The Dress Shop. Part One.


"Aw. Don't worry Rich. It doesn't matter."

It had happened again. I'd been seeing Beth for a whole year. And we'd been trying to have sex for a month. In all that time we'd not once actually managed it.

Beth is so understanding. And beautiful.

Blog 4: The Girly Idol - Hopeful New Author?


The picture here is one of the two outfits Charlie tries on in my upcoming instalment of the Adventures of Crossdressing Charlie. I hope you all like it :)

Harry Potter and the Curse of the Emerald Witch - Part IV


For a moment, nothing happened and the full feeling was freed from her mind. She thought she had beaten The Emerald Curse. Suddenly, the amulet chain tightened and began to squeeze tightly on her throat. She tried to pull it off as it dug into her skin but it was much too strong. She trashed about the place, gasping for air, wrenching and choking.

"The old man must DIE!’’ screamed Alys.

"Arrrrrgh!’’ croaked Heather, pleading for Alys to stop.

Harry Potter and the Curse of the Emerald Witch - Part II


‘’There, look!’’
‘’Next to Ron Weasley of course!’’
‘’Wearing the glasses? It can’t be!’’
‘’Did you see what he looks like now?’’
‘’Yeah I know, creepy isn’t it?’’

Whispers followed Harry from the moment he left the abandoned girls lavatory three weeks before. He is still a girl. People queuing outside classrooms stood on tiptoe to get a look at him, or doubled back to pass him in the corridors again, staring, gaping at the new female Harry. He wished they wouldn’t but at this point it he was used to it.

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