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Title Code Author(s)
Who the hell am I? Chapter 17 Wed Savannah Maun
The Strange Story of the Dress of Dresses Solo kayleigh01
Black Bloodstains Part 1; Chapter 01: I've Got a Feeling Wed Susy
Gun Princess Royale - Book 3 - Ch5. (Part1) Wed simkin452
The Lokian Way - Part 04 - Of Hidden Truths Wed Cassy Bee
Gaby Book 15 ~ Friends ~ Chapter *28* Weihnacht Countdown Wed Maddy Bell
Reconnecting the Past and the Present: Chapter 5 Wed Rebecca Jane
Masks 18: Part 16 Wed Stickmaker
A Blank Page - Chapter 16 Wed Flummox
Jacks or Better Solo Adonna
Who the hell am I? Chapter 16 Tue Savannah Maun
Blood Moon Part 8 Tue LadyDragon623
Mississippi Bee Queen Solo Paula Dillon
Snow Baby Tue LadyDragon623
What Milsy Did -26- Tue Penny Lane
A Second Chance -- Chapter 15 Tue Dawn Natelle
The Good Samaritan Chapter 7 Mon Mopar
Dreams of Dancing in the Sky -Part 8 Mon WolfJess7
Andi and Allie - 24 Mon Kelly Blake
Being True to Yourself leads to Strange Friendships Mon Sarah Goodwoman
Ginny's Story Chapter 37 Mon Karen Lockhart
Topiary Genetics: Part 8 Mon Ducky Detour
Suit Your Self DP Lainie Lee
Helping Hand - Part 8 Mon SamanthaMD
Time To Pay Chapter 3 Mon Anna NaMaus
Sky Lynx Sun LadyDragon623
Orange Crush Solo kayleigh01
Rumor Has It Solo New Author, Sara S
Jexy: The Bet Sun Kris Traverse
Shadowsblade: Some things should not be...Taken 2 Sun Shadowsblade
Becoming Sarah Part 8 Sun Sarah Goodwoman
Lost in Translation Solo Maddy Bell
Nena Book 5 *Special Request* - Part 4 Sun Maddy Bell
Old Photograph Solo TGFictionStv
Glimmer Girl: Secret Origins - All That Glimmers #7 Sun Miranda Sparks
Template The Intrepid: A Learning Experience (Masks Book 2)... Sat DopplerPress, Stickmaker
Snow Angel Part 21 Sat LadyDragon623
Sky Blue Solo Erin Halfelven
Easy As Falling Off a Bike pt 3222 Sat Angharad
Who Do That Hoo Doo? Solo Grover
Impetus Chapter 1 Sat Vilastis
The Babysitter - Part 5 - Conclusion Sat Pentatonic
11th Sun: Chapter 26: Massage Fri Eleven
VentureRealm Amusement Park -ch20 Fri Snowfall
There is Nothing like a Dame Chapter 6 Fri Bronwen Welsh
Becoming Robin Book 2: Robin Smith - Lady Tiger! Thu Zoe Taylor
Captured by the Amazons - A Jane Bot Tale Thu princesskay
Burning Bright Part-4 Thu Enemyoffun
The Last Smile Solo Sarah Goodwoman
Alexa B-Side: #21 - Ashley Wed Kris Traverse
Accidental Romance Wed Melanie Brown
Double short-story collection Solo Set3
Charisma chapter 1 part 4 Tue Otome-chan
Sisters 69 Tue Cyclist
The Last of the Fey Tue Anesidora's Urn
Ian, part 11 Tue Debbie V
Aunt Dorothy Solo Sarah Goodwoman
Blue Moon - Worldwide Kindle Sale! DP Adonna
Bad Romance Solo Melanie Brown
The Last Fifteen Minutes in the Cosmetology Room Solo kayleigh01
Laces Solo Maddy Bell
Book 4 - The Reluctant Prom Date Sun Melanie Brown
crossroads Solo Sorceror
Waking the Dreamer by Grover now on Kindle! Sat Grover
The Collar - Pet TG/TF Solo princesskay
Guardian Angel Solo Wendy Jean
Aftermath Solo Ellie Dauber
Bian - Book 1 - The Bright Road Tue Erin Halfelven
The Hero contest. Solo Tels
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Gaby -Book 4- Once Upon A Time In America -Chapter 8- Ructions

No Obligation, Part 1

Another BigCloset TopShelf story, and my first ever completed TG tale. Jack's early-morning trip to the supermarket winds up a textbook example of why there truly is "no such thing as a free lunch." A cautionary tale about not being able to read the fine print in a verbal contract, and the dangers of a free demon-stration.

No Obligation
Part 1

by Randalynn

“The worst part of dancing with the devil is his tendency to want to lead.”

Bridesmaid, Part 7

That Wednesday, I came into Julia’s office with a huge grin on my face.

"So what’s going on?" she said, with a half smile. "You look happy."

The Celestial Placement Agency


Warning: when you join an ideological cause, make sure you are on the right side.
This is one of those stories that wrote itself. It is my own cathartic reaction to the terrorist actions that have been occuring lately.

Rest and Relaxation Part 1

Rest and Relaxation
by Lana Lund


Another BigCloset TopShelf story. War will change any man. But nothing could change the fact that Joey was not what he seem to be. A week of R & R would see to that.


Gaby -Book 4- Once Upon A Time In America -Chapter 7- White Out

High School Confidential


Another Big Closet Top Shelf story. Synopsis: Did you go to your high school prom? If you needed a date for the prom, what would you do? Desperate times call for desperate measures.



by Laurie S. aka l.satori



by Cherysse St Claire

Lance Layton's perfect life crumbles around him when he discover's his wife's infidelity. He seeks background information from the beautiful, exotic Dianna - and receives so much more than he ever bargained for.

Betrayed, Chapter 10

Betrayed, Chapter 09

Betrayed, Chapter 08

Betrayed, Chapter 07

Betrayed, Chapter 05

Betrayed, Chapter 04

Betrayed, Chapter 03

Betrayed, Chapter 02

Betrayed, Chapter 01


Lance Layton's perfect life crumbles around him when he discover's his wife's infidelity. He seeks background information from the beautiful, exotic Dianna - and receives so much more than he ever bargained for.

Private Mountain -1-

Since Wanda has been unable to deliver more of The Fairy King right now, I took a similar idea and went somewhere else with it. I'm not sure what to do next; if you have any ideas, leave me a comment.

Private Mountain

by Erin Halfelven

Gaby -Book 4- Once Upon A Time In America -Chapter 6- New Friends

Gaby -Book 4- Once Upon A Time In America -Chapter 5- Cheers Brit


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