Kim Possible and The Amazon Women 18

18 Operation Age Regression and New Secretary

Andre said “your are not we are independent country”. Kim laughed evilly at him and said “you are now part of my Amazon empire of women your now Amazon Australia and I am now your queen and you will be part of my Amazon empire of women you are no long part of the British commonwealth now .

Andre asked “what are doing with me?”. Kim replies with “ we have decided that you will become a woman and you will be my new prime minster of Australia and you will have chief minsters for each state and territories in Australia all women of course men are pathetic creatures”.

Veronica walks in with the 7 other men they look like politicians from the states and territories they looked at why were summon to Canberra by the Amazon women they know Australia has fallen to them and is wondering why they are here then Kim said “welcome gentlemen I am you new queen”.

Shego said “men you will become women and take the office of chief minster of your state or territory you will be under the new Prime minster of Amazon Australia and see what we mean by you becoming women of the amazon government we will show you”. The amazon guard brought Andre over and Shego inject the needle into his neck.

In around 20 mins time Andre was a women and she loved she didn't care about what she said before she would serve her queen as the prime minster of Amazon Australia in the Amazon empire of women she then saw all 7 men get the injection in their neck she knew they were her chief minsters of Australian states and Territories

Kim left Canberra with her girlfriend she was returning to Amazon Middleton to get ready for their next invasion and the start in a elementary school in Idaho the beginning of the cure on boys to make them all girls and start only Amazon Girl schools with out boys and some towns will be male free too.

Kim and her Entourage arrived back in the Amazon Middleton. Kim said “have we got a education secretary yet in Amazon States of America yet”. Veronica said “no your majesty we only have a few minsters yet”. Kim said “the Male known as Drew he was head of global Justice”.

Veronica said “he would be better as Justice minster not eduation minster what about vice principal Barkin as education minster he will better than Drew”. Shego said “commander Veronica has a point babe he would make a better education minister”. Kim said “get him Veronica from the male prison camp”.

Gaia walks in with her daughter Eliza and walks up and says “your Majesty have selected a school to test my new liquid cure on boys”. Kim said “no not yet Lady Gaia”. Gaia was shocked by the way Kim called her Lady Gaia. Eliza ask “did you call my mom Lady Gaia Your Majesty?”. Kim said “yes lady Eliza”.

Gaia said “I am now a lady of the Amazon Empire”. Kim said “yes you are now her royal highness Lady Gaia and your daughter is her royal highness Lady Eliza”. Gaia was shocked she is now a royal lady of the Amazon empire and Gaia Said “thank your Majesty”.

Kim said “you deserve it Gaia you have help the Amazon Empire control America, Canada, Hati , Cuba , Mexico ,Japan , Hong Kong and now Australia we are so happy with your progress”. Gaia said “it was your mother your majesty that made me the woman I am now”. Kim came over and hugged Gaia.

That was the first time Kim hugged Gaia since the day she left as James Possible for the Amazon Jungle since then James had become Gaia the Amazon woman Scienctist and Kim is now queen of the Amazon empire and Shego her once enemy is now Princess of the Amazon Empire and love the evil Queen Kim of the Amazons.

Kim asks “ when are you going to do Ann Gaia”. Gaia replies “ when ever you want me to start with her your Majesty”. Kim said “ I will follow you now down to the science area Gaia and we will watch you guards get Ann Possible and take her to lady Gaia labratory”. Guard said “ Ann is in her quarters we will get her”.

The specail guards of the queen left and headed toward sleeping quarters of Ann Possible she was ordered up and ask to follow them to the Lady Gaia laboratory and Ann followed the Guards to Gaia lab and she the Queen Princess Misha and Princess Shego there with Lady Gaia and Lady”.

Kim asks “ you know why you are here Ann”. Ann replied “ no your majesty”. Kim says “ Lady Gaia has inform me you are still very much a problem to me and my Amazons”. Ann says “ I have still got a lot of my memories but I am loyal to the empire your majesty”.

Kim says “ I have decide you will be regressed in age to a young woman and will become a member of my agents and you will now be called Gaianna you will a royal lady like your mother Gaia and your sister Eliza”. Ann was stunned she was told to strip out her Amazon uniform and boots and was taken to tube.

Eliza looked at her mom and asks “ am I getting a sister mom”. Gaia said “ yes you will be a she will be working for the queen on assignments and but she will still be your sister and she will be my daughter”. Eliza said “ oh my Gawd I am going to have a sister like my bestie Misha”. The royal family left.

Kim was relaxing back in her throne as queen now of the Amazon race she had 8 countries under her control now as part of the Amazon empire and Kim was now thinking of Great Britain and Germay next. Kim will talk with defence minster of Amazon States of America Dr Betty Director once she has return from Australia.

Veronica return with Mr Barkin he was in brown Skirt and short brown top Mr Barkin saw Kim and said “ Possible your not the cause of all this trouble”. Barkin was hit the back of the Head by Veronica and told “ call her mistress male”. Barkin was about to come in when he saw Misha walk in and look at him in disgust.

Misha sat on her throne next her sister and queen she was on the left hand side of Kim and Shego was on the right side Shego was missing she was in Amazon City talking to Electronique Kim need her make a attitude Collar for all males Jaycee was with Shego and Dr Drakken.

the 3 women were there in Amazon city Electronique was shock how much Drakken had change now he was a woman her hair was long and black down to her hips Drakken was in Her Black leather Amazon unifrom with Black leather thigh Boots Drakken love being a woman now.

Drakken saw Senor Senior And Mego they were helping Electronique in her work they both had the collars that was invented by Gaianna. Shego asks “ her majesty has ask can you put the Attitude shock or control in the new mlae collars”. Electronique said “ yes it can be done but I will need the inventor “.

Jaycee says “ I am on that help the inventor her Majesty ask me to build the collars with the help of Dr Drakken here”. Electronique said “ Drakken you have turned out to be quite a good looking women now”. Drakken said “ I love being a woman now and thank you for the complement Electronqiue”.

Electronique said “ you will make a excellent partner for some one now you are a woman Drakken”. Dr Drakken had notice that Electronique was staring at her boobs she didn't know that Electronique was a lesbian even before she became a Amazon woman. Electronique said “ I will do it Princess Shego”.

Shego said “ thank you Electronique”. Then Electronique said “ I want Dr Drakken to stay here with Jaycee can show her how they were made and I will help her”. Drakken looked stunnned and looked at her former sidekick .

Shego said “ Jaycee you will Teach Drakken and return back to Amazon middleton after you have taught her what she needs to do”. Jaycee said “ yes your highness once I taught her I will retuern to Lady Gaia in the Science Lab at the Palace and continue my york for her Majesty”. Shego said “ good Dr Jaycee”.

Shego left and headed back to Amazon Middleton. Then Jaycee went over to Drakken she started to talk her about how Jaycee got the mind collars to wok. Electronique walked up toward Drakken and she was behind Drakken, Jaycee knew what Electronique was doing to do to Drakken and Jaycee smile over it.

Shego arrived back at the Palace She walked in and saw Barkin there Barkin said “ hello babe we have not see each other for a while”. Shego said “ fuck off male I do remember you but I am a Amazon woman and I hate fuck'n men like you I have a girlfriend ok”. Barkin said “but babe”. Shego said “ shut the fuck up male”.

Shego sat on her throne next to Kim and held her had and Kim said “ the reason you have been brought to me I need a education Secretary to enforce the Amazon Circulum at all Amazon Staes of America Schools”. Barkin asks “ why me you rule 8 countries mistress?”.

Kim said “ I have education secretaries in each of my new countries except here in the Amazon states of America but if you want go back to prison where you came it your choice Barkin”. Barkin said “ if I accept I will be able to help you with Amazon Circulum”. Kim said “ you will be a woman Barkin and a Amazon”.

Barkin says “ I will be a woman”. Misha ask “ what is wrong about being a woman male?”. Barkin looked at Misah she had very angry look on her face, Barkin said “ nothing at all I like being a man”. Then Misha walked off her throne and walked around him and said “ you will love being a woman better”.

Misha injected the needle into Barkin neck and he started feel pain as his hip began to widen and he felt his penis slowly going his body he saw his hands , arms , legs and feet become femimine and the saw her boob grow on her chest. Her face became more female features and her hair was now long and black.

Barkin looked down and open her skirt and notice she had a Labia and she moved her hand down and notice she had a clit then felt a bit more and notice her vagina Barkin said “ I am a woman now my queen”. Kim said “ you will become my new Amazon States of America education secretary”.

Barkin said “ yes your majesty I will leave for Washington and soon s I am dressed”. Kim said “ Lori you need to have a PTA before you can go and then you will be given your black leather Amazon uniform and black leather thigh high boots”. Lori said “ yes your Majesty.

Amazon gurad took Lori Barkin down to the PTA area every thing was right form her transformation and she was given her Amazon uniform and Lori was on her way to Washington to see Prime minster Lily and become her Education secretary with her majesty plan trial a liquid cure on elementary boys.

Kim looks at Shego and asks “ has Electronique agreed to help with my new male collars to their attitude towards us?”. Sheg replies “ yes babe Dr Jaycee is with her now helping Drakken on the basics of the male collar”. Kim said “ good I will be glad when they arre done”.

Veronica walks back in and says “ your majesty we have establish Alexis at the Amazon defence centre in Washington”. Misha says “ I need not know we had a defence centre in Washington”. Veronica says “ your highness it where the pentagon was and defence Secretary Dr Betty has rename it that”.

Misha said “ I like that name better than the Pentagon”. Eliza came running in and saw Misha and said “ hey Misha the guards have brought a family we knew at school”. Misha said “ not Craig's family his dad was the advisor to the mayor before we invaded here and establish our rule here”.

Kim asks “ how important is this male Eliza?”. Elisa said “ what I remember when I was that disgusting boy Jim he told us that his father as very high up and he knew a lot of stragities against invaders like us”. Kim said “ Eliza bring the son to me and tell the guards to lock up him and free the mother”.

Eliza said “ yes your majesty”. Eliza left to tell her mother what her Majesty had told her She was walking down when she saw Misha comimg up behind her and Eliza said “ your highness”. Misha said “ my sister has ask I accompany you to see this family”. Elisa says “ you want to see how Craig's family escape”.

Misha says “ yes but I want have a talk with him before he see my Sister the queen the last time we saw him was before the invasion and we were both disgusting boys”. Eliza says “ I still remember some of my boyhood but I prefer to be a girl any day now I am use to my boobs and Vagina”.

Misha say “the same but I am now a Royal princess and second ruler of the Amazon empire behind my sister the queen and her lover her royal highness Princess Shego and you are a royal lady now”. Eliza said “I know I am so shoocked but it my mom we should thank if it wasn't for her “.

Misha said “yeah I know”. Eliza asks “where has her majesty our queen gone?”. The defence secretaries forum the empire have arrived here and has Secretary Tracey of Hong Kong they are to talk about the next invasion that why I have decided to come with you”. Eliza ask “where do you think they will invade?”.

Misha said “Most probally Great Briatin and then France but I think we want do Briatin in stages like Wales first then Scotland and so on”. Eliza said “.we should also send troops in Republic of Ireland and then Northern Ireland”. Misha says “I will tell aegent commander Tara before she goes into the meeting”.

Misha and Eliza walking toward Craig's family they saw young Amazon Girl. Eliza asked “ are you lost or something?”. The young girl looked at the young girls and said “ I am sorry my lady but I need to get the receration area of the palace”. Eliza asks “ you looking for some one?”.

Young girl said “ I am sorry my name is Nicole I am looking for the speaker of the Amazon States of America Parliament”. Misha ask“ your secretary Tracey daughter?”. Nicole said “ yes your highness my mom is here for a confrence here to discuss the next place of the invasion and we have brought my brother Simon”.

Eliza asks “ why has your mom brought back a pathetic male like him?”. Nicole said “ my lady after the Hong Kong Invasion my mom was upgraded to Amazon, we escaped from here before it became the Amazon states of America my father was secretary state but was converted to a woman and so was I to a girl”.

Eliza asks “ your brother has been sent here for Testing for bredding or contruction work or maybe a girl?”. Nicole said “ mom decide I was to become the girl and he was to be a breeder or slave worker”. Misha said “ he will be check to see how much sperm he has but not enough he will be a slave worker”.

Nicole says “ I am so glad I am a girl”. Eliza ask “ are you staying here or going back home “. Nicole said “ mom has told me it is upto me but I really don't know yet my ex father now a woman has not seen me since I became a girl and she became a woman”.

As the girls were talking in the hall the speaker of the house walked past in her black leather uniform and black leather thigh high boots she saw the girls and said “ excuse me your highness and my lady I was looking for the receration area I was meeting up with my new daughter”.

Nicole said “ dad you look nice now as a woman”. She said “ thank you Nicole you very beautifal as a girl too”. Nicole said “ I have no idea what to call you now”. She said “ call me mother or Nelly”. Nicole said “ ok mother mom is wiith her majesty and the other defence secretaries in the empire”.

Nelly asks “ where is your brother now”. Nicole said “ having his assesment today on if he will be a breeder of a slave worker”. Nelly said “maybe if he fails the breeding I can have him as my daughter cause your mom has you”. Nicole said : I know mom was divorcing you before you became a woman”.

They left Misah and Eliza and headed towards the receration area both in their black leather Amazon uniform Misha saw Nicole giggling about things as they walked together Misha said “ I am happy for them maybe Nicloe can see her mother now”. Eliza said “ we could make her brother fail so he can be Nellie's Daughter”.

Misha said “ true but we will let it run it course”. The girl walked down the Gaia Labratory and as they walked in they saw Gaianna walking out of the tube and look at her mother and say “ mom I need to get my clothes on now”. Gaia looked at new daughter and said “ ok Gaianna”. Eliza walked up to her sister.

Gianna looked at her baby sister and said “ hey baby sis nice to meet you and you too your highness”. Misha was stunned the new beautiful teenage girl was once her mother but now one of her agents and Misha said “ hello Lady Gaianna”. Gainna left to get her unifrom and Misha said “ she needs to see the queen”.

Gaia said “ yes your highness I will take her up to the queen soon”.Misha said “good by the way well fucking done on that this will help us so much and hopefully your male sperm experiment is succes too”. Gaia said “ thank you your highness and you are heading to see the prsioners”. Eliza says “ yes mom”.

The girls heaed of in the palace where they were keeping the new prsioners that have been brought in by the Amazon military the girls saw men and boys and some before being free of male influence”.

The girls were looking for Craig and hs family they found them in the area the guards had told them they saw Craig and shivered to think they were like that a boy it made them feel sick. Misha and Elisa walked in and saw them and said “we want ot speak to the boy please”. The father said “ no way invaders”.

Misha laughed and said “ you pathetic fucking male if we want something we will get it”. The mother said “ you rude little girl you dont speak to elders like that and who authority to talk us like that”. Misha says “ I have I am her royal highness Princess of the Amazon empire which you are a part of bitch”.

The mother looked at Misha and said “ don't you call that you wicked evil little girl”. Misha laughed and said “ guards fix her up so she understand us”. The gurds said “ yes your highness Civilian or warrior”. Misha said “ civilian”. Guards said “ yes your highness”.

The guards grabbed Craig's mother and took her away. The father ask “ what are you doing to my wife?”. Misha said “ freeing her of male influence and guards take the boy down to the specail area have him dressed and we will speak to him later”. The guards came and grab Craig.

Eliza saw the father try to grab Misha but she saw him do it and grab him and threw him on the floor the father said “ your strong little bitch”. Eliza said “ Guards take this piece of male crap and lock it up in the dungeon area for assaulting her highness “. the guards said “ yes my lady”.

The father was dragged away to the dungeons. Misha said “ thank you”. Elisa said “that what besties are for Misha”. Misha says “ you will always be my bestie I know we were something together before this as boys but I don't care I love being a girl and Princess of the Amazons”.

Eliza said “ same here I prefer to be a girl any way”. As the gurads dragged the father away the mother walked back in the room in her Amazon white dress and sandals she walked up and said “.I am sorry your highness for my rudeness and thank your for freeing me ”. Father ask”Marion what have they done?”.

Marion said “I have been freed of male influence and I am glad now I am Amazon woman I love being a Amazon in the Amazon States of America and you are just A pathetic make who needs attitude adjustent”

The Father says “but Marion I was the head of CIA intelligence and I know where global justice Drew son Connor is”. Misha looked at him and said “you know where global Justice Director Drew son is male”. The father said “.yes I do know where he is and my Name is Cameron”.

Misha said “you seem got vey useful to us now former CIA Director we will hold you in the Special Area with your son instead”. Cameron was still be held by the Amazon Guards who follow Misha where ever she goes for her own proctection, Misha saw Agent commander Tara.

Misha said “Agent commander Tara can you get your agents and take this male to the special area”. Tara said “yes your highness but her Majesty said to lock him in the dungeons” Misha said “he has become very inportant to us now he was the former director of the C.I.A. And we clarify it by the defence secretaty”.

Tara said “yes your higness”. Tara got some Amazon warrios to take him down to the special area when he got there he saw his son Craig now in white Amazon dress and sandals with a heel Cameron was dress the same way he walked over and sat with his son he saw other people like the Stoppables.

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