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1 Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 5: Volume 1: Chapter 13    Tue   Paul Cousins
2 The Guardian - 5    Tue   Drea DiMaggio
3 Rhapsody in (T)G Major ~ Part 5    Tue   Shauna
4 The Enhanced: TRI - 4    Tue   Moongoddess
5 Jem...Chapter 149    Tue   Bailey Summers
6 Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 19    Tue   Bailey Summers
7 Butterfly Moments    Mon   Hutcho
8 Atalanta at Whateley: School Days    Mon   Katelyn
9 Girly Gurl Salon Alexis Part 8    Mon   Francesca Walker
10 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2686    Mon   Angharad
11 When Winding Paths Meet - Post 6    Mon   Elizabeth Marie
12 Rhapsody in (T)G Major ~ Part 4    Mon   Shauna
13 Chesil Beach (from Gabycon 2015)    Mon   Angharad
14 In the nick of time: Part 3 The End    Mon   Freyja Celeste
15 Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 5: Volume 1: Chapter 12    Sun   Paul Cousins
16 When tales come true Chapter 17    Sun   GypsyWoman
17 CyberRealm: Into the Underworld - Chapter 6    Sat   Ryker
18 Laura, part 6    Sat   Debbie V
19 The Loves of Julie Pearson - 5    Sat   Katherine Day
20 My Dreams of Spirit Dancer - Part 5    Sat   Teddie S.
21 Frills-chapter 5    Fri   Snowfall
22 Caught in the Act – 12 Decision Time?    Fri   Jessica C
23 Memoirs of a magical girl, chapter 2.    Fri   Nagrij
24 Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 17    Fri   Taralynn
25 Honey Bunny: 24    Fri   Louise Anne
26 Lady in Waiting Part 2    Fri   Christina H
27 The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 23 - Butterflies and Cherubs    Thu   Snowfall
28 Little Boy-Girl the Flash Backs 6-8 Joy, Katie Lee, Zoey Brooks Vaughn, Taylor Ann and Zack    Thu   Mario Cawhern
29 Kayda 3 - Two Spirits: Chapter 1 - Oyate    Wed   Elrod
30 Battle For Earth: Coalescence (Chapters 5-7)    Wed   D.A.W.

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 5: Volume 1: Chapter 13

Now, for something different.

This is a day in the life of Police Chief Pedro Del Soto. As he, and his police officers, patrol and protect the people of the island city of De La Plata Podrido.

Meanwhile, Lee introduces Akira, Natsuru, and Ranma, to some of his favorite, more modern movies.

The Enhanced: TRI - 4

enhanced graphic.jpg
By Diana M. Howe, Edited by Melanie Howe, Cover art by Monica Plant
Copyright © 2004, 2015 by Diana M. Howe
All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the reproduction
Or utilization of this work in whole or in part in any form by any
Electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter

Growing Up Kitty

Growing Up Kitty
By Paul Calhoun

A teenage boy in a dystopian future has had some bodily development frozen at a younger age due to a medical mixup, and when he sees his similarly affected cousin he's crushed on for years has left her swimsuit in the changing room he goes in to touch it and finds a lot more.

I personally do like ageplay, but also understand that though I consider it only a vehicle for a form of transgression that is difficult to replicate anywhere other than underage that underage is also a big issue these days. I think that the setting I put it in and the method I used to make him SEEM younger actually improves the narrative because there's the transgressive element of being somewhere people would chase him away from as well as the element that he really ought to be able to go and usually can't because of his appearance.

Request for :iconmeioubunny:

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 19



Named after the home of some of the lost gods or such.
The Capitol city of the High King and it’s built in these huge levels with like a star or a sun at the bottom and then it rises in huge, huge tiers and adorned with these fancy buildings all smooth and lit up and there’s the glitter of so much light and so much glass.
It looked like a fancy gigantic cake.
I…it…was headed for the palace…the castle called Whitehall…and I barely got a look besides it being huge almost a small city with towers and tall buildings all of its own before I crashed into a fancy garden with flowers and trees that looked decorative and in the end a gazebo of fine wood.
The soldiers came running with fancy spears and some with swords and some with crossbows and I remember seeing a man with a very nice uniform on like the others but with the best embroidery I’ve ever seen and he loomed over me with a dagger at the ready.
“Who are you girl and what sorcery be this!?”
“Gracia…Princess Gracia Lyonnes…my father…my…The Lion has fallen…”
It’s all I could get out.
This man his expression changed to shock then concern and things faded to black as I hear him yelling though he seems far away.
“Get the knight captain! Fetch a healer!”
And that was how I'm here, very far from home.

*And Now…

Swishy in Satin: A TG Mixed Tape

Swishy in Satin: A TG Mixed Tape


Edited by Hutcho

A sextet of stories from six very different authors. Hit play on July’s Mixed Tape flash fiction collection for sea-creatures, sexy transformations, an interview with Amy Komori AND MORE!

Butterfly Moments

Butterfly Moments


By Hutcho

Author’s Note: The following stories were originally published in the “TG Mixed Tape” flash fiction anthologies. As readers of those collections know, many of my contributions detail incidents in the life of Nina, a young trans woman. If you haven’t read these stories, enjoy. If you have, I hope that you take the time to revisit and find re-reading them back-to-back a different, richer experience.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days

I am sorry it has taken me so long to post this continuation of Atalanta's Story. I had much of it wrote a year ago but this has been written almost from scratch three times. I has to slap myself from a fourth. I want to thank Ashleigh for editing it and to Bill who helped me in the early stages of this story. And to Todd who read it. I hoped I have not missed thanking or shortchanging anyone. If I did accept my apologies. I guess I should add this is copywrited material.

Atalanta arrives at the train depot to find...

Girly Gurl Salon Alexis Part 8

All of the previous parts have been lengthened, and new material added, and mistakes corrected in a couple of spots, hopefully to make the story more enjoyable. I suggest you reread the previous parts of Alexis before you continue with the story. Thanks Francesca

When Winding Paths Meet - Post 6

Sorry for the long time between postings. Life has been VERY busy for me lately.


Six months later

Lara was enjoying her high school sophomore year. The surgery to correct all the signs of her Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia had been completed and all of the pain was behind her.

The Jogger

jogger.jpgThe Jogger
By Anon Allsop

I sat at my window and peered out into the night sky, only the moon was visible to the naked eye. Pouring myself another glass of liquor, I momentarily studied its contents before downing it. Once again, my drinking companion tonight would be my insomnia - and my damn brain refusing to shut down.

Tears welled into my eyes as I thought of her lovely face constantly in front of me, haunting my mind each and every time I would close my eyes.

How did my life get so screwed up? I cried to the empty room.

Rhapsody in (T)G Major ~ Part 4

What would you do if were a sixteen year-old boy and you woke up one morning with makeup that just won’t come off? That is the dilemma that Landon Parker is facing. And that is only the beginning

Part Four: Reality Hits

In the nick of time: Part 3 The End

This is so horrible, why, why did this have to have to happen to me on this great day? I wanted to relax and enjoy myself, not being bound, gagged, almost 'raped', and now trapped in the basement. I continued to struggle against my new bonds but they were far tighter than the first and really rubbed against my skin. As I tried to get free in the darkness, I continued to hear their rummaging, no rampage above. Those bastards, I thought, they'll be sorry when they are caught for steal valuables, damaging property, and assaulting a female...

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 5: Volume 1: Chapter 12

First, Pedro finds out that someone wants to buy the beach house his brother Paciano gave him. With Pedro convincing Lee to chauffeur. But, they are going to get more than they bargained for.

Then, Lee has to convince Sam not to worry about the bad news that Lee gave him, the night before.

Along with this, Lee would think. After last night's talent contest. That the girls would be at least satisfied to leave him alone for a few days. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As a few of them decide to come to the Rats Nest. And they want to join in on Lee and Sam's usual poker game.

Also, Lee will have to deal with an unexpected guest, whom may throw him completely off his game, in more ways than one.

Afterward, Melvin has to deal with an unexpected afternoon guest of his own.

That night, Lee has a close encounter with the Amazonian kind. And who he meets then, even surprises himself.

And Lee and Pedro realize that Chang's plan are far grander than they expected, and perhaps beyond their ability to deal with.

When tales come true Chapter 17

When tales come true

Chapter 17

Fall Quarter


(I know I posted this would not be up for a week or more but things worked out and here it is Enjoy)

The Empty House


By Nicki Benson

This is my attempt to imitate a style of prose used to great effect by David Peace, author of ‘The Damned United’, the Red Riding sequence and more recently ‘Red Or Dead’, a fictional biography of the former Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly.

CyberRealm: Into the Underworld - Chapter 6

Into the Underworld

By Ken Ryker

Discover the dark secrets of a futuristic world with a deep history of mystical lore
and racial wars. One man has his eyes opened in ways that can never be closed. A fierce fighter learns
the truth of the secrets held inside. And a woman learns of a world she never knew existed.



Chapter 6:


Laura, part 6

“Project more!” Mrs. Ingram urges me. “We want to be able to hear you all the way at the back of the class!”

“I will never let you manipulate me into taking a stand against my own father!” I say in a loud, forceful voice to the girl stood opposite me. “No matter how much you threaten me!”

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 5

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 5

By Katherine Day

(Jason’s quest to become both female and a teacher grows complicated; he finds his Julie identity emerges more and more, winning the admiration of a man and a boy. Thanks to Eric for his editing. This is a Novel-length story with 20 chapters. It is a sequel to two short stories published in 2013, “Julie’s Odyssey” and “Gifts for Julie.” Copyright 2014)

My Dreams of Spirit Dancer - Part 5

My Dreams of Spirit Dancer
by Teddie S.


Part 5

Luke's brother, Steven, came home and found out about his brother being two spirited. He also met Little Fawn and Laughing Maiden, and it wasn't a good thing. Steven left the house after an argument with his dad, and vowed to never come back. Then we found out about Luke's school and how his counselor found out about him being a two-spirit person. And, how she started talking with White Antelope and learning about the Native American people.

Memoirs of a magical girl, chapter 2.

Alright, so chapter 2 of this. I upped the rating (I think) since the main character has a potty mouth, and certain risque discussions do take place. That's basically going to be the rating from here on out; if there is any doubt about letting young-uns read it, read it first and make the call yourself.

This chapter is basically philosophy versus mental health. Enjoy.

Copyright Nagrij 2015.


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