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1 When tales come true Chapter 3    Tue   GypsyWoman
2 Our Way - Part 7    Tue   Lady Blaise
3 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2655    Tue   Angharad
4 Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 12    Tue   Taralynn
5 Worth Fighting For - Post 7    Tue   K.T. Leone
6 A prisoner in my own mind 4    Tue   Sydney Moya
7 Testing Times - Chapter 8    Tue   Shiraz
8 Whispers from the Void - Epilogue    Mon   Ryker
9 Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 4: Chapter 02    Mon   Paul Cousins
10 On Her Own Petard - Part 22    Mon   Ceri
11 The Knights of Death chapter 11    Mon   WolfJess7
12 Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals 5    Mon   Fayanora
13 A New Start in Life part 35    Mon   Christina H
14 Charlotte, part 12    Sun   Debbie V
15 Room in Hell chapter 20.    Sun   Nagrij
16 Altered Fates; “The Bodyguard” Ch 16 of 16    Sun   Zapper
17 You're Looking At Country - Part 4    Sun   OES
18 Education in the Hills - chapter 35    Sun   Penny Reed Cardon
19 Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 12    Sat   Kate Hart
20 Bikini Beach: Of hopes and dreams, of friendships lost Part 1 of 2    Sat   ib12us
21 Secondhand Life - Part 29    Sat   Kat Walker
22 Embracing Justice -chp 9    Fri   WolfJess7
23 Unaccounted Gains Book 3 - Chapter 16    Fri   Shiraz
24 Battle For Earth: Downfall (Chapters 1-5)    Fri   D.A.W.
25 Honey Bunny: 18    Fri   Louise Anne
26 Imp 3: An Imp-Perfect World part 2    Thu   Morpheus
27 Laura, part 4    Thu   Debbie V
28 The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 17 - TinselTown Takedown    Thu   Snowfall
29 South of Bikini 3: Episode 3- New Arrivals, New Era    Thu   R.G.Beyer
30 My other daughter 3    Thu   Sydney Moya

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When tales come true Chapter 3

When tales come true

Chapter 3


I woke early feeling pretty good. I was on my way to breakfast when it hit me. I Had never got my ring back from Jenny. I needed to go to the Great Hall today without my ring that would be hard. I turned around to my room. I had a chance there if Jenny will not give me my ring back.

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 12


After the Spirit Guard have explained everything, Robert said, "No," and decides to go on with his life. But as he, Eli, and Cory go to the mall, Robert finds out sometimes trouble just seems to go wherever you are.

A prisoner in my own mind 4

A prisoner in my own mind

Sydney Moya

© 2015

All rights reserved


Ashley touches an alien artifact one day and an alien invades his body with incredible results.

Chapter four

Jav now set about embedding herself into Ashley’s life while her host was virtually catatonic.

Whispers from the Void - Epilogue

Whispers from the Void

by Ken Ryker

We are not alone.

There are forces out there beyond the vastness of space, existing in the realm between life and death. They are called archons, but they have been known by many other names: angels, devils, demons, spirits, ghosts, gods.

Among them, a young girl is thrust into a destiny she does not understand. Lead by a torn mentor, hunted by a spurned patron, and wanted by a malevolent spirit, she will face unknown threats and find unexpected allies as she struggles to determine whom she can trust and whom she must deliver to a fate darker than the blackest night.



Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 4: Chapter 02

If escaping an alien armada, with a force using, lightsaber wielding badass, was not enough.

There are types of parties that people should not literally drop in uninvited.

Island of the amazons? Or, island of the bikini clad badasses? Not much difference, except the amazons tend to be nicer.

And after a second harrowing escape, within minutes of the brothers' last escape, the women of the island, that the brothers escape, begin to realize who they chase off, and their mistakes in doing.

Then, there is another adventure in the past of old Roanapur.

And to make matters worse. Scorpius is about to call in the bounty hunters, on the boys. And it is not a short list.

With that only being the tip of the iceberg, for this sunny insanity.

The Knights of Death chapter 11

The Knights of Death


Civil War has come to the Empire. For Maiha Nakatoma and her family the war is personal. The only Daughter of Death is on a crusade to restore the Red Empress to the Throne. Can she complete her goal and still keep her soul? Or will the Family of Nakatoma finally have to draw The Great Sword?

Edited by honeysuckle, djkauf and my loving husband Paul

Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals 5

Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, is a young and abused Black boy with Asperger's syndrome, and is hated by his guardians, the Dursleys. A little over a week before his birthday, he discovers that he is also a wizard, and the Dursleys knew all along. Not only is he a wizard, but he's also famous in the wizarding world! An AU fanfic.

(Transgender character introduced in chapter 7)

"Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals"

By = Fayanora

A New Start in Life part 35

A New Start in Life Part 35
The Girls Mk2.jpg

A New Start in Life: After losing his family in a horrific road accident Stephen takes refuge in being Susanna part time. However a girl acquaintance visiting his flat accidentally discovers his secret.
Stephen then confesses that he wished that he could become Susanna and makes a very important decision that will give him the new start in life. He starts to live as Susanna with the help of his two best girl friends.

Charlotte, part 12

As the classical music reaches its crescendo, I lower myself from pointe and dip into a perfect ballerina’s curtsey, spreading my voluminous tutu beneath me as the crowd roars with rapturous applause.

“Three cheers for the birthday girl!” Stuart yells from the audience, making me blush as I stand back up.

“Hip hip!” Stuart yells.

“Hooray!” The crowd enthusiastically responds.

Keeping a Promise

Keeping a Promise


The sky was heavy with rain clouds. The air was still as the grave. To most people the young female soldier dressed in her Dress Blue Uniform was rather pretty. If there was anyone there to see her as she walked among the graves stones. She had her head held high with pride.

Altered Fates; “The Bodyguard” Ch 16 of 16

Current Situation:

Having returned to earth Molly and Logan are taken by surprise and betrayed. Now captured their bodies and identities are threatened by a villain who has unlocked the secrets of the Medallion.

Author Note:

1: This story is based on the Altered Fates Universe concept established by Jennifer Adams, however I’ve taken some artistic liberties so this story doesn’t strictly adhere to the rules Jennifer established.

You're Looking At Country - Part 4

When You're Looking At Me.............
"You're Looking At Country!" - Part 4
girl on horse_0.jpg
"I just KNOW that a city born girl like myself can rough it with the country born gals.........Provided of course that the air-conditioning and the cappuccino machine are both working properly!"

Bikini Beach: Of hopes and dreams, of friendships lost Part 1 of 2

Bikini Beach: Of hopes and dreams, of friendships lost Part 1 of 2

Story by Ib12us


We all know what had happened to Anya from her story 'The Temptation of Anya' and the outcome of what Oksana's revenge had done to her.

But what of the effects on others who come to the park? What effects could have been caused intentionally or unintentionally? Here is one such story or several. A story of hopes and dreams. Of love and friendships.

Secondhand Life - Part 29

Agave was a trendy yet casual place that seemed to specialize in locally sourced food. The menu was heavy on salads, veggie burgers and vegan fare, - very L.A. - but there was some dairy fish and local poultry, so our group of college students could indulge in items that almost tasted like junk-food if they were so inclined. While I think most of our crowd would have been happier with hot wings or burgers and fries from In & Out, they didn't grumble much about the healthy fare. I think they were just tickled that Eoin and I had invited them all out for a victory meal.



by Jennifer Sue

Riley Thomas was a skinny fourteen year old geeky boy. While he wasn’t totally bad at sports, he wasn’t particularly good either. If graded he’d be the high side of mediocre. As such most of the guys looked down their nose at him. While they teased him things never got physical like some of the nerdier guys suffered. For the most part, he simply did his best to stay out of the way and avoided drawing attention to himself.

Like most of the eighth grade guys, he was enamored by Cindy James. The only guys who didn’t worship the ground she walked upon were gay. Cindy was captain of the middle school cheerleading squad, blond, blue eyed, and quite curvaceous. She was cute and knew it. The jocks were the only ones with enough guts to ask her out while the rest of the guys just drooled and dreamed. Cindy, much to the jock’s chagrin, enjoyed publicly shooting down their clumsy/arrogant attempts at getting a date. The other girls envied her looks and appreciated her leaving the jocks for them. However, that resulted in rumors spreading that she was a lesbian.

Embracing Justice -chp 9

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.

Battle For Earth: Downfall (Chapters 1-5)


Upon rescuing my sister, aided in our escape by a mysterious stranger,
the final pieces of the puzzle fall together and we
learn the intended purpose of the biometric key, but will it be
enough to rescue Earth from the clutches of the Qharr?

Honey Bunny: 18

Interview with George
Ally in her Bunny outfit
Sometimes it is more important to listen to your inner voice than those around you.

Honey Bunny
Chapter 18

by Louise Anne Smithson

Copyright © 2015 Louise Anne Smithson
All Rights Reserved.

I Can't Breathe.

Rob can't breathe and even as young as he is life seems to be closing in really hard.
Until he's given a chance, a very odd chance to get away from everything closing in an maybe find some breathing room.

Imp 3: An Imp-Perfect World part 2

Imp 3: An Imp-Perfect World part 2

Everyone knows that heroes are good and villains are bad, but what is a poor Imp to do when these roles get blurred.

This is a non-TG story that takes place in the Whateley Universe. This is also the third story about the Imp, with the first being The Art of Being the Imp and the second being Mission Imp-Probable. I plan on posting the new updates to this site a week after each one is posted on the official Whateley site.


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