Identity Crisis - Chapter 7/10: The Longest Day

Rebuffed by his superhero mentor, Chris takes matters into his own hands to investigate the mystery. As friendships and alliances start to crumble, Chris is driven to make some rash decisions that have disastrous consequences. (Fair warning, this chapter gets pretty dark and delves into some uncomfortable situations. But it’s always darkest before the dawn!)

Identity Crisis - Chapter 6/10: Friends, Foes and Opportunities

A fight at school leads to changes for Chris even as he gets some unexpected good news as Prodigious Girl. Meanwhile, his best friend Caleb uncovers some information that leads to deeper questions about the plot that threatens the city.


A Little R&R part 1

Starting at a new school is never easy, and the challenges are even greater when that school is Whateley Academy. And for two girls, Ribbon and Roulette, this is especially true.

Identity Crisis - Chapter 5/10: Here to Save the World, Dressed Like a Girl

Forced to pretend that he likes wearing girls’ clothes in order to protect his secret identity, Chris has a difficult time now that friends, family, and schoolmates all believe him to be transgender. Meanwhile, a chance encounter uncovers a mystery that has potentially far-reaching effects for the entire city.

Identity Crisis - Chapter 4/10: Victoria's Secret Identity

Chris's rocky relationship with his superhero mentor leads him to consider alternatives. But his real troubles begin at home when his parents discover the stash of girls' clothes he's been using to maintain a secret identity as a heroine and they jump to awkward and embarrassing conclusions about his clandestine activities.

The Book of Darwin: Chapter 2

The Rager's Night March is over. Caitlin's found some peace, but the volatile girl's still leaning very heavily upon her friends for support. Christmas shopping with supervillains and heroes and why is there a Reality TV crew there?

But all in all it's going to be an Outcast Christmas, and then you all can watch the celebration as the Reaper ushers in the death of the year.

Identity Crisis - Chapter 3/10: When the Student is Ready...

Chris (as Prodigious Girl) finally meets Prodigy and convinces the aging hero to let him become the old man’s new sidekick. But winning Prodigy’s trust may be even more difficult than surviving his tutelage!

By Jenny North
Artwork by Fraylim and Splutt

Identity Crisis - Chapter 2/10: Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Desperate to prove himself and track down his mentor, Chris embarks on his new career as a superheroine and makes some new allies. But when he picks a fight above his power level in order to make a name for himself, his embarrassment over being a girl may soon be the least of his worries!

By Jenny North
Artwork by Fraylim and Splutt

Identity Crisis - Chapter 1/10: Confessions of a Teenage Hero(ine)

Identity Crisis cover image

Before we begin, an important note about the tone of the story. I started it as a whimsical romp, a superhero action comedy with a TG twist. But along the way it became apparent to me that at its heart it's a coming of age story, with all of the wrinkles that entails.

The Book of Darwin: Chapter 1

It's Christmas vacation, and Outcast corner is headed to Australia! With their vacation in Darwin planned and transport secured on a VERY heavily modified Hero Team transport plane, our intrepid heroes will discover the answers of many questions that have been alluded to before. What is the past of the Artificers? What remnants of the Five-Fold Court fall across the landscape? What is the Dream? Who is that adorable little boy who insists that spined raptors are appropriate riding animals??? What happens when Jericho learns of what nightmares haunt Caitlin in her waking hours that were born under the Australian sky?

I offer you, The Book of Darwin.

This is a Whateley Academy Canon Story

Project: Super Soldier - Part 8

Project: Super Soldier

Written by Nuuan

71 year old John Dodge, retired military, now sits in a nursing home, his body riddled with cancer, waiting on the grim reaper to come for him when he is given another option.

Special thanks to Jerrie for her assistance in editing

Ashes & Steel

Caitlin Bardue has lived an interesting life, but the time for wondering has come to a close. She thinks she has the piece of the puzzle she needs, and if she's right, her freedom, her life, her very SOUL will be hers to keep. If she's wrong, she faces the worst nightmare of annihilation. She will annihilate her own will. Where can the answer come from? She will find it buried in Ashes & Steel.

Disclaimer: If this story is to make sense, you need to read Upheaval 1-3, and Call the Thunder 1-7.

This is a Whateley Academy Canon Story.

Call the Thunder: Chapter 7

Sometimes, when like hands you lemons, it's time to retaliate. With Imperious trying to get his claws on Caitlin and trying to intimidate Razor and Jericho, Razor finds himself involved in his OWN combat final... and the final chapter of Call the Thunder.

This is a Whateley Academy Canon Story

New Project

New Project
By: Light Clark

Synopsis: Tyler Gahret cares for nothing more than science, so when someone attempts to recruit him while he is returning to his usual job, he is all set to refuse. When he learns what the new project he’s being recruited for is, however, he finds it too tempting to resist.

Call the Thunder: Chapter 6

It's not easy, being an Outcast. Today, it seems Caitlin will finally be going through her Combat final. So will Fey! Just... not against each other. And annoyingly, Imperious seems to think it's time to make his play to take the Artificer.

Call the Thunder: Chapter 5

As the kimbas and outcasts get to know each other, things keep building up in the background that threaten both training teams. Battling would-be oppressors and bigoted students is on the menu as Outcast Corner continues trying to navigate the insanity.

Call the Thunder: Chapter 4

Caitlin's trying desperately to cope, Razorback & Jericho are hunting to cause trouble and today is finally Diamondback's Combat Final.

What is the Crash, and why are the Outcasts in it?

Why is Diamondback pitted against Hekate?

Call the Thunder, Chapter 1

It was that time dreaded by every teen, when the boys become men, and the women become women. Or maybe it was just the Special Hell created by the Whateley staff to gauge the students' capacity to survive an assault by people who might hate mutants. In any case, the Outcasts and Team Kimba are forced to face the dreaded event: Combat Finals for the first time!

A New Superheroine

Stan Lee had it wrong. To think that a spider could bite a man and have a 'spidey sense', make webs from his hands, and climb walls is a little outrageous. Sure, I can agree that a bite from a radioactive, genetically-engineered spider would likely play with your DNA, however, to be realistic, if you were going to create a genetically-engineered, radioactive spider, you'd start with a female spider; and a bite from one of those would not only play with your DNA, it would also play with your chromosomes. Believe me, I know from experience.

For Whom Death Comes

Synopsis: Owen has a plan for his summer which he hopes will make him the most popular freshman to ever attend his high school. Things start to go astray, though, when he sees a mysterious girl in white who seems dead set on throwing all of his plans into disarray.

Upheaval Chapter 3: New Friends, New Problems

Life's never so interesting as when you find out that you've defected in the gender wars involuntarily, but when you find out that the change can also carry the price of your very freedom? Welcome to Erik Mahren's Nightmare.

Oddly enough, becoming an outcast just might be what saves her.

Upheaval Chapter 2: Walking Alone

Erik Mahren is apparently still alive after everything. This is where we find out what the fate of our intrepid teacher will be once he wakes up from the mystic hellstorm his life has suddenly become.

This is a Whateley Academy Canon Story

Upheaval Chapter 1: Instructor

Range Instructor, Corporal Erik Mahren's last two weeks have been bad. Still reeling from the aftermath of the halloween Assault on Whateley Academy and the loss of his Fiancee on Halloween Night, he's trying to keep going, and on one of his better days, his life begins the downward spiral... Again.

Yet Another Day as an Outcast

Life sucks when you're a rager, especially when you're a rager on a training team called Outcast Corner at Whateley Academy. Between bullies, idiots and Gunnery Sergeant Oscar Bardue, Jack Carlyle, formerly Erin has to put up with Grunts, Goobers and putting up with one of the "Pretties" that Jericho seems to insist he and Diamondback need to meet.

Child of Confusion

Sandra "Diamondback" Carter would be a fairly normal girl, had she not been born both male, and human. Turning into a mutant and developing massive GSD has flipped her world upside down, and even at Whateley Academy, she deals with constant reminders that she's freakier than the freaks. But it's another day in the life of a budding mystic with a few good, but odd, friends.

This is a Whateley Academy Canon story

I'm a Freak, Sue Me

Jericho is a model student at Whateley Academy, just ask him! Join us as he shares with us the joys of life, how to deal with conflict and the dangers of overindulgence of coffee.

Did I mention both of his best friends at school are changelings who missed the Poe Bus?

This is a Whateley Academy Canon story

Parkour Jam Hooligans

Erik Mahren is a teacher at Whateley Academy, one who teaches the kids how to fight back in a world that hates him. He's not a kind man, or a nice man. But maybe, for the kids, he can be a good man.

This is the prequel for Upheaval.

This is a Whateley Academy Canon Story

Imp 4: A Teacher's Tail part 2

After thirty years as a professional criminal, the fabulous Imp begins a challenging new career as a teacher.

This is a non-tg story that takes place in the Whateley Universe.

Masks 12: Part 24

Masks Twelve: Part Twenty-Four


Rodford Edmiston

The figure stopped at the limits of the forest, cupped hands around mouth and let forth with a perfect wolf howl. Long moments passed. There was a subtle shift in the mood of the woods, something the caller definitely noticed. Then, several small figures stepped into view.

"Why so formal?" said Pear, smiling at Tiger.

"I heard you had guests here on important business. Figured it was better to be careful."

Masks 12: Part 23

Masks Twelve: Part Twenty-Three


Rodford Edmiston

"Champions tend to be lucky," said Dr. Whiskers, nodding thoughtfully as she checked her patient again. "Even on my world, they were famous for avoiding or surviving what should have been fatal."

Masks 12: Part 22

Masks 12: Part Twenty-Two


Rodford Edmiston

Paula wanted to help with the cleanup and recovery at the keep, but Dr. Gorgeous had insisted she stay at the new base camp. She had also ordered Paula to return to the Assembly base on the first hopper going there. Given what had happened, Paula was not arguing.

"I don't look the same," said Paula, quietly, to herself, as she examined her new face in a shaving mirror. "Not the same as my Champion. Not the same as the new one."

Masks 12: Part 21

Masks Twelve: Part Twenty-One


Rodford Edmiston

The explosion wasn't all that large, but in the confined space of the crevice the effect on Champion was literally stunning. Dazed, coughing and blinking against the dust, she dragged herself to the opening with her hands and a bit of help from her toes. She almost collapsed with relief when she saw the gap was now easily large enough for her to get through.

Imp 4: A Teacher's Tail part 1

After thirty years as a professional criminal, the fabulous Imp begins a challenging new career as a teacher.

This is a non-tg story that takes place in the Whateley Universe.

Masks 12: Part 19

Masks Twelve: Part Nineteen


Rodford Edmiston

"Status," said Helvec, as he strode into the ship's command center. He'd had time to calm himself and think while composing the message to his commander, and moreso during the walk to the bridge. Of course, since he was a Shilmek, that still meant he was feeling quite a bit of outrage.

"I doubt the compulsion was meant for us, Captain," said his second, looking up from where he was working with the sensor officer. "More likely, it is a product of some local power play."

Masks 12: Part 18

Masks Twelve: Part Eighteen


Rodford Edmiston

Susan and Paul sat down at the small table in the break room closest to the security center at the Assembly base. There was a long moment of uncomfortable silence, as he waited for her to tell him what she wanted to talk about and she tried to figure out the best approach.

"Will you stop obsessing over it?" said Susan, finally, a bit aggravated but also obviously concerned.

Masks 12: Part 17

Masks Twelve: Part Seventeen


Rodford Edmiston

"Meddling fools," said Arnold Lampton, his voice an irritated mutter. Even that indulgence he only allowed himself because he knew he was in a place where he could not be overheard. The English weren't so bothered by rights and niceties as the Americans; his office and home and even his usual car were bugged, his phones tapped. However, they'd not been nearly thorough enough, perhaps due to fear of being caught. His private workshop, in the loft above the old carriage house, had escaped their notice.

Masks 12: Part 16

Masks Twelve: Part Sixteen


Rodford Edmiston

Energia was glad to be back at school and back in costume. She guessed that made her weird in some eyes, but who didn't have a favorite type of clothing? Hers just happened to be custom designed and tailored.

Masks 12: Part 15

Masks Twelve: Part Fifteen


Rodford Edmiston

Jenny had just today and Sunday to relax before starting back to school. Actually, she wasn't sure she could relax. This wasn't just because of all the active and impending trouble in - and out of - the world. She'd been "on duty" for so long and so intensely, Jenny was having trouble doing nothing. Fortunately, one skill she had mastered during her tours of duty on various hero teams was sleeping when there wasn't an emergency.

Masks 12: Part 13

Part Thirteen

"I remember, now, Maldren telling me that the reason his mother sent him here was partly because they were worried about something like this happening," said Energia, as news of the events in the Shilmek Empire began to spread through the super community.

"You knew this might be coming?" said Blue Impact, irritated. "Why didn't you tell anyone!"

"Well, it was told to me in confidence," said Energia, uncomfortably. "Besides, it was all 'ifs' and 'maybes.'"

Masks 12: Part 12

Masks Twelve: Part Twelve


Rodford Edmiston

"Remember Timmy Thurlough?" said Blue Impact.

"Yeah," said Gadgetive.

"He's done the mask community a major service."

"What did he do? Get himself sterilized?"

"Uh, no," said Blue Impact, with a brief smirk. "He filed a lawsuit over being arrested for being a super during the Thurlin administration's pogrom. Unlike most of such suits, his was based on being mistaken for a super, rather than the pogrom itself being unconstitutional."

Masks 12: Part 11

Masks Twelve: Part Eleven


Rodford Edmiston

For an idea of the setting for the battle, see:

I picked City Hall instead of the Louisville Metro Hall because the former is much more scenic. :-)

Masks 12: Part 10

Masks 12: Part Ten


Rodford Edmiston

"The good news is: we got reliable DNA results from the samples on the underwear those girls gave us," said Lori Savage. "The bad news is: it's from half a dozen different guys, some of whom could not have been the donors due to solid alibis."

"Great," said Template, sourly. "Some joker is on to us and playing us."


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