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Seventeen-year-old Brian Anderson hated having to move from California to a rinky-dink mid-western farm town. There was no way they could make him stay, or could they?



Having a wife who wears clothes too small for you, is very frustrating for a crossdresser. What if you had a wish granted that would allow your body to fit any sized clothes, forming your body to fit? Is it a crossdressers dream? What if, when part of your body wearing the clothes of another, became a near duplicate of the owner of those clothes. Would it still be as great? Add the fact that reality would change to make it normal for that to happen, still interested? Well read on.

If I Stop Breathing

The fictional account of a transsexual porn star and prostitute. Story about how she came to be where she is. I've recently re-edited it to include new parts of the story. Please note this is not erotica, but only contains those elements.

What Ever Became of the Sisterhood?


The Sisterhood had been destroyed and Diana Hunter could turn her attention to more productive activities. But was the Sisterhood completely eliminated? Were there some loose ends that needed to be tidied up? And just why was America's most covert agency suddenly interested in her business?

Best Served Cold


Gloria Marshall is recruited into a clandestine group of women which exacts a cruel revenge upon the male sex by capturing men and transforming them into feminized maids. As part of her induction, Gloria chooses a man for transformation. The members of the group who call themselves The Sisterhood arrange for this man to seemingly disappear, as though he had never existed.
All seems to be going well for Gloria. But has she and The Sisterhood made a fatal mistake?
(This is the story that introduced Diana Hunter.)

Exitus Acta Probat - The Outcome Justifies the Deed


Dennis had worked diligently to achieve the best grades possible in college. All of his life it had been his dream and his parents’ dream that he would work for Universal Corporation. It is 2023, and he has an offer of employment in his hands from them. Has his dream come true, or is he entering into his worst nightmare?

The Princess and the Other Pea

The following story is not, strictly speaking, a transgendered story.  It is, however, fully steeped in many of the themes that will appeal to a number of those in th

Courted by King Neptune


Ensign Chris Marye is assigned to the USS Avenger for his first cruise after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy. They will be crossing the equator and he will have to take part in the King Neptune ceremony. When he realizes how horrible this initiation ritual will be, he decides to try to win the beauty contest and become King Neptune’s queen. The queen doesn’t have to eat garbage or be paddled by rubber hoses. It seems like a good way to avoid a physical beating and humiliation….

Wrestling with Discontent


Judy is the stereotypical wife; she wants to change her husband Pat “just a little” here and there. Her first step is to challenge him to a wrestling match, but things don’t go as she had planned. Undaunted, she continues down a path that twists and turns away from her objective to make him a better man.


WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence,
bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from
my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and

Where No Man Has Gone Before

SUMMARY: This story in an original work, I wrote a story just to stretch
my creative muscles. We all know aliens are ugly gray skinny dudes
without any sexuality at all. Don't we?

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild

Trojan Whores

Trojan Whores
By Wholeman
Proof by
Maggie Finson

DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a story just to stretch my creative muscles. All characters, Sirens, and rapists in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or born in the future, is purely coincidental.


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