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A Christmas Diary

It wasn't that much to ask was it? A little play-acting to cheer his mother up and Tom's aunt would buy him a brand new computer for Christmas. It wasn't like Tommy wanted to dress like a girl for the holidays.

A Christmas Diary

Tom's Christmas Diary


The brave Battlemage, Therobelin, joins with his closest allies, Xhaiden and Meghalen to fight the ancient magic of the Rainfall Cult outside the walls of Ghanton. What awaits the three companions is

Blues for C

This one is a little more autobiographical than most. But don't take it as truth. If there is such a thing. Hey, everyone has 'history'.

Two people form a relationship that takes a few turns from where either of them expected things to go. No real kinkiness, sex or violence. A bit of sorrow and some shared emotion.

Salt & Pepper, Sugar & Spice


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Our couple meets in a high school physics class, and over time, even separated, they fall in love. Then when he finally admits his secret to her, their adventures begin. And, as with any relationship there are high points and pitfalls, but in the end . . .

Deadpan Detectives

I guess I'm to blame for this having started it all with the one about the zombies. :) Others have decided to share my guilt, so enjoy if you dare. This is just a post to link all the Deadpan Detective stories together, for those who haven't got their recommended daily allowance of puns. :)

Tattoos, Warriors and War: The Abbey and Clare Story

My second novel from the universe of Darra Von - This takes two of the characters from the Making of Nibs and follows them for a year until they like the Vixens go to the Academy.

The Greatest Lie

Alex, a talented social outcast, pays a heavy price
for transforming himself into the girl of his dreams.
The return of a classic:

The Greatest Lie

by Alexandra Rios

This is a sometimes violent story with very raw sex scenes. If that's not what you want to read, please do not read this story.

Tales of the Eerie Saloon: High Noon

Tales of the
Eerie Saloon
by Ellie Dauber and Christopher Leeson

A Little Help From Her Friends

A Little Help from Her Friends

by Daphne

A story of luck and pluck, good and evil, honesty and hypocrisy, and of a boy who gets by with a little help from her friends.

People who like to read comments will find them at the end of part three.


girlery (ger'|luh|ree) noun - 1. place where people, presumably boys or men, are girled. 2. the practice of girling. 3. a sequential display of images of the victims of girling. From girl+gallery.

A Girlery of Gals
Where Image is Substance and Virtue is Illusion

Constant in All Other Things

Constant in All Other Things

by Fake Minsk

David Sanders saw something he shouldn’t have and Agent K will do everything she can to keep him alive–-but who can he trust as he sinks deeper into a disguise he never chose, and will he ever find himself again?

MORFS: Sanura's Tale

MORFS: Sanura's Tale

by Britney McMaster

It's 2048, and besides all the normal stresses, teens are now faced with the possibility of many strange changes induced by the MORFS virus. Follow Sanura Miller as she copes with her new life and learns about some strange new powers.

[Sanura's Tale: Part 6] - 06-05-10
[Sanura's Tale: Part 5] - 06-05-10

I Was a Teen-age Cheerleader -1- Do You Believe in Cheerleaders?

Walter O'Buffle was a normal, horny teen-ager. He didn't want much out of his unexpected magic powers--just a date with a cheerleader. He certainly didn't want to be a cheerleader.

Cigarettes Are a Girl's Best Friend

13-year-old Jimmy gets caught dressing in his mother's clothes and smoking her cigarettes. Is he a big girl now?

Cigarettes Are a Girl's Best Friend

by slimv

Back of the Closet

Back of the Closet

An Interactive Fiction
by Erin Halfelven and Various Hands

What happens when Danny Sweet is left alone for a weekend, perhaps longer, with the contents of his sister's closet? Are there any secrets at the Back of the Closet? Follow Danny's adventures in this StoryTree -- or write your own adventure!

SRU: A Higher Power


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Stan Lee wrote, "With great power, comes great responsibility."
Lainie Lee wrote, "I may be in the service of a higher power...."


A Higher Power

by Lainie Lee


A continuing series of stories based on characters and situations created by Bill Hart

Rhod`s Trip To America

This takes place in Maddy Bell's Gaby universe. Rhod, a 13 year old boy, is best friends with Drew Bond, also a 13 year old boy. Drew sometimes gets mistaken for a girl. Rhod a part time girl himself, due to circumstances beyond his control, finds out that he wants to be Mfawny (Em), a Welsh girl, full time.


Lt. Commander Brandon Anderson is grievously wounded during a special operation in the Iraqi desert. After two years of surgery and therapy, and facing a lifelong disability, he accepts an offer from Dr. Susan Covington to participate in an ambitious test of the alien artifact he helped recover from the desert. The results are something neither anticipated in their wildest imaginings and Brandon embarks on a journey to discover the woman, and weapon, he has become.


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