Meeting of Minds - Chapter 14

Originally posted to Classic BC July 26, 2004

.Sue and Cassandra cross swords in a fight to the death to decide Sue's & Patrick's destiny.

Chapter Fourteen
Rockin' In The Roller Rink

by Dana Short

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Meeting of Minds - Chapter 11

Originally Posted to Classic BC July 18, 2004

Sue is NOT happy with the recent course of events.

Chapter Eleven
And Then There Were None

by Dana Short

Warning: This chapter contains strong emotion, expressed by even stronger language.

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Meeting of Minds - Chapter 9

Originally posted on Classic BC July 07, 2004

Eadglis hits the road to start his journey to Sue's childhood home. Along the way he stops for a lunch which may alter the course of his, or rather, her life.

Chapter Nine
On The Road Again

by Dana Short

Meeting of Minds - Chapter 7

Originally posted to Classic BC June 19, 2004

Once more in the Dreamscape, Eadglis trains Sue in all the sword skills he has garnered over the past 4,000 years. It's a long night.

Chapter Seven
Where Are We Really If We Are Nowhere At All

by Dana Short

Meeting of Minds - Chapter 4

Originally posted to Classic BC on May 31, 2004

He was walking in a long hallway. Along the sides were doors. As far as he could see to the front, the hallway stretched on for hundreds of doors before ending at a distant wall, but to his rear there was just one door, but it, unlike all the ones on the sides of the hall, was only partly closed.

Chapter 4
What Strange Realms Are These We Find Within

by Dana Short

Meeting of Minds - Chapter 1

This story was originally posted May 14, 2004 on Classic BC

On a rainy night in Georgia, the lives of twenty year old watcher Sue Danning, and her almost four thousand year old Immortal subject Eadgils collide in a way which will leave one of them dead, and the other changed, forever. Join Sue, Eadgils, and several others on their journey, as they experiance a meeting of minds.

Meeting of Minds - Act II

Sue and the gang hit the road. It should be a fun trip - an Immortal pretending to be a Senior Watcher Researcher, an ex-Watcher pretending not to be an Immortal, who has been essentially possessed by the spirit of her Immortal subject, an active Watcher, and the only true Mortal of the bunch, who must not learn the truth about other two, as well as two known Immortals, one a three thousand plus year old witch, ant the other the newest Immortal, who is followed by a homicidal curse. All together in a single vehicle. Let's party!

Act II

Meeting of Minds - Act II - Road Trip - 20 - Regrets And Memories

Sue comes to grips with the realizations spawned by the revelations in the last chapter, and Cassandra tries to teach her some new tricks.

Act II

Road Trip

Chapter Twenty

Regrets And Memories

by Dana Short

Meeting of Minds - Act II - Road Trip - 19 - On The Road To Yellow, By Another Name

After a discussion about famous Immortals, Cassandra tells her story about her time with Methos to Adam, for the official Watcher record. Later, while on the road again, Eadgils finally corners Methos and gets the answers to some of his questions about the eldest's relationship with Sue. Adam tells more than expected, and Sue will learn something about herself which will shake her identity to it's very soul.

Act II
Road Trip

Chapter Nineteen
On The Road To Yellow, By Another Name
by Dana Short

Meeting of Minds - Act II - Road Trip -18- Early Morning History Class

We learn that what has happened to Sue and Eadgils is not quite unique, as the world's oldest Immortal has seen something similar once before, and he tells the sad story.

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