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Unintentionally Hilarious

When I was in junior high I skipped a lot of school, and one of the shows that was still going around on basic cable was the dreadful Mission Impossible. I never saw this particular episode until a friend mentioned it over dinner last night. Barry Williams (Greg Brady!) in drag with Leonard Nimoy, with both of them doing unforgiveable latin accents.

Man walks into a bar...

I'm stalled on another long story I'm writing, so here's a diversion. I can't remember where I heard it first.

A weary-looking man walks into a bar with a shoebox under his arm. He walks up to the bar, sets his shoebox down, and orders a drink.

"Hey, what's in the shoebox?" the Bartender asks.

The man sighs, opens the box, and pulls out an exquisite miniature piano. Then a man in a tuxedo, about a foot tall, gets out of the box, walks to the piano, sits down, and proceeds to play Chopin.

"That's amazing!" the bartender says. "Where did you get that?"

Wild Horses - Full Novel in ePub and Mobi formats

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Wild Horses
ePub and Mobi formats
by Rebecca Anderson

I recently learned how to make ePub and Mobi formats of my stories, so I'm posting a copy of Wild Horses, an old story of mine that's been available here for a while. I'm also providing a link to a .mobi version for those of you who have Kindles. Hopefully people will find it easier to read on those devices than on PC.

Life With Brian

An out of work 18 year old moves in with his college-student
best friend,and discovers a new side to his life.

But how did it happen?

Life With Brian

by Rebecca Anderson

Copyright © 05/07/1999 by Rebecca Anderson
All Rights Reserved.

A Turn of the Cards. Chapter 12. Debaser

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image from the website of Mary Sean Young
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A Turn of the Cards
Chapter 12.
by Rebecca Anderson

Honesty may be the best policy, but it’s important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy.
– George Carlin

A Turn of the Cards. Chapter 8. Tame

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A Turn of the Cards
Chapter 8.
by Rebecca Anderson

It isn’t fair: the caterpillar does all the work, and the butterfly gets all the glory.
— George Carlin

A Turn of the Cards. Mike Check. Check One Two (Introduction)

For D, wherever he is. I hope he’s still writing.

And with thanks to Ken and Raena, who are richer in spirit than any of the characters I could ever hope to describe in this story.


I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

– Ecclesiastes 9:11.

A Turn of the Cards - sort of publishing schedule

I've gradually worked out this BC publishing thing (I think). Although I've got another story here, someone else was kind enough to navigate the process for me last time, for which I am now much more grateful than I ever was before.

Anyway, I tried publishing the first chapter of my new novel A Turn of the Cards, but it turns out my chapters seem to be too long for the site (I get repeated 503s), so I'm going to post each section of the chapter instead. I aim to post a section every 2-3 days or so. We'll see how that goes.

Creative Commons attribution - admins please help!

I'm getting ready to begin posting a story, once my gracious editors and proofers have done with ripping it to shreds and I've attended to their comments, and I have a question about licensing. More than one person has suggested I publish it on Amazon, or Hat Box, and I'm drawn to the latter, but since I'm a slut for attention and don't really need any more money I'm inclined to try to give it as wide an audience as is possible for a story of its length (in unedited form its over 130,000 words). So I'll probably just post it here first for a few weeks, then elsewhere.

Japanese speakers


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It's been a very long time since I've lived in Japan, and I've just finished the first draft of a story that features a couple of Japanese phrases. Is there anyone here with good Japanese who might be willing to cast an eye over them to see whether I've gotten the verb-subject order in a few phrases I remember from my time there.

Anyone willing to help. There are onlu a half-dosen or so phrases.


not going to happen soon, but...

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I'm about 85,000 words into a new novel, which I think will top out around 100-120,000 words. I gave my editor, Geoff, the pick of three 30-40,000 word stories he thought I should expand upon about seven years ago, and he chose one entitled "A Turn of the Cards" as being the most promising.

dr peter gomes

I never got to know this guy very well when I was at college, but he was a well-loved figure on campus, even for those of us who weren't religious. Now he's gone we're all poorer for his passing. Would that everyone in various churches was as tolerant and giving.

Here's a lovely interview from a few years back. One of Stephen Colbert's finer moments, and that's saying something.

an impressive short memoir


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i thought this was an uncommonly well-written piece about being t*, and having a partner who doesn't deal with it any better than most. there are a few places where it's over-written ("amsonia-blue") but it's definitely worth checking out. it's quite odd, which is, i guess, the reason i enjoyed it.

Wild Horses by Rebecca Anderson Part 8 of 8

... and so it all comes to an end. Not a perfectly happy ending, but not a very dark one either, at least not for Emma, and there are the bitter sweet memories.

Wild Horses

A novel, based on a true story

Wild Horses by Rebecca Anderson Part 7 of 8

Dan Arsenault's 50th birthday bash is an extravagant affair and Emma meets an old friend. She now has to cope with a boy friend, a guy who's a friend and a job, too.

Wild Horses

A novel, based on a true story

Wild Horses by Rebecca Anderson Part 6 of 8

Emma finds she has more people who love her than she realises ... but will that be enough?

Wild Horses

A novel, based on a true story

by Rebecca A.

Wild Horses by Rebecca Anderson Part 5 of 8

Firehouse on the road at last. Emma learns that sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll has three elements — not all of them are always fun.

Wild Horses

A novel, based on a true story

by Rebecca A.

Wild Horses by Rebecca Anderson Part 4 of 8

Emma becomes a permanent resident in Julia and Pris' apartment, but finds relationships becoming more confused ... and the music goes on.

Wild Horses

A novel, based on a true story

by Rebecca A

Wild Horses by Rebecca Anderson Part 3 of 8

After surviving an unpleasant 'incidence' Mike becomes Em and finally Emma Jane as she travels south with Steve and Leon. A brief shopping trip with Steve's sister, Julia, helps her to become comfortable with life outside James Brand.

Wild Horses

Wild Horses by Rebecca Anderson

This is a story of the seventies. It involves sex, drugs and Rock 'n' Roll - a LOT of Rock 'n' Roll. There's a prison break out, a life on the run and a gradual realisation that life can indeed be good as well as bad. I think it's still one of the best stories I've ever read, TG or not. Read and enjoy.

Wild Horses

A novel, based on a true story

by Rebecca A.

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