Masks 19: Part 7

Masks XIX:

A Disturbance of the Peace


Rodford Edmiston

Part Seven

For the next several days Sally and I mainly covered a few loose ends in the case. Nothing we found during this period was incriminating. However, when I decided to focus on Harvek's history we did discover something which might explain why he would have committed such an extreme crime.

A Game Of Cards Chapter 1

Biker Bitch Ch. 06

control top
Biker Bitch
Michele Nylons

Chapter Six: Control Top

Cassie take's on her first job for the Cartel smuggling guns, drugs and women across the Mexico/US border. She enlists the aid of another OMC and is attracted to their Sargent at Arms which may cloud her judgement when the plan goes awry,

A Rose in the Cracks (Chapter Removals)

You are not going crazy! I had indeed posted the same seven chapters of "A Rose in the Cracks" offered in the free "Look inside" option on Amazon. With the encouragement of BCTS, the wonderful community here, and Sephrena in particular... I nervously published my first-ever novel there around the holidays. Frightened of running affoul of Amazon's guidelines though, I didn't go beyond that "Look inside"... and have asked the amazing people of BCTS to take down the samples chapters here.

Holidays, Writing and the Flu

Really? It's nearly the end of January already?

Family stuff and visiting people has taken up a lot of my time recently. Good news is, we got another session of Divine Blood in the can last night, so there should be a new Twin Tails soon. Otherwise, my new Sara story, Dissonance, and Fate and the Iron Tiger Part 6 is being worked on and moving towards inevitable, if slow, completion. Compounding that issue, I have to work on Thrythlind's new Divine Blood books and kick them out the door asap.

10 Most Trending Book to Movie adaptations 2018


I looked at this and wondered what in the cat hair is going on? The dismal movie audience attendance for 2017 has been in the cellar. Now they want to put this mmmm, out there to entertain and entice the public back into the movie theaters? Really? Come on guys, I wouldn't ask my dog to sit through any of these movies. A hundred mil spent on a Wrinkle in Time? Yer pulling my leg ain't yuh? From the preview it ain't James Cameron Avatar. On a scale of 1 to ten I give it a zero.

Should Number of Hits Tally Be Eliminated


A few days ago, someone made the suggestion that if it would help the site run more efficiently that the tallies for hits could be eliminated. Erin mentioned that these tallies consume large amounts of computer capacity. Maybe we should discuss this more.

This is Erin's site. She has the most at stake. More importantly to us users, through her leadership, this site has survived. She knows more about what her customers want than anyone and has skillfully implemented and monitored.

She also listens to comments.

Psyren's redemption - A night out Read for free now

The latest part of Psyren's Redemption is up! In this installment, Sapphira finally gets an upgrade to that promised meal, but the price has him second guessing the whole thing.

Click me to read, please..

Please, please, please take a moment to comment. It is very much appreciated and helps encourage me to write more. For those a little more shy, my site does have like buttons so there is that option as well.

The Job 16

That one hit hard, and I remembered some of the things Dai Gould had stressed. Always look beyond the immediate, beyond those shouting the loudest. That advice on our first aid courses: the one screaming is the one who has the strength and the breath, the life, to be able to scream. Look to the quiet ones. Look at how the ripples spread.

I rang in to let the boss know where we were with the case, and she dropped the bombshell.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 38

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 38
Not again. Back home again.

We had arrived at the airport and checked in at the airline’s desk, given them our suitcases, and then the five of us went to the gate to wait for boarding. We were early, so we found a place to sit and talk.

After we’d been sitting there for a few minutes, I looked over at the gate and saw something. I whispered to my uncle, “Uncle Paul. Am I being a little paranoid or ...

Biker Bitch Ch. 05

tranny in lingerie
Biker Bitch
Michele Nylons

Chapter Five: Fuck The Business!

Cassie finally becomes a full patch member of the Beasts of Burden MC and at her patch party she once again proves she is a match for any man. Her relationship with Dale Clifford becomes more complicated as their love affair blossoms.

The Job 15

I slept surprisingly well, despite a few sudden wakings as something unspecified but nasty crawled into the back of my mind. Mam, as usual, had a fuller-than-full breakfast waiting, and I wondered how she always managed to be up before me, even on the earliest of shifts. Some sort of Mam-radar, I suppose. She sat with me as I ate my sausages and swallowed my tea, with a Look on her face that warned of something being grilled besides the sausages.

“Di, love?”

“Yes, Mam?”

“It’s those two pieces of filth again, isn’t it?”

Feeling a Slump

I'm feeling a slump lately. The words aren't coming as fast. I feel like I'm under a lot of pressure to write, and keep writing. The "muse" isn't talking to me much. I'm not sure where the story is going.

I'm sorry but for right now the release schedule for TG Techie is...

See: below the fold for important and possibly heartbreaking news

Street Child 2 Chp. 8 Final Chapter

Betty couldn’t believe that Karen had begged her to change her permanently. She saw that Karen was enjoying being a neko cat girl. She was happier then she has ever seen her and frisky all the time. She had to get Clair to donate some blood and help her make the changes to Karen permanent. She taught Karen how to do a glamour spell to hide the changes to her body. She could still use her tail with the spell in affect.

Footprints in the Sea Vol 4

Chapter 76 of Vol. 4 has been posted and Charlotte shows her romantic side. A non TG fiction will be up on my website and available through the Top Hat link here sometime next week, this is the second in the series of Albion's Children.

I am well into the collection of TG novellas and short stories and I'll let you know as soon as it's published and if I can I will post a few snippets on here. I may also publish this as a paperback, again, I'll let you know because how much I post here may be influenced by the paperback publisher.

Fast Update

So after giving it some thought, I've decided that my current story---Burning Bright---will end its first part with ch.9. I've since updated the last chapter with a To Be Continued at the end. I always planned on the story being told in pieces. I can honestly say that I have no idea when the next part will be up though. Its one of those stories that my Muse felt very strongly about all the way through until I got to the end of Ch.9. I started Ch.10 and finished it more than once. Only to continue to stumble with where I wanted things to go from there.

Muse on a rampage again? LMAO

We're barely halfway through January, and I've posted NINE pieces in the last eleven days! That has to be a record for me.

What makes it even scarier is that there are still ideas bouncing around for more pieces, most of those being continuations of current stories.

I have no idea how long this will last, but I may as well go with the flow and write while the ideas are there, right?

It's kind of funny, there have been times where I've grumbled that the muse was being stingy, now she's on a major roll. LOL

The Job 14

We bit the bullet that evening, and the Inspector sent us all home after a wash-up followed by a lock-up. I got the impression she didn’t exactly trust all of her colleagues, at least not all of the ones outside our little group.

It had indeed been a long one, and she was in our faces from the off.

Administration to shield health workers who refuse to perform abortions or treat transgender patients

Administration to shield health workers who refuse to perform abortions or
treat transgender patients


Vivid Dream Reality Book 3 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Tia's POV

Another three days fun in Lagbit's World and another six elves transformed. I woke up on the air mattress with Vee beside me and started the next part of my routine. “No one take off your headsets until you are told to do so.” I called out. I'm pretty sure everyone knew it was me, but if they didn't actually see me, they could still honestly say that they had no idea where I was. Vee and I removed our headsets and left the tent.

I’m On the Outside: Updated

Spent some time today working on “I’m on the Outside” and had to consult the original book due to some the scenes overlapping. This book tells the story from Matt’s perspective, showing all of the details Jennifer does not know about and filling in the gaps about what happened to the four guys during the two year gap.


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