Come Around to My Way of Thinking

Peter and Rosie Columbo drove up the country road to a nice secluded cabin as the Indian summer’s sun was shining bright during its descent behind the mountains. They were both enjoying the bright sunlight in the background helping to bring a pop to the changing color of the foliage. The gathering song of the birds which were beginning their migration was soothing.

Peter was so happy to be spending some quiet time away from the hassle of both his job and the city with this spare of the moment getaway his wife suggested last night.. He just earned a promotion at Paulson Corp and it was his first time being in charge of a group of people. The new manager found that helping his team to meet their goals was the easy part of his job. He was finding out that dealing with his employees was not.

Peter never knew that so many people thought that the rules did not apply to them. There is a reason people need to be on time, it helped the team stay on their schedule. Even if the new boss knew those people stayed late on their own dime, they still needed to call him if they would be late. Also just because someone stayed late that does not mean they can start late. There is a schedule and if they needed it to be change then they needed to talk with Peter. His management style was going to be to make sure he gave the people underneath everything he could for them to succeed. Peter knew was easy to work around people not being at work during the normal working hours if he knew.

Then there was people who did not understand the dress code. Why was it hard for some of the guys to wear ties all day long. It was clearly stated in the employee handbook, men must wear ties, button down shirts, and a blazers, sports, coat or suit jacket must be worn on all days other than casual Fridays. The ladies had more leeway and some of them took the inch they were given and try to make it a mile. The company they worked for wanted a wholesome image and the conservative dress code helped make sure the office employees looked how they wanted the public to perceive the company.

Dealing with Sheila Romano, one of the ladies on his team, was another reason the man who was starting to feel the stress of being in charge was happy his wife planned an unexpected getaway. Earlier today he had to give the lady who was giving him issues her final warning. That added to the stress for if and when he had to fire her that would lead to more grief at home.

Rosie did not respect the fact that her husband had to treat her friend as an employee while at work. She would pester him on giving Sheila more leeway than he already had. Rosie also did not want to hear his side when the topic came up. She accused him of not listening to her for Peter would bring up the same points each time Sheila came up.

In Rosie’s eye it did not matter the trouble her friend was causing her husband. If Rosie wanted to mention her friend her husband should not bring up her shortcoming and why he did not want to talk about her.

Peter did not want to talk about Sheila for the reaction his wife had from him saying his opinion about her. The did same the same thing and it did sound like a broken record. It was just for dealing with Sheila irked him and why should he have to deal with it in his personal life if he could not express how he felt. Peter did not want to waste his time thinking about the negative and Sheila actions were and did affect him negatively.

Peter had no issue talking about Sheila other than his wife wanted it to be a one way conversation. She could talk about her but he could not express anything about the issues those two had. That was not having a conversation, talking with someone. It was talking at someone.

As they drove to the cabin Peter would glance over and all that stress started to melt away. The passenger thought about how lucky he was to have his wife. Rosie was smart enough to know that sometimes even a man wanted to be pampered. His wife knew

Peter needed the pampering Sheila butting heads with him over the same issue was getting on his last nerve.. The level headed man never thought that someone could actually be stubborn enough to be close to being fired over not following a dress code. If Sheila’s supervisor was anyone else at Paulson Corp she would had been shown the door a couple of weeks ago.

The dress code was conservative and strict. Young Mister Paulson implemented it after a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Tim Rodgers. Before any real details was released the case was settled out of court. Of course there were some wild rumors. The workers knew it had to be bad for the company’s CEO, Faith Paulson, was forced out even earlier than her planned “early retirement”. Then Young Mister Paulson had to come back to fill the position as they searched for her permanent successor.

Faith’s father was known as young Mister Paulson since the day he started working at the company his father founded 60 years ago. Him having to give up retirement and doing so much damage control made it so young Mister Paulson put in safeguards to lessen the chance of any more bad publicity with sexual harassment. Also he wanted to make sure the work environment fit the friendly positive atmosphere he wanted. He knew the best way to get good productivity was to have happy workers in a safe environment. .

To Sheila the dress code was too strict in her eyes. Young Mister Paulson needed to get in the 21st century and quit being a prude. In truth, the dress code just made sure the place was professional. People were there to work and not to put on a fashion show or flaunt their bodies.

Sheila was not affected by the new dress code policy at first for her supervisor turned a blind eye to her breaking it. That was the reason he was let go. The lady who wanted to express herself at work thought it was wrong and was not going let whoever took over change her. When the fashion rebel heard it was Peter Columbo she believed she would still be able to skirt the rules. There would be no way he would expect her to follow the dress code, his wife was a close friend of hers.

Sheila was sadly mistaken that to think that Peter was going to play favorites while at work. He wanted to move up in the company and knew that the best way was to separate his business life from his personal life. The aspiring titan of industry called Sheila in his office the first day to talk about the miniskirt she was wearing. Peter was happy with how he handled the situation. He made sure that no one knew what the talk was about, did it in private and had a conversation instead of just talking down to Sheila

The lady who thought she was chastised could not believe that her friend’s husband would humiliate her like that. Sheila lived in America and she had the God given right to wear what she wants when she wanted to. Her being called into his office became an almost daily occurrence. What drove Sheila to the breaking point to think that Peter needed to learn a lesson was when he told her she needed to wear a bra or a cami.

Peter did tell his underling needed to wear a bra or cami but she conveniently forgot the rest of what her supervisor said. She heard only what she wanted to hear so she could feel she was in the right. The man who wanted everyone to follow the rules said the rule breaking employee needed to wear a bra or cami with that blouse.

That day her white linen blouse was slightly tight and had a fine thread count. Everyone could she her nipples areolas and nipple piercings through the thin material.The look was an unprofessional one and classy with a k.

The loving couple finally reached the secluded cabin and all Peter wanted to do was drop their bags off and then hold his wife’s hand as walked a path through the woods. He so wanted them to immersed themselves in the serenity of nature. Rosie asked her husband to take her bags into the bedroom and when Peter came back in after getting Rosie was in the bedroom.

Peter eagerly called for his wife to come out, he did not want to miss the last rays of sunlight on their leisurely stroll. He smiled when she asked him to close his eyes. Peter knew his Rose Petal had something special planned for him. Rosie’s Destiny loved it when his wife had a surprise for him.

Standing there as the excited man was anticipating what his wife had in store for him, Peter jumped a little when he felt a band of cool smooth fabric goes across his clenched eyes. Then the inquisitive man tensed up some when he felt her tie the band. Rosie then seductively whispered into Peter’s ear “The walk can wait. Take my hand and I will lead you into the bedroom for the real reason we are in such a private area.”

Peter lost interest in the walk and went into the sensual mode as he received the first part of Rosie’s surprise. The blindfolded man also knew that after they spent some time together in the bedroom they could walk in the moonlight. He knew he would so enjoy how romantic the walk would be. Peter put aside his desires to follow what his wife wanted so he could be of his wife exploring her erotic side.

As they walked into the bedroom Rosie did not feel any guilt for the ambush waiting for her destiny in the other room. His Rose Petal has told Peter many times that he needed to quit being so harsh on her friend. Peter would say he was not being harsh and only doing his job. Rosie did not like that Peter would contradict what she was saying about his actions. Her husband blowing her off about his treatment of Sheila was not as bad as him getting someone closed to being fired to make a point.

Rosie knew Peter was ambitious but was sadden that her man could be so cold to others that he would ruin someone’s life to get ahead. Getting someone fired over something trivial like a dress code would only show Peter was petty. The change in behavior had to be from the pressure to perform. Rosie saw how much the stress was getting to her man. Yeah, it was a dirty trick Rosie was going to play on her husband, but by the end of the weekend he would thank her for it.

Rosie was also confident that Peter would get over the transgression which was about to be done on him for he was her destiny. Rosie call Peter My Destiny for they were soulmates. She knew that they were would meant to be with each other so there was no way she could be making a mistake. Plus, even if she miscalculated what she was doing love meant never having to say you are sorry.

Rosie was mistaken about the truth behind that bumper sticker slogan. First love is too complex to have it essence distilled down to a simple sentence. Love means one has a primal need to say sorry when they done the other wrong. A partial truth in that saying is love makes it unlikely that a person would do wrong to another. This was for people put the wants of others who they love in front of their own. They would much rather go without than the owner of their heart.

Another partial truth in that platitude was the person who was wrong would be more likely to forgive when the transgressor saw the errors of their ways without hearing sorry. It was easy for anyone to forgive another and only the naive would forgive and forget without reason. The wise only forgive and forget when they are invested emotionally in the other and had faith the wrong would not be repeated. One should not forget the actions if they believe it could happen again.

As they reached the bedroom Rosie instructed her soon to be student to stand where she left him. The lady who was going to teach an important life lesson slowly unbutton her man’s shirt. Peter actually started to tremble from looking forward to how great their time together was going to be. He knew that his wife was going get pleasure from being able to express yet another repressed desired she had.

Once his shirt was unbutton Rosie lead Peter to the bed and gently laid him down on it. For a second it did bother her that her destiny was not going to be happy about the upcoming events. That quickly left her for he needed to learn this lesson and also he would be a better person by Sunday. It was worth a bad weekend for Peter to have personal growth.

As Rose put the medical adhesive on Peter’s chest the man was not expecting what was coming thought of best case scenario. Rosie’s better half thought it had to be some sort of edible gel. Oh that little vixen was going to prolong foreplay and try to bring Peter to a sexual frenzy where he was only focus on doing any action which would make his wife allowed him to finally reach climax. He was thinking about how much he was going to enjoy having to pleasure his wife to finally get his pleasure. .

Then all of a sudden he felt to plastic mounds being pushed onto his chest. The pressure his wife was had on those mounds and the bond the drying gel was making between his chest and whatever was on it snapped the feeling of pleasure away from Peter.

The concern man hastily removed the homemade silk blindfold from his eyes and looked down at his chest. His eyelids and pupils widen as he saw breast forms and then he started to laugh. Peter found out something which he would had never expected, Rosie was the kinkiest lady he was ever with. The man who thought he knew his wife would had never pegged her being into gender play.

Finding out this new detail about what Rosie wanted in the bedroom made the loving husband feel good about the relationship and their love. Rosie trusted in him was so strong she shared this fantasy which many found perverted. Peter said “Rosie, sorry about removing the blindfold. I just needed to know what was going on. You could have told me you were into gender play. I will not say no to any of your sexual desires as long as they are safe, sane, and consensual between us.”

Hearing how supportive her husband was about fulfilling her sexual fantasy made Rosie’s confidence in him being open to the lesson grow exponentially. If her man was open to gender swapping in the bedroom, then having him see how wrong he was forcing a dress code on Sheila easy/ Sheila was just expressing who she was.

“Oh I am not into that My Destiny. I want you to know some of what a woman has to deal with when going out in public. Maybe then you would quit getting on Sheila about the dress code at work.”

Peter went from being supportive to his wife exploring her hedonistic side to annoyed about her bringing up this point again. Each and every time Peter’s treatment of Sheila came up they got into the same fight. It was frustrating to both of them. Peter for he had to bring up the same point time and time again and Rosie for she believed that with Peter saying the same points he was not listening to her.

Peter having to take disciplinary actions against an employee who was his wife’s friend was not and should not had been a topic of conversation for them. Rosie wanted to support her friend and not see it from her husband’s point of view. She was not seeing Peter as Sheila’s boss but as the spouse of one of Sheila’s friend. Yet Rosie had to bring it up time and time again. She thought that her husband was being childish and stubborn for not wanting her to talk about it.

There are topics which even a couple should not talk about if one of them did not want to hear what the other had to say about it. Rosie did not want to hear why Peter had to take those actions or why he had to treat her friend as an employee and was getting to have a low opinion of her friend. She just wanted him to stop discipling her.

“What? You have to drop this. You will not listen to me when we talk about it. You cannot bring up something and then get mad at hearing what I have to say about. It is simple you don’t like what I have to say about Sheila then don’t bring her up.

I don’t bring her up with her being your friend and me not having a high opinion of her. I do not want my feelings and interactions with her to affect your friendship with her."

Rosie did not like that her husband told her she was not listening; for she believed it was the other way around, he was not. It did not matter to her that she would bring up the subject and not want to hear what he had to say. Sheila was now a sensitive topic to him and she needed to respect that.

“Peter, I do listen and we have been over this. You say the same things instead of adding anything new. You need to see it from my point of view. You need to see why Sheila does not want to follow the dress code and she is right in not wanting to.

If you just follow what I say we will get along fine. Now you are going to be wearing a dress until we leave here. This is so you see why the dress code is not fair.”

Peter yet out a uggh of frustration. All the stress the man wanted to get away from just came to join them on this getaway. In fact, this getaway was all about being with the stress. How could his wife do this. She knew that he needed to unwind after a long week at work.

“I do understand the situation from your point of view, that I should give your friend special treatment. I will not see it from that for playing favorites is a horrible way to manage a team. I will not treat people differently for who they know. I will treat people differently if that helps me get the most out of them. Sheila wearing what she wants does not do so.

Now, go get the solvent to remove these ridiculous breasts.”

Rosie did not like her husband was not going to come around to her way of thinking. He should be putting her friendship with Sheila above himself. She had to up his experience of how women are seen even more now. She used the rational that he was not listening as a way to convince herself her actions was not to punish him, but to open his mind up to come to what she believed was the right conclusion about the dress code, hers.

The lady who wanted things her way also started to see what Peter said in a bad light, how dare he say breasts are ridiculous. They are part of a human body and he should not see them in that manner. Then again there was a lot of what Peter thought that he should not had.

“Now Petra. I am going to up the ante on what you have to do this weekend as long as you argue with me.”

“Don’t call me Petra and also I do not have to do anything. I am can say what I want to say in response to what you say.”

“Great now I have to do your makeup and hair. Listen you were open to gender play when it was sexual. Why not do it now to learn a lesson? Do this for me. You said you would do anything which is safe and sane as long as it is between us. This is safe and sane.

If you spent the weekend as a woman, you will better understand Sheila and start cutting her some slack.”

Peter did not like what he was going to agree to. He knew agreeing to this would make his wife think he was coming around to her way of thinking. He was not going to. It was not about being closed minded. He knew his views on the dress codes was thought out. He did not blindly agree with them.

The rules and reasoning behind the dress code was logical. It did not force ladies to wear bras, it wanted the nipples of both men and women to be covered. He only offer Sheila a solution to wearing that blouse. He said bra for that is one of the undergarment women wore. He also said cami. If it was a man he would had said T-shirt.

“Ok, I will do this. I will also drop the subject until Sunday so I can have an open mind. Before I do so I have to say this. I gave Sheila a lot of leeway. If I went totally by the book she would had been fired a couple of months ago.

If you bring it up I will say what is on my mind. I will take into account seeing it from a woman’s perspective. I feel like I already did but will do so again for you.”

Rosie was happy for she did believe that by the end of the weekend her husband was going to see the situation how she did. How could he not, he was going to be seen as a woman for the weekend. “Now Petra get changed and let’s do your makeup for tonight. ”


Petra hated the first outfit her wife picked out for her. It was a button up denim miniskirt, a blue and white striped ruffle cold shoulder shirt and ankle boots the first outfit that Sheila wore on a casual Friday with Peter in charge.. Petra felt too much of her skin was exposed. The woman for the weekend also felt self conscious when she went to sit down. She knew if she did not do so properly her wife could see her pink panties.

Oh the other hand Rosie found the outfit to be cute. Petra had nice legs and should show them off. If you had it you should flaunt it. That was why Sheila loved to wear short skirts and dresses.

The lady who thought when her man came back from being a woman would see things her way wanted to make sure Petra knew how nice she looked and point out that Sheila was only trying to look nice. “Petra dear, that is a great outfit. You have nice legs and should show them off more often dear.”

“Thank you Rose Petal. I do not like how I look or feel in this.”

“Think like a woman. If you do then you will see why Sheila loves to show off her legs. You have nice legs and should want people to see them.This same outfit does so for Sheila, she was just flaunting her good assets.”

“I am seeing this from a woman and hate that I have to think before I sit down or else people see my panties. I also have nothing against someone wearing this outfit outside of work.

Work is not about showing off your body. A person should not draw attention to themselves by showing off their legs.”

“You are not seeing it like a woman. It is not Sheila’s responsibility if her clothes distract people from doing their job. She should be able to wear this on a casual Friday.”

“Like I said I am seeing it like a lady. Anyone who wants to wear this can on their own time. It is not appropriate for work.

Plus you said that Sheila is wearing this to flaunt what she has, so she does want the attention of others in it.”

“You are not listening and just saying the same thing Petra, so to help open your mind tomorrow you will be wearing a sexy push up bra.”

“Rose I am listening to what you are saying. You have me disagreeing confused with not hearing. We will have a different opinion on this subject.

I really think you are wrong to punish me for I do not agree with you. I respect what you think, you should do so with me. If you cannot then you should not bring up the subject. I do not bring up how your friend is causing me grief. I do bring up what she has done each time you bring her up. This is so you understand I do not want to talk about her without saying what is on my mind about her.”

“You need to not see this as a punishment. This is to open your mind.”

“I am off to bed Rosie, if it was really to open my mind you would not increase what I have to do when I say something you do not like.”

Rosie was mad that her husband was just so stubborn. Why could he not just stay quiet about how he felt about Sheila? If Rosie brought her up it was not to have a discussion with her husband it was to tell him something. His feelings about what she had to say was not important.

Why could he not see that just because it would not have happened if he only had agree with her? Rosie making him wear something was not punishment. I It was a teaching tool, come to the right conclusion or else something bad was going to come from it. The name, makeup, and clothes were just Rosie giving her husband F’s in the quiz he kept on retaking. Rosie said “Fine be that way. Don’t forget to wear your nightgown Petra.”


The next morning Petra woke up in a bad mood. Her wife was not listening to her and the worse part was how Rosie was projecting what she was doing onto to her. How could her Rose Petal not understand that if bring up something and you better be prepared for the response it got from others. Relationship were built on people listening to each other and being able to openly say what they felt about the topic at hand.

Petra also wished that her wife would had not tricked her into doing this. The false pretense of this trip was wrong. Rosie should had asked about her switching gender roles. Petra tried to make sure her wife knew that as long as it was safe, sane, consensual and only between them then the answer would had been yes. Petra also pondered if Rosie knew that this setup has hurt the trust between them.

Rosie on the other hand woke up in a good mood. The objective of having Petra learn a lesson was advancing to the desired outcome. It would be worth Petra having a bad weekend to have her husband be a more caring and understanding manager.

Now for the next part of her lesson. Get Petra dressed in a simple outfit of a purple jersey dress with purple tights and state that they were finally going for that walk in the woods which they both were looking forward to yesterday. Then right before they leave tell Petra to change back into Peter.

There was no way she was going to have her husband go out in public dressed as Petra. She wanted her unwilling student to learn what it felt like to have to go out in public dressed how you do not want to be.

So after eating the breakfast Petra prepared for them, Rosie said “After you are done with your coffee we are going on that walk we both wanted to yesterday. I packed us a lunch so it can be an all day walk. It will be so nice to enjoy the day in the woods with My Destiny.”

“No, I am not going out in public dressed like this.”

“Yet you expect Sheila to go out dress in public how you want her to. You want to pick what she wears yet will not let me do the same with you. Petra, I think you are being a hypocrite”

“Hold on Rosie. I do not pick out Sheila’s outfits. She is free to wear whatever she wants to as long as she follows the dress code. Wanting people to follow the rules and me not wanting to be dress like this in public are two different topics. It is not being hypocritical to hold my views. This is for anyone else can wear this outfit on their own time.”

Rosie was annoyed that her husband was not listening to her, plus now he was going back on his word. It he kept on fighting her how was he going to come around to her way of thinking. He clearly said he would dress like Petra this weekend. Plus she was not really going to have him dress like that in public.

“It does not matter that you do not want to. You agreed for to the gender role swap this weekend.”

“Yes I did agree to be Petra. I did not agree to do so in public. You know when we explore anything it is about being safe sane consensual and between us. Being out in public makes other people involved in seeing me like this. “

“Oh Petra we do not know those people and will never see them again. Even if we bymp into anyone on our walk In a couple of minutes after seeing you they will quickly be thinking of someone else.

This weekend is about you learning what women have to put up with in public. You need to see how we do not like to be judge for what we wear. Then you will come around to my way of thinking about Sheila.”

“I know that women should not be judge for what they wear. I do not, I really do not care about what Sheila wears on her time or if she was in another department at Paulson Corp. I have better things to think about than what other people are wearing. I am responsible for how my employees actions.

I did not agree to go out in public dressed like this and tell the truth. I do not want to go on a walk in the woods with you today. It would not be relaxing and I came up here to relax.”

Rosie was hurt that her husband believed that she would really have had him in a dress in public. She did not understand that her not being upfront about the weekend had hurt the trust between them. She did not understand that how she took Sheila side without even hearing her husband’s side also did. When people make a decision about something which transpired without hearing out all parties involved, they hurt the trust between them and the party which did not have a chance to say what occurred.

Rosie was not going to stay stucked in the cabin all day, winter was coming and they would have many weekend which were spent indoors. At the same time, Rosie was not going to back down until Petra agreed to do she was told. There was no way that Peter would come around to her way of thinking if she let her husband out of this in this manner. Petra had to be let out of being dressed as Petra not force her way out for the lesson to work.

“This is your last chance lady. I am going for that walk. I am going to enjoy the last rays of the Autumn sun. While I am having a great time being one with nature make yourself useful as you sulk and do the dishes.”

“Rosie, those dishes will still be there when you come back. I made our breakfast so you do the dishes. That is how it always been we share the household work. I did not agree to be your maid.”

“Come on just do the dishes. You have nothing to do and I will be enjoying myself. I should not have to come home to work which you can do. If you were not mad at me about this weekend you would do them”

“I am not mad at you. I do not like how you tricked me, but I am not mad at you. Disagreeing with you and pointing out why is not being mad. If you would had asked I would had done them. You are ordering me around and I will say it again I am not your maid.”

“Fine, would you please do the dishes.”

“No, you need to learn that you cannot order me around. This is your lesson to think about while on your walk. “

Rosie hated that instead of her husband coming around to her way of thinking he was trying to make this about her. She thought that she did not need to learn a lesson. Sadly she was mistaken. Rosie did need to learn an important lesson. That she had to hear other people out if she brought up a subject. That people can disagree while understanding the other side.

“Fine be petty, Petra. Enjoy being cooped up in this cabin while I am in the fresh air.”


Petra actually enjoyed being alone in the cabin. She got the peace and quiet she came up here for. Plus there was a television with Dish TV. Petra spent the day watching some college football. Oh it was so nice to just veg out and not think. It was nice to just look out the window for a while and see the tranquil woods. It was so nice to not think about how when Sheila went against the dress code, Peter would have to fire her. Petra was not looking forward to that and knew that was going to come to fact. Sheila was showing no remorse for not following the dress code. In fact, she was becoming more defiant.

After doing what need to be done, Petra knew that Sheila would hold her actions against Rosie. Petra was mature enough to separate friendships and did not care that Sheila and Rosie were friends. Just how Sheila was acting she wanted no part of her in her life.

Sheila was persona non grata in Petra’s personal life. In her public life that was a different story. She dealt with her in a professional manner. That was all anyone could expect from Petra.

Rosie was not enjoying her walk. Carrying their lunch and supplies for the day made her arms tired. She was not with her man like she wanted to be. Plus Peter really thought that she was going to have him in a dress in public. That hurt her that her husband thought she would do that to him. She did not understand that her actions this weekend and her wanting him to only listen to her when she talked about Sheila was the reason why he believed she would do what she said. If only she saw that she her trying to force her way of thinking onto her husband was the reason why she would understand why he believed the worse in her.

After spending the day either thinking about how this weekend was going wrong or how much she wanted to turn back and just spend time with her husband. After enough time has passed for the proud woman to save face, Rosie made it home. The first action she took was to make sure her love knew she was not going to have him in that outfit out in public.

“My Destiny, I still cannot believe you thought that I was actually going to have you out in public in a dress. With you thinking that we both had a miserable day.

I was trying to make you see how people do not like to be told what to wear.”

Petra had a smile on her face as she was listening to her wife and said nothing. The smile and the delayed in a response was for how relaxed Petra was. This being relaxed made her open to what her Rose Petal said. She believed it for it sounded right. Hearing those words helped repair some of the trust issue they two were having.

“Good you believe me. Now how about as I do the dishes you take a nice shower and get ready for a nice romantic dinner, just you and me. I have a great dress for you to wear.“

“Rosie, until right now I did not believe you. I thought that you were going to do so. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt. I love you my Rose Petal.”

“I love you Petra.”


While Petra was getting ready, Rosie was doing the dishes. Then Rosie started to prepare the Chicken Au Vin. The prep work was the hardest and she would just have it simmer while she got ready for the evening with Petra. It was going to be a romantic evening but Rosie was also going to use it as a teaching moment.Petra was going to come around to Rosie’s way of thinking when her husband found out how bad it was for people to just be worried about what a person was wearing.

Rosie was also simmering about what Petra said about not believing her. That ate away at how good she was feeling about Petra having faith in her. It did not matter her actions this weekend made it reasonable for Petra to believe that. Her husband should had known her better.

Rosie was going to have a talk with Petra while she did her makeup. She was going to make Petra come around to her way of thinking on the truth about the walk. Rosie did not feel good about having to prove herself to her husband. Her husband starting to lose lose his faith in her should had made Rosie see the errors in her ways.

Petra came out in a super sexy low-cut and V-neck black cocktail dress. The push up bra made her cleavage filled up the low plunging neckline area. She hated how exposed she felt. Petra as Peter never did care for when a lady showed her breasts in that manner. Both the male and female side of the person in a sexy bodycon dress thought exposing too much body at a social function made the lady come off like she wanted people to be more interested in her body instead of who she was

As Rosie started to apply the foundation “Petra you could not had really thought I was going to have you in a dress in public until I came back and cleared it up to you. You are just saying that to hurt me for having you be Petra for the weekend. I did not even want you to be Petra but you would not listen and made me do so to get your attention.”

“Rosie I did, for you brought me up here making me think it was a nice little getaway and then you sprung this on me.

Also I do listen and I did not make you do anything. You are doing this”

“Yeah but this is for a lesson which you are not getting. You do not listen to me about Sheila.”

“I do listen to you about Sheila, you just do not like that I think differently about her situation. There is no lesson other than I have to agree with you.”

“She is going to get fired if you keep on her.”

“Rosie, I know you like her as a person, but she is getting herself fired. Instead of worrying about a grown woman, you should not bring her into our relationship.”

“She is my friend and I can help her. You are treating her wrong Petra, like you did with me in thinking that I would actually have you in public dressed like Petra.”

“While you can help her by telling her she needs to follow the dress code. You can care for a friend just do not try to have me treat her differently for she is one.

You tricked me about this weekend so why should I have not believe you for you said it was about the lesson.”

“I had to make you believe I was going to do it, but you should had come to your senses while I was gone. What did you think about.”

“Nothing, I thought about nothing. I watch some college football and every once in awhile just started at the beauty which surrounds this cabin. I came up here to relax”

“You should had been thinking about not wanting to have to wear what others picked out for you.”

“I did think about the dress code when we talked. I am not picking out what anyone other than myself has to wear.

Speaking of that you picked out my clothes this weekend. You should think about that yourself.

“It was for a lesson.”

“Rosie let us just drop this now. We are not going to get anywhere. We should not talk about this anymore for you will not listen to me. Do not bring up subjects if you do not want to hear what I have to say about them.”

“Ok Petra, it just hurts that you did not trust me until I explain the truth.”

“I am sorry that you are hurt. Maybe it will help you be more open with me and not plan things behind my back. Maybe it will help you talk with me instead of at me if you do not like what I have to say about the topic.”

If Rosie thought about what Petra just said this weekend lesson would had ended right there. Petra was right, a person can never expect another to bite their tongue on a subject. If someone brings up politics they better be prepared to hear the other side.In not wanting to hear the other side the person was dictating what was allowed to be said. It made those people unequals in the conversation. Rosie wanted to be heard out but did not want to give Peter the same consideration.

Rosie did drop the subject even with it stewing in her mind like their dinner. Plus, she knew that Petra would have to come around once Rosie became all handsy after dinner. Petra was going to see that clothes should not matter then. How could Petra not, her body language was telling Rosie how uncomfortable she was. When Rosie pressed for some action in the bedroom it would hammer home that the clothes should not matter.

Rosie and Petra had a great romantic dinner. With how well they were connecting and enjoying the moment Petra forgot she had a dress on. When she got up to clear table and do the dishes the temporary lady saw her reflection. She laughed and said “I forgot how I was dressed. You know once I got over being in a dress it was no big deal. I do not like it but it is nothing to wear a dress in private for you if you want me to.”

When Rosie heard those words she saw this as the perfect moment to start her final lesson. She got up and went behind her unsuspecting husband and grabbed her ass while Petra was doing the dishes. Petra leaped up not expecting it and turned around to ask Rosie what she was doing.

Rosie did not answer the question and kissed Petra while grabbing her husband right breast. It was forced and real clumsy for Rosie was not attracted to her husband in a dress and never made out with a woman. Pull pushed Rosie off “What are you doing?”

“Come on Petra you know you want this. You would not be dress so provocatively and say you would do so for me in private if you did not want some right now.”

“I am dressed like this for you picked it out for me.”

“While if you wear that then you must want some from me. Come on that is the message you are sending with making Sheila dress conservatively at work.”

“Just drop this Rosie. We are going to disagree about this. You will not listen to me. I hear what you say about Sheila should be able to wear what she wants. I agree with you when it is on her time. It is not the same when she is on company time.”

“How about the bra? You told her she had to wear a bra. You cannot make her wear a bra. Employers can’t mandate gender-specific dress and saying she had to wear a bra was doing so.”

“Do not tell me about what an employer can and cannot do with a dress code. I had to study it and also attended a seminar about it. I know that what I did was legal and morally right.

I did not say she had to wear a bra for she was a woman. It was for her nipples areolas and nipple peircing were showing through that linen shirt she was wearing. I told her she had to wear something under it and said either a bra or a cami. That look was unprofessional without an undergarment.

I would had told a man the same thing about wearing something under the shirt if I could see his nipples and areolas. So saying that she had to cover up with a bra or cami in that shirt was a non-discriminatory, justifiable reason. Which is allowed by law.”

“Yeah, still it is not right to pick on her about her fashion sense. You need to give her some leeway. You need to make it so Ms Hoode does not notice how Sheila is dressed.

I cannot believe you are not getting the lesson. I thought that maybe you were smarter than Tim Rodgers. You know that pig made his PA dress sexy and when the she was able to do the same to him, he sued the company. I thought that you would see the errors of your ways in telling Sheila how to dress if I did the same to you.”

“Rosie you should not listen to the rumor mill. Mr Rogers never made Naomi dress provocatively. Faith did some inane test on him to see if she could trust him as CEO. That was why she was forced out sooner than was planned by Young Mr Paulson. What actually happen to Mr Rogers is why we have the dress code.”

“Who cares about the dress code, I do not think it is right. You can cover for Sheila, yet you do not. Why do you hate her? You talk bad about her every time I bring her up when I told you not to. I am sick of hearing about how you feel about her.

“I do not hate Sheila. I do not like her actions and think she is not a good person. This is for a simple reason, how she is treating me. I know she is human and there is a good chance she is a good person, but her not respecting me as a boss, her trying to use her friendship with you to get special privilege makes me have a low opinion on her.

I do not want you to agree with me about her. I understand that with us being a couple you will mention her name. If we were not a couple there would be no reason for you to bring her up to me. You two never spend time together outside of work. Us three do not have a shared history. If we had a shared history then it would be fine to talk about those events.

If you do bring up Sheila, you should be prepared to hear a what I have to say about her. It will not be good for she is making my work life extremely hard. I have to waste time talking with my supervisor about how Sheila is dressed for she does not think the rules apply to her. Ms Hoode and I should be talking about the projects my team are doing. They are doing a great job and deserve the attention instead of Ms Hoode thinking of how Sheila will not follow the rules. You say I do not listen to you. I been saying this and you should know it is simple not to bring her up. You do not listen to me.

Yeah I do not like her, that does not mean I hate her. Yeah I will bring up what I think about her each and every time she is brought up. I have apathy towards her as a person and do not like her actions. If you do not want to hear about how I feel about her and how she acted then do not bring her up.”

“So you are not to come around to my way of thinking?”

“No I am not and with that I think that me being Petra is over. Please get these breasts off of me.”

Rosie knew she had to admit defeat “Fine I will Peter but I am disappointed in you.”

“As I am with you Rosie.”

Petra got changed back into being Peter and the rest of the night their was a silence in the cabin. The silence did not come from them having conflicting point of views. It came from Rosie not wanting to respect Peter’s point of view. The silence was extremely uncomfortable for the tension between them was just building. They both call it an early night for they were emotionally exhausted from the ill feelings they had for each other.

Sunday morning those two started to send feelers out to see how the others feelings were. Rosie brought up Sheila again and instead of talking Peter just got up and walked out of the room. Rose Petal called for her destiny to come back for she wanted to talk civil. Peter just kept on walking away.

Rosie being shunned by her husband shocked her. At first she was mad for she thought he was just being immature. Her anger started to subside when she thought about why Peter stood his ground. She saw that Peter did not care about what Sheila wore, he cared about the rules being applied equally to all. Rosie took her emotions out of the situation and realized that she would be backing her man if the rule breaker was anyone else.

Rosie went into the bedroom and said “Peter, I was wrong. This weekend was wrong and me not seeing it from your point of view was wrong. I do not agree with the dress code but I do follow it and everyone should follow it. I understand why you have to enforce it on everyone. I just do not want Sheila to get fired. Believe me she is a good person and deserves to keep her job, but if she can’t follow the rules then she has to be let go. I know you will be happy when she is gone.”

Peter was happy to see his wife understood where he was coming from with his actions. He did not care that she still disagreed with the dress code, it was her right to not like it and think it was wrong. “My Destiny, I do not like the fact that I am going to have to let her go. I gave her enough chances to follow the rules. I do not want to but I have to.

I will not be happy when she is gone. I am not spiteful, I just do not have time to deal with her. She is a good worker and I know whoever will replace her it will take a long time to get them up to speed.”

“How about we go for a little walk in the woods before we leave. I so want to share marveling in the wonders of nature with you before we go back to the city. I also do not want this weekend to be a total waste for you. I am sorry and I love you.”

“Rosie it was not a total waste. I did get to relax much more than I would had in the city. Yes we fought but that is what couples do once in awhile. We had a breakdown in communication. We will not agree on everything and should not. It is just when we do not agree on something neither of us should get upset that the other does not agree. We need to always hear the other side out.

I would love to finally take that walk in the woods”

Those two enjoy just being around each other. This time the silence between them was not uncomfortable like it was last night. It just just them soaking in feeling good about each other and being on the same page about not being on the same page.

Rosie did learn a valuable lesson that weekend, loves means you have to say sorry more. You have to show remorse for doing wrong when you do. You have to understand that the ease of forgiveness and forgetfulness a loving couple has comes from each of them being able to admit when they are wrong. It comes from them not wanting to be right but wanting the right thing for the couple.

Peter also learned a valuable lesson. That he needed to better express himself when he disagree with Rosie. That he needed to make sure that she knew it was not personal if they do not see eye to eye on a subject. That he had to get better at expressing his feelings so she did not take it personal.

Those two acted on the lesson and the bond and communication between them became stronger. It made it so both of them were not scared of the other disagreeing with the other. It also lead to them staying away from unimportant topics which the others did not like. They furred why annoy someone if the topic was not worth bringing up to them


Sheila showed up to work on Monday all happy that she was wearing her new skirt blouse combo with a low neckline. Rosie has promised her friend that she would get Peter to back down about the dress code.Her workplace champion has made her boss one also.

Peter saw Sheila waltzing into the office in that inappropriate outfit and he went to her cubicle and told her to report to his office in 15 minutes.

“Sheila, I gave you many chances to follow the dress code and you will not comply. I have no choice but to fire you. I have already cleared it with HR that this was going to happen the next time you broke the dress code. So please go to the desk and start packing your personal belongings.

Security are on their way up and will escort you off the premises in 10 minutes.”

“No we can talk this out.”

“We cannot you had too many chances and it is over. You do not work for Paulson Corp as of this moment.”

“You can at least have the courage to walk me out so I can tell you about the lawsuit.”

“I do not have time to walk you out, you are not my employee anymore and I am going to devout my time to them.

Plus I do not care to hear about the lawsuit. I know the law is on my side plus I have the backing of Ms Hoode and her superiors.”

Sheila left the office mad and called her so called friend Rosie. “I thought you were going to have him come on around to our way of thinking about the dress code. You did not and I got fired because of it. Why did you come around to his way of thinking? Thanks for nothing.”

“Sheila I did not come around to his way of thinking. I finally did what I should had done and what Peter was doing, respect his opinion and let him voice it and have it.

I did not get you fire neither did Peter. You did by not following the rules. I am sorry that you lost your job but do not blame others for the consequences of your actions.”

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