Transsexual considering return to politics

Georgina Beyer, a former Mayor and Member of Parliament is considering a return to local body politics.

Beyer has eye on mayoralty

Beyer considers Masterton mayoralty bid

Georgina Beyer (Wikipedia)

I predict that if she stands, she will be successful in the October elections.

Political Service

TG=More Readers?

The newspaper headline:

Sex-change officer recovering after being hurt at checkpoint

Sometimes, I wish the media would just report the news, and not try to sensationalise it. The officer was just doing her job, and her gender status had nothing to do with the incident, afaik.
[Click the headline to read the story.]

This story should have been reported as: “Police officer hurt at checkpoint.”

Xmas: It's a wrap!

Imagine arriving home to find that all your possessions have been gift wrapped!

The following link includes a YouTube video:

Chicago man's friends gift-wrap everything he owns

And even better: The Recipient's Reaction

Prank Surprise

The final taboo

Perhaps it's not surprising that we employ euphemisms for things that embarrass us.

How many different terms can you think of for ‘vagina’?

The following article has nearly 50, including a few that would surprise Peter Mark Roget.

The final taboo

Pussy Synonyms

FL McDonalds doesn't hire faggots

The TLDEF has filed a discrimination complaint against an Orlando, FL McDonalds' restaurant which refused to interview a transgender job applicant. Here's the story from their website (including a YouTube voicemail message received by the applicant):

TLDEF Files Employment Discrimination Complaint with Florida Commission on Human Relations
Against McDonalds for Refusing to Hire Transgender Woman

Regrowing Breasts

  • Surgery may allow women to grow breasts
  • Successfully done on pigs
  • Could revolutionise cosmetic surgery

“The breakthrough could also could also completely revolutionise the cosmetic surgery industry by allowing women to grow bigger natural breasts.”

“If the human trials follow the pigs’ success, the new procedure will result in breasts that look and feel perfectly natural — because they are perfectly natural.”


“A lipgloss that doubles as an anti-rape device has gone on sale to protect women from drink-spiking.”

  • The lipgloss comes with a spike detector
  • It tests for GHB and ketamine

2LoveMyLips detects drugs

The anti-rape lipgloss that helps protect women from drink-spiking

How did I get into this?

This blog entry contains several questions. I'd be pleased if any other readers or authors here were able to respond.

Have you ever stumbled across an author's work, and thought to yourself "this is really good, I'm going to read any material of theirs that I find"? You know, the sort of writing that you find you can't put down; that you find yourself still reading at 1am.


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It’s a trend the makers of 1993 spoof movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights, obviously didn’t envisage, but the market for men’s hosiery has reportedly taken off in recent years.

Last month UK department store Selfridges responded to the demand and began stocking (no pun intended) a range of extra-tough tights designed exclusively for men.

Source: Tights for blokes: Men warm to ‘mantyhose’

EAFOAB Anniversary Imminent

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Yesterday, I clicked on one of the Jewel Box links on the TopShelf home page. It was Jewel Box Two: a page listing "stories that appeared on Big Closet approximately two years ago today."

Scrolling down towards the bottom, what do we see?

Next to one another are the first two episodes of EAFOAB, with part 1 dated July 17, 2007. Funnily enough, the events of the past week have seen the destruction of one Cathy's very expensive carbon-fibre bikes, as happened in the original episode.

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