Cherry Moone: Mooneshadows: Chapter 9: "Zero" (starter)

I feigned sleep the entire trip to Reardan; only because I didn’t want to talk to either of them. Alex dropped me off at Christy’s house and I shambled down the stairs to the basement of the house. Christy opened the door and we rushed to her room.

“I picked one up.”
“Yep. I really didn’t want to. It’s like mental torture. I want to know but you know, I really don’t want to know.”
I opened my bag and tossed the box to Christy.
“Okay, let’s say you are. Are you going to tell Josh?”
“Hell no.”
“Your mom?”
“Double Hell to the no.”
“Will you at least tell me?”
I nodded—at least Christy wouldn’t scream at me or say that I did something stupid…even though it wasn’t like it was MY fault.

Christy opened the box to reveal a multi-folded poster-like manual and the wrapped test.
“It’s a frickin’ book,” she said as she unfolded and flipped through it.
“Five minutes, right?” I asked as I picked up the wrapped package.
“Yeah, it says do the thing on the thingy and in five minutes, mommy detector.”
“Not helping."

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This story is 202 words long.