Kim Possible and The Amazon Women 16

16 Canada new country of the Amazon Empire

Veronica walked in and said “ excuse me your Majesty and your highness I was wondering where do you want begin with Australia or Canada”. Kim asks “ how many warriors do we have in Hawaii?”. Veronica replies with “ we have enough to launch the invasion”.

Shego asks “ babe why are we attacking Australia for?”. Kim replies with “ Guyana told me that if we had Australia in our control we could use there as our main attacking points for South pacific and Asia even though we have Japan and Hong Kong”.

Veronica says “ your majesty we could launch the invasion with any time now I will send sergeant major Jessie to Hawaii and we will get the force ready for invasion of Australia”. Kim said “ good get her ready we will invade there soon our intelligence tell us to do it”.

Veronica says “ I will go to the intelligence area where Alexis is looking after”. Kim asks “Alexis is now in charge of Amazon Intelligence now?”. Shego said “your sister gave her the command babe”. Kim said “if my sister thinks Alexis will do the job good I am happy Alexis has the Job”.

Kim left the royal quarters and headed with Shego to the scientists area where Gaia and her staff were busy working they had Ann working on the collars with Elisa and Jaycee and Drakken were working on the Male sperm problem while Gaia was keeping eye on the bullets and liquid cure as they were calling it.

Gaia saw Kim and Shego walk in and she said “ your majesty it honour to have you here”. Kim said “ thank you Gaia”. Elisa walked over to her mother and said “ mom we are ready for our first male trial with collar”. Shego asks “ who is this young girl”. Gaia said “ sorry your highness that is my daughter Elisa”.

Shego looks at Elisa and says “ she is very attractive girl”. Kim asks “ Gaia she is the last of the Possible twins”. Gaia says “ yes your Majesty she was the last of my twins”. Kim said “ good all the Possibles are now female”. Kim looked over her former brother and asked “ you like being a girl Elisa?”.

Elisa said “ yes your majesty it is better than being a boy any day and to think I was a stupid boy who was arguing with her highness princess Misha that being a girl was wrong I know I was under male influence”. Kim smiled evilly at her and asked “ good what is that you were showing your mom?”.

Elisa replies with “ I have been helping Dr Ann in her collar research your Majesty on the collars for the male you want her to do”. Kim said “ Ann are they ready yet”. Ann said “ we think so your majesty we need test subject”. Elisa said “ I was thinking of Shaun Stoppable your Majesty”.

Kim said “ I like who you have decide Elisa”. Elisa said “ thank you your majesty”. Kim said “ Elisa why don't you go down and get the male and bring him here for me please”. Elisa said “ yes your majesty can I have guard go with me to the special area”. Kim said “ sure take agent Hope with you”.

Elisa said “ thank you your majesty”. Elisa and Hope left and headed down to the special area Hope asked “ who are we getting Elisa?”. Elisa responded “ we are going to get a male name Shaun Stoppable”. Hopes says “I remember him he was such an arse to commander Veronica when she was a boy”.

Elisa said “ I am glad I am no longer a boy it is better being a girl when princess Misha told me when I was Jim Possible she said I was born the wrong gender being a girl so better”. Hope said “ you bit of fuck'n shit when you were boy too”. Elisa said “ I know that but I understand what is like to be a girl now”.

Hope said “ you seem to have calm down a lot and you are look better as a Amazon girl now than a pathetic boy you were BTW why are you in the science area any way?”. Elisa said “ my mother is the head scientists there”. Hope said “ your Gaia new daughter”. Elisa said “yeah I am”.

The girls arrived at the special area and they walked they saw the Stoppable Family together in the corner including Shaun. Jim and Shaun were hanging around together after Slim became a woman Shaun didn't see Jim become Elisa they walked up to the stoppable family.

Elisa says “ we are looking for Shaun Stoppable”. Mr Stoppable said “ why are you after him Mistress”. Eliza said “it none of your business male”. Mr Stoppable said “ it is he is my nephew mistress”. Elisa said “ you will give him to us I will make sure you spend time in a cell”.

Mr Stoppable didn't release Shaun over to the Amazon girls so Hope click her finger and Mr Stoppable saw 2 guards come over and Hope said “ search the area and bring out the male Shaun” the guard said “ yes Agent Hope”. The guards went through the Stoppable hut and brought out Shaun.

Eliza said “ Hope you think my mom would like to do experiments on this male”. Elisa was talking about Mr Stoppable. Hope said “ they are to be decided by the supreme Commander”. Elisa said “ but under Amazon act if male refuses a command by a Amazon he can be sent any where in Amazon Territory”.

Hope says “your right he has broken Amazon Law he should be taken to see the queen or Princess Shego”. Eliza looked at the guard and said “ we are taking him as well (pointing to Mr Stoppable). The guards put Mr Stoppable in cuffs and took him as well to Gaia.

The girls followed the 2 males as they were taken to see Gaia. For Mr Stoppable he will see who has cause all the trouble as he will see Kim for the first time but Kim has changed a lot now she is a Amazon queen now her loving red hair was totally black and had white stripes through it.

Gaia saw Shaun and Mr Stoppable she saw her daughter behind her and said “ Elisa what is going on with bring this male”. ( she was pointing to Mr Stoppable) . Elisa said “ mom he broke law 34 of the amazon laws”. Gaia looked at Shego and asks “ your highness what are we to do here?”.

Shego replies with “ he has broken an major law here and where is the supreme commander”. The guard said “ your highness she with the defence secretary at the moment”. Shego said “ can you go and inform her she is required here urgent and also bring defence secretary Dr Betty as well here”. The guard said “ yes your highness”.

Kim was in another room watching Ann with theses new collars hoping they would work on the male they were meant for , Gaia walks in and says “ your majesty the male has arrived but we have a problem Veronica's father has been arrested by law 34”. Kim said “ has Veronica been informed”.

Gaia said “ yes we have sent a guard to get her for us”. Kim said “ good put him in a cage once Veronica comes back she will have decide if he becomes a woman or dies”. Gaia said “ yes your majesty”. Gaia said “ your majesty I want to talk to you about Ann Possible”. Kim said “ yes Gaia”.

Gaia said “ in private your majesty”. Kim and Gaia left and went into Gaia office and Labratory and Kim ask “ what is wrong with Ann”. Gaia said “ Ann is too much of her old self under the male influence I am suggesting we age regress her change her name and make her Amazon agent like Tara and Elisa's sister”.

Kim asks “ we now have the tech knowledgy to age regress women and men”. Gaia said “ yes your Majesty and we will soon have the tech knowledgy to maybe get rid of male sperm”. Kim looked very interested in Gaia new invention and said “ ok you can age regress Ann and she will become a member of my agents”.

Gaia said “ thank you your majesty and she will become my teenage daughter and she will Eliza sister”. Kim said “ yes she will be your new daughter along side Elisa”. Kim left and return to her where she was before he conversation with Gaia and Gaia left and told the guards to put him in the cage until Veronica Arrives.

The guard said “ yes Gaia”. They took Mr Possible to a cage and put him in it as he waited for the supreme commander to arrive then he saw the Amazons Take away Shaun he was taken to where Ann was with Her majesty Queen Kim and her Highness Princess Shego.

Shaun was shocked he saw who it was he saw Elisa come over with what look like a collar and she puts it on Shaun neck and they walked over and Ann asks “ what is your name boy?”. Shaun answers “ my name is Shaun mistress I am male servant of the Amazon Empire”. Kim was impress with it.

Kim said “ Shaun you will now go and help the kitchen Staff and help with anything they need doing there”. Shaun said “ yes my mistress”. Shaun left the science area and head for the Kitchen area to start his new life as Servant in the royal palace of the Amazons.

Veronica came in with a guard and said “you wanted see me Gaia”. Gaia said “yes we have some disturbing news for you”. Veronica asks “what is it Gaia?”. Gaia replies with “your father is in a science cage for breaking law 34”. Veronica asks “who was he rude too?”. Elisa says “it was me supreme Commander”.

Veronica says “ I'm sorry Elisa for that and now I will have to make my decision on him now”. Kim walked in and said “yes Veronica we need you make a decision on his fate will he be a woman or will he die”. Veronica says “your majesty I will make him a woman she can work with me under my command”.

Kim said “good”. Defence Secretary Dr Betty walked in and said “you wanted to see me your majesty”. Kim asks “.I want to know how our invasion of Canada was going?”. Dr Betty replies with “we are now in the country we have secured some cities but we should have full control by the next 2 days”.

Shego asks “have you got the her Majesty special Agents in there?” Dr Betty said “yes your highness we have got them there we have Agent Bonnie and her Warriors coming in from the west and we have agent Marcella with her warriors coming form the East and we have commander Tara with her coming from Amazon America”.

Shego said “good soon Canada will be part of the Amazon Empire”. Veronica return with a woman she was in the Amazon Black leather Uniform she wore glasses she looked like Veronica's Father”. Veronica said “your highness and your majesty I like you to meet Chelsea”. Chelsea said “it a honour your Majesty”.

Kim said “you will be promoted to Major Colonel under your daughter”. Chelsea said “thank you your majesty I will not let the Amazon Race down” Shego said “you will now be deployed to the Canadian Battle front and you will assist in with Sergeant Major Jessie in completing the invasion”.

Chelsea said “yes your highness I will leave now and will inform you when we are in control of Canada”. Kim said “you are to convert the foreign minster there into a woman and she will become the new Prime minster of Canada ”. Chelsea said “yes your majesty”. Chelsea headed toward Canadian front.

Shego said “once we have Canada we will head for Australia and invade that next”. Veronica said “our forces are in Hawaii preparing for her Majesty orders for us to start invading the country”. Kim said “once we start the invasion we will hit their 2 major cities Sydney and Melbourne”.

Dr Betty says “once Australia fall to us our intelligence tell us that the south pacific will fall quickly like New Zealand and Fiji and other Polynesian countries”. Kim said “Dr Betty which country will be the Hardest for us to take over”. Dr Betty said “we believe Russia and Germany your majesty”

Kim said “Veronica once we have Australia we will hit Germany next” Veronica says “ok your majesty but wouldn't better to get south pacific island after Australia is ours”. Kim said “true but if we have Germany we have set foot in Europe and we can head toward France and Great Britain”.

Dr Betty said “if Germany fall to us we will be in great step for rest of Europe to fall under our control now that we have America , Cuba , Hattie , Hong Kong and Japan and soon Canada the males will now take us serious in conquest”. Kim said “yeah but the male will fire everything back at us too”

Veronica says “your majesty most men are scared of us we have a weapon that fires a bullet and turns men into women and also now we have the liquid cure”. Kim said “I know we have the weapons and the women to fight but remember they have nuclear power”. Gaia said “soon they wont have that your majesty”.

Kim asks “ why is that Gaia?”. Gaia replies with “Drakken has been working on a way that we can get rid of all nuclear weapons”. Kim asks “is that true Dr Drakken” As Kim looked at her Drakken said “yes your majesty we will soon be able even stop those countries”. Kim said “good work Dr Drakken your doing well as a woman now”.

A Guard walks in and walks up to Veronica and she says “Supreme Commander Canada has fallen we are now in control of the country the formal surrender will take in Ottawa in a few hours”. Shego said “you want me to go to Ottawa Babe”. Kim said “no we will both go there for the surrender to us”.

Veronica says “if you are going then I am coming with you your majesty”. Kim said “ok Gaia I would like to take Elisa and I will be taking my sister as well”. Gaia said “ok your highness my daughter can be her highness friend”. Elisa said “it will be nice to be her highness Princess Misha's friend”.

The Amazons left the royal palace in Amazon Middleton and headed for Ottawa Canada on the voyage there Elisa saw Princess Misha they were all in their Black Leather amazon uniforms with thigh boots Eliza said “hi I am Eliza and I know who you are your her highness Princess Misha”.

Misha says “hello I know who you are and I am glad to meet you your Gaia daughter”. Elisa said “yes I am ,I was once a boy”. Misha said “I never think of myself as a boy before I was change into a girl I consider my a girl and a Amazon girl with power now of the male gender”.

Eliza said “I have recently became a girl but I love it more when I was a boy I have been helping my mom's scientist Ann with the male control collars”. Misha said “I have seen it on a couple of males they are very affective”. Elisa said “thank your Highness my mother will be pleased”.

Misha says “your mother is very important person in our race now she has help with so much it has made it so easy to invade the male world this is now our sixth country now under our rule my late mother would be pleased”. Elisa asks”what is like being the sister of our queen?”.

Misha says “it is hard to say but I wouldn't change it for the world my sister has been in lot of invasion since she was freed of male influence I am happy I am her sister compared to her stupid brother”. Elisa says “you sound like a idiot before you became a girl you were not nice boy your highness”. Misha says “yes”.

The Amazons arrived in Ottawa they were greeted by Major Colonel Chelsea and Sergeant Major Jessie and Agent Commander Tara. Chelsea said “welcome to Amazon Canada your majesty” Kim said “thank you major colonel”. Chelsea said “ your majesty the Prime minster of Canada and the foreign minster are also waiting for you”.

Kim said “thank you” Kim and her entourage walked into the Parliament Building of Canada she saw the prime minster he stood up and bowed to her and said “mistress welcome to Amazon Canada”. Kim said “thank you Mr Wilson”. The prime minster handed A document that was signed by him and the Chelsea.

Mr Wilson said “I officially surrender Canada to you the queen of the Amazon Race and now part of the Amazon empire as now know as Amazon Canada”. Kim said “thank you are now part of the new Amazon empire ruled by women”.

The former prime minster left and former members of Parliament followed him out all except the foreign minster he was kept back he said “why am I being kept back here I am no longer a member of Parliament”. Kim smiled evilly and said “yes you are you will be the Prime minster of Amazon Canada as a woman”.

He looked at Kim and said “did I hear you right mistress I am to become a woman and the new Prime minster of the Amazon Canada part of the Amazon empire of women”. Kim said “yes you will become a woman one day soon in the future all men and boys will be women or girls your time in now”.

He was still in shock as Kim called up Elisa and said “you have the vials your mother sent with you”. Elisa said “yes your majesty”. Elisa gave Kim the Vial which had the Liquid Nano bots in it. Kim then walked over to the foreign minster and said “drink this Vial now”

he took it off her and drank it in front of her the minster looked at Kim and the other Amazons and then he felt the pain as his body started changing front of them Misha walked over to Elisa and said “I love this part watching when a man starts becoming a woman”. Elisa said “yeah me too end of another man”.

The Amazons watched as he slowly became a woman Kim was telling her warriors to set up the new flag and she was getting ready for the new prime minster of Amazon Canada so she could implement the new Amazon laws as they will be now part of the Amazon empire of women .

Alaska fell with in a hour of Canada surrender Kim was happy how things were going she was Queen of the most powerful women in the world as her mother dream of world with out men was slowly coming true . The new Prime mister Ellen said “thank you your majesty for freeing me from my male shell”.

Kim said “you welcome Ellen”. Ellen said “I am free of male influence and love being a Amazon women”. Kim said “good you need to have your PTA then you can announce to Amazon Canada my laws and school curriculum for girls and boys”.

Elisa said “your majesty with mom making so much of the liquid Nanotechnology why don't we start implementing at school in the amazon states of America like here for the complete transformation of boys to girls and if it is successful we will implemented every where slowly”.

Kim said “I like that idea Elisa we will implement in a school in Iowa and see if that does work and then slowly start on other schools”. Elisa said “the fathers will have no say as they are men but say we start with elementary school”. Kim said “that is perfect I will send some agents to the school”.

Misha says “why don't we send some warrior there as well sis” Kim said “no I will inform prime minster Lily and the education Secretary that we will be implementing this at a school in Iowa”. Kim was happy with Elisa idea she thought she might also try it in Australia.

Canada and Ottawa got back to normal the Amazon military left and head for Hawaii and started preparing for the invasion of Australia and Major Colonel Chelsea has left she is on her way to Hawaii.

Veronica says “all the forces have left now we have only the new Amazon Canadian Police force and National Guard if require it here your Majesty”. Kim said “all the police are now Amazon women”. Veronica said “yes your majesty Prime mister Lily will be here to meet her new Prime minster ”

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