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Howard and the Completed Pass, Part 5

Howard and the Completed Pass, Part 5, Chapters 9 & 10

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: This is another story that fits into Part 2 of the Cynthia Chronicles. Chronologically, it takes place a little more than a year after the ending of Adam and the Three Wishes. There are some interesting parallels to that story; however, there are significant differences.

If you are not familiar with the series, you should read An Incremental Journey, Cynthia and the Reluctant Girlfriend, Cynthia and the Dumpster Diver, Cynthia and the Moment of Truth, Cynthia and the High School Years, Parts 1 & 2, Charli and the Man Cave and Adam and the Three Wishes. Bobbie and the Glass Ceiling and Randi and the College Professor take place about seven years after this story.

Karen's Magnificent Obsession - 21

Karen’s Magnificent Obsession — 21

By Katherine Day

(The love between Karen and Mark is real, but will it last? Can a transgendered girl who will never bear children be a lifelong partner for a vibrant man? And, can a girl find love with a man whose injuries have doomed him to life in a wheelchair? This concluding chapter might tell us.)

Life Renewed II: Love Renewed

love-renewed.jpgLife Renewed II: Love Renewed
By StefB

After surviving a life threatening attack by her ex-boyfriend Sara had thought she was on her way to a happy life with Adam, but now his past is threatening their future.
This story takes place immediately following the events of Life Renewed. It is highly recommended you read that story first.

Travel Agency: Scouts, part 6 of 6

Would it not work with her so far from the Gray One’s office? This place must be empty of magic, or the Gray One would have rescued her by now — perhaps the return spell would not work here.

This story is set, with Morpheus' permission, in his Travel Agency universe.

Life Renewed (Final Chapters)

bright-life-renewed.jpgLife Renewed
Final Chapters

By StefB

Sara Collins had finally come to terms with the changes that occurred to her on her eighteenth birthday and built a comfortable life for her and her son but seeing the twin sister of the woman who turned her world upside down brought on an onslaught of painful memories.
Her life changes drastically afterwards but through the joy and the pain she sees the chance at a life renewed.
This story takes place within my Goddess Realm

This is the final part of a new storyline taking place within my Goddess Realm. It is not necessary to read Saved by a Goddess or Saved By a Goddess: Gifts to enjoy this story but admittedly it does help and is recommended.

Not Beyond Conjecture, part 3 of 3

Midrun suggested that we all swim away, and let the wizard relax his guard and restore his hearing. Then we could surprise him tomorrow evening and lure him overboard. But the rest of us objected strongly: how many innocent men might jump overboard along with the wizard?

Jasmine Takes Control: Finale

Jasmine Takes Charge: Finale

I comforted my Husband/Sister/Mistress, she had been bleeding from the surgery the Gorean had put her through, I had gotten there just as they were starting to cut on her 'clit.'. The Gorean's had already done a breast augmentation, The Goddess had come back to me, and I saved my lover.

Angel Season One, Episode 16 Finale (The Hero and the Terror Part II)

Angel Season One,
Episode 16 (Season One Finale, The Hero and the Terror Part II)

by G.M. Shephard

Copyright  © 2012 G.M. Shephard

Michael, now able to see his wife and daughter through an unknown power, assumes the identity of Angel in order to stop Dwayne and save the two he loves. The exciting conclusion to Season One of Angel.

Our Nutcracker Adventure, Chapter 7

Collin, now Colleen, having revealed herself to her family, faces an uncertain future.
She knows what she wants, but, is she brave enough to accomplish it?

Our Nutcracker

Chapter 7

by Torey

Copyright © 2013 Torey
All Rights Reserved.

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale 07

A Familiar Experience

Part 7 - Final Chapter

— A DarkRealms Story

by Wren Phoenix

Taylor Michaels sat in his room in Shrewsbury, England,
His life is about to change,

he just doesn't know it yet!

Christmas Changes~Final Chapter


‘I was somewhat tired after the sing-along and it was obvious to the sensible adults that after everything that had happened to me, I needed rest and some quiet time...


Christmas Changes

A Penmarris Story
Final Chapter

Costumes - Part 10 (Final Chapter)



By Teek

Chapter 10 (Final Chapter)

The Future?

Summary: Time to move on with everyone’s life. Can Stephanie put the past behind her? What are her options for the future?

 © 2012 by Teek

Cakeboxer: 3. Kicking It Old School

"Am I supposed to act all flustered and nervous and all that?"

"No," Jack replied. "No offense, but I don't think you're that good an actor. But not to worry, we've already given them the story... And they've been told that you're kind of a ditz."

Cakeboxer: part three of three, by Kaleigh Way

Destiny: Legacy of a Spellbinder Part 12

Destiny: Legacy of a Spellbinder

Ragarnok Rising III



The final battle swiftly approaches and it has been given to me to complete a task so monumental that it may be the sole means by which the Jotun can be defeated. All of Midgard and the goddesses themselves depend on me. Am I up to the task, or will I fail and doom the entirety of human existence to total annihilation?


The First Queen in the Village 23

The First Queen in the Village 23

By WannabeGinger

The party’s over and it’s time to leave. Each partygoer will have their own thoughts about what Christine and Astrid have said. It’s for them now to go home and to decide if they would like to explore, in a very gentle way, the changing of their partners, spouses, and lovers.


Dancers Within, Part 3

This is the final part. Thanks for indulging me. Thanks Patricia Allen for proofing. And hopefully it starts on the right chapter!

Chapter 14

There were times when Kyle wished for a little normalcy.

But he had forgotten really what normal was. It seemed like everything was moving way to fast.

His mother filed for divorce from his father. He had no objections.

He still hoped his father would change, but he knew his parents would never get back together.

His Secret, Part 3

This is the final part of the story. The sequel, "Dancers Within." will be posted in a couple of days. Thanks to Patricia Allen again for proofing. I've been trying to attach a photo to go with the story, but seem to be technology challenged,

Chapter 15

"I can't believe they wrote that on his locker," Claire said as they were waiting for their class to begin.

"What was written, where?” asked Ava Perez, who was another student in the class, but went to a different school.

"Someone wrote Ballerina Boy on Kyle's locker at school," Beth replied.

The End Of May: 3. What Would Ben Do?

"No, Ben, No. There are no ghosts in real life. It's only pretend. Ghosts exist only in stories and movies, never in real life."

I sighed. "Okay, then. Let's talk about a story. Let's say we both just started reading a story, a ghost story. And in this story a man named Ben sees a ghost named May. Not in real life; just a story. In that story, what would Ben do?"

Claudia's lips tightened, and she looked angry.

The End Of May: part three of three, by Kaleigh Way

Adam and the Three Wishes - Part 6/6

Adam and the Three Wishes, Part 6

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: Obviously, Adam has come to a decision. Did he use his three wishes, and if he did, what were they? The magic community pretty much had things laid out for Adam, and Adam took offence to it. That might influence his decisions.

This is another story in the Cynthia Chronicles series. Other stories in the series are An Incremental Journey, Cynthia and the Reluctant Girlfriend, Cynthia and the Dumpster Diver, Cynthia and the Moment of Truth, Cynthia and the High School Years - Part I, Cynthia and the High School Years - Part II, Charli and the Girl Cave, Bobbie and the Glass Ceiling; and Randi and the College Professor,. The time frame of this story takes place about three to four years after Charli and the Girl Cave. If you haven't read the stories before, it might be a good idea to go back and start at the beginning.


Pass It On Chapter 8

Pass In On
Chapter 8 (The last bit)

At the top of the stairs, Momma stopped and looked up at her handsome
prince. “I’ve told you all about the kids’ day, but you still haven’t told me about yours.”

Dad shrugged his shoulders. “Not really much to tell. You know the moving business ... pack this ... move that ... break something and blame it on the helper. Just the usual ... nothing special.”

Momma heard the words, but there was sparkle in her love’s eyes which meant there was more to the story.

A House Divided, part 7 of 7

“Most of you already know Jeffrey Sergeyev,” Ms. Turner said in a loud voice. “She will be using the girls' facilities from now on, as I explained Friday. Please be courteous to her.”

“Ignore the bit where she called me ‘she’ and ‘her’,” I said to the girls nearest me.

Hunger Pangs Part 9 of 9

A DarkRealms
Part 9 of 9

Archie was an orphan who never suspected that there was anything out of the ordinary about himself. After bedding a beautiful stranger, he soon finds a strange hunger has awaken within him and learns he is anything but ordinary.

Return to Sender - Part 17

Return to Sender

by jenniferchristine

Part 17

We all sat round the table and tried to make some sort of plans for the short term and some for more long term.

Susan came out with one that I hadn’t considered. “How long will I be around?”


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