After Dinner Treat Part 2

Angie said “I did not know Devlin would be so upset about me telling you he was a crossdresser.”

Becky laughed and said “There is a good reason he was, Devlin is not a crossdresser.”

Angie did not like that she believed that Devlin lied about what happened “I can’t believe he denied being in a dress. I saw him in it.”

“He admitted he was in a dress and told me why.”

“You believe whatever excuse he gave over what I saw.”

“No, you saw him in a dress, he admitted that. You thought you knew why and you do not.”

“Oh come on, what excuse did he give you. I need a good laugh.”

“I am not telling you, if he wants you to know then he would tell you.”

“Whatever, I do not care if you two are in denial about him being a crossdresser. Just remember, I told you so when you catch him in some panties. I bet you he has a stash of pretty clothes hidden somewhere in his home and wished he could had added that sexy nightie you got him.”

Angie saying about that hidden stash made Becky think. Devlin being a crossdresser made better sense about him taking the nightie with him than what he said. If getting in a dress really made him that uncomfortable why would her man say he was going to keep that nightie as a promise to always be open to seeing things Becky’s way. Why would Devlin would wear it if he ever got into the mindset of being comfortable in a nightie.

Becky did not think until later the reason with the least amount of assumption why he took the lingerie home with him was true. Devlin was trying to be more open for he loved and trusted her. He was trying to see past what a nightie represented and just treat it as a piece of clothing. It would be hard if not impossible, yes the clothes do not the man, but they send a message to all who saw you what you are wearing.

Devlin did not want to send the message which is normally associated with a teddy to anyone . It would be a lie, he was not that feminine. Devlin did not want to look soft and delicate which wearing that black and pink one piece would send. Devlin did not want to be pleasing to the eyes in that manner. Devlin did not want off that people had to be careful in physical contact, he loved it when Becky scratched his back with all her might during her climax.


Devlin was alone in his dimly lit bedroom with the curtains drawn. The man who was doing nothing wrong, could not help but feel guilty by just having the pink and black, silk and lacy one piece teddy in his hands. Even thinking of putting that on was wrong for the man, yet he kept on thinking of it. Devlin put the first gift Becky his bunny, gave him away where he hid what he knew he should not wear.


The next couple of months Becky and Devlin’s love kept on growing. The little doubt which Angie comment put into Becky’s faith of what Devlin’s reason receded not to be seen again until one night in the bedroom. The hope that Devlin might like to be the one in the teddy came back the night Becky wore the same nightie she bought her stud to wear.

Seeing her all scrupulous in it was going to be a nice surprise to for him. A nice treat to see her show off her, body. This was the first time that Becky was was going to fashion a teddy as a way to start the foreplay. The lady who was going to use her body, her sass and imagination to turn her man on was so looking forward to seeing his reaction to her being beautiful in a sultry way.

As the lady who was trying to raise the lust in her man more told him to open his eyes, she was thrown off a little by his reaction. Devlin had a shocked looked on his face. It was not the shock look of seeing something which you approval of out of the blue. It was the shock looked of embarrassment someone got like a dieter being seen doing a midnight raid on the fridge.

Becky asked her uncomfortable man if he did not like what he saw.

Devlin became a little flustered seeing that unexpected site for it made him think of Angie not believing what he told her. It also reminded him that for the first couple of months his bunny thought he was a crossdresser. Devlin with a slight tone of humiliation “I do, it is just I did not expect to see you in that.”

After getting over seeing what he did not expect, the outfit Becky’s attitude had the desire effect on Devlin. This was the first time she wore lingerie which only function was to entice. It also was the first time she acted like a temptress in such a blatant manner.

The highly aroused man really did love that outfit on Becky,her curves were made for it. The pink silk made the teddy feel like an extension of his lover’s skin. The black lace helped tantalize him by showing a sneak peak of his two favorite erogenous zones on Becky’s body. The top had her bosom overflowing out of it. Devlin gave his sign of approval by being even more aggressive than normal in his foreplay.

Devlin love how Becky was aggressively flirting with him in such a primal manner. Her body language and outfit sent a straightforward message to the man in her bed. Take me now, you fucking stud.

Feeling how much Dev was into this moment of getting to know each other made Becky believe Angie was right. The idea her stud kept the nightie to wear came back. Becky also thought she needed a new primary pet name other than stud for Devlin. Stud did fit her man most of the time, but with their secret it just would not be right.

Now the lady who had renewed hope about getting a sexual desired fulfilled believed her man was imagining himself in the outfit. That she was attacking him like he was her. Becky whisper “How you are all over me is how I will be when you are able to wear that nightie in front of me instead of by yourself.”

Those words were like a snuffer on the fire which was Devlin’s desire. Those words were like a thousand cold showers to his libido. How quick the love of her life stop their shared trip to pleasure town startled Becky. She had no idea what was going on. “Is everything alright dear?”

“Yeah, it is just you bringing up me in that nightie snapped me out of the zone I was in. I was really lost in the moment of how good it felt feeling your body and anticipating what was coming next.”

“Dear I brought it up to say it is fine if you want to wear the teddy I got you. To tell you what you have to look forward to when you are brave enough to wear it not only when you are alone.”

Those words ignited a new fire in Devlin. This time instead of lust it was anger. The man who was blindsided by the unexpected accusation said “I thought you believed me when I told you the truth.”

“I did until how aroused you were with me in this. How you were attacking me in the bed tonight like you never had before had to be from you picturing yourself in my place.”

“Why would you think that?”

“For you took the nightie home to see if you could wear it for me. Now with you being so turned on by me in the same nightie you liking to wear women clothing is the simplest explanation of those two facts.”

Becky made the common mistake of misunderstanding Occam's razor. The the common misconception that the simplest answer is the best one was false. William of Ockham’s razor was the answer making the fewest assumptions is the correct one. In still have hope that what Angie told her was true she made the assumption that the acts of taking his teddy home and him being highly aroused was connected.

As Devlin was putting his pants he said “No, they are not tied together, you are just very hot in that and it revved me up. That teddy was made for your curves, the softness of your skins and it gives an advance showing of what I am looking forward to touch. You never wore a teddy for me before and it just really turned me on to see how sexy you are.”

“Take your pants off, don’t leave again for we had a miscommunication about what Angie told me.”

“I am not leaving dear and this is not a miscommunication. It is you not believing me again. I have to defend who I am for you want something which I cannot give.”

“If you cannot give me you in a sexy feminine outfit why take the teddy home?”

“I already told you, it was for I could see if I ever could. I was not clear and I will restate it by being pedantic. At this moment I cannot wear that teddy for you. I am actually trying to become open minded about it for it is important to you. There is a good chance that I will never be able to wear that for you but want to give you what you desire. If it is going to lead to you thinking I am a crossdresser I will return it to you. I will also have to rethink our relationship for we both need to take each other’s word when they state something.”

“I do trust you, but I know how hard it is for men to admit liking to wear women clothing.I thought that maybe you took it to add to your secret stash.”

“It is hard and it is something that if someone is a crossdresser they should start the conversation about, not others.

What makes you think I have a secret stash.”

Now it was Becky’s turn to be embarrassed. She knew why, it was for she hoped it was true and made yet another assumption. This time the assumption came from a throw away line that Angie said to save face about being wrong. “It is for I wanted you to be one. I know it is not important to our love and relationship, but I want it all. I want the pickle on the hamburger which is our relationship.

Angie said you were upset that you were not able to add that teddy to your secret stash. That just sounded good to me. I quickly knew it was wishful thinking, or better yet wishful not thinking.”

Devlin hearing that his bunny did not tell Angie he took home that gift with good intention reignited that fire of desire in him. That was easy for his lust had a low flash point with how Becky was looking and his feelings for her. He kissed the seductive lady and said “Just don’t speak and enjoy the ride I am about to give you.”


Dev got home and made sure he locked the door behind him. Then he went to his bedroom making sure that door was closed. Then even with the being a cloudy day, he closed all the curtains in the room. When the man who wanted to be alone was sure he had his privacy, he went to where he kept the gift which he loved but was a pain to him.

Devlin loved the one piece teddy for Becky open herself up to him by giving it to him. Even with it coming from bad information he felt honor that she trusted him enough to share her forbidden desire. She took a huge chance for most men would had scoffed at her even suggesting it as a joke. To actually give a man lingerie to wear was just pleading for a huge fight.

As he held it in his hands he thought about how he would look in it and Becky’s reaction. Her being pleased made him hold it up to himself. How he would like the compliments she gave him about being pretty. In theory it sounded like a great way to spice up the bedroom.

Then reality came to him, he could not be seen in that by anyone. Heck he knew he hated that Angie saw him in a dress many years ago. It changed their friendship, the worse part was he did not know. If he only knew what Angie thought it would had been different. They both would had known the truth.

Devlin’s masculinity won out again as he cursed that gift he loved and put it back away. He was a little queasy just thinking of having it on, on how wrong it was for him to wear it. If his father was not a crossdresser he knew he would had thought it was wrong for all men to wear that. How comfortable he father was that day made gave Devlin the knowledge that for some men it was right to wear dresses. That was what pain him, he knew the action of wearing women's clothing in itself was not wrong, yet he felt so wrong just thinking of it.

The man who was trying to fight his being waited until the feeling of uneasiness from just thinking of putting on the teddy passed from him and put an end of his self given solitary confinement.


Becky was still glowing from the sex last night, she loved how assertive Devlin was. It was not just being assertive, it was the kind of assertiveness it was. Devlin was forceful, he was not going to be denied. To her that was what a stud was and she laughed that for a moment yesterday she thought her stud was not one.She felt safe the entire time for she knew that she gave him the go ahead to take what was his. She wished that she could be that kind of assertiveness in the bed. The lady who wanted to be the one who made the physical moves did not how to exactly explain the difference in the assertiveness she desired to experience and how she showed hers.

Devlin’s bunny desire to see a man all dressed up was based on her unconscious desire to be the taker, the aggressor, the initiator in a more physical manner while having sex. She enjoyed taking the initiative by being more flirtatious but sometimes she just wanted to kiss her man and grab his cock hard to show him what she wanted. Not for it was easy, for it was just so straightforward.

To Becky a man in a nightie or stiletto heels would automatically become more docile.With the man being more passive it would become easier for her to show the more physical side of her lust. Becky did not know that sometimes she just wanted to feel stronger physically than her man. That she wanted her man to feel that she could take him by force like women know that men could do to them. It was not so Devlin felt weak, but so he knew the excitement that came to her knowing that fact.

The glowing lady started to think about how she asked for the pickle but her man never brought up his. She believed that everyone wanted something kinky in their relationship and felt that she was being selfish by not even inquiring about Devlin’s


“I can’t do that.” Becky infatuatedly said to Devlin. There was no way that Becky could live with herself if she did that desire which Devlin had. It would just be so demeaning to her.

Devlin stayed level headed. “ you never have to do that, my love. You asked me what was my pickle on the hamburger which was our relationship and I told you. I never was going to tell you for this pickle is way less important than your pickle.”

“My stud, my desires are not more important than yours. What we both want is equally important. I just know that I cannot do that and I do not want you to expect me to work on it.”

“My bunny, I am saying that you want me in a teddy more than me wanting you to keep on begging to suck my cock.

It is fine that you cannot do that, I am with you for how awesome our relationship is. You fulfill my lfie so much that I do not need that desire to ever be actualized.”

“Why did you bring it up then.”

“You asked me and I was going to be honest with you.”

“Yeah but that is so degrading to me. You wanting me to beg over and over again to give you pleasure. You should be happy that I want to give you a blow job. It is a blow job, oral sex or fellatio. Not sucking a cock, that is just so dirty.”

“It is dirty and that is why I like it. It is not meant to degrade you at all. It is about you just wanting me so bad when I am not in the ‘mood.’ That your desire of wanting me wins out and makes me want you also. Part of the fantasy is also me eating you out.”

“Why say eating me out, that makes it sound dirty also. You do not have to beg me to perform oral sex. You just do so.”

“Yes for it is a fantasy. It is not real. That is why I am trying to work past my hangup about wearing that teddy you got me. I am not wearing it for myself. It is for you, not for me. I should be able to do so, but I can’t.”

“Yes but that is different, having you wear that teddy is not degrading to you, like having me act like a cock whore.”

“Most men will disagree with you about having a teddy on is not degrading. It is saying that they are not real men. They would see it as an attack on who they are.”

“But you know it is not.”

“I do know it is not, that does not change the fact that it can be seen as degrading, just like you see what I want as degrading.

I understand why you see it as so and that is why I will not push it on you, just like you are not pushing the teddy on me anymore.”

Hearing How understanding her man was made Becky think about the trust those two had in each other helped her open her mind. “I will try to work my mind around what you desire. I love you and know us doing that would not be to demean me. It will just make sex dirty, in a good way.”


Becky never did push having Devlin in a teddy. Even without doing so, her stud knew how important it was to his bunny. He knew from how she would look at the Victoria’s Secret mannequins they walked by and then at him. He felt her lust and also like an object. He also was reminded when he got on her computer after her and she did not close the last website she was on. It was a TG fiction site Big Closet. His bunny had been reading a story by Sarah Goodwoman. Devlin read some of it and found the author to be a self righteous hack.

Devlin did not want to deny Becky her desires so he kept on working on trying to put on that teddy. He was not making progress. It what he had to do became evident to him. He had to just do it, he would never get to the point of view that it would be right without trying it. He knew that he would not like it for how it felt, but for how it would please the owner of his heart.

Devlin also knew that Becky would always wonder what she was missing if they did not try it. He never wanted her to have a regret of what she did not do. To him it was better when looking back on your life to say that was bad, instead of wondering if it would had been good.

Becky was also coming over her objections over Devlin’s fantasy. She knew that she was taking to heart what they both would had known in advance was not meant by the words and actions. Devlin not bringing up the subject after that chat made Becky think more about going ahead with doing so. Having no pressure put on her made her come to terms it would only be words and during that time pleasing each other to totally deconstruct the meaning of those words. To see what was really going on instead of just relying on the meaning of words which were meaningless at that point of time.

The day came for Devlin to fulfill Becky’s fantasy. The lady who was unexpectedly going to get what she desired was a little perplexed when her man excused himself to go to his bedroom right after dinner. It was not him going there, he kept his laptop there and was always going up to get it. It was just he did not tell her why. It was no big deal, just a little out of character.

Devlin picked after dinner to pay homage to when he found out about Becky wanting him in a teddy. Her getting what she desired would be a perfect after dinner treat. Plus he found it romantic and assumed that she wanted romance involved in this sexual adventure they were about to take together.

Devlin did his normal ritual of closing the doors and the drapes as he went to the hiding place of his teddy. He picked it up and looked at it. His heart started to race as he thought about what he was about to do. He really did not want to do it. Yet he knew he had to for himself, his bunny and their relationship. There would always be a question of what if unless he put on that gift.

As the man who was going to try to get in touch with who he could never be stripped out of his clothes, he started to sweat. He stood there naked looking at the clothes which he knew was going to present his body as a gift to Becky and his mouth got dried. When he finally put on the teddy he felt weak, started to shake and his heart palpitated. He so hated how he felt right then, weak and powerless. He felt less of a man. Then feeling less of a man for what he had on made him feel even less of one. Devlin felt like he needed to grow up.

The man who was shaken by wearing silk and lace composed himself enough to call Becky upstairs. He tried to raise his voice for her to come up but only a whisper came out. He tried again but could not muster a sound louder than a whisper. He knew why his voice was so weak, his dad.

His dad lost Devlin’s mom when he finally came out as a crossdresser to her. She was not going to be with a man who wanted to be pretty. A man should be a man in her eyes and a man wearing a pink sweater with black miniskirt is not a man. Devlin knew he was going to lose the woman he loved by giving into what she thought she wanted.The man who was all male could not believe that a woman would want to see a man how he was dressed.

Even with knowing he was not going to like Becky’s rejection, he gave his word to her to try to do this and more importantly he gave his word to himself today was the day. If a person could not keep their word to themself they do not deserve to be with someone as special as Becky. Trembling Devlin sent a text to Becky to come join him in the bedroom.

Becky found it a little odd that she got a text from Devlin. He hated to send texts and was only upstairs. Then reading the message to come to the bedroom was even odder, her man could had just called for her to come upstairs. That made her a little concerned that something was wrong so she hightailed it upstairs.

Becky open the door and did not like how dark the room was. The hallway light casted her shadow into the room. It felt like something not normal was going on. With her man trying to cover his exposed body up with his hands and curling himself in she was right.

The lady looked and as her eyes finally got focused to see in the darkened room, a smile came across her face. She saw her man dressed all sexy for her. She was right about finding him so edible in that teddy. The excitement she had from getting what she wanted made her not notice how fragile weak and scared Devlin looked.

Feeling like the physical aggressor also made Becky realized why she thought she would liked seeing Devlin in the position he was in. She felt so free to act out on any urge she had right now. She confidently strode towards her man and said “Tonight you are not my stud, you are my hottie.”

Devlin was not and did not feel like a hottie and said “No.”

Becky was right in front of him he said no and replied “Oh yes you are in that sexy teddy Only a hottie would wear something like that.”

She then kissed him. He started to shake even more and pushed her away. The man who was trying to push his boundaries felt a little violated by the kiss. He gained his voice for he also felt threatened “I said no.”

How Devlin was acting made Becky felt like her fantasy was coming true. He was going to be hers and her terms. “You want this my hottie.”

“I said no and I am not your hottie.” Devlin said as backing away more from his love

“You so do…” Then it dawn on Becky that Devlin was really anxious and was uncomfortable. That he was not playing along to what she wanted. Plus how could he only being playing a role she wanted him in, she never really explained it to her man. “Oh my god you do not. I thought you saying no was part of this. This was part of how I imagined it. You fighting against the urge to be pretty and me taking you.”

Still shaken Devlin said “No means no.”

“I know, I just thought that with it was part of the foreplay. Like me begging for your cock over and over.”

Devlin said and did nothing as in a slow caring manner Becky walked towards him. He did not know what she was doing to do but was mentally and physically exhausted from what just has transpired to put up much of a resistance to her.

Becky tenderly touched her studs cheek. “You are my stud. You trying this for me was the most manly thing I think you ever had done for me. You faced some of your fears and insecurities just to try to please me.

Why don’t you change into something more fitting for a man.”

Dev quickly got out of that teddy and threw it on the ground. Then he put on his clothes. A new revelation came to While Dev was changing back into what was right and natural for him to wear Becky. She was going to wait until her stud was not upset and shaken to share it with him. What was most important was her helping her man feel better.

Dev was in his jeans and t-shirt and Becky asked him to hold her in his strong arms. He did and feeling her petite body made Devlin to start to regain his strength, After a while of just laying on the bed and Becky using her man’s chest as a pillow Devlin said “Sorry I freaked out like that. I thought I was stronger. I thought that I could wear that for you. I just felt so vulnerable and did not like it at all.”

“There is no need for you to be sorry or think you are not strong. Not everything is for everyone, you tried it and hated it. You knew you were going to hate it yet you still tried it for me, that is true strength.

I am sorry that I let my desire get the best of me for a moment. Instead of seeing what was going on I saw what I wanted to.”

“Don’t worry about that, my bunny. We were trying something new and once you saw you quit right away. It was not like you ignored the signs after seeing them more than once. You just read it the wrong way at first. You took it as real once they were repeated.”

Becky knew her man was back to normal so she told him what she figured out“I do know that I never want to see you again in a teddy. You are all man.

I know why I wanted to see you in a teddy so I could be the aggressor.”

“Oh I would love that, that is part of my desire, you know. With you begging, it is you wanting me and acting out on it. It is about you taking what you want.”

“I would much rather tell you that I am going to suck your cock and have my way with you instead.”

“That is so fucking hot. Yeah you taking charge revs me up.”

“It does the same for me my love. I just want to be in charge in a more physical way. We will try that when you are up to it.”

Feeling the state of love and trust those two was in made Dev up to it. Plus having her attack him as a man he was would do wonders to how he felt about himself. So for the first time in his life Devlin played the role of the flirt and said “If you are going to take charge and have your way with me, then we will do it when you are up to it.”

Becky took the hint and pounced on her man with all the passion she had for her after dinner treat.

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