Little Boy-Girl (Darit) On The Run from the Russian Mob

Emma had sent in a request about adopting Sara as her own daughter. She was referred to Agent Sunny Moore. Mrs. Moore said she’ll start the paperwork so Sara could become her child. Agent Moore said she knew someone that would be able to help her with information about the Russian Mafia.

“Who’s that?”

Emma wouldn’t mind any information she could get about them?

“Special Agent Mario Davis”

He’s had some dealing with the Russian Mafia in the past and has connections that might be able to get them to back off your witness.”

“Can he be trusted? I don’t want to put Sara in any more danger, then what she is right now.”

“Let me make a call and see if he can help.”

“Alright, I’ll tell Lucas and Sara we’re going to be staying in port for a few more days.”
Agent Moore watches as Agent Williams leave her office. She picks her phone up and dials Special Agent Davis’s number.

Mario couldn’t believe the rumors he has been hearing lately about members of the Russian mafia running a prostitution ring using underage children. As he was sitting there reading a report that had been given to him.

His phone starts ring “Hello, this Special Agent Mario Davis, how can I help you?”

“Mr. Davis, this is FBI Agent Sunny Moore, I have a situation that I can use your help with.”

“What’s the situation, Agent Moore?”

“One of my agents is protecting a witness that managed to escape the Russians that brought her from overseas. I was wondering if you could use your contacts and see if something could be done about helping my agents protect their witness.”

“Let me see what I can do to help you out. I can’t guarantee if what I have in mind will work, but I’ll see.”

“If you need any help, let me know.”

“Alright, I will. I’ll give you a call if it is a go.”

“Thanks. You have a nice day Special Agent Davis.”

The phone goes dead as Agent Moore discounts.

Mario walks over towards the window in his home office and looks out. He knows this favor might cost him or even the agency something. The kicker was he had a way to get the Russian Mob to back off. That was to use his connections in the American Mob that came over from Italy. The Italian Mob didn’t like it when kids were put in danger or killed. Their way was to protect the women and children at all coast.

Hopefully, his contact will be able to help him with this problem. He read the newspaper and saw the article about those boys found dead. Now he knew who was responsible for their deaths. He couldn’t let that keep happening. He pulls his cell phone out and calls his contact to setup a meeting.

It took some time to get the information needed but, as soon as Mario got it he called Agent Sunny Moore to let her know what I’ve found out. He had a case that dealt with the Russians before but it was with girls and not boys but it was all the same and that was under age sex trade.

The contact I had called. Called back and said “I just got a call saying that a container at the Charleston Harbor was missing. The customs officers that were holding it were killed by the Russians that came to clam it.

This was bigger than Mr. Davis thought and called in some really big guns. The way he saw it to take out people that hurt kids was to get people who had a family. The Hell’s Angles Motorcycle Club was the first group that came to mind.

If anyone could stop these nut jobs it would be them. Hopefully, they could contact the Russian chapter to solve the problem. This way if they could hit them on two fronts, he would catch the ones here and stop the ones in Russia.

The final project was to find kids a new home. He had the best house next to his and that was in the third area of the neighborhood. It was the only home there but it was fenced in on the sides and back the only way to it was the main gate that was next to the school.

A few days later Agent Davis called Agent Moore and told her to have Agent Williams to meet him at the School for Transgendered and Cross-Dressers to talk about a plan. He informed her that she should tell Agent Williams that they also had students that wore diapers and shouldn’t be shocked when she sees them.

Agent Williams and Agent Price arrived at the school on the agreed day and time. Sara was curious about the students she was seeing. What struck her as odd were the boys that were genetic boys wearing girl’s school uniform. She did ask one of the boys if they ever got picked on at school. The boy she asked had to listen carefully, because how thick Sara’s accent seemed to be right. Although her English was broken the boy understood what she asked. He told her that it basically made everyone the same. That way no one could bully someone else without having the tables turned on them.

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