Final Chapter

Little Pink Pills, Part 30

Little Pink Pills

Part Thirty, by Michelle Wilder

Oh yeah, all right
Are you going to be in my dreams

Love you, Love you
Love you, Love you
Love you, Love you

And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make.

(The End (complete song), by Paul McCartney, John Lennon)

Out of the Ashes, Part 11 (Conclusion)

Out of the Ashes, Part 11 (Conclusion)

Out of the Ashes
by Misty Meenor
A Comic RetCon Universe Story
The Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian characters are the property of DC Comics.

I interrupted her. "Never mind that. The chips. I want them." I needed at least one sample, and I couldn't trust anyone else to destroy the remainder.

She frowned at me. "Now hold on one moment, Miss..."

I sighed, and silently cursed my new form for the thousandth time. Intimidation wasn't in my arsenal anymore, unless you were six years old. If I couldn't intimidate, I had to demonstrate, and that took time and people got hurt. My hand snapped out and grabbed the woman's throat, lifiting her off the ground. "Chips!"

Her hands clutched at her hand on my throat for a few moments, before she pointed frantically back towards the hallway. "Office. Safe." she choked out.

WARNING: I don't want to give anything away, but if there were elements in the previous chapters that disturbed you, please do not continue reading. Elements of this chapter will be dark. I've rated this chapter Adult and Intense.

In the Freezer - Part 3

SYNOPSIS: Nigel, and his wife, Angela, are happy to offer a temporary UK home to Nigel's Aunt Nancy, following the death of her rich husband Frank in Australia. On their first evening together, they are absolutely delighted when Nancy signs her will leaving all her fortunes to them when she dies. But wills have to be properly witnessed, and with Nancy's premature departure, someone has to witness her signature. Although the family resemblance is fortuitous, Nigel has reservations about the whole scheme. With just cause, it would appear.

All That Glitters Part-12 (Conclusion)

All That Glitters -
Part Twelve (Conclusion)


Mike Carter is the man about campus who lives life in the fast lane. He's quarterback of his college football team, well liked by the student population and quite a ladies man. But due to gambling, Mike has a money problem. To make ends meet he takes a job at as a security guard at a museum and things go down hill from there all thanks to a gold orb.

A Spirited Emergence - Episode 25 - Final episode of the series

Girl in eye
A Spirited Emergence
Episode 25: The end of innocence

by D.L.

Copyright  © 2010 D.L.
All Rights Reserved.

I try imagining a wall around me to block out the attack.
“Oh, that’s so clichéd,” Lucy sniggers at my attempt.

Blue Bug From Outer Space-Part 15 (Conclusion)

Blue Bug From Outer Space -
Part Fifteen (Conclusion)


Jaime Reyes is kid out of his element, who dreams of a life better than his own. He finds such a life when he stumbles about a strange blue stone in the garbage and his whole world changes.

The Stone of Selana

Over on Bob Arnold's F&SF site, The Stone of Selana is complete. It is the first of a trilogy, so be warned if you start it expecting a final wrap-up at its end. The novel is epic fantasy, so there is much darkness in it, but not as much as I've seen elsewhere in the mainstream. And it is primarily mainstream. Almost no TG and only a modest amount of lesbian reference. The evil-doers are quite evil and do some nasty things to their enemies, some of it in a sexual way, so be prepared. But that isn't the main focus of the novel, it's fantasy. So if you are a fan of fantasy, check it out.

Choices (part 4)

(From Part 3)

“You are not facing this alone. Just accept that I am coming with you.”

“Th…thank you.”

“Now, do you have any idea where to start?”

“If this is connected with Alex, we need to go to the house he lived in.”

“What a way to spend Halloween. Looking for a ghost.”

“Up to you, you can sit this out, I wont think the less of you.”

“Not on your life. Tonight, we go ghost-busting.”

(Part 4)

The Center: Weight Problem Part-15 (Conclusion)

The Center: Weight Problem -
Part Fifteen (Conclusion)


Steven and Stephanie Martelli were twins but couldn't be more opposite. When they discover they are different from other teens their age, the two of them have to put aside their differences and figure out what's going on. To complicate matters, someone is chasing them and no matter what, they can't be stopped.

TGL - Book 1: Through Death, Rebirth: Epilogue

Gateway to Life
-:Book 1:-
Through Death, Rebirth

by Faeriemage

Copyright  © 2010 Faeriemage
All Rights Reserved.
Sometimes there's no place quite like home, especially with infinite dimensions to choose from.

The End

How to Take the Kill Shot Part-9 (Conclusion)

How to Take the Kill Shot -
Part Nine (Conclusion)


Jonas Oliver's life has been turned upside down. While on vacation his parents are murdered, he's stranded on a deserted island and all he can think about is revenge. The only tools he has are his intellect, his overwhelming sense of right and wrong and his skill with a bow.

The Center: Face of the Enemy Part-9 (Conclusion)

The Center: Face of the Enemy -
Part Nine (Conclusion)


One month has passed since escaping the Syndicate and Becca is now in The Center. But everything is far from good. Even though she's escaped the Syndicate, she's not sure if she can trust the Center.

The Syndicate: Darkest Before the Dawn - Part 17(Conclusion)

The Syndicate: Darkest Before the Dawn -
Part Seventeen (Conclusion)


Rick Grant has always been in control of his life, whether its living on the streets or stealing to survive. But when things get out of control he finds himself facing off against a very dangerous organization with vicious tactics, persuasive agents and a deadly agenda.

The Chosen~Final Chapter

I woke up in bed with a pounding headache. It was obvious where I was–in the medical centre with that beep, beep, beep, of the monitors telling me that I hadn’t died and gone to heaven or hell yet...


The Chosen

Susan Brown

Romeo and Juliet: The Real Tragedy, Part 3

Shakespeare for those who hated it in high school. An odd assortment of characters -- including a transexual nurse, a hair-fetishist, a polysexual page, a necrophilic nun, an unlucky burglar and the inventor of the tampon -- testify as to what really led Romeo and Juliet to kill themselves at a time when Verona was a hotbed of transgenderism. These two chapters wind up the story.

Romeo and Juliet: The Real Tragedy, Part 3
By: Dawn DeWinter
Act 3 … A really dumb plan

Anything for a Moped, Part 18

In the first seventeen parts, Kyle found it more difficult than he expected to keep a deal he made with his mother: That if he wears girls’ clothes for a month that she would buy him a moped. He’s not quite sure how it happened, but somehow he has become Demi, a full-time cross-dresser with a lesbian lover. She has even unwittingly begun to take female hormones, and has convinced her mother to send her to all-girls’ school in the mistaken belief it is co-ed. Part 17 ended with the Greeks of Central High poised to kidnap Demi. This is the grand finale.

Bobbie and the Glass Ceiling - Chapters 16, 17, 18 & 19

Bobbie and the Glass Ceiling — Chapters 16, 17, 18 & 19

By Portia Bennett

I guess the question now is can Bobbie hang on? She has a good lead with three hole to go, but as we have already seen, this course can jump up and bite you rather severely when you least expect it. A couple of birdies and a couple of bogies could have things even. Campion is going to let it all out, and Bobbie can’t play it too safe. Andy has seen it, too. Bobbie is getting tired, not that any of the golfers wouldn’t be getting tired at this point. Then there is the nineteenth hole where we might be able to straighten all this mess out.

The Center: Chapter 9

The Center: Chapter 9 (conclusion)
Lilith Langtree

Sixteen years ago, Cameron's mother was accidentally poisoned. Today, he and others like him are finding out exactly what that means. These children, kidnapped by a government black bag operation, learn to deal with their changes and other amazing abilities while they live at The Center.


Tradeoff_Title.jpgJaye Michael

Part Three: Revolution

Chapter Twenty Seven: Postscript

What we call a beginning is often the end
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from.
– T. S. Eliot

A Life to Remember, Chapter 6

A Life to Remember
Chapter 6
by Torey


Our stay in New York lasted a little longer than Grandmama planned.

The U.S. Senate opened hearings on the sinking just a day after we arrived. Because of Grandmama's position, she was among the passengers asked to testify.

On the Flip Side, Chapter 9

"You know, this stuff is pretty good!" I said as I fumbled through using chopsticks.

"I thought you would," Marie said. "I'm glad your mom let you come with me to this place. I used to come here with some friends when I was in college."

It was a small Chinese restaurant where Marie said we would get the full effect.

"You know, you're nothing like what mom used to let us think you were like," I said. "You're really cool."

"Thanks," Marie said. "I can understand how your mom feels. But I'm really glad she's letting us get to know each other better."

A Wife's Indulgence 11

Chapter 10 finished with me, Zoe, more in love than ever with my man, "Annie" in his guise as a girl…… weekends only, and even more than before, weekdays and workdays, as the guy I married. After that first wonderful weekend following a salon visit, there was little doubt he would call at the salon, as arranged, for his appointment the next Friday. I spent all week looking forward to it. Meanwhile, our love-making, on weekdays, was on a new level!

A Wife's Indulgence
From Zoe, a friend of WannabeGinger’s

Cynthia and the High School Years - Part 2, Chapters 11 & 12

Cynthia and the High School Years — Part 2, Chapters 11 & 12

By Portia Bennett

Chapters 11 & 12: There are several loose ends to take care of. Cindy and Don have to find a place to live in Boston. Myrna and Avery already have a place, tiny as it is. Bobbie is already set up with Andy at Wake-Forest. Finding a suitable place to live proves to be difficult; however, they realize there are several options for the future. They do find a homeless teenager who is living a very precarious existence. Cindy, Bobbie, and The Wizard save the day. This adventure draws to a close. College starts in a week. The Wizard is finally able to sleep peacefully.



This is the third part of a trilogy by three different authors. If you haven’t read “Torn” by patricia51 and "A Typical Day" by Chagrined this won’t mean much to you. They are both worth the read.

Consider these two stories as the prolog.

Tranquility-Sorcerer/ Sorceress C-31-37

Chapter 31

Andrew finds his Father in the midst of organizing several builders who, with some assistance from several hundred warriors, are in the process of felling trees for use in building as well as clearing the tree stumps and leveling portions of the land in preparation of building. There is a gentle slope to the land which will assist greatly in the drainage of the area should there be a hard rain, which always seems to happen when one least expects it, and the entire area appears to be quite adequate for the buildings and creation of a grassy field for use as a training ground. While the entire scene viewed from afar appears to be a ‘mad-house’, upon closer inspection everything may be determined to be well orchestrated with many logs being brought to the mill and kilns which have been hastily erected within the initial clearing.

I Woke, Part 10

I Woke, Part 10

I panicked. My day started by going to the courthouse for the opening of the trial of the attacker of Allison Allen. I had been stuck in her body for months, and I felt my chance to get some justice for her was failing.

I had gotten a sneak peak at the Crown’s case against this young man, and without some miracle, I felt it was at best a 50-50 chance to get a conviction. Sitting in the courtroom while we waited for our case to be heard, I got a crash course in how our law works. It was very different from what the American TV shows portrayed.

The Vendetta: Chapter 6

The Vendetta Chapter Final Chapter

By Princess

Events conspire against a successful young woman with a dark painful past. She is forced to confront her frightening past that she has been running away from her whole adult life.

The XX-Factor: Chapter 6 - The Evolution of Christy McGee


...He'd spent a lot of time thinking about the sorts of things that he'd seen the other students do during their team exercise and had more than once wondered what it would be like to join them. He'd had his doubts about whether or not his powers were even in the same league as theirs, but today's events had proved that he really could do it.

The XX-Factor
Chapter Six - The Evolution of Christy McGee

by Woggie

Copyright  ©2003 Woggie
Revised edition: February 12, 2010

Total Recall ch 23

Total Recall

Chapter 23

Epilogue - the full and final 2nd version, (alternative theme)

Sunday approaches and Karen and Jenny have agreed the way the day should go…….
Christine is on her way to Cornwall, not knowing even that Jenny exists,
but determined that a new beginning is possible!

Dramatis personae

Total Recall 22

The love affair continues……………………………….

Total Recall

Chapter 22
by WannabeGinger

Jenny and Karen had spent the afternoon in the garden, taking in the “rays” and talking about the way their love might go in the future, against the imminent background of Christine’s return.

Andy had done most of the talking, it was true, and he was more than a little concerned that Jenny’s feelings hadn’t been expressed sufficiently. He knew what he wanted but he was unsure how Jenny saw this…….

Switching Playing Fields, Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I soaked in the silence of the locker-room one more time.

I put on my bottoms, the skirt and pulled on the jersey. I pulled on my ankle socks and cleats.

The uniform never seemed to look cleaner. I pulled out a brush and combed my hair one, trying to make sure I looked really nice.

We were making an end of the year team photo with our conference championship trophy out on the field.

Sara's Story Chapter 6 - The Final Chapter - A Home That Love Built Story

Sara's Story. Chapter 6 The Final Chapter. A Home That Love Built Story by Catherine Linda Michel

Sandra led me to the room I'd been using and sat me down on the bed.

Total Recall 21 = Alternative Epilogue

Total Recall

Chapter 21

Epilogue - 2nd version, (alternative theme)

Sunday approaches and Karen and Jenny have agreed the way the day should go…….
Christine is on her way to Cornwall, not knowing even that Jenny exists!

Dramatis personae

Total Recall 20 = Epilogue

Total Recall

Chapter 20

Epilogue - 1st version, (original theme)

Sunday approaches and Karen and Jenny have agreed the way the day should go…….
Christine is on her way to Cornwall, not knowing even that Jenny exists!

Dramatis personae

Changes~Final Chapter

I was so happy when the day came for my leaving the hospital. Beside me, holding Heather was Abby. I was still a bit sore so we decided that she should carry her today...



By Susan Brown

Copyright © 2010 Susan Brown

Short Chapters: 23. The Playboy of the Western World

In my head I heard Mrs. Legno's voice: "The day after Halloween you're just going to put your pants back on and go play football?"

and my reply: Not exactly, but something like that.

Short Chapters by Kaleigh Way

An Unsuitable Job for a Man - Concluding Chapter 6 of 6

When Chris's ex-girlfriend asks him for a favour but explains that it's actually an unsuitable job for a man, he cannot turn down the challenge. In any case, a few days by the seaside spent clearing out the effects of her deceased cousin would make a break from the routine of work. But his startling realistic dreams drive him to pursue the mystery of her death, regardless of the challenges it poses. This story is complete, but serialised over six chapters.

Kate Draffen (Chapter 40)

Kate Draffen (Chapter 40)

By Swishy

Gemma Taylor is a 17-year-old girl living in a town in Australia. She was once Michael Taylor until she became Australia's second sufferer of SGR. Over a period of three months she has learnt a lot about being a 'her' but even more about being herself. Her Debutante Ball is on tonight and you are all invited.

The Last Chapter.

Professor Prick 20 - Happy Ever After?

“American Airlines Flight 53 to Chicago is now ready for boarding” I stopped and turned

“That’s me” I said a tremble in my voice, mum moved forward and the tears began.

“You take care Nikki, I love you so much and I’m going to miss you so much” she said both of us now sobbing freely.

The hug seemed to go on for ever then it broke Robert moved forward.

“You take care now daughter” he said it was the first time he had said that and the tears were freely flowing again and I could see mum from the corner of my eye still crying at will.

By Karin Roberts


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