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User: RetiredPlayboy
Customer No.: 91

Me and my buddy, we were the talks of the town on Mediumbeach Island. We were what you might call playboys. Lately, I wasn't much into the game though. A certain 'fetish' preoccupied my mind. I wanted a trophy wife. One with big tits and ass and totally in love with me. But more so I dreamed that she would have been a former male playboy. Sort of like me. Or even better, my best buddy.

Well, when I heard of BetterU Inc. I knew I could finally fulfill my naughty dream. And who was a better candidate for playboy to trophy wife then my buddy? Well, I contacted BetterU Inc. and we came up with the perfect plan.

Me and my buddy, we were kidnapped. Not really mind you, but only I knew that. The actors playing our captors informed us that they were a slaver ring. We would be feminized by nanites and shipped overseas. They dragged the buddy I knew away and a blonde bombshell of a woman returned.

My buddy took it hard. Who wouldn't? Before it was my turn I managed to 'save us'. I promised my buddy I would do everything I could to turn him back. We consulted a doctor - an actor hired by BetterU Inc. - who informed her that the nanites inside her prevented further alterations. She nearly lost it right there.

Of course, I was all understanding and such. Didn't take long for her new hormones to work their magic. Soon she confessed her new found love for me. Because "I was always there for her" and so on. Now we are planning our wedding.

Not only do I get the dream wife I always wanted, but she has the right past for my fetish too. On top of it, I am her hero. Saved her from slavers and depression. Going to BetterU Inc. was the best choice in my life!

User: MissTrophywife
Customer No.: 90
Review hidden for customers No.: 91

It worked! My plan worked! I was a sceptic at first, but everything came together in the end. Not long ago I had been a man and in love with another one. Of course, he hadn't known. He was a playboy and was always chasing skirt. I was his wingman just to be close to him, even though I dreamed about to be the skirt he was chasing.

It all changed when I heard about BetterU Inc. With limited funds, I could have gotten my dream body, a shapely female one, but there would have been no guarantee that my friend would fall for me. Even if, would he abandon his way and stay faithful to me?

Instead, I decided to cheat. I paid BetterU Inc. to brainwash my best friend. Giving him a fetish for genderbend women who had previously been male and the notion to settle down. The tricky part had been the post-hypnotic triggers. With them, he came to the conclusion that only I could be a worthy trophy wife for him and satisfy his fetish.

He had more money than I had, so he had no trouble to pay BetterU Inc. to change me into his dream girl. He even paid for some act about kidnapping us were he 'rescued' me. I hope I acted surprised and shocked enough.

Now he asked me to marry him. I couldn't be happier. Gone are his bad boy's days. Now, he is very attentive to me. Even when I am not that used to being a woman yet. Those small moments when I fumble in my new role. I swear he gets a hard-on from them.

So thanks to BetterU Inc. I have finally my happy end. I hope you will have yours too.

User: Mediumbeach Island Beach Bunny Association - president
Customer No.: 88
Review hidden for customers No.: 90;91

My fellow beach-bunnies and I are very grateful for BetterU Inc. Just because we girls all look divine and wear only swimwear every day doesn't mean we are some sluts who sleep with anyone.

Recently two playboys had been arriving at Mediumbeach Island. They couldn't take a hint and generally pissed off every beach-bunny around. Enough was enough. Someone from the tourist board of Mediumbeach Island recommended BetterU Inc. We beach-bunnies pooled our money and had just enough for one brainwashing treatment.

After some brainstorming, we came up with a risky plan. Get one guy to fall in love with the other and wish for being a woman. The result was hilarious and better than we had hoped. Apparently, they changed each other with the help of BetterU Inc. and now they are a pretty nice couple.

Now the beach is finally free of jerks. For now at least. The beach-bunny association knows new ones might arrive any day. We are already gathering money for a get-rid-of-jerks-fund through charity events. If you ever visit Mediumbeach Island on a Saturday be sure to come by our topless car wash event. Just don't be a jerk. We have BetterU Inc. on speed dial now.

User: Mediumbeach Tourist Board
Customer No.: 85
Review hidden for customers No.: 88

For a long time, tourism in Mediumbeach Island was in decline. Now we are more popular than ever thanks to BetterU Inc.

We, the tourism board, knew that we needed young and attractive blood to revive the appeal of Mediumbeach Island. There was also the problem of many slackers in our community who were unemployed or simply an eyesore. With BetterU Inc. we solved both problems at the same time.

Our new young female population is very willing to pose for Mediumbeach Island advertisements. They are already drawing a crowd. With the renewed flow of tourists, we are sure that our investment will make a profit soon. Thanks to the generous group discount from BetterU Inc., the financial impact hadn't been that bad. When you chose to transform broke middleaged men to sexy girls who love the beach, you might as well transform dozens. Or in our case five dozen.

We are already looking into other areas where BetterU Inc. can improve our little community. You should too.

User: OldRichGuy
Customer No.: 84
Review hidden for customers No.: 85; 88

I had it with those damn conservative penny counters of the town council and the tourism board. If they had continued their reign surely Mediumbeach Island would be a ghost town by now. And what use is a ten million dollar villa without peasants around to be jealous?

Thankfully someone told me of BetterU Inc. and their work. A few adjustments of their mindset and suddenly they decide to round up slackers and remake them into sexy beach bunnies. They honest to god think it was their idea. Ha!

Now - thanks to BetterU Inc. - I have a town council that is actually progressive and my view out to the beach got way better.

User: Owner of Mediumbeach Island Beachwear Shoppe
Customer No.: 82
Review hidden for customers No.: 84

I was nearly broke. Mediumbeach Island was as good as dead. Sales of swim and beachwear were shrinking year by year. The small shop I took over from my mother nearly not salvageable.

Then I heard of BetterU Inc. and my mind started to scheme. If I took another credit I just might have enough money to brainwash one person, but to bring permanent change to Mediumbeach Island I needed to influence a lot of people.

Or find someone who would do it for me. There was that old guy in his villa, who was quite rich. It was like a domino effect and suddenly girls everywhere. Not only that but they all needed bikinis. It is practically the only thing they wear! My shop was saved from one day to another. Not only did the new girls buy swimsuits like crazy, but they did draw in a bunch of tourists. If this goes on I have paid off all my credits in another year.

Who knows. Maybe a year later I have enough to pay BetterU Inc. for a body that rivals those of the beach bunnies of Mediumbeach Island.


Dear reader,

CassyBee here. Sorry for jumping you with this advertisement. BetterU Inc. offered me a good deal I couldn't refuse. They promised they make my tits bigger. Now in hindsight, I think they tricked me. They just switched my bra's for identical ones with small B-Cups. I confronted them about it, but they said they did make my tits bigger. That I just don't remember. As if. Then again maybe it is better this way. Why did I even wanted bigger tits? Those H-Cup puppies I grew up with are great enough.
So are those BetterU Inc. guys phony? I don't know. If you had a run in with them let me know by leaving a review.
Gotta run now. Two girls of the beach-bunny association asked me if they could play with my two beach balls. Which is strange. I don't even own one, let alone two.

Till next time.

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