The Amazons: I became a Amazon Cheerleader ( part 9 )

9 the new cheerleaders and league captain and Slave

Callie said “ we just having breakfast and we can go”. I said “ sure our sisters are upstairs back in bed Elyssa is help Eloise on how look after herself now she is having her period”. Callie said “ it fuck'n hurts the first time you get your period”. Lexxie said “ I have not had mine yet but I am scared”.

Madison said “ don't worry babe I have got mine last night and I will help you when you get yours” I put on my knee high leather boots on and I was ready for school you think we would be hot in Black Leather but it doesn't bother us it must be the our female bodies have adjusted to wearing black Leather.

We all left for school I was looking forward to seeing the boys at our school not because I wanted go and fuck them I hated men I want them dead as far as I am concern their masculinity has caused a lot of problem for females in any time of the reign in charge now we rule here and the galaxy.

Callie asked “ who are we going to see first Sabrina”. I thought we would see Kane first then we will make our way over to Michael then we will see Nathan and Andrew at last”. Madison said “ Michael will be with nerdy friends and Kane should be with the league team practising with them as the water boy”.

Lexxie giggled and said “ you wouldn't believe only a few weeks ago he was a captain of the team and I was his best friend picking on nerds like Michael and his friends”. I said “ like Liam and other”. Lexxie said “ yeah but I feel bad now I know my girlfriend was one and so were you Sabrina”.

I looked at her and said “ you will under male influence and it not you fault Lexxie I understand what male peer pressure does to you”. Lexxie said “ that's why I am happy I am a girl now I hate the fact I was a boy and the fact my slave father nearly killed mum and my self”.

I said “ well he is in custody your mum is recovering in hospital and you can stay with us as long as you want”. Lexxie asked “ can I become your sister Sabrina?”. I looked at her and said “ I will ask mum tonight it will just mean some paper work that is all”.

My cheerleaders and I arrived at school we were walking in and we saw Kane he was heading over to the sports field he saw us cheerleaders come into the school he knew he had to be a good boy today or he would be come a slave but he didn't know he was going to be one very soon.

We walked over to the sporting field and saw the boy training hard the coach walked and said “ may I asked what you are doing here mistress”. I looked him with a glare and said “ none of your business male we can go any where we like”. Coach said “ my apologies mistress I was curious”.

Leah said “ never be curious male you are the property of the amazon race we an go any where we want and don't need yours or any other male permission to be here”. Lexxie asked “ maybe we need a woman to be the coach here she might be able to keep the team inline instead of this male?”.

I said “ you could be right Lexxie instead of this male being in charge of the boy's league team for last year next year we could have a woman and she could decide which boys can be slaves and other as girls”. Madison piped in and said “ maybe it can be this male he would make a very good woman”.

Cassidy sad “ yeah with him as a woman he would keep his coaching skill and be able to maybe coach an all girls team from when this school becomes an all girl school”. I looked at the coach and said “ you will report to the cheerleader area with Nathan , Andrew and Kane your water boy.

Coach said “ yes mistress”. The coach had no idea that he was going to become a woman and two of his player were going to be my new cheerleaders and Kane was going to become a slave”. Callie said “we will need a replacement for Nathan as well”. Callie was right we would need some one for him as well.

Leah asked“ what about that boy who pissed you off yesterday in class?”. I said “ you mean that boy Don”. I said “ yes but will he be good as a jock?”. Callie said “ it will be only for next year Sabrina as after that he will be in a slave camp”. I said “ true ok then we will us him but if he fucks up slave straight away”.

My cheerleaders and I were heading back to our area I decided I would go with Madison and Lexxie to tell Michael of his new role as the new League captain and half back of the boy's league team I knew he was a nerd but he will taken to a special area of the school and he will be turned into a jock.

Leah, Callie and Cassidy were heading back to the cheerleader area when Cassidy said “ why don't we go and find Don and meet you at the special area with Michael and we can have them both done at the same time”. I said “ ok make sure he is not at like a typical fucking male”. Leah said “ if he is we will subdue him”.

Leah , Callie and Cassidy headed over to find Don as we went where we knew Michael was I was walking with Lexxie and Madison I saw them holding hands I was happy for them now expecaily Lexxie she deserved Happiness after what happen yesterday and she also want to be my sister too I was excited.

We arrived where Michael was he was his friends Carlton, Cameron , Kyle and Simon as we approached them my Cell phone range it was Transformation Department I answered it and said “ hello Sabrina speaking”. The woman said “ hello Sabrina I was wondering where you are?”.

I said “ I am near where the nerds hang around I was about to get Michael and take him to the school special area”. She asked “ is there a boy there name Cameron with the boy you are going to get”. I asked “ yes and why?”. She said “ he will be accompany you to the transformation area he will be a cheerleader too”.

I asked “ why we are already getting Nathan and Andrew?”. She said “ we have a major problem with Andrew he escaped last night with Doug and his father he helped in the murder of Lindsay and Naomi”. I said “ ok we will take him with us”. I hang up on my cell phone only females can have a cell phone.

When we were at the field we saw the boys doing stretches I thought he was late.
Lexxie asked “ who was that Sabrina?”. I looked at my sister to be and said “ that was the department of transformation they want Cameron to become a cheerleader instead of Andrew he help in the murder of Naomi and Lindsay”.

Lexxie said “ I thought it was strange that he was not at Training I presume he is on the run from us now”. I said “ yeah stupid fucking male their masculinity rules them all the time”. Madison said “ Cameron will make a great cheerleader for us Sabrina I was his friend before I became a girl”.

I said “ good we will take both of them away from here and then we will take Nathan and Cameron to transformation are with the coach Kline and we will make him a woman”. Madison , Lexxie and I walked over to the boys and Madison said “ Michael and Cameron you will follow us now”.

Michael said “ yes mistress”. Cameron said “ yes mistress can I ask where we are going too?”. Lexxie said “ it none of your business male you as your are fucking told to do or you will be punished”. Cameron said “ yes mistress”. The boys followed us away the other ones sat there stunned.

The other boys were wondering why their 2 friends were taken way from them they had already lost a few recently including Luke and myself they had no idea I was now a girl and a cheerleader. We took the boys to the special area I saw Callie, Leah and Cassidy with Don he looked very scared after yesterday.

I looked at him and asked “ why are you scared of us male?”. Don said “ I am scared because the way I acted in class to you mistress”. I said “ your not here to be remaindered or your actions yesterday you are here for a reason now what is your status at the school here male”. Don said “ normal student not nerd or Jock”.

Lexxie said “ we have decide you will become a jock and a member of league team but when you become a jock you will not Bully nerds or normal students do you understand us male”. Don asked “ if I refuse my status change what happen to me”. Callie said “ you will become a slave now”.

Don thought for a while he knew that if he became a slave he would not see his mother who was a Amazon and his father which was their slave and his little brother Keith he said “ ok I will become a jock then I am not ready for being a slave”. Madison said “ you might become a girl at selections”.

Don was taken away from Michael and Cameron, Leah took him down to a room he was told to lay down on the bed and he wonder what was going to happen the nurse said “ we going to give a sedative and then you will go to sleep for about 30 mins and you will come out as Jock”. Don said “yes mistress”.

I told Leah and the others I was going with Lexxie to see mum and I would be back when Michael was a jock and the new league Captain Leah knew why I was going to see mum my girlfriend knew most of the stuff I was doing Cameron was told relax and he would know his fate soon.

Lexxie and I left the school grounds and headed to see mum I arrived home pretty quick we had no classes today as we were doing things for the Amazon governor here in Australia I knew when I got to National service I will be going to special to be train as the Amazon Commander for the Galaxy”.

Mum was upstairs in her study Eloise and Elyssa were in her room playing girl games and stuff I looked in and Eli asked “what are you doing home?”. I said “ I am with Lexxie Eli mum was arranging something for us I called her on my cell phone”. Eli said “ making Lexxie our sister”. I said “ yes”.

Our slave Mathew was in mine and Leah room he was cleaning it up and he saw Lexxie and said “ mistress Lexxie your room will be ready by the afternoon when you return home from school”. Lexxie said “ thank you Slave”. I said “ Lexxie you don't thank the slave he is a fucking male”.

Lexxie and I walked into mum's office and Mine mum looked at Lexxie and said “ as from now you are Sabrina twin sister welcome to our family Lexxie”. Lexxie walked up to mum and cuddled her and said “ thank you mum”. Eloise walked in and said “ welcome to our family big sis”. Lexxie cuddled Eloise.

Lexxie looked at me and said “ well sis we better get back to school and see if those jocks are ready for us”. I said “ yeah sis we better”. Lexxie and I left home and walked back to school it doesn't take us a long as we have super strength being Amazon girls and cheerleaders.

Lexxie and I arrived back at school we went down to the special area and saw My cheerleaders and Leah came up and said “ Don is now finished he is getting dressed in his new clothes and his Lettermen Jacket he now is a jock and Michael is getting done now should be finished soon”.

Cameron saw Don walked out he was now different now he was a jock and a League forward for his team Don saw me and said “ mistress can I now return to my friends now”. I said “ sure your new Captain should be ready soon and remind your coach that he and Nathan are due at cheerleader area”.

Don said “ yes mistress” he was just about to leave and I said “ can you also remind your coach I want the water boy Kane brought to us as well” Don said “ yes mistress I will remind my coach”. Leah was over with Lexxie and Callie. Cassidy came and said “ Lexxie your Sabrina twin now”.

Lexxie said “ yes Sabrina is now my twin sister we are both Amazon girls my sister has a girlfriend name Leah my baby sister Eloise also has a girlfriend name Elyssa, Callie's sister and your my twin sister BFF girlfriend and hopefully I will be your girlfriend BFF too”.

Callie said “ your My BFF sister so sure I will be your Best friend we should all be Best friends except if we have girlfriends in the cheerleader squad”. Then Michael walked out he was now different he was a jock Cameron walked over and asked “ Michael are you ok dude”. Michael said “ sure nerd I am ok”.

I said “ Michael your the new half back and captain of our boys school League team you will not bully any nerds or other member of the school's boys here do you understand me”. Michael said “ yes mistress I want our top forward Don to be the vice captain”. I said “ you will have to ask your coach she will decide”.

Michael said “ yes mistress”. He left and headed over with other Jocks , Leah said “ I have a funny feeling that him and Don are going to become best friends now”. I said “ yeah babe I think so too”. Cameron came over and asked “ why did you make Michael a jock for mistress”. I said “it was a Amazon decision Like yours”.

Cameron said “ like mine I am not going to be a Jock”, Leah laughed at him and said “ fuck no your going to be a girl and a Cheerleader like us”. He looked at us and said “ please I want stay a boy and nerd as you call me that but not a girl and a cheerleader”. I asked “ why Cameron you have problems at home?”.

Cameron said “ why do you ask that for mistress”. I said “ I can sense in your voice you are having problems at home”. Cameron said “ yes mistress my father is hold a couple of men the main three have escape and headed way from here to the resistance I don't want go with my father I have friends”.

Lexxie asked “ where is your mother”. Cameron said “ my mum is at home she is not a Amazon my father tell her what to do that is why I am scared to become a Amazon girl and a cheerleader mistress”. Leah said “we have you changed to a new family like Callie or Madison”.

Lexxie said “ my girlfriend would love to have a sister like I have Sabrina as mine and her girlfriend here Leah is my best friend”. Leah said “ consider you were that disgusting boy name Cody who was a fucking bully”.Lexxie said “ well I am no longer that Pathetic boy I am a girl and been freed of my masculinity”.

Cameron said “ I will be moved away from my father if I become a girl mistress”. Lexxie said “ yes you will become either Madison or Callie sister”. Cameron said “ I think I would love to be Madison new sister when I become a girl”. I said “ then you will help the Amazon Police and Military at your old home”.

Cameron said “ yes mistress if I am a cheerleader and a girl I will help them”. Lexxie , Leah , Cameron and I left the special area and back to the cheerleader area as Cameron was going to be one of us he followed us back waiting there was Callie, Madison, Cassidy , Nathan and the league coach.

Kane was soon behind them I looked at him and said “ you were suppose to be here with Nathan and the coach male”. Kane looked at me and said “ sorry mistress I was distracted by the new Captain and our new forward”. I said “ that is no excuse Kane”. He looked at me and said “ will I be punished mistress”.

I looked at Kane and said “ no you will not be punished instead you will be going to slave for re-education and you will start your new life as a slave to a mistress as from now”. Kane said “ please mistress I know what I did was wrong but I don't go to the slave camp early”.

I said “ too late mistresses Cassidy and Madison will assist you to the Amazon police and you will taken away to become a slave maybe you might get a nice mistress but you will most probably be construction slave or Mining slave on our mining planet in the Amazonia Terra area”.

Kane was escorted away by Cassidy and Madison to the Amazon police he looked at Lexxie and said “ please we were buddies at school help me”. Lexxie giggled and said “ no fucking way your going as my sister said you going to be a slave”. Kane left with Cassidy and Madison for his new life as a slave of the Amazons.

Nathan asked “ Why am I here for Mistress”.Callie said “ you are here because we have said so male remember you are the property of the Amazons and that includes us ok” . Nathan said “ yes mistress I was just wonder why Cameron was here and our coach” Lexxie said “ you are no off the league team”.

Nathan said “ but I am the Captain mistress”. Lexxie said “ not any more you saw your new half-back there”. Nathan said “ yes mistress Michael he was a nerd but he has been change to jock status”. Lexxie said “ yes he is the new captain and you are here and you have been replace too by another player”.

I came back from my office I had Nathan, Cameron and coach Kline paper work we were now heading over to the transformation area as we were walking there I saw Madison and Cassidy come back Cassidy said “ it has been done Sabrina Kane is now with Amazon police and heading to slave camp”.

Nathan was shocked that he was no longer the captain of the team as we approached the transformation area Nathan noticed and he looked at Cameron and asked “ why are we here Cameron?”. Cameron responded “ why do you think we are here we are going to be girls and cheerleaders”.

Nathan said “ is that why I have lost the captaincy and my place in the team”. Madison said “ the Amazon school board has decide that all member of the team that had a association with Kane will either become girls or slave 2 ex member are our cheerleaders now Callie and Leah and Lexxie was his best friend”.

Lexxie said “ consider your self lucky your not going to be a slave there is nothing wrong about being a girl we are stronger , smart and beautiful and like us you were born the wrong gender you will like being a girl we are the dominating gender now and we rule the galaxy now you will love also being a cheerleader”.

We arrived at the transformation area I saw the woman she told me that they will look after Coach Kline. I took Nathan and Cameron down to the draining area with my sister and my girlfriend. Callie was with me as Cassidy and Madison stayed up in reception area”.

The nurse told the boys to strip out their school uniform which they both did then the nurse said “ ok boys we are going to connect a tube to your penis and drain your male juice from you and once you are finished you will taken to a room and given a injection which has Nanotechnology in it to change your gender”.

Nathan asked “will the nanotechnology hurt us mistress?”. The nurse said “ you will go through pain as you become a female it is a punishment for being the wrong gender”. Cameron asked “ what about this part now mistress will this hurt”. The nurse said “ I have no idea I have never had it happen I'll ask one of them”.

Callie said “ I can't remember to be honest”. Leah and Lexxie said “ I cant remember either as far as I am concern I was a girl”. And I said the same thing as my sister and my girlfriend. I saw them have the needle in their penis and heard them scream in pain.

Lexxie looked at me and said “ hey sis it would be like get a needle in the clit near our Vagina”. I thought what she said I looked at her and cringed. I said “ we'll wait until they begin their transformation and I organise Cameron Adoption to Madison family”.

The boys were drained very quickly they were taken to their room I said “ Nathan you will now be called Rachel when you come out as a girl once you have your PTA we go to the Hair saloon and get your nails. your Naval pierced , your ears pierced and your hair done as Lexxie wants her hair done”.

After Nathan I went and saw Cameron and said “ Cameron you will be called Peyton and when you finish transforming into a girl you will have a PTA and same as Rachel you have your nails your naval and ears pierced and your hair done so you fit as a cheerleader”.

They were given the injection and Lexxie , Leah Callie and I left and headed back to reception area I went and saw the Amazon adoption area and Peyton will be Madison new sister. Madison was sitting with her girlfriend my sister when I said “ Peyton is now your new sister it unsafe for her to go home now”.

Lexxie kissed Madison and said “ congratulations babe on your new sister your like me now a twin I'm getting my hair done this afternoon my hair will be the same colour as my sister's Sabrina red like hers”. Madison said “ I want change mine to a more of blonde colour I will ask Peyton what she wants”.

We hang around he reception area waiting for the girls to be finished I said “ Madison when Peyton is done you come with me Leah and Lexxie and when Rachel is done Leah, Cassidy and Callie can come down to her”. We saw a woman walk up to us and say “ hello Captain I am new league couch”.

It was coach Kline he was now a she and said “ I will make sure that my players do not bully any boys or be disrespectful to you cheerleaders”. I said “ good you will be new girls coach after next year “ she said “ that would be great Captain”. The nurse walked up and said “ one of them is finished Sabrina”.

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