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One Knight Awaiting Us Cpt 1 - Runaway

One Knight awaiting us.


Chapter the First


As soon as I said it, I realised that it was the worst possible thing I could have said. The look on her face turned from a sort of compassionate pity to a sort of disgusted sneer. Which seemed almost kind compared to his; snapping from happy and smiling to righteous anger, teeth bared wide enough that the scars on his lips stretched, the not quite right flesh glistening in the light, as he launched himself at me, grabbed my shirt at the neck and dragged me up so that our eyes were mere inches apart...


SRU: Reforming the Brat


SRU: Reforming the Brat
by Daphne Xu

Credit: The song "Nuttin' for Christmas" was by Sid Tepper and Roy Bennett.

I wrote the first draft of this story eight or nine years ago, in a severely depressed, anxious, and/or furious mood. (I don't remember which and why, now.) I was recently motivated to revise this and finish it up. The first SRU story (Bill Hart's "A Strangeness at the Frat House") was written in 1996, so this could be considered a 21th anniversary homage to SRU, celebrating SRU's coming of legal age (to consume alcohol).

James MacBeth has had it up to here with his son Jeff. He encounters SRU; maybe they might help him with his son.

Touch Starved

Touch Starved

Touch starvation is actually a thing. The term for it that’s emerging in medical/psych circles is “skin hunger”. We as humans are meant to be much more social- and especially physically social - than we actually are, and most North Americans in particular are often touch starved because the casual, platonic contact that often happens between friends in other places just. Does not happen here.

It stops for so many of us “boys” when we’re pretty young. There’s this point where touch and care and comfort is either labeled creepy or gay.

Especially gay.

Safe to Play Prologue

Sometimes I wonder why I was ever conceived. Growing up in a family with a highly successful sister and only your mother for your parent, I was expected to be the man of the house. Growing up I tried every sport imaginable but failed at everything. I finally gave up even trying to play sports upon finishing Elementary school. I still went to games and what not after that but I relegated myself to watching rather than playing. In my second year of middle school my mother started dating again and it just so happens that he used to be a pretty good pitcher in High School and College.

Soulmate or Soldier, Chapter 5

What is it you really want, a Soulmate or just a Perfect Warrior?


Chapter the Fifth

Where Allie puts together some answers (and creates more questions for herself) and has a weird moment about there being a boat... underground

A boy named Alice: Chapter 1

Which brings me to today, I’m 13 now and about to start highschool. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it, since it’s probably exactly the same as earlier. Me being a social leper for being a boy with a girls’ name. It probably doesn’t help that I got a haircut yesterday and with me being distracted with trying to think of ways for damage control, I accidently agreed to my hairdresser to give me bangs. By the time I noticed it was too late to go back. I was either going to sport bangs, or a girly bob. I chose the bangs. Sigh, hopefully it isn’t worse like the usual crap at least.

I wear Panties for I am a Sissy

I Wear Panties for I am a Sissy
By Sarah Goodwoman.
Author’s Notes: I would like to thank everyone who has been helping me to better hone my writing skills. To the people who have edited my works thank you, and all the people who gave good advice about how to better my writing thank you. Also, this story has a special thanks to my oldest sister for her writing helped inspire me to be able to write Sally.

Journeys West - Chapter 7 - The Game's Afoot

LGBT existed a long time before the labels came into being. Bigotry and discrimination were there at the same time. This is a story how those attitudes can affect our descendants.

Chapter 7 - The Game's Afoot

by Monica Rose and Marina Kelly
Editor: Qmodo

Chaos and Order: The War Eternal Chapter 7





I sat cross legged in the basement of the safe house wearing the comfortable sweat pants and t-shirt I’d found in one of the many dressers filled with clothes. As I sat there I focused on the knot of power inside of me and tried to relax my mind and body. It was harder than usual because of all the things that had happened last night.

The Summertime Blues

Author's Note: This is an old story of mine which I self-edited using the great suggestions I been recieving. I will go back and edit it more. I want to see how well I was able to implement the suggestions which I got. Also I want to give a thanks to all the people who had help me in my writing.

Soulmate or Soldier, Chapter 4

What is it you really want, a Soulmate or just a Perfect Warrior?


Chapter the Fourth

Where we get to see the aftermath of how things looked on Earth (also an assorted selection of Alice's weird dreams)

Chaos and Order: The War Eternal Chapter 5



A Daemon and a Sorcerer Walk into a . . .


I could feel Cordi’s sorrow turn into a cold fury as she moved around the ruined warehouse. The fire here had burned most of the building leaving the concrete and metal, charred and twisted, while devouring most of the rest of the building. As we walked through the ruin I caught a glimpse of a huge arch through one of the many holes in the wall.

“Are we in St. Louis?”

Old Friends Meeting for the First Time

Author's Note: This is an old story of mine which I self-edited using the great suggestions I got from my last postings. I will go back and edit it more. I want to see how well I was able to implement the suggestions which I got.

Chapter 1

Chaos and Order: The War Eternal Chapter 3



And So It Begins


I clawed my way to consciousness and slapped at my alarm. Unfortunately, I misjudged my strength and accidently sent the alarm clock flying into the wall.

“Ugh, . . .” I groaned as I sat up.

Chaos and Order: The War Eternal Chapter 1

Chaos and Order: The War Eternal

“Small Wars”

An Urban Fantasy Tale

The War between Chaos and Order has raged across the multi-verse since the beginning of time. Joel is caught up in it and has to come to terms with the changes to his body and life if he is to rescue his loved ones.

(Set in the Consultant Universe)

You Are a Meany

You are a meany

Author's note: This story is about the unforseen ramifications of someone doing petticoat punishment to their son. I am putting the story out there self edited to see how far I have come in being able to catch my writing mistakes. Please be gentle with the criticism about the bad grammar, just point out how much help you think I need.

The Mandela Shift, Chapter 3

Chapter 3
"Bethany Carl," she whispers, motioning me to follow- quietly. She stealthily helps me towards the dumpster. Fortunately, we are not discovered. As we reach it, I see an almost invisible door on the side of one of the buildings slide open silently. She pulls me through quickly. As I glance backward, I see the opening fade. In its place is nothing but common brownstone, like everything else around the clinic. "We can talk freely now, Stacey," she says. "The walls are completely soundproof."

Snep's Day Out

After a hard winter and an early spring, the frayen of the palace stables are ready for a chance to get some fresh air and stretch their legs. Snep's rider has an idea for a destination.

Snep's Day Out

by Penny Lane

Soulmate or Soldier, Chapter 3

What is it you really want, a Soulmate or just a Perfect Warrior?


                Chapter the Third

Where we experience a stereotypical adventurer’s first fight (because of course we do)

Zuriel: The Recruit.

Zuriel:The Recruit

I was an oddity, even before I was born.

Which only got worse moments after my birth when my parents named me Zuriel.

The name came about because both my parents were sure I was gonna be a girl, until they saw the little thing between my legs, and as they hadn’t bothered to have a boy name ready, they found a list of baby names and started at the back until they found one they liked.

Unfortunately, they were kinda right about me - I have always felt more like a girl than a guy.

A boy named Alice: Prologue

A boy named Alice

Have you ever heard of that song “A boy named Sue”? If you have you might get an inkling about what my life is like. Supposedly the father of the boy named him Sue so he would get teased and bullied in school in order to toughen him up. Well my sire liked that philosophy and named me Alice. Needless to say very much like Sue’s my life isn’t very nice because of it. That is also why I call my sperm donor “sire” I just can’t bring myself to call him “dad” or “father” even. Complete and utter moron, spineless too.

Journeys West - Chapter 6 - The Plot Thickens

LGBT existed a long time before the labels came into being. Bigotry and discrimination were there at the same time. This is a story how those attitudes can affect our descendants.

Chapter 6 - The Plot Thickens

by Monica Rose and Marina Kelly
Editor: Qmodo

Once she had finished breakfast, Mary headed back over to the library. As she pulled into the parking lot, she saw Patrick standing outside the building, arms folded and looking upset. Getting out of her car she rushed to his side, "Pat, why are you pacing around out here?"

Earth Racer

Earth Racer

I’m not sure how I got elected the PR person. I guess of the three of us, I was the only one who didn’t have a solid role to play in the actual racing, and they wanted me to feel like part of the team.

Oh, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Carol Petty-Foyt. The oldest of three children who are the direct descendants of racing royalty. My sister Alison is the grease-monkey - give her an engine, and she can pull it apart and put it back together again in no time flat.

The League of Chinchillas: A Wolf in Chinchilla’s Clothing


Behold, true believer, from the world of Identity Crisis, the team up that absolutely nobody demanded! Or even conceived of! Seriously, not even the infinite monkey theorem could have predicted this story! When the legendary League of Chinchillas meets the astonishing AquaFish, it’s a thrilling, spine-tingling, senses-shattering tale that makes Homer’s Odyssey look like dog puke! Cleanup on Aisle 3 for...adventure! (A tale of Faraday City.)

Soulmate or Soldier, Chapter 2

                What is it you really want, a Soulmate or just a Perfect Warrior?


                Chapter the Second

Where our heroine plays with herself and her new boytoy a bit



A pair of thieves break into a superheroine's hideout and get more than they bargained for when they meddle with her equipment. (A tale of Faraday City in the Identity Crisis universe.)

"Yes Daddy..."

Vincent was walking through woods near his apartment when he found a ring, "Woah, this looks pretty coo..." he slipped it on his finger and in seconds, a bright blinding light flashed in his eyes. When the light dimmed, he looked around and something seemed different but he didn't see it at first. He looked around and put his hands up, his fingers were thinner and his nails were painted pink and red.

Soulmate or Soldier, Chapter 1

                What is it you really want, a Soulmate
or just a Perfect Warrior?

                Chapter the First

Where magic gets a little confused by the modern world


Prelude to Girlhood

Hi everybody! It's good to be back. I've decided to take a little break from Kayleigh's Story for the time being, but I will be posting a few short stories. Enjoy!

Charles and Philip were biting their nails, wringing their hands, deep in thought, anxiously awaiting the most important moment of their lives.

The eighth grade talent show marched on for what seemed like an eternity. Act after act after act came and went, some good, all prolonging the two boys’ suffering.



All my life I’ve been a big advocate of acts of kindness. I’ve always said you can never know just how much difference even a simple act can make.

Then one day I learned how right I had been ....

I was having a tough week looking for a job, and on the spur of the moment I decided to go for a drive to clear my head.

I headed out of town, thinking I’d visit a nearby town that had a botanical garden, but as I approached the turn-off, I saw a car in the ditch.

Changed by a Witch

One morning, Vincent woke up very early. He wasn't used to getting up so early but for some reason he found his eyes opening around 8am and sitting up. He looked out the window, saw the sun shining on he porch and yawned. Vincent then stood up and felt an odd bounce in his step, he couldn't quite figure out what that feeling was but he didn't feel like questioning it too much.


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