Becoming a Woman

Pop Pop and the Unexpected Bridesmaid - Part 3 After the Wedding

Previously… “Then when my sisters came home and Mom Ruth came in we get all wound up in conversation and I pay for it in the morning. You realize all that of course you but you don’t if you’ve been a guy. …“O God, I hope no one expects me to be up early to go to church. Thanks Josh I better let you go before I nibble that cute ear off.” … Josh excused himself and walked four houses away to his own home.

Change of Summer Camps – 6

Change of Summer Camps — 6

By Jessica C

Willy went to Camp ArrowHead, but got to be a Rainbow Camper after he got into some mischief... Now at Camp Rainbow, it's time for payback to those who ran out... Willy/Patti had given her word to try and make his agreement to the discipline work... But he never expected this...


Sixty-one Going on Sixteen - 2 - New Girl, New Family

Previously… I was a man of sixty-one recovering from quad by-pass heart surgery nine months later when testicular cancer was discovered. The noted surgeon I had waited for was a no show as he was called out of the area... Scans done some two months earlier proved insufficient but the scan prior to surgery by Dr. Greene was lost in their system.

The New Girl in My Life - Part 2 (Revised)

Previously… It was 7:10 and I had a surprise visitor, Matt Petersen had come to see me with Brianna. He was taken back both by how Bri reacted to me and how much of a girl I was. He shared, “Where is the troublesome boy?”…
Jeff is here and neither he nor I are angels.” Bri gave me a hug saying “Angel.” I could not help but cry…

… if I went to stay with the Petersens it was to stay as Jessie and for now to be their foster child. I would need to visit with her regularly and they wanted me on a hormone blocker for one month.

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