After Dinner Treat Part 1

Devlin Mulloy and Becky Connors were in the middle of a wonderful and magical evening together. They were having their first stay at home romantic date and finished the magnificent meal of chili lime ribeye steak with boiled baby potatoes and spring peas Becky had made for the new lovers. Neither of them knew what was more intoxicating the bottle of argentine malbec which Devlin brought or their growing love.

Devlin being the perfect guest would had also brought the after dinner treat. Becky stopped the new man in her life from doing so when when she invited him over to her house for the date. Her words were “I have a very special after dinner treat for the both us.” Devlin loved hearing those words for he was in the mood to have Becky as a special treat and to be her special treat.

Devlin hated that they were taking it slow in the romance department but understood why. They needed to build a strong foundation for the relationship before they got the pleasure of the flesh. It was to make sure the magic they found in being around each other was built to last. The couple knew they had the chance of making this relationship something special if they were like goldilocks. Did not take it too slow or too fast and taking it just right. It was worth waiting a little longer to be with her for the first time if it meant he would be with her for the rest of his life.

This couple was the type of couple which everyone who ever set up two friends should envision while doing so. Devlin and Becky brought out the best in each other while they dampen the worse aspects of the other. People who saw them together knew right away they were a couple enjoying being the presence of the other. Even the cynical people who thought that even love would fade believed that those two would be together for the long haul.

They both kept on reminding themselves and each other how the had to thank Angie Jones for getting then together. Neither of them had ever clicked and connected with someone else so quick and deep before in their life and they knew it would never be like this again with anyone else.. It started right away when Devlin started the date off by telling Becky instead of acting like she had gotten a phone call when she went to the restroom about an emergency to just tell him that the date was not going well. That was of course if he did not already give some lame excuse which they both knew was a lie to get out of being with her early.

His brutal honesty was a great ice breaker to Becky. The lady who had too many horrible first dates was delighted Devlin was straight forward. It led them astray for the awkward 20 questions people played at the beginning of a blind date to find something in common to them having a real conversation. It started with them both sharing how bad and painful some of those dates were.

They both were impressed the other shared their point of view that the people on those disasters which were dates with them were also having just as miserable of a time. It was rare to find someone who knew that if a social situation was going bad it usually came from all the people involved.

So after a couple of months waiting Devlin and Becky were ready to receive the pleasure the other wanted to give to them. Becky excused herself to get the first part of the after dinner treat.

The lady who was as excited pyromaniac on the 5th of November came back to the dining room with a pink gift bag and handed it to Devlin. She instructed to man who was about to get lucky to take out the treat. Devlin had a look of approval when he took out the one piece sensual pink silk and black lace teddy. He knew that Becky was going to look beautiful in it. Becky was so happy to see Devlin enjoying what he had in his hands and blurted out “Go ahead and put that on.”

The look of approval on Devlin face went to one of confusion. Why would Becky think that he wanted to wear a teddy.

“Devlin you need not act like you do not wear women clothes, Angie told me your secret.”

The look of confusion went to a look of anger Angie has broken the trust between him and her by saying he was a crossdresser or transgender to Becky. He did not know what Angie told her, but it was not her place to say anything.

“Do not be mad at Angie for if she had not told me, she would had never suggested we went out. I do not care, I always wanted to be with a man dress all sexy. The thought of that just revs me up.”

“While Becky I am not like that. I do not like to wear women clothing.”

“You need not be worried about me seeing you less of a man for you do.”

“Becky I am not worried about how others see me. It is just that I am not into it.”

“Devlin it is fine. You know what I am sorry that I sprung it on you. I thought this would had gone differently. You just take the gift I got you and when you are ready you can model that for me.”

“Becky trust me I am not into that.”

“Just forget I gave you that for now. Let us just have that after dinner treat we have been denying each other until the time was right. For the right time is right now.”

Devlin got up and left the bag on the table. “Sorry Becky I am just not in the mood to have that treat with someone who does not believe me when I tell them something.”

Devlin was leaving and Becky made sure her words were the right ones. She knew the situation called for the deft touch of a three card monte dealer. “Devlin call me and we can talk about this.”

Devlin turned around and put a smile on his face. He wanted to make sure that Becky knew his anger was not aimed at her. He also wanted to make sure the lady who was winning his heart knew what he was about to commit to was as sure to happen as the sun rising tomorrow. “I will Becky once I clear sometime up with Angie Then we will clear this up.”


Angie was out at the club shaking her moneymaker for everyone to see when she felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket. She looked and saw the call was from Devlin. She was not expecting him to call. He should had been with Becky right now. Angie answer her phone right away for she knew something must was as wrong as a novelty mixed drink.

“Hey there stud how are you doing?”

“Not good Angela, we need to talk.”

When Angie heard her dear friend use her full name she knew he was mad. She also knew the reason why. She shared his secret of wearing women clothes with someone else. Angie did not know Devlin’s story. If he was a drag queen, transvestite, transsexual, or something else. All she knew was that she caught him crossdressing 15 years ago when without knocking she went into his parents house and then their bedroom. Devlin’s close friend forget the teenage drama which made her barged into the house that day but she remembered how bright red he turned when she opened the door and saw him in a maxi dress. All he could say was “This is not what it looks like! Get Out.”

Angie quickly closed the door and left the house.The reason she listen was she knew that it had to hurt Devlin for someone to see him in a dress.Those two never talked about what was seen. Angie did not want to bring up the sensitive topic and Devlin thought that Angie believed his short explanation

“Instead of talking to me you should be with Becky, she wants to be with a guy like you.”

“Listen Angela we need to talk. It is about what you saw all those years ago.”

“I know what I saw and your secret is safe with me.”

“If you think I like to wear dresses then you do not know what you saw. With you telling someone what you thought you saw, if I had a secret it would not be safe with you. We need to talk.”

“Don’t be mad, I only said that for Becky likes men who dress.”

Angie blowing off breaking the trust between them and not hearing him out was getting to Devlin. The lady who saw what she should not had seen should had never told anyone without talking with Devlin first. Devlin should not have had to tell her to not share what she saw to anyone. He wanted to clear the misunderstanding and she wanted nothing to do with it.“I am mad and we need to talk face to face.”

“Ok, if we need to talk after the club closes meet me at Eat’N Park. You can buy our midnight snack.”

“No we need to talk now. You had no right to tell anyone what you told them.”

“Quit taking your anger about liking wearing women clothes on me. You need to admit it.”

“Angie I do not like to wear women clothes. That is why we need to talk.”

“Fine I am leaving the club now see you at the diner.”

Angie was not happy with Devlin, she rather be dancing than having to deal with her friend’s insecurity about his sense of fashion. She arrived and when she made it into the regional chain diner the lady who rather be dancing saw Devlin in a corner booth. She did not like that he had a determined look on his face. The last thing she wanted was for her crossdressing friend to give her drama like a diva who did not get the right vintage of the champagne she ordered.

Angie wanted to disarm Devlin’s anger. She was not going to be take him displacing his ill feeling about what he saw as a personal shortcoming onto her. “Devlin do not be mad. I only told her about our secret for I knew you two would hit it off. Me sharing that was to get you two together. She likes men who have your hobby.”

“That is what we have to talk about. We have no secret. I told you when you saw that it was not what you thought it was. I thought you believed me so that is why I never brought it up to you. We are friends and I assumed you took my word.”

“Devlin I saw you in a dress so I know exactly what it was. You like to wear dresses.”

“No I do not.”

“Then why were you in a that maxi dress.”

“I am not telling you now. You cannot be trusted with keeping something which should be private and confidential private and confidential.”

“I only told Becky for I had a good reason. My intentions were good.”

“That does not matter, you did not know the full story and you told Becky something which was not true.”

“No I told Becky something you do not want anyone to know or you want to admit.”

“I am not lying to you, I am not a crossdresser. I do not like to wear women’s clothing.”

“So you are saying my eyes lied to me.”

“I am not saying that. I am saying you assumed you know the story behind it. You do not.”

“Fine Devlin if you want to be in denial, so be it. I will never say anything about it again. You can at least tell me what you want me to believe.”

“I want you to believe me..”

“I meant what you want me to believe what was going on that day.”

“No, I am not going to. I do not trust you with it.”

“Quit being a baby about it. No keep being a baby about it. I do not care. We will act like that never happened.”

“How about instead of acting you go with the truth. You saw me in a dress and never got the story so you do not know what was going on then.”

“I will act like I never saw it, but I will not believe you are not a crossdresser. We will just not bring it up.”

Devlin did not want to deal with Angie right then. The man who was trying to set the record straight knew that Angie’s mind was made up about what really was going on that day. She would not listen to him and that hurt the trust between them. “That is good enough and if you ever bring it up to anyone else we are done. You hurt the trust between us by not believing me when I told you that it was not what you thought it was and telling someone else.”

“No I did not. We never agreed to not tell anyone about that until right now.”

“Angie I am just going to get going. You can try to justify sharing something which you should had known was not to be shared however you want, it does not make it right.”

As Devlin left, Angie was fuming at him. She knew she would quickly get over it for in her mind she did nothing wrong. She knew that her friend was just ashamed of someone else knowing what he will not admit. He took the frustration out on her and friends do that with friends sometimes.


Becky sat at her dining room table cursing herself while she was staring at the pink teddy she has bought Devlin. Oh how Devlin would had been so edible in this little number to her. Now she blew of seeing him in it, let alone them being together. She knew she jumped the gun in giving Devlin the gift. The lady who heart was aching knew if she could do it over again she would had waited to give this to the man winning her heart.

Becky hated that her mistake of trying to have Devlin face something which he was not ready for. It was as clear as a gin and tonic to her she pushed too hard and driven a great man away from her. She let her fantasy of her man sometimes wearing sexy feminine clothes become more important than the relationship. Now that fantasy was trivial, she would much rather have Devlin sharing her bed at that moment even if that meant to never have that fantasy realized.

Becky was disappointed in herself for she put her want in front of the well being of Devlin. In being in such a rush to get one of her desires filled she did not think of the ramifications of bringing it up to Devlin. Devlin must feel like she wanted him for his fetish and not for who he was. Also Devlin must have thought she saw him less of a man.

Becky knew it had to be difficult for Devlin to have the desires dress pretty. Society looked down on men who emulate anything feminine. If a man stayed at home to raise the kids, people still thought less of him than if a woman did. They were less and did not affect men freedom as much but there were still some glass ceilings which they had and society needed to break through for it to truly be equal.

The lady lost in her thoughts was flung back to reality like a fastball thrown by a pitcher when she heard the special ring tone she gave to Devlin’s number. Even with him believing his words of talking with her about this when something was cleared up, Becky knew it was not true. Devlin was not going to talk to her about something this private after she broke boundaries which she should not had.

Becky answered the phone and was overjoyed in hearing that Devlin wanted to talk and was at her front door. The lady who was not going to let this second chance did not reply. Instead she went to the front door and open it while telling him to come in.

The terseness of Devlin’s greeting was confirmation to Becky that this conversation was going to be uncomfortable. They both knew somehow the relationship was taken back to the beginning by Becky’s actions. Devlin was wondering if it was worth starting over for he knew about some of Becky’s taste in the bedroom. Becky was wondering of Devlin could be open with her with him knowing she knew about his secret from the start.

Becky was searching for the words when they all came rushing towards her like racehorses to the finish lines. The truth came to her. “Devlin, I believe you. You are not a crossdresser. I am sorry that I did not do so when you first said it. I just let something I want to cloud my judgement. I wanted you to be a crossdresser so I did not listen to you.”

Becky true faith in Devlin help them gain so much of that ground they lost earlier in the night. Devlin was ready repay Becky for her faith in him by telling her the truth about the event she should not known transpired. “Good I will tell you why Angie saw me in a dress.”

“You do not have to. I do not care why. It was a phase, you were experimenting, you were drunk and fooling around. It does not matter.”

“I know it does not matter for you believe me. I want to tell you so you understand me better. This is something after sharing you would get a better insight into me.I love you and you deserve the truth.””

Becky was touched and just held her man’s hand to show support.

“I put on that dress that day for I caught my father crossdressing. I had to try to understand why he was in a dress. I had to see if he knew something about it which I did not.

I felt so strange in that dress. I knew it was wrong for me to be in it. It just felt like I was trying to make something which was wrong for me right.

Angie came in, she would always come into my home when we were teenagers without knocking if she needed to talk. She saw me in the dress and that felt so bad horrible. I told her it was not what she thought it was and to get out.

I thought she believed me when we never talked about it. Tonight I found out she did not. Then I found out she shared that with you. I had to try to clear it up with her. I should not had, it does not matter. It was more I wanted to make sure she did not share that with others and that I was mad she broke the trust between us. I thought I could trust her now it feels like I cannot even trust her with the time.

Nevermind that Angie and I will work it out, at least I hope we do. I am am more concerned about the issue we have now. You want something which I know I cannot give you right now and might never be. I still have a feeling of uneasiness when I think back about wearing that dress.”

Becky mentally shook her head. She could not believe such a caring man did not understand that even with this desire being strong, it was just the pickle on the hamburger which was their relationship. “Devlin, after you left all I thought about was how I wanted to be with you tonight. I do mean in bed but also just you at my side. I do not care about that desire for we are building something special. The closeness we have is a bigger fantasy for me than a man in sexy lingerie. So I do not care.”

Devlin kissed his bunny and said “You know I am so in the mood for that after dinner treat I thought I was getting tonight.”

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