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I have it ALL worked out...

With the continuation of the recent trend of writers/authors taking down their stories to publish them commercially, I will be the most popular writer/author to have stories posted here on BigCloset in the very near future. (In the Galactic sense of time, maybe even the Geologic sense.) At THAT point all the readers left here will be FORCED to read my stuff, whether it is worth reading or not.

with love,


Heaven and Hell: There's always Hope

This story is the result of long effort and some interaction between Maggie Finson and myself. I had originally offered the idea to Maggie, but she never found time or perhaps she didn’t receive the inspiration to take it further. After rediscovering the outline several months later, inspiration struck me, like a kick in the behind. I began work on it all over again. Having an outline for a story was a WHOLE new concept for me, but it worked out well. I didn’t stick to the outline completely but it pulled the writing along quite nicely. I may actually have to try the ‘outline method’ again some time.

Robyn and Carla were extremely helpful in making my efforts readable. Thank you both.

with love,


Break Fast for Tiffany

OK - there I was, - It was my 60th birthday 2012 07 10 and I had something for you. Whether or not it's a present, I'll let you decide. My muse sat on me all day until this got done, and it is done. What you see is all there is. I hope you enjoy it enough to comment.

The Modeling Contract

My story has a blurb and this is it. I believe that story blurbs should lure the reader into a false sense of urgency to read the story that follows. This urgency should be SO strong that NOT reading the following story becomes a total impossibility. So without further delay; I present the story you have all be WAITING for.

Episode # 10,455

Episode #10,455

A pretentious title, you say?

Well I have a reason; JEALOUSY!

I just KNOW I'll never in a million years catch up to our lovely Anghie. So the ONLY thing for me to do is --- CHEAT! Even the slightly less prolific John in Wisconsin has me WAY beat,(On the other hand we ARE still waiting for the further episodes of Joanie Brown???) so I'm forced to subterfuge. I'm sure there COULD have been 10, 454 previous episodes: IF someone had been so wonderful as to write them - and - I have no problem with it if someone feels like doing exactly that, but, I haven't got the stick-to-itivenes for that type of epic. No it is far more in my bailiwick to just pull an episode like this one, out of a hat. No I wasn't wearing a hat while writing this. I hope you will all enjoy my little bit of fluff. Thanks for reading this far.


Hi Everyone,

I have to warn you this story isn't new. I wrote it under a completely different nom-de-plume. I have no idea if it is up to my usual standards, which of course would mean it was nowhere near the top of the barrel in BC. you are welcome to read it - AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The original pseudonym has at least as much relation to my birth name as my curret username, for puzzle geeks. (Please not public guesses.)

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MAU: Dream Lover Ch 6

Hi All,

Sorry for the long wait. Real life kind of stole my inspiration for a while. I think my small part of this chapter shows that I got it back.

Still no winners in the which writer wrote which character contest. (Yes that's right no entries in the contest either.) This chapter will make the contest more difficult as we each wrote a section rather than each writing our character.

MAU: Dream Lover Ch 5

Cho's CheongsamOkay everyone. Now it’s my turn to do a blurb. I almost threatened Hope with physical damage if I didn’t get to do one. (Not really, I asked nicely — really!) And now here I am trying to figure out what to say.

MAU: Dream Lover Ch 4

Hi there all you wonderful fans of my blurbs. I know both of you are being cruelly short-changed with this story, but please bear with me for a little longer. I promise to put a REAL blurb in front of my next solo story, I just don't feel right in enhancing this one with Maggie being my co-author. She CLAIMS to be just a regular person, but, knowing how well she writes fiction of all types, I take that statement with a LARGE dose of salt. I hope this installment meets with reader approval. Please leave a comment.



MAU: Dream Lover Ch 3

Hi All,

You KNOW that I NEED to post a blurb here right? Well I'll be brief. First, there are no winners yet in the 'which character belongs to which author' contest. To be completely frank,(Hey I don't want to be Frank - I want to be Nicole or Susan or Betty or...) there haven't even been any entries yet. Either Maggie and I are too recognizable or readers just don't like contests. Secondly, the story is progressing, if rather more slowly than I hoped. I hope none of you are disappointed and we'll have more for you as soon as we can.



MAU: Dream Lover


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Okay, Maggie would want me to be honest here and tell you I came up with this story concept. But since the writing started happening we have sent so many emails back and forth I think we are responsible for slowing down the internet by at least 1%. So if your connection is slowing down - it's all Maggie's fault. We are having an absolute ball writing this.

MAU: Dream Lover Ch 1 and Ch 2

Now as for me, I want — no that isn’t right — I — NEED - to write a blurb here that has NOTHING to do with the story that follows. I — COULD — blather on for the next seven to eight hundred words and that would be consistent with my past works. Maggie on the other hand might be freaked out to the max by having her name attached to such drivel.

The Result of a New Conditioner

I have no idea why it is my lot in life to have to post stories here, at Big Closet, that have NOTHING to do with the blurb that gets posted on the main page of BC. If I could change in any way,… well I would still post story blurbs that say nothing about the stories, but I would LOOK SO damn sexy and feminine while typing them that you would all, every one of you, even those who THINK they aren’t interested in genetic women, be ‘dry hunching’ just thinking about me.

The Result of a New Conditioner
By Hope Eternal Reigns

The Lingerie Salesman

Hi All,

I can't believe I'm posting this little ditty without even the smallest silly blurb. BUT, this scrap of doggie doo has been sitting on my harddrive for a long time now and ... well I thought I might as well post it as throw it out, not that throwing it out wasn't a good idea, but ...

The Lingerie Salesman

By Hope Eternal Reigns

Vee Heff Vays...

Dear John from Wauwatosa, if your muse were to poke and prod you as much as mine has been doing to me lately, that story about Joanie Brown would be up to, at least, section 13 chapter 11, completed and posted here at BC by now. If you don’t post something soon, I will recommend you be given 30 lashes with a piece of over-cooked spaghetti.

The Ultimate Sensitivity Course (TUSC) 3 Q. How do I become one of the IDIOTS? A. Too late

So!!!! Apparently our most highly honourable site mistress, the always lovely, gracious and talented Miss Erin, seems to think I’m getting a little too long winded with my story blurbs. What? Me? Ramble on and on and on… about stuff that has nothing to do with the story anyway??? Are you sure you have the right person here?

The Ultimate Sensitivity Course -2- IDIOTS are Real and They are All Around Us

The Ultimate Sensitivity Course

Chapter 2; IDIOTS are Real and They are All Around Us


Hope Eternal Reigns

When we last left our intrepid hero, Duddly Dooright, he was racing his clattery model A Ford to save the damsel in distress from the dastard Snydely Whiplash. The villain had the damsel tied up and lying on the train tracks and a train was coming…

The Ultimate Sensitivity Course -1- From Flying Solo to Sweet Helper

Ok what can I say without giving up too much of the story? Well my muse was definitely emitting sci-fi vibes this time, she is so sweet, she allowed me to write with a little tongue-in-cheek, ok maybe some parts are a lot tongue-in-cheek. She led me to some pathos, some humour, a little sex scene (my muse is such a minx) for those who are into that kind of thing and an apparent mother daughter bonding thing for, you know, that wholesome sort of feeling. You will need to pester me for chapter two, at least, to read the resolution of the tension that I try to set up. The characters are all pretty two-dimensional but that is just the way I am so how could I possibly write people any differently. (All my clothes have those convenient tabs to keep them on. A little ironing and just store them flat. They stay wrinkle free and take amazingly little closet space no matter how much shopping I do.)
The story is written almost completely in dialogue so you have to keep track of who says what. This is even further exasperated by the fact that none of the quotes are identified by ‘said person A’ or ‘asked person B’. Bear with me a little and the speakers should become pretty clear. They do identify each other quite often by WHAT they say and to whom they are speaking. (i.e. If a person should, for example, say:

“John from Wauwatosa, I’m really sorry to say this, but your body is the wrong sex for me to be interested in you, even if you do sound really pretty in your emails to me.”

We could be fairly certain that it is not John from Wauwatosa speaking, right? Well, at least I HOPE I haven’t accidentally ‘outed’ any of John from Wauwatosa’s deepest darkest secrets? I mean it’s ok by me if that is the way John from Wauwatosa feels about himself, I can actually empathize with these feelings, but it would have been most horrifyingly impolite of me to ‘out’ him without his consent.) I hope I haven’t gotten too tricky for my own good here, but give it a go and see if the message comes through. Whispers are denoted by tildes and thoughts by single quotation marks, when outside of the standard quotation marks. (Quotes within quotes are either the speaker aping someone else or for extra emphasis.)
Ha, I probably gave away more of the story with the title than I did here in the blurb, though I believe the previous paragraph will be helpful to the reader. [Good job Hope! Another masterful work of misdirection and murkiness.]

It All Started at the Health Club

Here is a little piece of dust-bunny lint that my muse swept out from some dark place, under the bed I think, in my psyche.
The story is a little mixed up, in that, the end is right at the beginning, and the start of the story comes second. If it is too confusing, all I can say is, that is how my muse led me to write it.
For anyone who hates blurbs that do not describe the story, and you and I both know who you are, at least this way you can decide quickly if you want to continue reading.

I have to be Me

Here is a short little piece of fluff my muse squished out of me while I was trying to do other things. If you are totally offended by ‘blurbs’ that say nothing about the story they advertise, sorry, but this is one of those. If you read my earlier story on this site and enjoyed it enough to take a chance of this one, THANK YOU, well, I guess that is a form of advertising too. If you have read both please leave me a short note of comparison between the two. I am interested to know if anyone sees similarities between them. (or differences) Damn! I sure hope you find differences.

A Normal Perspective

You know that feeling you get? I mean the one when you finally begin to void an over-filled bladder. No, no, no, not the blissful relief one. I mean that feeling that stopping the flow would cause you REAL pain. Oh, and there is another feeling I’d like you to think about. Have you ever had a child wriggle and squirm around on your tummy when you have had a REALLY full bladder?

I’ll bet you would like me to explain, right? Ok, well, it really felt as if once I started this story, I couldn’t, for the life of me, stop writing until it was ready to be posted. Stopping the flow of words might have led to some sort of ‘Tourette's Syndrome’, TG expletives coming out of me at the most embarrassing times. The child on the tummy analogy has to do with, my muse bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down… on my creative writing center. I thought I was going to have an accident. It would NOT have been pretty. Imagine all those random TG thoughts EXPLODING all over Winnipeg. Shovels would NOT have been enough to clean up all the male bovine excrement. Sam Katz (our mayor) might have had to declare a state of emergency.

I hope my blatherings tickle your fancy.

WHAT?!? You expected this teaser to be a synopsis of the actual story? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

On a more serious note, wiping the smirk -right- off my face, I must, well, I really want to, thank Nellie T. for editing for me and thanks also go to; Teddie S., John in Wauwatosa, Bob Arnold and Erin Halfelven for their help in posting to this site.

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