Izzie Business - 01 - Dungeons and Dragonesses



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Izzie Business

by calei esprit

Chapter 01

Dungeons and Dragonesses


Please be aware that this story deals with a number of rather upsetting topics/scenes in varying degrees of detail throughout its chapters. Also, please do not post this story anywhere without asking me first. Insert your other stardard disclaimer stuff here as needed. Just in case: this story is copyright the author (me), calei esprit.

The Deception of Choice -Part 2-

"Girls must strive to develop a personality that could best be characterised as ladylike."

The Deception of Choice

Part 2

by Fleurie

These are Chapters 3, 4 and 5. David's life might be thought by those more concerned with physical rather than mental deprivation to have taken a more promising turn. Perhaps so but David is less than convinced; indeed in his mind the confusion mounts. As indeed it does in the author's.

Apologies if it still seems slow. Maybe after all it is wrong to blame David for it. Other factors could be at work.

The Deception of Choice -Part 1-

Sometimes, life is a game of charades and no one knows the solution to the puzzle...

The Deception of Choice

by Fleurie

These chapters concern an enforced selection, random or otherwise, and its consequences. About hope against sad inevitability. About futility in the face of nameless authority. Neither the author nor the main character know yet how it will end. Doubtless all in tears though. Life usually does.

It is dreadfully slow but possibly may get better. So much depends on David.

Cigarettes Are a Girl's Best Friend -3-

Cigarettes Are A Girl's Best Friend

by slimv

Part 3

His mother was true to her word. As Jimmy's chest recovered from Dr. Brown's scalpel, Carol made some calls. The lawyer referred to her by Dr. Doyle created a new identity for Katie. He even helped Carol forge school transcripts so Katie could start high school at Gilmore in the fall.

A Christmas Diary -12- All Good Things...

"Goodbye, I love you."
Hello, Mrs. Diary, It's Me Again
All Good Things...

Tom's Christmas Diary

By Little Katie

Part Twelve: All Good Things...

When discussing this work, it was designed to go this far. This will be the last installment from me.



By Audrey Cooper

This work remains the copyright of the author, regardless of media. Permission is granted for it to be read and copied by inidividuals. No other distribution is allowed without the express consent of the author.

Chapter 1. Introductions.

This is the story of a person who is very special to me. First, I should introduce myself and tell you about my family.

Phase Transitions: Gas pt.1


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Phase Transitions

(Based on a Story and Title suggestion made by Tyrone Slothrop)

Transition one: Gas pt.1

The night sky was clear and still warm on a night in late July of 2004. On interstate 95, just north of Baltimore, a green Kia Spectra uses a tractor trailer to run blocking for it as it makes it way to the 695 interchange. Renee Holister and I have been discussing how I came to the understanding that I was transsexual.

Laura Returns to Brazil - Rio Team - Slothrop's I Can See For Miles

Laura Returns to Brazil
- Rio de Janeiro Team -
Slothrop’s I Can See For Miles

by Bluto

Series Originator Note: I first met Bluto through his comments on one of my stories, and we found we shared a similar set of themes around the unsung and unwritten tales of the TG fiction victims. After exchanging emails, I knew he would be key to lending Angel a helping hand. It is so good to see Laura and Harold live again, I need to find another reason to get them to come back.

I Can See For Miles - Part 1

I Can See For Miles

By Tyrone Slothrop- Fourth Story in the Angelverse

Author’s Note: This is the fourth Angel story and he needed lots of help for this mission. Even when I threw in characters from my previous work into the mix, we still needed more. I then reached out to other authors who had created heroic figures with a similar purpose. You will see a series of works attached to this story, all launching off the same assignment detailed in chapter 20. I can tell you we had fun doing it- Tyrone Slothrop

Accidental Momma

Accidental Momma

By Tyrone Slothrop- A High Sierras story, part of the Angelverse

A young teen is betrayed by those who should look out for him, and learns the meaning of responsibility and family

Hot Crossings -1- The Start -2- The Ferry

Charlie always had to do everything his way.



By: Rebecca Anne Stewart.

With special thanks to Christy Lake & Misty Dawn


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