Changing Keys, Part 7


Just when things seem to be looking up for our heroine, Jill and Sarah have a misunderstanding. Then to top it all off, a ghost from Jill's past adds to the turmoil. Thanks to my good friend Karen J for her assistance.

Araya's Hope


Thousands of years in the future, man has become something else, since they fled the wave of destruction that was going to annihilate all life on Earth. Now they are a race of people living in a galaxy far far away in huge space habitats. They are people that cycle regularly from partly male to somewhat female in a strange hermaphroditic process, due to gradual genetic changes in their DNA caused by the radiation from space. One rebel that lived on the edge of the space laws, falls captive to a wormhole while fleeing from those that wished to board the unique ship the rebel had found abandoned. Araya Lightsword survived the emergence from the wormhole to find the legendary Earth, only to find it intact and under siege by aliens. This story tells of the travails Araya goes through, to bring back the news, and of Araya’s body transformation back to the original human form using the undamaged store of DNA preserved on the ship called Hope.

Bewitched & Beswitched


Roger Johnson a self made multi-millionare is on top of the world, till he runs into a witch with the power to bring it all crashing down. She switches bodies with Roger and has it all, or does she.

The Academy (Part 4)

Timeout 2- Pause/Record/Fast-forward - Chapter 11


Another BigCloset TopShelf story.

Joanie contemplates the implications of the school dance with Eric. She and Security Officer Lex risk "baring all" to defeat Peeper's latest fundraising plan and learn a lot about each other in the process. Joanie meets a troubled mutant and tries to help her, while she prepares to frame Joanie in a manner most foul.

Stark: The Best Revenge


It's Halloween night, six years after another Halloween went bad for three boys who didn't realize mischief carried a life sentence in skirts. Now Stark's in town, seeing if she needs to pick up the pieces and lay down some justice. But the next generation just might be a few steps ahead of her this time. Maybe ... just maybe ... she can take the night off.

Joan's Room Chapters 14 and 15


Aunt Melissa finally arrives from the land down under. Joan has a run in with a dissatisfied customer. She watches Sam pitch another game. The young lovers have a spat of sorts. Joan spends the evening alone until she meets the mysterious "Fred…" Will her entire life change as a result of this chance encounter?

Cissy -1- My So-Called Life -- and Death


You can never pay back what you owe to all the people who care for you--you have to pay it foward.


A Soul Survivor Tale

The Deception of Choice. Part 14 Comprising Chapters 40 & 41.


David's friends lend sympathy and help. For which David is duly grateful but does it solve anything? Is it all too late with the Government seemingly now involved? Hope eternal springs in some breasts whereas David's breasts seemingly just spring ....

The Teg Legacy


While looking for souvenirs from the fallen NASA space platform Skylab, which had crashed into the hot desert of Western Australia, Gary found something else that had fallen from space. Something non-terrestrial which would change his life forever. A legacy from an ancient race would see his life transformed beyond any expectations.

Joan's Room Chapter 12


The three girlfriends have a very special birthday celebration. Sam continues to impress everyone with his pitching arm. Joan and Sam receive an opportunity to share a very special birthday celebration of their own.

From Dreams To Reality


We all have dreams, sometimes they come true, read on to find out what happens. Thanks to Joni and Karen for proofing this. Any problems left are mine and mine alone. Hope you enjoy.

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Synopsis: While on his dream vacation to Las Vegas, Jim Lewis's life would be turned upside down, bringing new meaning to Sin City's famous slogan.


What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas


Julie O


Edited by Amelia R.


Chapter 1



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