Drew is just an ordinary thirteen year old. Well perhaps not that ordinary. The girls challenge him to wear an anime costume to the Easter dance, however they forgot to mention that he'd be going as a girl! Enter Gaby!

First it was his friends, then it's his family — everyone seems to want Gaby around except Drew. And when perfect strangers think he's a girl, well the lad's got problems! Can he ‘kill' Gaby?

Or will he get dragged ever deeper into girldom?

Working Girl -8-


He looked angry, very angry. His little piggy eyes were puffed out. His face was
redder than beetroot. The veins on his bulbous nose seemed to stand out more than
usual and his hands were clenching and unclenching like he wanted to do serious
damage to someone's neck, presumably mine.

Amazon - Part 04: Debutante


DEBUTANTE; a young woman making her formal entrance into society.

Nicole re-enters society and finds her new job has still more obstacles to overcome -- and a reason to persevere.


Amazon — Part 4: Debutante
By Itinerant
Edited by Amelia R

Biographer's Note: This is Nicole's story. It covers those events and people she finds notable in her life and chooses to share. If you have problems with it, take it up with her. I'm just a glorified stenographer.

Amazon - Part 03: First Christmas


First Christmas - short. Nicole faces her first Christmas.


A short vignette.

By Itinerant
Edited by Amelia R.

Biographer's Note: This is Nicole's story. It covers those events and people she finds notable in her life and chooses to share. If you have problems with it, take it up with her. I'm just a glorified stenographer.

Monday, December 25, 2000

Amazon - Part 02: History Lessons and Reality Checks


History lessons and reality checks - Nicole's story continues as she learns about the new life she faces and the history of the Ancient Amazons.

Author's Note: If you read the original version at Sapphire's, there have been major additions to this part and it is worth re-reading.


By Itinerant
Edited by Amelia_R

Family Time


Johnny Crayne loved driving his SUV down the highway at full speed, but when he picked the wrong truck to pass, he and his wife and their best friends discovered that they'd passed on into new lives.

Bridesmaid, Part 5

I left Julia feeling hollow and confused. Lisa had always been a good friend to me. I mean, I didn't think of her as a sexual being either. She was my best friend. It's not like she, Jim and I went out together. I saw Jim because he lived with her, and we all lived in the same building. I mean, Lisa was as comfortable with my sexuality as anyone.

The Bequest Ch 2


Carlton's Uncle always liked him although he lived on the fringe of his extended family. It was at the reading of his Uncle's will that Carlton found out just how much his Uncle cared for him. Carlton begins his transition into Carly.

Return to the House of Fabulous


Can Madam Fabulous help Terry swim with the sharks on Wall Street? Another trip to the House of Fabulous from the author of Skylord, now available from Amazon at

A Life Ever Changing -5- Come Together

A Life Ever Changing Part Five
Come Together

by Angel O’Hare

... Aunt Harriet then asked what color hair tie I wanted to use. My mom jumped in and said, "Let's match them to each set of clothes he is modeling."

"That is a great idea," Harriet said. So I was now ready to do the fashion show....

Aunt Harriet then said, "But first your eyebrows are just a little too thick." They did a fine job of with shaping; you just need a little thinning."

Bridesmaid, Part 4

In what wins the “Bad Timing” award, my psychiatrist was on vacation for the first two weeks of my new adventure. I was completely lost. When I started this, I figured I’d dress when I saw Lisa and otherwise would stay me. Yet, I found myself getting lost. I’d forget my name when I spoke to clients. I’d spend twenty minutes in the morning trying to decide what to wear, and not because I was trying to decide which of my new outfits to wear. Rather, it was because I couldn’t decide who I was. I know a lot of people would love to be able to switch but, believe me, when you have to do it, it’s no picnic.

Sam and Vanessa Part 1

Sam and Vanessa
by Teddie

Part One

A little background.

Authors note. This is a sequel to the story of Mike and Sam that I wrote in 2004. It follows their son, Sam, from his preteen years through college. If you haven’t read the original five parts, it might help you follow this story better if you do. You can find the five parts here:

Read [Mike and Sam]

Bridesmaid, Part 3

“Jessica,” I said with a smile. “What do you think?” I said, twirling around.

“Wha...huh...what?” she stammered.

Working Girl -7-

Working Girl 7


Susan Brown

Kindly Edited By Angel O'Hare

As I went through the swing doors of the restaurant into the cold night air, it hit me. I was homeless again and I didn’t have a clue as to what I could do about it.

Bridesmaid, Part 2

Lisa reached under the bed, and pulled out a shoe box. "Put these on," she said, handing me a pair of black 2  ½" pumps. I didn’t know they were pumps then, but have since learned more than I ever expected.

Mike and Sam Part 5

Mike and Sam

by Teddie S.

Part 5

Back Home, Again

The plane landed at about four in the afternoon, and Masumi and Miyuki were met by Miyuki's sister, Ruth. Ruth recognized Masumi right away, but had to look twice at Miyuki. She gave both of them big hugs, and in hugging Miyuki, and said, "Mike, your hair it's so nice, and you are gorgeous."

Meeting of Minds - Act II

Sue and the gang hit the road. It should be a fun trip - an Immortal pretending to be a Senior Watcher Researcher, an ex-Watcher pretending not to be an Immortal, who has been essentially possessed by the spirit of her Immortal subject, an active Watcher, and the only true Mortal of the bunch, who must not learn the truth about other two, as well as two known Immortals, one a three thousand plus year old witch, ant the other the newest Immortal, who is followed by a homicidal curse. All together in a single vehicle. Let's party!

Act II

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Hello, my name is Teresa and I would like to share a little fantasy with you. Most of it is true, the rest is imagination. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is which; I know that’s my preference when I’m reading stories such as this one.

Holiday Schedule
by Teresa


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