Same Blouse

Same Blouse

by shalimar

There are times when Gabriel and I go out to those dance clubs that we score with the girls, other times one of us gets the action while the other gets to see the girl leave alone, or with another guy. Sometimes neither of us gets the brass ring. Tonight was one of those losing nights. What I don't understand about him is that he is so good looking that all the girls should be falling all over him. As for me, I would be considered an excellent consolation prize.

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 7

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

Tyra confides in her sister. Tyra learns a few lessons about herself during her stay at the slave camp for serum girls. Tyra learns a dance. When a girl goes too far and must be rebuked. Tisa's plan for Tyra, or a brand from a woman's hand makes all the difference. What could happen when a 300 year-old man brols a virgin. A bitter lesson learned.

Runway | Chapters 5 - 8: Learning - The Hard Way!

Synopsis: Having started their assignments, Brenda, and then Tiffany began to discover that not all was well within the Universal Modeling Agency. Trying to begin their surveillance, both soon found, their jobs were no piece of cake...

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 6

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

A successful experiment in The Slave's Dream leads to dreams of a normal life as a freewoman. Tyra tests the final bonds to her former warriors. Ketrick goes too far. The challenge of a foe returns. Tyra's loyalty and warrior honor are tested. A long day as a siolat girl is just a prelude of things to come in the fight to defend her city.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 12: Girl Time

        Bleary-eyed, Christina looked groggily out of the bus window. Her back was a little stiff from sleeping in the bus seat, but not much more than it would have from sleeping in her own bed. Only the bus' air conditioning system, something Christina's apartment lacked, made the overnight trip more than bearable than it would been had she spent it at home.

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 5

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

Tyra talks to Ketrick and discovers that he has plans for her. A unfortunate meeting brings the urges. How not to sell slaves. Tyra fights back. A encounter in the Institute brings her hope. A close call in the western market. Rani's inspiration provides a needed clue. The final test at the slave club brings out her deepest needs -- will it be salvation or disaster?

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 4

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

Tyra meets her former love-slave and makes a decision. Frightened at her changes, and appalled at her sister's plans for her, Tyra forms a daring strategy to stay free at the cost of part of herself. Tyra's changes become complete, and she discovers what a being a sister means. Still, can a woman with the slave gene ever truly adjust to the world around her?

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 3

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

Tyr wakes up a very different person. Tyra is forced to renounce her past, abandon her place as her father's son and heir, and remake herself as her mother's daughter. Old friends become strangers. A new bond is forged with her sister, Tisa, but is it enough to save her?

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapters 1 and 2

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

Zhor is a planet where the mysterious Overlords rule, where men and women live for centuries and are permitted to be themselves. There, a young warrior's love and dreams are shattered when he wakes up one morning as a serum girl, a beautiful woman with the DNA of one of Zhor's finest slaves. Her old life destroyed, she must not only fight to hold onto her identity as she is forced to make a new life as a woman, but also to keep her freedom, not easy when her body insists that she would be happiest branded and collared.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 11: Finding Christina Chase

        Chris now realized that it was going to take more than just a casual effort to resurrect Christina Chase. It had been foolish to think he could just throw on some old clothes and hop on a bus. It was going to take planned and determined effort. He was going to work on being Christina every day until the end result was flawless. He decided on a few steps early on. First, he was going on a diet. Chris had always been tall and thin, but he wasn't going to take any chances. From now on, it was salad for lunch. Secondly, he was going to change his workouts. He hadn't spent much time exercising, but after his experience in Oak Grove, he'd tried some weight lifting. That was over. He was switching to aerobics or Yoga.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 10: Back to Normal

        Chris' transition back to his old life hadn't been easy. After only a week in Oak Grove, he'd become accustomed to a slower, more relaxed way of life. Though he didn't know many people in the small town, it hadn't taken him long to recognize the familiar cast of characters on Main Street. His days had been filled with the company of his family or the friendly human interaction of working in the grocery store.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 9: Home is Where the Heart Is

        Christina lay in bed on her side with her arm around a pillow. She hadn't checked what time it was, but judging by the sunlight, she expected it was past noon. Her mind was so seized with despair and worry that she'd slept only a few fitful hours since Andrei and left her at her bedroom door last night. Her hand was numb from clutching her gear necklace. She'd been holding it so tightly and for so long that the teeth had cut grooves into her palm.

Spring Surprise

A week or so ago I posted a short atmospheric piece triggered by an experience on the river bank. This is for those who found it too dark: it is, if you like, an antidote to Elegy. You inspired it, thank you.


Synopsis: Two High School students make it big through the FBI Academy and just can’t wait for their first assignment. However, nothing had prepared them for their first assignment out of the Academy!

Runway | Chapters 1 - 2: Hello Beautiful!

Synopsis: Two High School students make it big through the FBI Academy and just can’t wait for their first assignment. However, nothing had prepared them for their first assignment out of the Academy!

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 8: A Chat in the Sky

        When Christina woke up early on Friday morning, none of her fear remained from the day before. Her last day with the Levchenkos hadn't gone as well as she'd hoped, but everything had worked out in the end. She was showered and dressed by the time the sun had come up. It didn't feel right to wear her jeans after last night, so she decided to wear the last skirt that Nina had picked out for her, and her plain white blouse.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 7: Secrets

        Anastasia was livid. She stormed into her room and slammed the door. The bed was covered with stacks of clothes and two open suitcases. One case was stuffed over the edge, and the other was only half filled. She didn't care what her father said; it wasn't his decision. She went to the chest of drawers and slammed each drawer as she searched for her makeup bag. The antique lamp that she'd bought at the County Fair teetered dangerously with each drawer slammed underneath it. She angrily pushed the items on her shelf aside, breaking her sophomore year soccer trophy.

Turnabout Time

When Kate and Rob wake up in each others bodies they have no idea why, how, or even who they are now. To make matters worse they have very little time to sort it all out.

Join them for a roller coaster ride around the seedier parts of London, and a visit to the Home of English Rugby, and pray that Kate does not have to play rugby, because that would be a disaster.

With thanks to Hope and BOUSER for the editing.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 6: Pajamas and Ice Cream

        As they entered the grocery, Christina suddenly realized that she and Andrei were still holding hands. She tried to let go of her older cousin's hand without it being too obvious, and said, "Thanks."

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 5: The Lost Suitcase

        Christina woke just as the first rays of sun hit the mountain. Rolling over, she pulled the blankets over her eyes to block the light. She savored the warm, comfortable feeling of being cocooned in her luxurious bed, remembering that her bed at home wasn't remotely this comfortable. Eventually she pulled the blanket off of her head and looked around, realizing that everything that happened yesterday was real. She didn't want to get up, not only because the bed was so inviting, but also she knew that if she looked in the mirror, she would see a girl looking back.

Passing Tones, Chapter 11

I have no idea how long I’d been under my headphones working on the Prokofiev, but when Cindy tapped me on the shoulder she didn’t look any too pleased that I was still working. I looked at her sheepishly and took off the headphones.
Passing Tones
Chapter 11

by Jillian Marie

Thanks to my friends Karen J Taylor, Angharad Apgwilym, PB, Angel O’Hare, and Dimelza Cassidy for their assistance and support.
I never would have gotten this far without you.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 3: A Simple Misunderstanding

        As Chris rolled over and opened his eyes he could tell by the light on the ceiling that it was morning, but something was different. He felt as though he was floating on a cloud. This wasn't his bed. His bed was only marginally better than sleeping on the floor, and that was only because he rarely swept. Even the soft feather pillows molded perfectly to the curvature of his head. He couldn't remember feeling so relaxed in his life. Most mornings, his first action was to untwist his underwear, but today, his pajamas flowed marvelously from his body. He sighed, reveling in the sensation of being absolutely pampered.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 2: The Long Drive

        Chris began the long day's drive already spent from a week of sleepless nights. He had stopped for some soda and fast-food hours after leaving home, but caffeine and empty calories could only do so much. Realizing that his head was starting to drift downward every so often as he rested his eyes, he left the interstate for a rural route. Seeing a filling station, he decided to top off his gas tank before he ventured further into the official middle of nowhere.

A Year In My Life (Part II - 1)

If you read Part I of "A Year in My Life", you would know that I found the love of my life, Katie. Kate and I became engaged just before high school graduation.

The other outstanding thing that I learned about myself was that I have a more feminine side, named Gwen. Gwen is who I am when I'm dressed as a girl, or now a college coed.

Kate was a driving force in finding Gwen, and helping her blossom. If you haven't read Part I, you might like to. In fact, thinking back, I should have called this story "A Few Years in My Life."

This part of my story covers the first year of our college life. It certainly hasn’t been boring. I can't tell you too much without giving away the story, but things got very interesting for us in college. Among other things, we met Tiffany. She tried to come between Kate and me, and almost succeeded.

And, a special thanks to Jenny van Eik for editing this chapter.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 1: Missed Messages

        Christopher Chase stared at the tiny clock in the computer's taskbar. 8:45 PM. "I'm the last one again," he said aloud, the sound of his voice echoing through the old factory building. Chris regularly worked late; it was just part of the job. At the age of nineteen, with only a high school education, he felt lucky to have the job at all. Still, being a full time support technician, aside from his role as an unofficial and underpaid junior programmer, gave new meaning to the phrase "low man on the totem pole." He was more like the guy who waited on the park bench across the street from the totem pole, praying for the day they decided to make it just one face taller. That would only help him if the three guys on the bench with him would quit or drop dead before that day ever came.

A Year In My Life (Part I - 4)

Summary: This is the story of a year in my life. Well, maybe a little more than a year. It takes in from the middle of my junior year in high school, until the end of my senior year. It’s the story of my meeting the love of my life, Katie. And, what kind of trouble my brother got me into at the spring dance. Katie’s the love of my life, and we’ve learned a lot of things together. But, she had some ideas about Halloween that I wasn’t sure about. Then, Gwen go to the mall? Ah, I don’t know.

I ran over a little on my story, I felt that I need to take you through our high school graduation. So, this part of the story actually covers about sixteen months. After our visit to the mall, Kate and I, well Gwen, end up at a swim meet at State. And, that turned into a very interesting trip. Then just before graduation something happens that I think you’ve all been waiting for.

The Goddess' Blessing - Part 2


Tracy now has the life she always wanted, but with new chances come new challenges...

The Goddess' Blessing
Part 2

By Angie "kitn" Hughes

First Kisses at Midnight


New Year’s is supposed to be about a time for forgetting old acquaintances, but sometimes it’s also about remembering old loves. Is there a spot in your heart for "the one who got away"? Have you ever said to yourself, "I’d do anything for a second chance with her/him"? Here’s a letter from someone who did.

Araya's Hope -2- The Return of Hope


Back on earth with the remnants of mankind, Araya makes a decision that could cost her her life. But she makes it willingly to rid the Earth of the alien threat waiting just outside the protective screen around the Earth. Join our heroine as she makes a sacrifice no woman should should have deal with.

Araya's Hope


Thousands of years in the future, man has become something else, since they fled the wave of destruction that was going to annihilate all life on Earth. Now they are a race of people living in a galaxy far far away in huge space habitats. They are people that cycle regularly from partly male to somewhat female in a strange hermaphroditic process, due to gradual genetic changes in their DNA caused by the radiation from space. One rebel that lived on the edge of the space laws, falls captive to a wormhole while fleeing from those that wished to board the unique ship the rebel had found abandoned. Araya Lightsword survived the emergence from the wormhole to find the legendary Earth, only to find it intact and under siege by aliens. This story tells of the travails Araya goes through, to bring back the news, and of Araya’s body transformation back to the original human form using the undamaged store of DNA preserved on the ship called Hope.

The Teg Legacy


While looking for souvenirs from the fallen NASA space platform Skylab, which had crashed into the hot desert of Western Australia, Gary found something else that had fallen from space. Something non-terrestrial which would change his life forever. A legacy from an ancient race would see his life transformed beyond any expectations.

From Dreams To Reality


We all have dreams, sometimes they come true, read on to find out what happens. Thanks to Joni and Karen for proofing this. Any problems left are mine and mine alone. Hope you enjoy.


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