Princess Johna, The Pretty Pretty Dragonslayer

Princess Johna’s faithful unicorn steed, Sparkle, teleported into the Dragon's den right behind the owners unwilling guest. He used his horn to cut the ropes which were bidding his rider's hands. As Sir Dragon was preparing to react to his uninvited guest, the damsel who was no longer in distress jumped on the back of her faithful companion and got the lance from the side of the saddle.

Princess Johna, the pretty pretty dragon slayer, said, as she was riding her charging unicorn towards Sir Dragon to hit the death blow “You should have just asked to be friends Sir Dragon.”

As the warrior princess stood over her fallen opponent, the lady of the land, Queen Mother Fey, came into the cave. Still wiping sleep from her afternoon nap the Princess’ mom could not believe what just transpired, once again her child has slain a dragon. Seeing her victorious progeny made her mad and concerned. As one of the rulers of the Land of Make Believe she made an edict a fortnight ago that princesses were not to slay anymore dragons. Fey was so mad at Johna slaying dragons, she made her child abdicate her royal title. Princess Johna was supposed to be no more. In a stern voice the happy heroine's mommy ,Fey said “You know I told you that you are not to play princess anymore Johnny.”

Johnny came back from the Land of Make Believe to his bedroom. He stumped his feet and said “That is no fair mommy, daddy said it was fine if I was whatever I wanted to be.”

Fey said “It is fair and I said no more you playing princess, so there will be no more of that silly game. Understand?

Come on downstairs and we will eat a snack, some apple slices and cheese. You like that, don’t you Johnny. ”

Fey’s attempt at changing the subject by offering her son the snack she liked the best failed. Johnny enjoyed apple slices and cheese, but it was not a treat which would take his mind off the disappointment of what his mom said. She should had offered him a chocolate cupcake instead. Johnny getting a snack which he has at most once a week would had made him forget about his mom going behind her husband’s back and changing what their child could and could not do.

On their way down to the living room Johnny brought up the playtime activity she banned. “Mommy, daddy said it is fine for me to be whatever I want. I want to be a pretty pretty princess dragon slayer.”

Fey did not like her child questioning her authority. It did not matter to her that she was overruling the other decision maker of the family, her husband Austin. In breaking down their united front Fey made it easy for Johnny to question what she said. If there was two contrasting choices, given to a 4 year old, they will always go with the one they liked the most.

Wanting to make sure that Johnny did not get into the bad habit of giving her sass talk, Fey stopped in the living room to make sure that he knew her decision about princess playtime was final. She made sure to did so in a loving manner and called Johnny by the cute nickname she gave him when she said “Now listen here my snickerdoodle,what I said goes about you not playing as a princess, cowgirl or ballerina goes. It does not matter what daddy said.”

“But mommy, I am just using my im ·ag ·ination.”

Fey was going to now go against another decision which her and her husband made about childrearing and spank her child. The fed up mother had enough of her son’s vivid imagination. This was not for she did not like her son playing make believe, she knew it was healthy for a child’s development to do so. It was for lately Johnny was always pretending to be a female or having a role which was traditionally feminine. The concerned mother did not think it was healthy for him to always be playing in the role of the opposite gender.

“This is for your own good. Quit saying you are a pretty pretty dragon slayer princess” Fey Allanon said while she gave her son Johnny a spanking.


Austin Allanon came into the living room and did not like being greeted home by the sight of his wife smacking Johnny’s buttocks “Don’t you hit our son ever again!”

Fey did not like that Austin was 100% behind Johnny exploring whatever fantasy he wanted to. “Dear you are being overprotective. It was not a spanking but only a couple of slaps on his butt. There is nothing wrong with that to get your kid to do what you want him to when they are misbehaving.”

“Really, Johnny is misbehaving by playing? You just do not like that he declared himself a pretty pretty princess.

Also, if he was doing something wrong, physical violence is never fine when one is disciplining their children. It has the same mental effects on the child as domestic violence. It also reinforces that it is fine to use physical force to get your way. You know that might is not right”

“Oh come on my dad spanked my brothers and they all turned out fine.”

“Oh yes Dave is fine, he has anger issues and Alex still lives in fear of your dad. Your dad tells him to do something and he drops everything right away.”

“Is there something wrong with listening to your parents?”

“When you 21 year old man who start to spit nails when your favorite football team loses a playoff game there is something wrong. That is more than being a little emotional, it is overreacting. He has a short fuse. Also, a 25 year man never saying no to their father’s request, yes there is something wrong with that. He has no backbone. Also, I never heard you say you got spanked.”

“While girls do not get spanked when they misbehaved, they do not react to it the same way.It really hurts them emotions to be hit by someone who is stronger.”

Austin looked at his son sniffling and holding back the tears “And Johnny is not hurt emotionally right now.”

“He will be over it, Johnny is my tough little snickerdoodle, Right Johnny.”

Johnny looked as lost as a country boy in the big city for the first time said “I I was a princess when you hit me mommy.”

“Quit that, you were pretending to be a princess.”

“Fey. come on a 4 year old does not know the difference between pretend and reality. In his mind he was a princess.”

Fey was not having it, She wanted her son to be a rough and tumble little boy. It was not right for her son to be so obsessed with being a princess. Even if when he play princess he was a strong willed one who fought the dragon to free herself, the mom really did not like it.

Princess Johna always had a discussion with the dragon first to find out why she was his captive. A boy should not show empathy for the dragon. Just slay it and not worry that the dragon was lonely and that was why he took the princess against her will.

The traditionalist mom had enough told Austin how she felt about him encouraging their son to be whatever he wanted to be “While he should not be a princess. Girls are princesses and boys are knights”

“I I want to be a princess mommy. A pretty pretty one who slays the dragon and saves the day.”

“While the knight is the one who slays the dragon Johnny.”

Austin had enough, he could not believe that his wife was trying to use logic against a little child’s defense of their imagination “Now if Johnny wants to break the glass ceiling of princess slaying the dragon he can.”

Johnny was feeling strong from his dad sticking up for him and said “I am a she when I am princess, daddy.”

Fey was not having that “Johnny you are always a boy, do you understand.”

Johnny coiled up hearing the anger in his mom’s voice. His buttocks still stinging from the spanking made him fully aware that she might hit him again. He did not want that pain again and was ready to agree.

Austin wanted to let his son say how he really felt “Do not worry about what mommy just said. Tell me son do you often feel like a she.”

“Yes daddy, it feels better when I am a princess, a cowgirl, a nurse, or a ballerina.”

“Quit that silly talk Jonathan Michael Allanon, this minute. You are a boy.”

Austin knew he had to do what he swore he would never do. He just hoped it was for the right reason and not for being angry at his wife. He loved her but sometimes Fey was just too stubborn when things are not how she wants them. He closed his eyes and got ready to do what was going to be for his wife’s own good.


Fey could not understand why all of a sudden her nose felt all clogged up and she was looking up at her husband. Then the confused lady froze when she saw her own body next to Austin. She went to wipe her nose and saw her little hands. Somehow she was in her son’s body.

Austin smiled at Fey being trapped in Johnny’s body. The lady without a clue swore her husband knew she was in there when she heard his change of heart. “Fey, sorry you are right. Sometimes spanking needed to be done. So you want to spank the girl out of our son now?”

Fey new eyes got big when she heard her husband change of heart and the offer he made to whoever was in her body. Fey thought that the new mom would not dare lay a finger on her, it was just wrong for someone bigger hit someone smaller. What kind of person would do that just because they did not like what the other was saying.

Johnny did not know he used to be Johnny. The boy who was now his mother still had the same mentally of a 4 year old boy but believed he was Fey Allanon. With sadness in his new voice “Nooo. My mommy spanked me for saying I was a princess and it hurt me bad. There was nothing wrong with me using my im ·ag ·ination.

I did not understand how someone who loved you could hit you. She said it was for my own good. It was not, it made me scared of her. It made me only want to listen so I did not get hurt. It made me sad,I cried.

It is not nice to make someone cry for being who they are.I love my mommy and she hurt me.”

Fey was horrified in hearing those words. The lady rethinking her thoughts knew that Johnny was in her body from how imagination was said. The new mom sounded like a 4 year old. The new toddler found it a little odd that her husband did not find it strange to hear how his wife was talking.

.The simple truth in those words and sadness on her old face showed her how wrong she was to raise her hand in anger against her son.It was just frustrating her son might not be normal. Fey wanted the best for her son and the small chance he might be transexual scared her.

She was not scared that her son was transgender for she thought it was wrong. Johnny might really be Johna did not matter to her, the loving mom did not want her child to have a hard life. She knew the discrimination people who were gender nonconformist had to face in the world which can be so cold. Her fear was that her child would not reach their potential. Fey wanted the best for her child and did not want any hardship for her snickerdoodle.

What would be best for Johnny was a totally supportive home life. A person could only reach their true potential if they were able to be who they were. Fey made the common mistake of trying to force their wants, needs and outlook on life onto her child. People wanting their children to be little clones of themselves was one of the most common mistakes a person makes in raising a child. People do so for it would strengthen the base of people who had the same perspective on life. Also having your mindset live on was what some ancient philosophers thought was true immortality.

Austin said “While I could spank Johnny if you want me to.”

Johnny hated that idea and went over and hugged his body to form a barrier between Austin and thelittle boy who was not misbehaving. “Nooo, it is not nice to hit someone. There is nothing wrong with Johnny wanting to be a princess. I love Johnny, my snickerdoodle. Johnny can be my Princess Snickerdoodle when he wants to be a she.”

Austin said “OK, you are right. I will not spank Johnny. Fey, why don’t you go get yourself some Kool-Aid and relax in the kitchen. We will be out there to join you soon”

The little boy in his mom’s body smiled at hearing about getting that sweet drink . He kissed his old body tenderly on the forehead while she said “You can be whatever you want my little princess. I love you and only want you to be happy.”

Fey felt even smaller than her new body when she saw how her son protected her from any harm. She just got done spanking him for no good reason and he turned the other cheek. Johnny did not want to lash out pain onto others. It dawned on her latter that the memory of being hurt was still new in Johnny’s mind even if he was not in his body.

As soon as Johnny was out of the room., Austin looked at his wife in his son’s body and said “Do you think that a girl can be trapped inside a boy’s body now.?”

Fey was trying hard not to read too much into how that question was worded. Austin using the word now could be taken as he thought that Johnny did not believe that before. Austin knew that Johnny would say he was a girl will playing so why add that now? Fey then took it as just hearing something which was not there for the situation was in. She answered how she thought her son would. “Oh course I do daddy.”

“Good, I want you to always remember that. It does not matter what anyone else says about it or how you feel about it. Sometimes a girl can be trapped in a boy’s body and a boy can be trapped inside a girl’s body.

Now I am going to join mommy in the kitchen. Johnny why don’t you go take a nap.”

Fey felt compelled to listen to Austin’s suggestion and immediately and went to her new bedroom to take a nap. She was full of energy yet felt the urge to do as she was told was so strong. On her way upstairs to lay her head down she wondered if was just reverting to being a toddler in listening so quickly and eagerly to her new dad.

Fay thought that she might never drift off to sleep. She was concerned over what was happening to her. She did not know if she was becoming a toddler or not. Was she stuck as her own child? Would she remember being who she was? If not would there be some residual of her old life in her new one? If there was residual would she feel like she was a woman stuck in a little boy’s body? Before the pressure of thinking of her unpleasant future made her start to cry, Fey feel into a deep slumber.


Fey was still waking up as she walked in Johnny's room and saw her jumping up and down while he was saying “We did it Sparkle, we killed Sir Dragon.”

Fey shook her head. This was the fourth time since she told Johnny not to play princess anymore that she caught him doing so. A look of disappointment came over her face. The lady who only wanted the best for her son did not want to face the question which was on her mind. Was her son transexual?

Johnny saw his mom at the door well and came back to reality. “I am sorry mommy. It is just fun being Princess Johna. My im ·ag ·ination likes it.”

Fey quickly smiled, she did not want her son to think he was doing anything wrong. She told her sweet snickerdoodle to come to her and when she hugged him said “Now Johnny, I want you to always remember that. Sometimes a girl can be trapped in a boy’s body and a boy can be trapped inside a girl’s body. It is fine that you want to play princess.”

Johnny smiled then asked “Would it be fine if me and you have tea time when I am Princess Johna?”

Fey gave a little chuckle “Of course it is. I should had never said you were not allowed to be a princess or anything you want to be when you are in the Land of Make Believe. That is also true when you are not there.

Now come on downstairs, You can tell me all about slaying the dragon while we wait for your daddy to come home. When he comes home I will get you a chocolate cupcake. Me and him are going to have to talk.”

Johnny did not care about hearing that mommy and daddy were going to have a grownup talk. He was to tell his mom all about how brave he was as a princess and then she was going to give him a cupcake. He skipped towards the stairs to join his mommy his wa

As those two got into the living room, Austin came home. There was a smile on his face when the lovely father saw how happy his child was. His wife said to him “Dear after I give Johnny a cupcake I am going to tell you about the Land of Make Believe time.”

Austin said “Good, I am so looking forward to hearing it and then Johnny can tells us about it also.”

Austin internally let a sigh of relief out. He did the right thing by forcing a little role reversal on his wife by having her switch bodies with her son. It was then a hassle to use more spells to block the memory from her conscious but leave it in her subconscious so she learn her lesson. It drain his body to cast the spell to go back in time for an hour so his wife never did lay a hand on Johnny.

The wizard hated that he broke the word he gave to himself about never using magic on his wife. Even with the reason being it was his last resort, he knew it would become too easy to do again if he got outcome he desired. He did not want to use force to get his way ever, but did so for his child. Before he asked his wife what was on her mind he casted one more spell to burn into his memory how he felt about using magic on the woman he loved.

Austin trying his best to sound like he did not know the answer to his own question said“Now my sweetheart what do you want to tell me about our son?”

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