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Passing Tones, Chapter 2

Kyle searches for his focus and finds new friends as he prepares for his first recital.
Passing Tones
Chapter 2

by Jillian Marie

Thanks to Karen J, Angharad, and Angel for kindly helping me prepare this story for public consumption.

Passing Tones, Chapter 1

There are those who believe that the perfect musical performance is androgynous because it includes both masculine and feminine traits.Putting this theory into practice can be more difficult than you might think, as Kyle is discovering.
Passing Tones
Chapter 1

by Jillian Marie

Thanks to Karen J, Angharad, and Angel for kindly helping me prepare this story.

No Obligation, Part 14

Cat-napped from her home by a feline god-thing, Becca takes a walk on the wild side, meets her adversary for the first time, and discovers a whole new definition for the word "foxy." Is she EVER going to get to go shopping with Amy?

No Obligation
Part 14

by Randalynn

"Foxy Lady, or 'I've Got You Under My Skin'"

Changing Keys, Part 9


Jill stands up to that ghost from her past, but is that the only source of problems facing her? Some good news eases some of her fears. Thanks to Karen J and Angharad for their assistance.

Changing Keys, Part 8


Has Jill seen the last of that ghost from her past? As she tries to find her way she encounters another hiccup. Thanks to Karen J and Angharad for their invaluable assistance.

Changing Keys, Part 7


Just when things seem to be looking up for our heroine, Jill and Sarah have a misunderstanding. Then to top it all off, a ghost from Jill's past adds to the turmoil. Thanks to my good friend Karen J for her assistance.

No Obligation, Part 13

Becca contemplates her new roommate, addresses her growing "To Do" list, takes on still MORE responsibility, and sorts out problems big and small -- all before noon on a Sunday morning. Not bad for a teenaged superhero, hmm?

No Obligation
Part 13

by Randalynn

"On Corsets, Cats, and Cruelty"

The Making of Nibs

Chapter 1 — Arrivals

Sat in the living room of Damien Cameron’s home in Suraban, was Timaus, Damien and K Dog.
Timaus placed his mug of coffee down asking, “Do you think I should put Nicholas Calton forward for selection to the Academy?”
Damien stood to walk to the window saying as he went, “Yeah, the work he did for us on that operation was excellent, and if that’s a sample of the work Nicholas has the ability to do then yes. The only issue is how will he react to the truth about what is happening here?”


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