Final Chapter

Professor Prick 20 - Happy Ever After?

“American Airlines Flight 53 to Chicago is now ready for boarding” I stopped and turned

“That’s me” I said a tremble in my voice, mum moved forward and the tears began.

“You take care Nikki, I love you so much and I’m going to miss you so much” she said both of us now sobbing freely.

The hug seemed to go on for ever then it broke Robert moved forward.

“You take care now daughter” he said it was the first time he had said that and the tears were freely flowing again and I could see mum from the corner of my eye still crying at will.

By Karin Roberts

Mike versus Michelle 20: Baltimore Blues- Final Chapter

The story of Mike versus Michelle concludes with this chapter. It takes place about a year and a half after the last chapter and picks up after Michelle's SRS.
Mike versus Michelle:
Part 20

Baltimore Blues:The Final Chapter
By Sharon Parsons

Oscar Night - Part 21

Oscar dresses up
Oscar Night - Conclusion

by Jennifer Brock

A year ago in the story, but about a year and a half in our time, this story began when novelist/screenwriter David Fine attended the Academy Awards wearing a red suit that his friend fashion designer Claude Marsh had made for him, accompanied by fashion model Maritza Delgado. That night, an insult from a fashion journalist caused him to make the flippant comment that he'd wear a gown if he was nominated again. Since then, David and Maritza have fallen in love, moved in together, and he's made some changes in his wardrobe and appearance at her prodding. At Claude's prodding, David made even more changes, as they'd decided the only way to pull off wearing a dress at the ceremony and not look like a fool was to become as throroughly female as possible, even going as far as to make some surgical alterations. In this, the extra-large final installment of our story, we learn whether it was all worth it. Our action will begin on the day before the awards.

To Shape One's Life - 4

Part 4 of 4
Chapter Nine: Cavalry's Coming.

by Jeffrey M. Mahr

Heroing is one of the shortest lived professions there is.

-- Will Rogers

Lost and Found Again

Lost and Found Again
By Missy Crystal

This is the final part of the Lost and Found Series. Although it can be read on its own, I recommend reading the first two parts ("Lost and Found" and "Found and Lost") for context. For those who have followed the story, but forgotten it, for which delay in completion I apologize, Jack Blaine is an investigator hired to find a transgendered boy who left home. While searching the transgendered community, he meets Penny Johnson, the transgendered director of a GLBT outreach program. Jack falls in love with Penny, but their relationship ends when he asks her to marry him and give up her work. She turns down his proposal and they break up. Now Jack realizes he made a mistake and sets out to win her back. Can they find hapiness togther? The conclusion of a romantic novel.

Working Girl ~ A Day In The Life ~Final Chapter

I stared at the fly going round and round the light bulb. I think it was a she fly but that might just be my flight of fancy.
Working Girl ~ A Day In The life ~ Final Chapter
By Susan Brown


The Price To Pay - Vol. 2.15 - Departure (Vol. 2 Conclusion)


"Quick Mum phone the police now," I urged, "our combined weights and over four inches of wood is not going to hold him up for long."

"Do it Mum, now!" said Taran as she pushed as hard as she could, standing next to me.

Mum dialed the numbers.

The Price To Pay - Vol. 2.15 - Departure (Vol. 2 Conclusion)

by Alys

Camp Kumoni : 67 | The Final Chapter

Camp Kumoni
By Anistasia Allread
Edited by Nick B

Half way home, the bus pulled into a rest stop.

“Okay, you have twenty minutes to use the facilities,” a counselor informed them.

Erika looked at the other girls around her. “I need to start changing back.”

Samantha and Tricia nodded.

Erika grabbed her duffle and entered the ladies restroom with Tricia and Samantha.


Gaia's Avatar - 4



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In this last part, Theia ties up some loose threads and deals with a couple serious personal issues before she finally learns the ultimate meaning of life.

WARNING: If you have a fear of snakes, then this story isn't for you. A large nonpoisonous snake figures prominently in this story.

NOTE: Votes and comments have been disabled for this story. Please just relax and enjoy it if you care to read it. If you do read it and feel moved to comment, private messages are always welcome.

Reluctant Bridesmaid - 10 of 10

The Reluctant Bridesmaid©

By: Annette MacGregor

This story is based on a dream I've had off and on for a LONG time. To the best of my knowledge, the characters and events depicted in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

The Magic of Love - 6

This version has had some long overdue editing. Thanks to Puddin' for the help.

In this last part, Amy and Stewart adjust to their new lives, and they do an unusually good job of it, maybe too good a job. Read on to see how the story ends. :)

NOTE: Votes and comments have been disabled for this story. Please just relax and enjoy it if you care to read it.

Working Girl ~ Life Goes On! Final Chapter

‘I jumped out of bed, going over to the port hole thingie and looked out. It was going to be another hot day and the sea looked calm and not sick making… a good omen!
Working Girl ~ Life Goes On! Final Chapter
By Susan Brown


Drabble Saga 28: Sleep On It?

"You want to sleep on it?" Larry asked.

"I don't think I can in this corset."

"A pill?"

"No. I'm going to read this contract again. Buy-out clauses. Extension options. Twenty-five hours a week for classes. Five days off a month and a three week all-expenses-paid vacation. But it doesn't say what 'personal services' are."

"Just being Dee Dee when the Boss wants to see you."

Parental Permission_13_Final Chapter

Smoking Fetish / TG Fiction. This is the final chapter about Hank/Henrietta. Henrietta wants to get married and have a family. She thinks her new life as a woman and a wife will be all fun and games. Life seldom turns out the way you think it will.

Oh, Cheers: Part 3- Win!

Oh, Cheers: Part 3- WIN!

By Melanie Ezell

It's finally here, the final chapter of the trilogy! Will Dana take over, or will Dane return? What movie will the teens watch this time? Just what IS up with the monkeys in straight jackets? The world may never know.

Rhapsody, Chapter 7 - Allegro Con Furioso

Rhapsody, Chapter 7 - Allegro con Furioso

Detective Johnson looked thoughtfully distracted for a moment before finally replying, “We’ll set up a trap for him at your apartment.”

“But how?” I asked, confused by the sudden change in position.

Tragedy of the Spirit part 35 Old Life to new Existance



 © 2008 prairie_girl_64

NOTE: This final part of a long and gruelling chapter of my life. I will continue when I find the time after my surgery in a weeks time. God Bless everyone who have read this story. I am very appreciative of this opportunity. Thank You.

What Maisie Knew: 45. The Low Profile Returns

Our two visitors started shifting anxiously in their seats. I couldn't imagine what was on their minds.

"Uh, one reason we came over—"

"...if you don't mind..."

What Maisie Knew: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

The Girl in the Frat House -- Part 5

To be or not to be (a female). Harold finds his role as an effeminate boy in a fraternity house has changed him and the crude brothers of the House in critical ways, and he is at a crossroads. He makes the decision after a jarring incident.

Who Was I - 33 (The End)

In which things are eventually made clear.

Who Was I©

By: Annette MacGregor

"Bill, the final report came in from Jane this afternoon."

I looked up at her, something didn't sound quite right. "Becky?" I asked her questioningly.

"It's a little disturbing Bill. Here, you read it."

Rules Are Rules: 54. Ah-Ah-Ah!

Before lunch was over, the PA cracked on. "Students, I want to wish you all a safe and happy vacation. We look forward to seeing you back on Monday. Unfortunately, one of our students will *not* be returning, and I think you all know who I mean."

Rules Are Rules: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

Revenge is Snowy White - Part 3 of 3

Snow White (illustration by Theodor Hosemann, 1852)
Revenge is Snowy White

by Jennifer Brock

In the conclusion of this tale, we find out exactly what Aurora's secret plan is. Be warned that a fairly sarcastic tone is frequently taken toward some unfairly brutal issues. If that sort of thing offends you, skip this one.

David's Story - Chapter 6

David's Story

Chapter 6.
A different Dana.

I fell in love with David in high school and married him right after college. What was it about him that I loved so much? In this chapter: Now I know!


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