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Title Code Author(s)
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2865 Sat Angharad
The Return of Nevermore part 6 Sat Morpheus
This Mortal Veil Sat Stickmaker
Requium for a hero. Solo Theide
Man hunt in the Heartland -chp8 Sat WolfJess7
Cosplay Adventure – Part 2 Sat AmyLikesDancing
Marley for the Win Part 2 Sat imanobodyhere
Gene's Story or How I Gained a Cousin Chapter 2 Sat Karen Lockhart
Jaguar Solo Theide
Peace Sat Rifkinn
Crushed: For acting like a Boy Solo Jessica C
The Transit of Venus, Book 2 - Ch 66 Fri Rhona McCloud
The Chrysalis Project Book 5: Steel Dove Book 2 Fri Snowfall
trying to live 4 Fri QuietOne
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2864 Fri Angharad
Crush Alternate U Solo Barbie Lee
The Crush: Panty Club Solo New Author, Daring Diane
Testing Times - Chapter 26 Fri Shiraz
Masks I A Fri Stickmaker
The Crush - a Reel story Solo Alys Prince
Mercy Chapter 8 Fri Dorothy Colleen
The Crush: Rapid Developments Solo Tara G
Julina of Blackstone - 063 - The Journey May Be Over ... Fri Julia Phillips
The Might-Have-Been Girl Chapter 28 Fri Bronwen Welsh
The Crush - the real story Solo Alys Prince
The Crush: One night out Solo Melanie Brown
The Crush: A Timely Change Thu TGTrinity
Freya's Gift Chapter 41 Thu Mopar
The Crush: The Piano Lesson Solo Asche
The Crush: Opposite + Coming Out Day Solo Sigh
In Too Deep - Ch 8 Thu waif
Welcome to Timber Grove: Chapter 5 Thu TGTrinity
The Crush : Always first. Solo SamanthaMD
The Brain-Jacked Chronicles - Fugitive! - Part 2 Thu Melanie Brown
The Crush: Patty’s Dilemma Solo Patricia Marie Allen
The Crush Chantilly Lace meets El Toro de Goro Solo Jennifer Sue
The Crush - The Crunch Solo Kelly Blake
The Crush: In for a Penny Solo Dorothy Colleen
So You Want To Be A Nurse - Chapter One Tue Michele Nylons
No Doubt Solo Rasufelle
My Safe Place - Chapter 3 Tue Natasa Jessica
FTL-29...Faster Than Life. Tue Bailey Summers
7000 Gold crowns a dance. Solo Bailey Summers
Bridges 48 Tue Bailey Summers
The Crush: Valentina's Surprise Solo Shiraz
Sooners Than Later's Part 5 Tue Bailey Summers
The Piano - A TWILIGHT ZONE story Tue Anon Allsop
The Other Half of My Soul, part 08 of 11 Tue Trismegistus Shandy
The Name Solo QModo
What were you thinking?? Solo New Author, Willow Tree

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The Return of Nevermore part 6

The Return of Nevermore part 6

In the Legacy Universe, there are very few villains who are as feared as Baron Nevermore. Now Nevermore has returned with a group of powerful allies, and the heroes will have to work together if they are to stand any chance of saving the world from this evil.

Requium for a hero.

“Crying in a spacesuit is… ill advised…”

“Fuck you.”

I suppose that was the start of a eulogy, incongruous as it was.

He was right though. At least we weren’t in microgravity so the tears traced a sluggish path down my cheeks and into the collar of my coolsuit instead of becoming little floating globules of nastiness.

The sun burned down upon us, casting every pebble and microcrater into sharp relief as the regolith crunched under our feet. The sky was the black of space, even the stars washed out by the fierce furnace which lit our way.

Man hunt in the Heartland -chp8

Man hunt in the Heartland


Sam and Bobby have gotten Kristine to safety and brought down the Law, Order and God party. Now they face a new challenge. Can they find the missing Wit-Sac files in time to stop their sale to the highest bidder?

by Snowfall and Jessie Wolf.

Cosplay Adventure – Part 2

The next day after a shower I put my makeup on and found a pair of leggings that Jane had left behind. I went downstairs and Sarah was in the kitchen eating some cereal. She looked at me and said, “Ok, I need to teach you daytime makeup.” She had a point.

Marley for the Win Part 2

Marley For the Win Part 2

Lisa and Ann both stepped back and looked at Marley then looked at each other. They had never really thought about it but with his longer hair it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch for him to look like a girl. He was 13, but his body hadn’t really changed from puberty, even his voice hadn’t changed.

“It’s the clothes,” his sister said, “That black jersey isn’t going to work, we’re going to have to change it.” Lisa nodded and crossed her arms, then looked into the back of the van.

“I guess it’s still in there,” Lisa said.


The ripping snarl of a jaguar in full hunt shredded the concealment of darkness.

Below me the three men paused for a moment, their erections beginning to wilt from fear.

“What the fuck was that?” One of them half-yelled as he tried to pull his pants back up.

“That was the sound of your doom!”

I can’t help it, as I see them begin to scramble for escape I laugh, a sound of shattering glass.
“I warned you, all of you…”

By now the three men are scrambling past me and I let them go… sport for later…

Crushed: For acting like a Boy

Dennis thought by acting like a boy and messing up his dress clothes, he'd get to stay home and play with friends. He insisted that is what boys like him did. Mom didn't get too angry so he thought he won. Unfortunately every time he acted up he was crushed a little more. Until he began to like it.

The Chrysalis Project Book 5: Steel Dove Book 2

trying to live 4

"Are you serious!? Thats crazy are you gonna tell her?" Annabelle said surprised "No Im not gonna fucking tell her wheres the spontanity in that?" She shook her head "Bubba the last thing you need is to be more damn spontanious, when are you going?" More than anything I wanted to say right the fuck now this second but I couldnt. There was too many loose ends that needed tightening before I could go.

Crush Alternate U

Ever watch something you can see perfectly start moving so fast it disappears? Yeah, well propellers on airplanes and machinery does that. What is speed? Is our world balanced on speed, vibrations, harmonics, gravity and many other equations? I told John my story and he didn't believe me so I'm sharing it with you. Of course you won't believe me either.

The Crush: Panty Club


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