Die Sagen von Misrah 2 - "Der Kreislauf des Lebens" (german)

Die Sagen von Misrah - "Der Kreislauf des Lebens"
The tales of Misrah - "The circle of Life"


by Misrah

Der junge Zauberer, der sich mit seinem Rucksack in einer Ecke des Airports abwartend niedergelaáŸen hatte, hob aufmerkend den Kopf als er já¤h aus seinem Nachsinnen geriáŸen wurde als die wohlklingende Stimme einer Frau á¼ber das Lautsprechersystem den nahen Start seines Fluges anká¼ndigte. "Ladies and gentlemen, the passengers of the flight number 235 to Dublin, Ireland, please may come to..."

The Wizard Of Mid

The Wizard Of Mid
by Barbara Lynn Terry

On a sunny Monday morning in the small land of Mid, the king sat on his throne, his crown a little off to one side. He was deep in thought when when the wizard came in the throne room.

"Why so glum on a beautiful day, sire?"

"My nephew told me this morning that he can't be king of Mid when I die."

"Did he say why, sire?"

"Yes he said that he would rather be a princess married to a prince."

"Oh, dear! This is serious. But have no fear, your trusty wizard is here."

Under his breath the king said, "that's what I'm afraid of."

What Light Through Yonder Shadow... - Act 1; 5

When the Angelus looks for a new vessel She is weak. The Darkness seeks to gain the upper hand.

I wish to thank Top Cow for such great characters and give them kudos for showing the development of a lesbian relationship in mainstream comics.

The Tales of Misrah - Tale 2: "F***in' weird"

Spells R Us - The Tales Of Misrah, the apprentice
Tale II: F***in' weird

By Misrah

Synopsis: When two enters the SRU Magic Shop, they meet the Wizard's new Apprentice who has a bit of fun at their expense.

Brian was still talking about one of his endless plans of attracting some chick he had a crush on at the moment at school. He was always planning and talking about how, and also how many chicks he "was about to lay".

Feminizer Disease Takes My Body Over - Chapter 8

"Needless to say, all the talk was about me and how I was adjusting. They were really interested in how I got such a shapely figure so quickly and was able to walk in those very high heels. I spoke about my wife helping me and the doctor's help. I mentioned my wife and our shopping trips to Victoria's Secret. The girls were spell bound to hear what I bought in VS. They all wanted to go shopping with me, even go to Victoria's Secret."

Feminizer Disease Takes My Body Over
Chapter 8

By Terry Hansay

"Forced" Transformation Stories

I tend to like stories that have some sort of transformation in them. Seeing how people cope and adapt in unusual or changing situations is very interesting.

One thing that bothers me about this sort of story is that usually the changed character comes to terms with their changes. This is a wonderful thing, but it leaves me with a problem... I couldn't do it.


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