Here Come the Brides Chapter 5

Beth had no idea what was going on with Terry not caring about her aunt missing their wedding. She, with the help of Steve, gave herself the impression that Terry was going to surprise her by flying Aunt Susie to their wedding. She could not believe how callous Terry was about Aunt Susie declining her invitation. His soon to be blushing bride could only come up with that Terry made the mean spirited comment for he was upset about not splurging her with flying her favorite aunt out.

“Now Terry, don’t take out not paying to fly my aunt out here for our wedding on her.”

It was true, Terry did take out his annoyance over something else on Aunt Beth’s economic situation. The fact that Steve had the upper hand was annoying him. The man who was close to his wit’s end actually liked her for she gave her life to a cause of helping those less fortunate. He would had paid to fly her out for the wedding if he had thought about it. “What, oh sorry. I should not had said that about Aunt Susie.I am annoyed about something else, but why would it be me not flying her to the wedding?.”

Beth just became more confused for Terry had no idea what she was talking about. If Terry was never planning to surprise Beth with her Aunt, then where was he on that evening he said he was out with Steve. Beth wanted to give her man the chance to come clean without her telling him what to say “It’s fine honey. By the way, you never did tell me what you and Steve did after the tux fitting.”

Terry was happy that Beth did drop the subject. The frustrated man knew he was wrong for belittling someone for their economic status. His pride was a little hurt when he thought about being in that gown on the night he lied about being with his ex-friend. That made the man with a small ego quickly say “Oh, Steve and I just hung out at the bar. Nothing special.”

That was it for Beth, Terry was lying and not to cover up a something good. Her man was keeping something from her and Beth knew it was wrong “Bullshit, Steve stopped over here that night when you said you were at the bar with him.”

Terry believed right then was his chance to get out of the trap that Steve had put him in. All he had to do was come clean. Not all the way clean, there was no way he was going to tell Beth he was in a gown, or had a makeover. Just a little at a time until she saw Steve for what he was, a bastard who was trying to ruin their marriage all over a little prank.

“Steve, while Steve is no friend. He is trying to ruin our wedding. That is why he backed out of being in it. Do you think that Emily’s Aunt and Uncle really are having a 50th wedding anniversary party on the weekend of our marriage?”

Terry did not know that he just walked into a safeguard that Steve and Emily put in their trap. The best lies are mostly true. Beth knew that it was a fact that Emily’s Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary was a day before Beth and Terry’s big day. With that being true, it was easy for Beth to believe in the big celebration Emily said was happening. So the cover for not being in the wedding was extremely believable

Beth could not believe Terry was questioning what she knew was true “Yes I do. They were married 50 years ago. Believe it or not, some couples do like to celebrate momentous occasions in their lives. It is sad that you are trying to talk down Steve just because he had to back out of being your best man. He put his family first, like you better when we are married. Now tell me where you were that night.”

“I am telling you the truth, Beth. Steve is playing. You know Friday when I was not all there on our date and I got up to take that call, it was him.”

“Quit bullshitting me, Terry. I know he was sound asleep then. Emily called me for she thought our date night was not moved. Now! tell me where you were after getting fitted for the tuxes.”

“Emily is in on it also. She knew that Steve called me so she called you. I am telling you I am being set up by them.”

“Bullshit again, you better start telling me the truth.”

“I am telling you the truth my love, you should believe me. You know you are going to be my bride. How can our marriage last if I have to prove everything to you?”

“You do not have to prove everything to me. It is only when you lie and then try to come true is when you need to prove what the truth is.You lied to me about being with Steve at least once. You are now changing your story. That is why I do not believe you.

I also do not believe you, Steve is too mature to want to wreck our wedding. Plus he is upfront, he would not be able to be such a good friend to you for a few years if he was holding a grudge.

Also, you like to think that you can outwit everyone. You are trying to outwit me now.”

“That is it, I did not see Steve trying to ruin our marriage coming. Steve surprised me, you have to believe me and I will tell you more about it.”

“Come on, you hate to admit failure. You were planning something and it fell through. Quit making up stories about Steve.

You are lucky to have him as a friend. Instead of being mad at you using him as cover without his knowledge that good man came in and listen to me. He agreed with me when I came up with a reason for the lie you told which put you in a positive light. If he was mad at you he would had took that chance to talk you down.”

“What was the reason you came up with?”

“You were going to fly my Aunt Beth out for the wedding as a surprise for me.”

Terry gritted as soon as he heard what Steve helped make Beth believed. It hurt Terry’s pride that hound got the best of the fox again. Not only did he laid a landmine of a fight for the future Mr and Ms Sakic to get into Steve made it so it would cost Terry to diffuse the explosion. The master tactician knew Beth will be disappointed about her hope being build up that her favorite aunt will be at the wedding, just to have the guest not to be there. That hound also knew the only way Terry could make Beth forget about it was the groom to pay to fly Aunt Susie to the wedding.

Terry knew what he had to do, admit that Beth was right about him not being able to do his surprise but change what Beth was expecting. He was now going to have to delay his man cave for the funds to pay to get back on Beth’s good side. This just added to his resolved to get Steve back good when this was over. “Yeah Beth you are right. I was planning something even bigger than flying your aunt in, but it did not come to be. I was holding out hope it would be and I am still trying to make it so.

I know it wouldn’t be and with how much money you are spending on the wedding, I wanted to add something. I will be more than happy to pay for your aunt to come here for our wedding. Call her now and help her plan her travel itinerary. Use the joint account debit card to pay for it. I will put the money you spent in it tomorrow. Tell her it was a gift from you.

I am happy this is settled. I need to go handle something quick to end trying to put that old surprise together. I love you Beth.”

All in all, Terry was happy with how this turned out. Yes Beth got mad at him, but he ended up moving towards getting back in her good graces. In fact after the fight blows all the way over the fox would be in an even better light than before. Beth was going to love taking the credit for Aunt Susie coming back home for a visit. Plus, Terry believed he planted the seeds in her mind that Steve was not a nice person.

“Oh this is not over Terry, we are going to talk about you lying and also trying to blame Steve. You need to quit trying to pull fast ones on me, even if it is to do something nice.

See you when you get back and I love you.”

As soon as Terry’s back was facing Beth his face got a sour look on it. His thought that he fast talked his way out of this was wrong. All Terry did was spend money and got himself some time to think how to handle round two of this fight.


Max felt bad as he hit send on the last one of the batch of emails he was order to send. There was no peace of mind for him in thinking he was only following orders. Even with the fact of feeling less of a friend, it was better than Steve’s wrath. Dodging being the focal point of Steve’s payback did not lessen how he felt, Max has let down his friends. His friends were going to hate to see the pictures in the email. It was for they would find out their adversary had more leverage on them.

The man who was forced to grow up some knew he had to do what was best for himself. Even Max knowing the email recipients would lash out on him, he knew it was the best decision. All they would do would be to bitch at him. Max knew that Steve was capable of much worse than just words.

Max thought more about them lashing out and came to the conclusion, so what. They were not acting like a tight group anymore. It had become more and more every man for themselves. They were divided so why should he take the fall for them. Specially if taking the fall would only delay the inevitable and make his life more miserable.

Before Max went back to join Rhoda, his wife, in the living room the man with another regret thought about why Steve was doing this. It was true that they were all wrong in trying to shave his eyebrows and then his hair a week before the wedding. Max would love to replay that night and stand up to Terry. He knew some of the other guys also felt the same.

Still Steve being wronged does not give him the moral high ground to do wrong to them for payback. Yeah, he was expecting Steve to be a better person than they were;but up until he started to be blackmailed he believed that Steve was.

Then it dawned on the introspective man, Steve let himself to be dragged down to his friends, level of maturity. Their careless and thoughtless action and how they responded to the outcome had repercussions on Steve’s moral choices. It might had been for a laugh, but the damage it did made Steve want to get revenge.

Thinking back Max felt like a jerk for laughing when the shave head cost Steve a promotion at work. He also felt small when he thought that Steve overreacted when his bride being disappointed in Steve’s appearance. Those two put a lot of time and effort in making their wedding the perfect day to celebrate the forming of a new family and all Max could think was she needed to get a sense of humor. He should have thought about making sure it went off as smooth as possible instead. He should had thought how he would had felt about his Rhoda did not have the perfect wedding day.

Max did not know what to do about the sad epiphany. How could the guilt-ridden man right the wrong he did. The only way he could figure out was to stop his old friend from making the same mistakes him and his friends did. Right then Max went from wanting to stop Steve from getting his revenge not for he did not have to be a bridesmaid,but so the man who used to be his friend did not have regrets for taking the wrong actions like he did.


“Weak sauce” Kim thought as he saw the subject line, Life’s a Drag, of the email from Max. He had no idea what was in it, but knew it was really just a message from Steve. This was for Steve called him first to send the emails. Kim just did not answer the phone and laughed at Steve thinking he would send those emails. The victim of Steve’s revenge was not going to help with his own downfall. He was not going to do that prick’s bidding. No way he was going to be his messenger boy.

“Oh shit that is steak sauce” Kim thought when he saw the content of the email. Somehow Steve has gotten hold of the makeover pictures and digitally alter them to make it look like Kim was dressed in drag. He knew that doctoring the pictures was easy for Steve. His foe was a CGI artist. All he could think of was fuck me raw when he realized that now Steve had a couple of threats to hang over the guys’ head now.

The sad part was that Kim much rather have his better half, Lorane, think he was a cheater than a cross dresser. His self serving logic was his wife would look down on him more if he liked to wear women clothing than if he strayed from being faithful. That man child was more concerned about protecting the image of his manhood than how much his wife would be hurt.


Kelly sat there just enjoying being in the company of his loving bride, Simone, when his phone rang. On the other line was an irate Mel. That did not come to a shock to him. Mel had two modes lately, being pissed at Steve or just accepting the prank.

Kelly was still in denial that Steve was going to actually have his best friend and rest of the gang wear gowns to Terry’s wedding. Steve was not that small. Now if it was Terry, Kim or Mel he would be scared about it. The easy going man did wonder how far Steve would go in making them sweat. He knew one thing the rest of the gang better welcome him back into the fold the prank was over. They went too far with the prank they pull on Steve on his bachelor's party night, so Steve did deserve to introduce them to the bitch named payback.

“Hey Kelly, can you believe Steve.”

Laughing Kelly said “No, but I have to give him mad props for making this prank seem real.”

“Dude, it is fucking real. I have a tattoo to prove it.”

“Yeah just he has a scar on his head from us shaving him. I think he gave you the tattoo for he was told that you were the one who caused the cut.”

“Why the fuck does he think that I did that”

“Come on why do you think. Terry told him it was you. You know Terry, he will never stand up to take blame when he messed up.”

“Terry is going to pay also. Anyway you better check your email. Steve made some pictures making it look like we were in drag. He used those photos from our makeover.”

“Now how the fuck did he get those. You should ask that lady, Mary something. By the way how is it going between you two.”

“That bitch, while she gave me a fake number. She has to be in cahoots with Steve. That has to be how he got the pictures.”

Hearing the new turn of events made Kelly start to question if he was wrong about Steve. If he was incorrect then Kelly knew they were all in trouble. Steve took it playful prank as a personal attack and he would make sure all that were in on it would reap what he believed that deserved. Intentions would not matter to Steve with how they were not remorseful about the actions and did not see how wrong it was after they saw the effects the prank had.

Kelly told Mel goodbye. Then he started to ponder if it was too late to get on Steve’s good side. The man with perfect hindsight came to the conclusion it was. Steve would believe that the remorse did not come freely, but from having to pay for a prank gone wrong.

Kelly then started to curse himself. Why did he insist that with the motivation behind the prank being in good nature that Steve should not had taken it bad at all. Kelly was wise enough to know the reason behind an action did not lessen the bad results of it. The reason behind it does not change it being seen in a bad light if it was reasonable to do so. The reason also did not make an ill thought of action become good. All it did was made it so the prank’s victim could easily forgive and move on if the perpetrators of the prank saw that it could be taken in a bad manner.


Jessie opened up the email from Max and could not believe his eyes. There was a picture of him with full makeup on in a dress. How could this be? It did phase him but poor Jessie did not know what to do. He just closed the email and resigned that he was going to be one ugly bridesmaid.


Terry was heading over to Steve when he left Beth’s place. The man was on a mission to end this once and for all. He did not know how, but he was willing to do whatever it took to end Steve ruling his life. This prank was costing him too much money and was so stressful. He could not think straight and was also losing his sharp wit. He could not out think Beth. How could he be in charge of their marriage if he could not talk his way out of trouble when he did what he wanted.

Steve and Emily were talking about how they were going to be happy when their plot was finished. They both wanted to get on with their life together. It has been almost 6 months since they had any real free time together. Their ploy was extravagant, the intricate nature made it so time consuming. They needed to put the time in to make sure that there was no way it would fail.

Plus giving Terry and the boys their just rewards was also playing havoc on their peace of mind. Yes, those people did deserve everything which Steve and Emily planned on giving them, but it still made those two feel like they were in the wrong being the ones delivering it. The schadenfreude they got from watching their former friends squirm trying to get out of it was not as sweet as it should had been. The Hulls did not know with their actions coming from their shadow aspect’s desire was what dulled their enjoyment.

Good people do not get true pleasure from causing others harm. Once a good person was not concerned about protecting their ego their empathy would take over their thought process. There would be no more defending of the action which caused harm. It would lead them to see they were not treating others how they would want to be treated.

The danger was that these two good people might ego’s might be weaker than they believed and never allowed their empathy to take over. This would lead to them becoming cold towards others if they did not finally admit what they were doing was wrong from the start. The husband and wife revenge team were trying to listen to their better angels, but the arrogance of Terry was making it hard. They needed to forget about their wounded pride and just let Terry wallow in being a shallow self-centered person.

Steve and Emily were staring so long at the monster of being self-centered that they were slowly and surely becoming the same way. The use of, what they desired to fight, being self centered made them start to become one with it. If they were not careful they were running the risk of becoming just as bad, if not worse. than Terry.

As those two were making better plans to send their weekends after the wedding their doorbell rang. Steve got up and saw it was Terry. Steve opened the door and Terry still worried about saving face said “OK, Steve I will let you win this one. It is over only for I do not have time to best you. If it was not for my wedding you would not have me in this position. So why don’t you enjoy your little victory I am letting you have and we will let this be water under the bridge.”

It was so close to being over right then. If only the egotistical Terry was concerned about accepting loss with grace instead of painting himself in the best possible light, Steve would had ended it. If only Steve was not worried about having Terry admit the real reason for his defeat to stroke his own ego those two could had went their separate ways.

“Terri Jo, you do not get to say when this is over. You saw you were in an even worse position now with the pictures Max sent you, so why do you think I would end it. This is over on my terms, no sorry mine and my wife’s terms.

I am happy that you came over, for I can give you this message in person. This Saturday you have a dance lesson. Better make sure you brings your high heels.”

On that note Steve slammed the door. Terry was once again tongue tied and hated it. Everytime he went to see Steve about ending this it became worse, how could that be? Terry was also mad that he did not even get to bring up about how much money Steve was costing him and he wanted payback.

Plus Steve mention pictures, there are new pictures. Did his adversary have more than one stripper lay in bed with him while he was passed out drunk. No, that could not be it, that was not Steve’s style. He would not take the chance of Beth not believing him. Beth might believe that Terry had one moment of childish weakness, but she would not believe he was a habitual cheater.

As the man who lost yet another mental spar walked towards his car he started to panic thinking what was on those pictures. He pulled out his Uphone and pulled up the email. He saw pictures of him in drag.His stomach dropped and he wished that he just crawled to Steve begging him to end this instead of wanting to save face,

Terry, as he threw his phone on the road, screamed, “Oh my fucking God!”

As the phone left the defeated man’s hand everything went into slow motion. That phone hurling towards the ground became the perfect metaphor of his upcoming nuptials. Quickly crashing towards total destruction and he was powerless to do anything about it.

Terry picked up the broken phone and thought “great there is yet another $700, Steve cost me.” At least he was learning, Terry admitted defeat to himself. So now instead of thinking of how to get the better of the hound, the fox was just thinking of how to get out of the trap. He needed to make sure that his and Beth’s big day was not ruined.

Terry went back to Beth’s and she resumed the fight. Even with wanting to win, Terry knew there was no chance he could without coming clean. Even coming clean might not work, Beth might not believe him.Beth laid down two ultimatums. Terry needed to come clean about what he was hiding and also no more playing silly games with her, he needed to be honest.

The defeated man agreed to both of them and broke them right away. The only good that came from seeing Steve was he gave him time to come up with what that fake surprise was andan excuse for disappearing now, dance lessons. “OK, here is it, I was going to get The Sonic Dragons to play our wedding. They wanted too much money. I know how much that would had meant to you, with us meeting at a bar they were playing at. I just feel bad about putting money ahead of adding to our big day.

Instead of that I needed to come up with something else special and I did. Myself, along with my groomsmen are going to learn how to waltz. That is so we look good during the bridal dance for you and your bridesmaid. Your wedding deserves to be perfect.”

Beth was overjoyed at hearing the sweet lie. Her man was being romantic in his attempt to get that cover band to play their wedding. She was impressed that he was growing up also, he was worried about money. They already had a DJ so Terry did the right thing in not blowing more money on the music.

Beth hugged her man and kiss him then said “Terry who cares about the band. It would had been great, but you did the right thing in not getting them. You are being practical and that is a sign of you growing up.

But you should had told me about the dance lessons. Here is why no more silly games. The girls would love to take those dance lessons with their men. What lady does not want to have any chance to be held close by their man.”

Before Beth changed in mood Terry would not had known how to get out of this hole which was getting deeper. There was no way that Beth would see him in high heels and he knew somehow Steve would find out if him and the rest of his friends did not wear them. Now he saw it as a challenge and knew he could. “Beth, I know I would always try to surprise you just to show my wit. Not this time. It was for you. I knew you would suggest it become a group activity and the guys do not want it to be. They are self conscious of how bad they look dancing.

Please do not be disappointed but this is for only the guys. Plus, you cannot tell any of the ladies. The guys want to give their ladies a surprise.”

“Dear it is fine that you do not want me at the lesson. You need to have faith in me in allowing you to do your own thing. Also, I can take dance lessons without you. I do not need to be with you to do anything. You really think that I am that pathetic that I cannot socialize without you.”

Terry was pathetic enough to think that people in his social circle needed him to be around in going out to have fun. He saw himself as the life of the party,the leader. It was hard for him to phatom his friends or Beth having a good time without him.. His friends would not have their leader and his woman would not be with her man. He was always shocked when they mention if they had fun without him He lied to her so not to hurt her ego “Of course not, but hey me and you can take a couple of lessons once I get good at it.”

Beth loved that idea and agreed. The reason her man wanted to wait was so he was better than her at dancing. His fragile ego could not take the chance of her even being on par with his dancing ability. The boy in a man’s body needed to be the best at everything he did.

As they hugged, the two lovebirds were at more at peace. Beth thought that she knew what was going on with Terry. Terry also got out of being on her bad side. Plus being able to pull off deceiving her gave him a renewed confidence in being able to beat the hound. This was not over.


Steve had his unwilling lackey, Max, inform everyone the time and the place of the dance lesson. It was hard for Steve to have his former friend do this, he knew that Max would start to be ostracized from the group, just like they were starting to do with Mel and would do so with Kim after Kim started to look out for himself. Weakening the bonds of friendship between them was a necessary evil for Steve’s plan to work.

The man who was hurting himself more than he was the others justify his actions of building mistrust by blaming the true status of their relationship if their bond of friendship were weakened by them getting what they deserved. To him if those people were truly friends then they would be able to work through this forced time of trouble. The man who held the moral high ground in a quagmire of unethical quicksand believed it was not his fault if they turned on each other like a pack of hyenas.

Another way Steve tried to ease his bad feelings was by convincing himself they would be better off ending their friendships. It was true that the members of the group had arrested development from staying in the same roles too long in their friendships. It was not Steve’s job to determine if they would be friends. If they were happy being stuck at a level of immaturity then he should let them be. He could be point it out and help them grow if they want, but he cannot and should not try to force them to grow.

Terry and his bachelor party did not interact with each other until, Max, the last one arrived. The strain of the impending punishment for a prank gone bad has brought their friendship to a breaking point. The only reason they started to talk was for they all could use their tormentor’s messenger as their whipping boy.

Terry “Hey there Steve’s good buddy Max. Do you have anything else to tell us about your plans”

Max was not having it. “Terry you know that there are his plans and I had to send those messages. I am not going to take any more punishment from Steve than I have to. Look at what he did to poor Mel and Mel’s mental state.”

Mel said “Hey Max, yeah I put the group ahead of me. You should had done the same. Now we all had to see we are in a worse predicament than we thought.”

Max “It is best to know where we are at instead of being blindsided with that. Just think Steve now has different ways of ruining our relationships.”

Kim joined the conversation “Dude, that is weak sauce. You should had been like me and just ignored that bastard.”

“Yeah Kim and just wait until Steve makes you pay for it. You did nothing by not just following orders other than get yourself in trouble.”

“How do you know that Steve will do anything to me. He knows better than to mess with me. I am not weak like Mel. I will not just do what Steve tells me.”

“Hey Kim, I was not weak in getting that tattoo. I did it for I was strong enough to make sure I did not help bring the end all all your guys marriages.”

Terry joined back in. “Don’t try to act like you were being a hero, Mel. The real reason you did so was to protect that nice little inheritance you know you will be getting when your parents pass away. They still lavish you and they should not. You are an adult.”

Max wanted to defend his friend’s actions. “Terry, he still helped and you should be thankful, I know I am.”

Jessie said “Max thank you for sending those emails. Steve might had called me to do so. I just want to be left alone by him.”

Kim “Grow a backbone Max and don’t thank Steve’s little helper. Any money he is helping Steve, he is claiming that Steve is going to get me for not talking to him”

Kelly added to the conversation “Hey Kim leave Jessie alone. You know he is trying to keep the peace between us

With the bickering they did not hear the door open when they started to talk. Steve decided to watch them tonight. He wanted to enjoy watching them suffer. Maybe that would give him the satisfaction he got them back and he could finally end this. Their puppet master chimed in “Girls, girls, girls, quit bickering. Now Kimmie it is easy for my good buddy Max to know that I will make sure you pay for not returning my phone call. It fits my .modus operandi.

That was rude of you not call me back. For not doing so, you need to get yourself breast forms to wear. I do not care how the rest of you flat chested girls pad your bras but Kimmie will have breast forms.”

“Dude, I am not going to but breasts forms. You can’t make me. You are not man enough to send those pictures.”

Steve turn around and started to leave. It was over, Kim was wrong to say that Steve was not man enough. Steve was man enough not to send those pictures. He saw the damage he done to those people and knew that did not change the past. He was dropping his revenge.

Jessie panicked when he saw Steve leaving. He did not have faith he would ever be able to find another woman if his Rosie left him. “Steve wait, I will pay for Kimmie’s breast forms.”

“Don’t call me Kimmie just because you are that bastard’s bitch.”

Steve did not like how the guys would always downtalk Jessie. Steve so wanted to defend Jessie right then. Kim had no right to take his anger out on that docile soul. That was not part of Steve’s plan. He was not going to have Jessie take any collateral damage. Kimmie was going to have to suffer

It was still over but Steve was going to bluff right now. He turned around and his voice full of piss and vinegar said“Hey Jessica, do not offer to buy her breast forms unless you want to buy yourself a pair also.”

Kimmie bought Steve’s lie because of the look on Steve’s face and the anger in his voice.The look and attitude came from how Steve had to talk to Jessie. Steve was always nice to him when the others treated him like the sad sack they saw him as. Little did the man who bought the bridge know the hated was self loathing from how Steve had to treated Jessie like he was beneath him. “Ok fine I will buy them. Dude, you really need to get help”

Steve knew he has been acting badly towards these people but disagreed with needing help. They pushed him too far and he finally pushed back. If only those people would make it easy for him to have some empathy for them. All of them being self serving and expecting to be treated better than they treated him made it hard to finally turn the other cheek. While he was going to after the dance lesson.

Steve just sat in the back of the studio like a parent who was forced to watch yet another practice of their child. He did crack a smile on his face when he saw how good Mel was walking in heels. The other guys for a moment forgot why they were in heels and laughed when Mel cracked a smile back at Steve.

The nightmare which they were all sharing was just about to be over. The man who was reach the fork to go on the highroad had to make them sweat one last time. It was so they would never even think of trying to get him back. Steve said “OK guys I have one last announcement then we can go our separate ways.”

Hearing how Steve started to talk at them gave Kelly hope. He call them guys instead of girls or gals. Also, Steve said one last announcement and separate ways. He knew Steve was always careful in choosing his words. If Kelly was right then this was over. The man who hated how his ankles felt from his heels was feeling so grateful, then he saw Terry start to open his mouth.

Kelly was not going to let that blowhard do anything to squash them being free. “Terry let him finish.”

“No Kelly. I am sick of little Stevie being in control and setting the tone. I got my game back.”

Terry walked up to Steve and poked him in the chest “Listen here we do not want to hear whatever you have to say. Right guys.”

Only Kim and Jessie agreed.

“I will have the final say tonight. We do not want to hear from you again until we tell you so. Then you will know this is over and be expecting me to bring so much pain to your life. Now if you have anything you want us to know, just have your new lackey Max tells us from now.

Now be gone, bye bye.”

Terry could had said that and it would had been no big deal. Steve knew his former best friend enough to know that what he said was bluster, to save face and still look like the leader he needed others to see him as. Terry made the mistake of touching Steve in a threatening manner. That brought back his anger.

“Fine here is the new final announcement for the night Girls, Terry Jo want this not to end so be it. I will finish this out, how can I not follow the orders of our clueless leader. I was about to end this, I saw I was no better than you, but hey you want this. So it would be rude and wrong of me not to give it to you.

Just remember to thank Big Mouth when you have to explain to your significant others why you look so good in your gowns, makeup and heels.”

As Steve walked out Kelly, Max and Jessie knew their nemesis was telling the truth. Kelly turned to Terry “Thanks fucko, Steve finally got back to his senses and was going to end this. But noooo, you needed to insert your foot in your mouth, then stick your head up your asshole and challenge him

You really need to get over yourself. Then again, we all enabled you into being the self centered immature jerk you are. We followed you without questioning all the bad choices you made. I am done with you. I will be in the wedding for I do not want Steve to send those pictures.”

Terry knew he messed up, but Mr Perfect could not admit it. He would lose face in front of his followers. “Oh come on Kelly, you know that was one of his head games. Steve was always nothing but an immature bitch. He was still going to be petty.”

Jessie had enough. He was still hurt by how Steve directly talked down to him for the first time ever. Also he wanted to have Kelly’s back like Kelly had his “Oh Terri Jo, you know Kelly was right. You also know that Steve was always the voice of reason in our group. You messed up and you need to grow up.”

Max was proud to see that Jessie finally had some courage and spoke his mind. “Yeah Terry and do not even try to get on Jessie for telling the truth.”

Those three left before Terry could say anything. He turned and saw the only two disciples he had left was one who was unhinged and another who would soon have the same mental state as the former. That really did not matter to him, he just needed them to agree.

“Kim and Mel, you know I was right. Don’t worry I hit rock bottom and I am on my way back up. With your two help I will get us out of this and also get Steve back good.”

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