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Family Secrets, Chapter 2

Family Secrets
Chapter 2


Mikaela Vance has returned home after an eventful first semester at Ravencrest. But, will she get a well-deserved rest there? Or is there something laying in wait?


The Many Faces of Harry Potter 16

“The Many Faces of Harry Potter: Chapter 16”
By = Fayanora

Chapter Sixteen: Freedom

Note 1: Text in 'Italics and British quotes' is Parseltongue.

Note 2: Once more, I apologize for the bits and pieces of canon dialogue/narration here and there. It's been frustrating me, too, but some things are just too perfect already to change. Which, fair warning, includes most of the conversation Fudge, Hagrid, Flitwick, and McGonagall have in The Three Broomsticks.

Reversals - Ch06

A successful woman is convinced a female lead marriage is the best path forward and as her career is taking off, her unemployed husband is expected to fill traditional female roles like homemaker and nursing mother. In this chapter...It's a new day and Julia wants to have an open and honest discussion with Eric about where they're going. Is it too late to go back?

Family Secrets, Chapter 1

Family Secrets
Chapter 1


Mikaela Vance has returned home after an eventful first semester at Ravencrest. But, will she get a well-deserved rest there? Or is there something laying in wait?


Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals 15

Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals: Book Two.
Or, "Aspie Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

Note: I do not own this. J. K. Rowling does. This is just fan fiction. No money is being made.

Note 2: There may be a few bits and pieces lifted word-for-word from the canon material. I tried to do that as little as possible, though.

Project: Super Soldier - Part 5

Project: Super Soldier

Written by Nuuan

71 year old John Dodge, retired military, now sits in a nursing home, his body riddled with cancer, waiting on the grim reaper to come for him when he is given another option.

Many thanks to Sleethr for taking the time to assist with the editing

Haven's Salvation Stave 2 Phantom Queens Gambit 14-2 You are here


You Are Here


Creative Consultancy by Bailey Summers, and my two girls Anna and Crystal
Dedicated to

Ms Mary Adelaide Wilkinson
my mother who dragged me all over the back roads of Colorado bringing those historical souls back to life

My two deceased friends Stewart Hills and Karlen Ann Wannop who watch over me from the other side of the veil, all three of us labored in each others behalf and became better for it.
With out all of the efforts from the above this story would never seen the light of an audience



I was looking over my bullet Journal when someone came into the Dragon and asked in a distantly familiar, clipped voice, that took a moment or two to be remembered. My problem with that is that voice was from an theater character I played in a collage drama project. When I looked up I was startled to see a very real living person ,who looked and sounded just like that fictitious creation. I was staring at a flesh, and blood doppelganger of my version of a comical, outrageous, unflappable, character Erma Cats. She was here in the flesh, confusing the shit out of me as to where she got her's,because I am inhabiting mine right now.

Erma Cats

I am to be a surprise for Betty and judging from the look on her face I have succeeded beyond anyone’s expectation. I am literally the last thing on earth Betty would ever conjure up in her mind to find looking back at her here and now.

Battle For Earth: Epilogue

epilogue cover

Two years after Earth had been freed from the clutches of the Qharr, Lily and I had built a new life for ourselves. Times were difficult as humanity struggled to recover from the devastation wreaked by our conquerors, but our future looked brighter than ever.


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