak, the collar you
are wearing is radio controlled and three of us have the remote control to
actuate it. When the visitors have left, if you have any questions the
warden has authorized me to answer them, as long as the are concerning
the visitors," Darlene instructed me, "Do you understand what I have
told you?"

"Yes Darlene, I understand," I said, a little exasperated at her
treating me like a child.

She hugged me saying, "I just don't want to have to hurt you

"Thank you Darlene," I told the big trustee.

She walked me to the door and we stood outside of our cell waiting
for the tour to come through.

The other prisoners in view of our cell were pointing and giggling
and I wanted to blush into the floor beneath me, to hide behind Darlene,
anything to cover my shame from them making me into a sissy little girl.

Finally, I saw the warden walk around the corner, followed by…
(Oh Dear GOD!), followed by my sister, Simelda, and my mother, Bertha.

When they approached Darlene and I, I wanted to blurt out to my
mother that it was me, and have her rescue me from all that had
happened, but I knew that I would wind up shocked into
unconsciousness before I could say a word.

Simelda walked right up to me and said, "I know you! You are
Horatia, aren't you?" She covertly let me see that one of the shockers
Darlene told me about was in her grasp.

Timidly I replied, "Y… Y… Yes."

"Mom? This is Horatia Harlie Hoard. She is a special prisoner.
You might notice that they let her wear street clothes, and not the
regular prison uniforms like the other prisoners. The Warden told me
that the medical staff here at the prison is treating her for a severe case
of nymphomania. The warden tells me that this girl is a super slut. Are
you a super slut?" she asked in a cutesy condescending voice.

I drooped my head, "Y… Y… Yes, I'm a super slut," I answered
once I saw the threatening movement she made with the remote in her

"All of the bizarre features she has, she paid to get, like those
gross boobs and the freakish feet. She thinks it will make her more
attractive and get her laid more often. The warden say's she even craves
sex with other Girls. Would you like to have girly sex with me?" Simelda
taunted, waving the remote threateningly again.

"Y… Yes, please," I said in my tiny girly voice.

"Ha, ha, ha, sorry sweetie, I don't swing that way," Simelda
gleefully taunted.

"Simelda!" Bertha said sharply, "Don't be cruel to this poor sick
little girl."

My mother came over and hugged me, probably for the last time
ever, "It's alright miss. The staff here will help you with your problem.
I'm sorry for the mean things my daughter said. She has been out of
sorts since her brother died. I hope that you can be rehabilitated and
return to society once again."

"Do you have a family to help you, when your sentence is up? I
mean, do you have a mother or a father still living?" she asked sweetly.

I couldn't take it anymore. I broke down entirely, into a limp
blubbering sissy. My own mother didn't recognize me. Simelda had
been cruel, but what mother did was way more than I could take.

Darlene had to carry me into our cell and put me to bed.

Bertha Buttman was worried for me and showed the caring heart
that she had always had, but it was the caring that she would have had
for any stranger, not the caring that she had shown to her only son.

They finally had to sedate me and have Darlene hold me until I
drifted off to sleep.


I was aroused the next day by Darlene again evoking a wild
lesbian sexual romp.

When we lay in the afterglow, I asked Darlene, "Why did they do
that to me yesterday?"

"They said that you needed to know that even if you were able to
defeat the blocks they put in you about telling anyone who you are, no
one would believe you. Especially now that your mother knows that you
are Horatia, a sick and unstable woman, who might make wild claims,
should they ever encounter each other in the future," she explained half
to the pillow, half to me.

"You also needed to know how much your sister hates you. She is
the one who planted the records of your history into the county
database. She made sure that you have an impressive criminal record as
well as a mental health record in this county. Legally you are quite a
slut. Also you are a penniless orphan and haven't even graduated high
school," she finished by carting me off into the bathtub for our usual
start of the day.

"We need to see the warden this morning," she told me, as she led
me from our cell, soon after she bathed, brushed, and perfumed me.

I was in near panic. The trip was terrifying. All of the inmates
were pointing and laughing. When we walked close to any, I would have
my butt pinched or patted. One of the bigger women chanced it, grabbed
me, French kissed me, and sent me on my way, with only a slight glower
from Darlene.

I knew now that if I stayed here, I would just be the prison fuck

When we entered the warden's office, she was sitting behind her
desk, hands clasped together in front of her.

We took seats and waited until she was ready to speak, "Harry,
good to see that you are dressing better and looking so well. Oh sorry, I
should call you Horatia, shouldn't I? After all, I was the one who chose
your new name. You are here for another demonstration, after which
you will be allowed to leave this facility, if you so desire," she smiled at
this, like there was something she knew which I didn't.

She continued, "You might take note that we didn't alter your
sexual orientation, when we altered nearly everything else. You still love
having sex with women, don't you?"

I was afraid to speak, so I just nodded my head.

"In fact you crave pussy don't you?"

Again, I nodded.

Which is when she scooted her desk chair around the end of the
desk, and I saw that she was wearing a short skirt, and no panties.

"You can't resist eating any pussy you see can you?" she taunted
and leaned back in her chair, giving me an unencumbered view of her
shaved snatch.

I lost control and dove between her legs and tongue fucked her
wildly until we both orgasmed, screaming so loudly that one of the
women guards outside the room poked her head in, only to smile, giggle,
and close the door behind her.

"Oh goodness Hor! You really do love eating pussy," the warden
enthused. "Well that concludes this demonstration. You need to know
Hor that if you leave here, you will still crave sex just as much, still love
to do all of those things that you were conditioned to love. In addition to
the facts that you have no skills, you have a serious criminal record, and
you have this mental problem. I urge you to think it over carefully. The
outside world will not be as pleasant, as your new life in here will be.
Darlene will take you back to your cell now, once there, you are a free
woman, all of the guards have been told that you may come and go as
you please. You may go now."

We stood up and just before we left the warden walked up to me,
French kissed my panties off and said, "By the way, thank you. That
was the best tongue fuck I've ever had."

She patted me on the bottom as we left her office.

Outside Darlene commented, "Damn girl, I think the warden has
the hots for you!"

I blushed, "Do you really think so Darlene or are you just saying

"Hor, I have always suspected that the warden was gay, but that is
the first time she ever showed that she likes girls, or she wouldn't have
kissed you," she told me squeezing my butt, sending stimulating
sensations to all of my nether regions.

"So Horatia, are you going to leave us? Head out into the big
world and try to make it as a woman?" Darlene looked down at me and

"I think so Darlene, who knows maybe I can find someone who
can undo all of what was done to me," I told her not realizing that what I
hoped for was even more impossible than what had been, done to me.

When we got back to the cell, Darlene milked me, gave me a clean
pair of pink panties, and then tearfully kissed me goodbye.

I headed out toward the main gate, but had to pass by the male
guard's ready room, which had a guard present at all times, but as I
passed, my feet wouldn't move in the right direction. I found myself
detouring into the ready room.

The guard there saw my huge boobs, my pretty face, my
outrageous high heels, stupendous figure, he immediately came to
attention, and then he stood up.

I couldn't take my eyes of the bulge in his pants. I walked right
up to him, unzipped his pants, took his rigid tool out, and knelt down in
front of him and gave him a blowjob that almost took the top of his head

After he filled my mouth to overflowing with his sperm, and I had
swallowed it down like ambrosia, I could finally control my body again.

I fled back to the only haven I knew… my cell and Darlene,
retching three or four times along the way, leaving a trail of bile behind

When I made it to the cell Darlene was waiting for me. She
cleaned me up, gave me a shot to settle me down, and held me while I
cried, and started the dry heaves.


In the morning, I awoke still in her arms and even when I started
bawling again, she comforted me.

After our usual lez workout, even the deep throating of the dildo,
she lay with me.

"Darlene, why did I do that, and why didn't you warn me?" I asked
in my tiny little sissy voice, timidly.

"I'm sorry sweetie, the warden and the doctor wanted you to know
what you would be doing if you ever left this place. They felt it would
make a more lasting impression if you actually experienced it. I had no
choice, being as much a prisoner as you are, they threatened to take you
away from me if I didn't cooperate, and then you wouldn't have anyone to
comfort you when you returned," she admitted squeezing me tightly.

"So what you are saying is that if I ever leave here, I'll be sucking a
lot of cocks, right?" I verified, realizing the diabolical nature of my prison.

"The other thing I need to remind you now is that you are a
morphine addict. If you had managed to make it outside, you would
have been in withdrawals within twelve hours, and probably in a hospital
shortly thereafter. They felt it only fair, since you were making addicts
within the prison, that you become one too. Therefore, you are in more
that one prison, Horatia. You are in the prison of your body, the
women's prison, and the prison of your mind, and unless your sexual
orientation has changed or unless you were already a closet bi-sexual,
which I know you are not, living within a community of all women is your
only refuge."

"If you will let me, I promise to make your prison stay as pleasant
as I can. You also have other admirers here that want nothing more
than to please you and fulfill you fondest wish, to have as much sex with
women as you can in one lifetime. It will be as a woman, but you are
going to enjoy sex more that any woman that ever lived, the warden
insisted on that, when this plan was put into motion, almost a year ago,"
she kissed and hugged me, even though I was still trembling violently.

"There is someone in my room next door that wants to spend some
time with you if you will let her," she asked, as she stood and walked
towards the adjoining door. "Shall I let her in?"

I didn't want to be alone, so I nodded my pretty little head.

In walked Katie Goodbody, the nurse who had befriended me
during my surgeries. Only now, she was a much larger girl. At least her
boobs were.

She ran over to me and embraced me, squishing our huge chests
together, "Horatia, I'm happy to see you."

"What… wh… Your boobs," was all I managed.

"I loved your boobs so much I convinced Dr. Callie to make mine
just like yours. It took her longer to find compatible donors, but she
finally did it. Do you like them Horatia?" she stood and pulled her top
over her head and bounce up and down to display them for me.

She grasped a nipple and thrust it in my mouth, "Taste me."

I started to suck reflexively, being rewarded right away, with a
mouthful of milk, a deep moan from Katie, and a spreading wet spot
underneath me.

Darlene whispered in my ear, "Will being a sex toy for hundreds of
women be so bad… even if you do have to have boobs and a pussy to do
it? I know two hot babes who want you to stay, and fuck their brains

Katie added, "So, baby will you please stay and have sex with us?"

I would have gone insane if two women had pleaded with me to
have sex with them like that when I was a man.

When Darlene started finger banging me I nearly did go insane…
with orgasmic pleasure. However, I retained enough mental presence to
deal, "Just promise me I never have to face fuck another male guard ever
again, and I'm all yours!"

The End
(At least until Dr. Callie is, released that is)

Purty Prison Guard (Version 1.2)
By Wholeman

Everything else is Copyright (c) 2003, by: Stone on the Moor LTD. Freely
archived, copied, transmitted, and redistributed, printed, fantasized
about or masturbated to or used to perpetuate marital bliss. (Just don't
tell her you read this stuff)

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