Acceptance issues

Ashley Phoenix Riley - 3 - Learning Curves

“All three results saw you as a very mature person who has characteristics
of both male and female people. The short time we already have had together
indicates you are indeed quite a capable and feeling person.”

“While becoming a young woman may not be the easiest journey;
I think it is one that well suits you.
Your mixture of thoughts, feelings and experiences
in growing into who you are is comforting to me
but no guarantee.”

Started with a Prom Dress - 3 - The Prom

I was asked who had added the flowers. I was praised that the little touch was magnificent. I asked if they thought Jeff would like the gown. Mrs. Richards commented “He will love the girl in the gown and that you look so pretty. It will be the other girls who will compliment you on the dress, shoes, your makeup and the many other details.”

“Will Dawn and Denise know how beautiful it is?” Mom smiled at my interest on how I appeared and what friends would think. “Mom, did you notice my feet, I need that second pedicure you talked about.”

Started with a Prom Dress - 2 - The Date N More

Started with a Prom Dress? — 2 — The Date N More

I started to putting on the skirt and now had a complication.
“Too bad Jeff’s not here to help you,” Dawn said with a smile...
“Young woman I am more than happy to be here for you and share,
but I think you need to be honest with me and yourself...
You may not have planned to kiss, but I do think you meant it.”

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