A New Style of Education - Part 15

Follow Your Heart

In a familiar future, while villagers are en route to a new home world, a girl finds the magic to fulfill her dream, but will she be allowed to use it and at what cost?

A Perfect Life

The Black Dog

This is my first post here.
This is a tale from the husbands pov as his wife seeks to address his emotional troubles by sugesting an alternative to his current life.
There is one nasty scene toward the end, though not overtly graphic.

Amazon - Part 09: Dancing Queen


Back in Los Angeles again, and close surveillance begins of our heroine; family revelations begin, and there are the evils of -- DISCO.


Amazon - Part 9: Dancing Queen

By Itinerant
Edited By Amelia R.

Biographer's Note: This is Nicole's story. It covers those events and people she finds notable in her life and chooses to share. If you have problems with it, take it up with her. I'm just a glorified stenographer.

A New Style of Education - Part 14



Seventeen-year-old Brian Anderson hated having to move from California to a rinky-dink mid-western farm town. There was no way they could make him stay, or could they?

Bimbo Bread (revised)


A contemptable crumb causes a crisis for his cute companion who creates a more compatable compatriot using carbohydrate consumables. ... with a little help from The Wizard.
(This is a revised version of my story found at Fictionmania and Crystal's - with a pic to prove that there really is a Bimbo Bread.)

Answer the phone?


A little switch to teach one understanding can cause major life changes. What was supposed to be for one night becomes a lifetime.

Slightly revised and expanded on Feb. 14, 2006
Please let me hear your comments, either likes, disilkes or what ever they might be.

Sissies Revenge


Sissies' Revenge
We've all read the story of the wife who forces the husband to be her maid and is openly cuckolded. But what it the husband had just a little more backbone then your average sissy and was just a little more confident in his feminine role then the average sissy and just a little more intelligent as well? Ron was living a crossdresser's dream, then he got caught and it became a nightmare. See how he copes with his wife's decission to take him all the way to womanhood.

Rated R non graphic sex scenes.

A New Style of Education - Part 13

It is almost time for the field trip, so a dress rehersal sounds just the thing. But with a school like Hayfield Hall anything could happen!

Turnaround - a new Movie by Dee Janes

The REAL Story of Little Red Riding Hood


Have you ever wondered:
- how Little Red Riding Hood mistook a wolf for her grandmother?
- what the Woodsman was doing hanging around Grandma's cottage?
- why the Wolf was REALLY wearing Grandma's clothes?
Read on and find out!

Gaby -Book 4- Once Upon A Time In America -Chapter 17- Spin City

Gaby -Book 4- Once Upon A Time In America -Chapter 16- Sandy's Sleepover

Gaby -Book 4- Once Upon A Time In America -Chapter 15- Return to Walters

Gaby -Book 4- Once Upon A Time In America -Chapter 14- Onward Christian Soldiers

Genomorph Part 2


Synopsis: Brandi’s journey of self discovery begins with a tour of Southern California. A sinister plan is revealed and an unexpected ally is found. Part 2 of 5.


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