Kim Possible and The Amazon Women 17

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17 Invasion Australia

Kim said “good I will now accompany you over to Hawaii and see the start of the invasion of Australia” Shego said “you want me to come babe or head back to Amazon Middleton”. Kim said “you can come with me if want babe I need to relax as well over there”.

Shego smiled evilly and knew she would get sex with her lover . Misha said “ I will return back to Amazon Middleton with my new BFF Elisa and tell her mother about your plans for a Iowa school”. Kim smiled at her sister and said “ok I want to see Gaia soon I have to tell her something”.

Kim ,Veronica, Shego and the Royal amazon Agents left for Hawaii while Misha and Elisa return back to Amazon Middleton Elisa was worried what her majesty would want with her mother but she was now with her new BFF Misha she loved being a girl now

Kim arrived in Hawaii and she saw the hover craft take off as they headed to Australia for their invasion Kim will stay in Hawaii as it was part of Amazon empire she knew her warriors would be successful in the conquest of Australia and then rest of the world

Duff Killigan was in Australia looking for a some of the evil organisation he was involved with when he saw hover crafts appear he saw what was on them it was Amazon women he knew he had get back to his Hotel in Sydney he was in the Harbour area of Sydney..

When Duff saw the hover crafts fly over and knew Australia was under attack by Amazon women Duff saw the Amazon women land and attack some police officers then he saw the first police man become a woman in front of his eyes as the Amazon women shot the men they became like them Amazon women .

Duff watched in horror as more policemen came they were shot and became Amazon women. when women came down they were shot as well and became Amazon women Duff saw a boy accidentally get shot and he changed into Amazon Girl he knew the Amazons were using Nanotechnology.

Announcements were made over the radio informing all Citizens to stay inside as the Amazon women landed more of their warriors into Sydney, Canberra , Melbourne and Brisbane the west coast of Australia was not Affected at the Moment the Amazon would make their way to Perth , Adelaide and Darwin”.

Reports were coming in that Tasmania had fallen to the Amazon women and they were now use that as main base for communication to their queen and the supreme Commander and that they were using the Major Colonel who was commanding the Amazon warriors from Hobart.

In Sydney the Amazon women are moving their troops into position as the army approaches them as in all their other fights with men they will fire on the men turning them into women some of Amazon women have moved to west of Sydney to a town called Penrith they need set up a base there.

Once Penrith has been establish they will use it go through the Blue mountains flushing out policemen and women Commander Tara and her agents have begun the assault on Penrith she has tells her Agents “once we get control of this city we can advance in to the mountains”.

Helen said “ we need to set up a base here and I was thinking if it alright by you commander that we get the local teen boys here and make them women then they will be able to help us with invasion here”. Tara said “ good idea agent Helen”.

Zara and Helen were put in her majesty Specialist agents remembering Helen was Hego. Zara was Slim Possible she walked over to Tara and said “ commander we will have the base ready soon we are getting the local police force on our side and I over heard what Helen said I think we should use local boys”.

Tara said “ I like the idea and I have to wait to see if her highness or supreme commander agree with the idea we should get a answer very soon from major colonel Chelsea”. Helen said “we just wait then”. Tara said “ no we can start rounding up males for transformation”.

Bonnie and Hope were in the area of Penrith they land near the Penrith Lakes area about 15 mins out from Penrith with their forces they were heading toward a suburb know as Cranebrook once they landed the hover craft return to it base in Penrith area set by Zara and Helen.

The girls knew what their job was to change boys into girls if required or hold in special cell area until the Amazons had control the orders had come from Commander Tara that any boy or man know the way through the Blue Mountains and suburbs will become a Amazon they will love being a Amazon instead.

The girls arrived at local sport field there they saw women and men and some boys playing some sport as was winter in Australia the boys were playing a game of Australian Football League and the girls were watching they saw some boys and a girl sitting by themselves Hope walked up to them.

The girl looked at them and said “It is true the Amazons have landed here in Australia”. Hope walked up to the girl and asked “ what is going on there?”. pointing to the boys paying their Sport. The boy said “ they are playing AFL Footy”. Hope asks “ the teams Male?”.

The boy answered “ Blue mountains Kangaroos and Penrith Aces”. Hope smiled evilly and said “ these boys would know most suburbs in the Blue Mountains”. The girl said “ yes I know it and so does my boyfriend here Hank”. Hope asked “ what is your name young Lady”. She said “ I am known as Heidi”.

Hope and Bonnie Grabbed Heidi Boyfriend he couldn't release himself from the Amazon girls grip they had on him and as Bonnie and Hope have done to other boys they gave him a need and gave Heidi a liquid form of the needled and watched as Hank became a girl and Heidi a Amazon Warrior.

Hank was now finished she was looking over her new body now she was a Amazon girl and she will help in getting the people they need to so they can attack the Blue Mountains West of Sydney. Heidi was now finished and said “ agent Hope we know some other girls that will be grateful to help us in the invasion”.

Hope said “ good once you have changed warrior you will get other new Agent Kelly and go get theses girls after the males have finished their sport game we will head in their change room and change the team known as the Kangaroos in to Amazon warriors for our invasion of Blue Mountains”.

After the game Hope and the new agents headed for change room they saw the boys go into shower and change Hope was thinking they will go in as boys and come out as Amazon girls loyal to the queen and the conquest of Australia and Bonnie was hearing they have captured Townsville and Cairns were heading south.

Hope and Bonnie knew they had to head towards the western part of New South Wales Australia was very terrain country and they had to be very good at how they did their invasion they took a a sheep station west of Cairns the forces were shocked how big the Station was it was size of American country town.

The farmer was caught and turned into Amazon woman 15 miles way from the sheep station house but she was now happy she was a Amazon woman all her staff all male had also become Amazon women they will now work for the queen of the Amazon and they will assist any way they are required now as women.

Every boy in that team was changed into a girl now some will still shock they had boobs and Vagina now instead of Penis but it came clear to them soon they were Amazon Girls and men are pathetic pieces of shit who need to be eliminated or turn into women.

The new Amazon girls were preparing for help them get control of the mountains they all seem be set up now at the park here in Cranebrook . Tara, Helen and Zara arrived at new Amazon camp which had been set up there they had control of Penrith police force and the Military men were becoming women.

Tara said “tomorrow we begin our invasion of the mountains”. Hope said “one of our newest recruit said we should send some forces through a town called Richmond over Nepean river and go that way while er send others through Emu Plains and then split into 2 divisions and end up at Blaxland”.

Tara said “.ok Sarah and Helen can take warriors through Richmond Area and across the Nepean river while I will go with Hope and Bonnie and take forces through Emu Plains and that area we will meet some in Springwood or some in Bell district with mountains under our control”.

The Amazon women went to sleep knowing hopefully tomorrow the forces will have control the Blue Mountains area as more major area fall like the sunshine coast Harvey Bay and in South Australia Copper Pedy and Broken Hill in New South Wales was now under Amazon Occupation.

Tara was on a a communication with supreme Commander Veronica she was telling her at the their strategy to get the mountain and western half of New South Wales under Amazon control Veronica said “ we have nearly got control of Queensland and most of the northern area of Western Australia”.

Tara said “ we know they were going to be easy it was Victoria and New South Wales was going to the hard part of Australia”. Veronica says “ our intelligence has informed us that Queensland and South Australia has now fallen to us Australia will soon be part of the Amazon empire.

Tara said “ yes once we control the final three states and territories”. Veronica says “ Western Australia will fall soon and the 2 territories will one we have the main states of Victoria and New South Wales”. Tara said “ while this give us indication on how we will go with Great Britain and Germany”.

Veronica says “ I think her Majesty has Germany next on her mind but with Australia soon under our control we can attack Africa from there as well the Asian base countries like India, Thailand and so on” “ Tara said “ remembering we have Japan and Hong Kong they are under our control now”.

Veronica said “ I know that her majesty is touring Hong Kong now with Princess Shego will this invasion is going on I will so glad when the war is over and we will rule the Earth”. Tara said “ the invasion of the mountains has begun Sarah and Helen Richmond way and Bonnie and Hope the other way”.

The Amazon women had begun their invasion of the mountains Zara and Helen took 5 hover crafts to Richmond why Bonnie and Hope took only 3 they started their climb up the mountain doing what they had been doing all along turning some men into women but policemen were turned into women.

They soon arrived in a town called Springwood a gentlemen said “ this as far you women will go your invasion is over”. Bonnie ask “ and why is that male?”. He said “because I said so that it is coming to a end”. Then the man son walked over and said “father these women don't care about you your a man”.

The boy was right the Amazons didn't care what the male thought it was just crinkle in their Plan for conquest here they saw commander agent Tara Arrived there she was being followed by sergeant Jessie and her forces they were collecting the new women and girls as the Amazon agent went through doing their job.

Tara said “ sniper can you hear me”. Sniper said “ yes agent commander”. Tara said “ I want you to fire on the boy and change him once the male has seen his son become a girl I want you than to fire on him and change him into woman”. She said “yes agent commander”.

Bonnie said “ commander will we continue our invasion” . Tara said “ soon Lieutenant once this male is a woman and I want gather every male after that male has been changed and turn them into women”. Bonnie said “ yes commander”. A few seconds lather the sniper fired hitting the boy .

The father saw his son start changing in front of his eyes into a girl he didn't care any more about the Amazon women then once he saw his son now a girl he felt a pain n the butt he was shot now and it was not long before he started to become a woman now too he felt the pain as his body started changing into a woman.

She was now a member of the Amazon Race in their invasion here she saw her new daughter now in her Amazon black leather uniform and saw a women come over and says “ you need to follow me now warrior as you need to change into your uniform”. She said “yes Sergeant I will follow you”. she was glad to be a woman now”.

The Amazon women done what Tara had commanded on the the men were rounded up as they were told by the amazon women the men knew if they were going to become women and part of the Amazon race or they had no idea what was going to happen they were escorted away from the other people.

The Amazon left Springwood and head west up through the mountains and every town they came to men were turn into women the men from Springwood some were changed the others were put in special area in Emu Plains run by the new women who had become Amazon women.

Kim was in Hong Kong she was touring the new state of Amazon states of America she was being kept inform how her forces were going in Australia she heard her forces were now in control of every State except the main ones Victoria and New South Wales but soon they will fall to her Amazons

Shego said “ you need announce the new Ladies Babe”. Kim said “ yeah I know I am still getting use to being Queen and being evil now”. Shego said “ you are doing fucking good job as a evil woman now Kimmy” Kim said “ thank you Princess”. with a smile on her face as she licked out Shego Vagina .

Shego moaned loud and said “ lick me hard you evil bitch”. Kim continued licking out her lover she knew even of she was never going back as Kim Possible student/ cheerleader/ global agent she would never be a straight girl again sure she loved her boyfriends before but being a Amazon queen and a lover she was happy.

The amazon arrived in Katoomba they were amazed by the beauty here they would make under their rule nothing would change and with a woman in charge of it should Bonnie walked up to Echo Point and said “ this area is beautiful commander we should make it stay the same way”.

Tara said “ yea I know lieutenant we will keep this under same way as the males are running the local ranger is male but he will still run it as a amazon female”. Bonnie said “ “ it will much better once he is a woman and also she will be Amazon woman like us”.

Tara said “ correct Lieutenant we will make him one of us”. The ranger was brought before Bonnie and Tara . They were staying in Katoomba while the Amazon forces were already in Blackheath and headed towards Lithgow and further in the west of New south Wales other forces from South Australia were heading east.

Hope radio in “ commander we have heard the forces from the west will meet us in Lithgow we should be there with in the next 2 hours time and if we get when they do we will be in full control of the of the Western Area of New South Wale and we will only have look after Sydney and the suburbs”.

Tara was happy she informed by Amazon command they told here the forces in Victoria we making up a lot of battle time there to they expect Melbourne and Victoria to fall some time with in next 4 hours and they will leave them Sydney And Canberra and the suburbs.

Tara said “ I am sending Zara and Helen down to Queanbeyan so we can our Assault on Canberra once we have Australian capital under our control the prime minster will surrender in Canberra and we will have a new country under the Amazon Empire under her majesty queen Kim”.

Bonnie said “ we have caught a male in the area of the Hydro Majestic on our way to Blackheath I saw the male his name is Duff Killigan”. Tara said “ he was one of her majesty enemies when she was under male influence I was told by her highness Princess Shego we are take him back to Amazon Middleton”.

Before Duff was loaded onto a Amazon hovercraft , Duff eascped by saying he need to use the male toiliet facilities and scampered off to find way off the soon to be controlled by the Amazon women He was curious to now what one of the Amazon woman said about him being a enemy of their queen.

Bonnie said “ another ranger of the blue mountains was capture in blue mountains too Commander we are to make him a woman and let her be with the other”. Tara said “ is he young or old male”. Bonnie said “ young commander I think he make a excellent woman and commander for this area”.

Tara said “ lieutenant they will both become female the one you suggested will become Amazon Commander and the other will stay as she was a male a ranger for the area and soon we have control of mountains our new commander can take over running it for her Majesty queen Kim”.

The Amazons arrived in Lithgow and met up the forces from the west they were now in charge of everywhere west of Penrith including Penrith . Tara and her agents left and headed towards Sydney again she knew this and Canberra were left Melbourne and Victoria had fall to them.

Sergeant major Jessie has begun setting up commander to replace the the local area command of the police force former Ranger Keith is now Commander Kendra of Amazon blue mountains command she has Ranger Stacie do her job of protecting the mountains at al costs”.

In Sydney and it suburbs men are being turned into women as the forces headed towards east and victory every suburb is falling so quickly and any Soldier who is found is turned into woman or freed of their Male influence as the Amazon call it they would soon in Sydney and the invasion of Australia would be finished . Tara get a call from Amazon Intelligence Canberra has fallen Australia is theirs now.

Tara and her agents headed towards Canberra when they arrived they landed their hovercraft in Canberra they saw Helen she said “ agent commander her majesty will be here soon you are to report to yarralumba here in Canberra where the Prime minster will surrender and the so will governor general of Australia.

Tara said “ ok agent Helen”. They boarded special cars as they headed out for the surrender of Australia to the new rulers the Amazon women”. Tara saw Major Colonel Chelsea she said “ we are now implementing our laws here as in the other places we occupied now”. Tara said” we are going well with our total invasion”.

Major Colonel said “ yes we are but I still think the Germans and the British will be hard for us as well and Supreme commander Veronica also think Russia “. Tara said “ you think places like France and Turkey will be hard for us”. Chelsea says “ I am un sure but Amazon intelligence says those 3 are the problems.

Kim and Shego arrived in Canberra they thought the city was beautiful and now the amazon flag of the Amazon Empire flies over the parliament house. Kim said “ well Shego another country under amazon rule now you think my mother would be proud”. Shego answers “ yes babe I am glad your now evil”.

Kim and Shego arrived at the spot where the surrender was going to take place she walked in and saw the Prime minster there and the governor General she said “ hello”. Prime minster said “ hello mistress”. Kim said “ I like you have respect for women now”. He said “ yes mistress I would like to formally surrender”.

The Australian prime minster surrendered his country over to it new ruler the Amazon women ruled by Queen Kim and her Amazon as the prime minster left Kim asks “ before you go who was your foreign minster”. He replied “ his name is Andre Hampton”. Kim said “ oh ok tell him I want see him”.

He said “yes mistress”. The prime minster knew he days were over and headed back to his formal grounds and left for his home his wife knew she was now in charge of his life cause she was a woman and the Amazons only took notice of he women more than men.

The Foreign minster walks into where Kim was and looks at her and says “what do you want amazon bitch?”. Kim says “that is not a nice way to talk to your future queen like that male”. He said “my queen is the queen of Great Britain and Australia”. Kim said “she is not your queen I am now your queen ”.

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