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Natural Affection

Walter had built the perfect life for himself. A loving wife and a daughter he could be proud of.
Fulfillment in a job he was good at. Nothing to worry about.
But the world around him is dominated by all-powerful rules and things can go sideways fast.
For Walter, it might mean a new life. One where he has to fight for what he had and for what he doesn't want to become.

Author's note: This is the first story in my "undesirable classes" universe. While RPG like rules apply the world itself mirrors our own in technological advancement.

Undesirable Classes Universe


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The World of Undesirable Classes is a lot like ours. Modern, busy, and often unfair.
Unlike our world, it is ruled by magic, numbers, and classes.
It is the world, where the rules of roleplaying games come alive.
For the people in this world, it is normal to have stats, skills, and classes.
They even have health bars and status windows.
Like our world, people try to get ahead of others.
Usually by changing their class. However, some classes should be avoided.
Flawed, broken or misunderstood. These classes are undesirable.

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