From Fame Seeker to Heroine: The Breaking of Minenos Dak’Cadmus/ The Baptism of Gavina Jokmeam

Author’s Note: This story has small rape scene in it. It is not graphic and is important to the story.

The paragon of man, Minenos Dak’Cadmus, rode into Oakshire on his white war steed with the sun rising in the background. Minenos being first seen by the onlookers as only a silhouette made his simple entrance into the small hamlet as grandiose as possible. The picturesque quality of his entrance was fitting for the warrior’s ego. It drew the town folk's attention and he deserved it

The Bane of the Wicked knew he deserved all the eyes of this peaceful community on him; he has yet again brought peace to the weak by destroying an encroaching threat. A pack of lamia, intelligent and cunning child eating monsters were terrorizing the surrounding area. He knew all the parents would soon become childless mothers and fathers if he had not slay those foul monsters. Now he wanted his payment- the praise of admiration of those he saved.

Minenos was seen as a hero, but was far from one. Saving the day was a means to an end for the fame seeker, the glory hound to get his ego stroked. Gold and his fellow man did not matter to him. Minenos needed to grow his cult of personality.

As he entered the town Minenos’ hunger for food was more of a concern to him than his starvation for praise and attention. He knew the inn would not open for another hour. Then it dawn on him, he could quench physical and psychological needs at the same time; go find Ezra the Fool to get Sam Truefriend to open the inn early.

Minenos found his faithful right hand man and told him to get the inn open. Uncharacteristically Ezra suggested that instead of meal and drink, they leave right away. The next town of Ursadon was only an half day journey. They could eat a light meal on the road and have a proper meal at The Sage and Onion. Ezra mention how much Minenos loved that pub’s mutton.

Other than attack strategies, Minenos never listen to the few suggestions which the Fool gave him and this time was no different. Ezra’s words always falling on his lord’s deaf ears while in public was the reason he was given the moniker the Fool.

Minenos scuffed at the notion “Erza, it would not be fair to the good people of Oakshire if I left without allowing them to thank me. They need to know that I appreciate their appreciation.”

Ezra “My lord, please heed my advice now. No good would come from you getting your ego fed here today. You should be humble once in awhile.”

He paused for a second and then finish his thought “We are too close to Amam Scriostor”

A looked of caution came over Ezra’s face after saying those words. Minenos believed he knew the real reason why Ezra was trying to be in charge. His fear of The Warlock and his followers, the Soul Breakers. “Ezra we won the Blight War and Amam Scriostor is over 300 miles away. The victors need not worry about the defeated.”

Ezra “My Lord, I know we drove him back but we did not end his foul existence in this realm or annihilate his army. He was weaken and his forces but not decimated.”

The man after accolades said “ My little friend, I see why they call you the Fool. You worry when one should not. There is no need to fear The Warlock, we made his army withdraw from the Red Plains all the way back to his keep, Amam Scriostor.”

Erza was no fool and knew he had a better chance of talking sense into a stone golem. Those lamia setting up a den so close to the edge of the Frukta Forrest was not by chance. Someone or something either forced them out of the depth of the forest or convinced them to be bold in this area. Lamia were intelligence monsters and it was just better for them to raid Olingham than Oakshire. Where they picked to feast on children just did not make any tactical sense. Help would come too soon.

Minenos, this time with more authority in his voice, decreed Ezra to get the inn open. Right then, the man, who wise words once again fell on the ears deafened from vanity, knew his lord would never learn discretion is the better part of valor. Instead of joining in on the his lord’s self thrown celebration of his own accomplishments, Ezra would do his best to keep vigil against the followers of the Wicked one.

Minenos’ vanity was as deep as the Dayless Canyon. Even in trying to ease his companion's mind, the seeker of fame and glory had to make his exploits sound grander than they were. It was true that Minenos and Erza lead the counterattack’s main thrust against the Warlock’s his loyal Soul Breakers and their army of the Denizens of the Taint .It was also true that with Sorrowbringer, his trusty claymore, Minenos struck down the leader of the army, General Ubiets Zeddusha. Lastly it was true the fall of Herald of Death was what changed the tide of battle on that fateful day. Still Minenos was making out all the glory was his.

They had much help, those two were part of the Collective, a group of heroes, mercenaries, and adventures which banded together in the common goal of defeating the Warlock,his Soul Breakers and the Denizens of the Taint, his army. The Collective petition ,begged, urged,pressed, pleaded and asked the rulers on the thrones and the people behind those thrones for any and all help to stop the approaching darkness which was falling on the land.

Under the Collective Many different military units and people with no affiliation to an army united to fend off the advances of the Warlock. This army ended up being known as the Militia of Many and No Flags. The name of the army represented the many different factions of nations and even citizens joined up as the army march to stop the evil.

There was the Keepers of the Flame, the elite infantry unit from Lichterstadt, the Brotherhood of Peace, the most savage fighters from the Frozen Wasteland, The Knights of Zemya, the pegasus riding cavalry from Zemay,were some of the more renowned human military units involved. There was also the newly formed Nomad Brigade, the military unit formed from the citizens who joined the army while it was on the march. The elves sent some of their best scouts and archers the dwarfs sent their master siege technicians and blacksmiths. The gnomes sent some of their best artificers and battlefield engineers. Even the orks sent the 100 One-Eyers and the goblins sent the Backstabbers.

Minenos’ vanity had him believe that the victory on the battlefield to end the Blight War also meant the Warlock was vanquished. All they did was drive him back to the Wildlands, his base of operations and lands he ruled. There was not a final blow to end the Warlock's time in this realm. This was for with the goal of defeating the Warlock’s advances accomplished, the confederacy which rose up against him quickly tumbled.

They won the battle which they thought was the war. Soon all of them would wish that they followed the acute demand of Rozic the Red Rage of following the retreating army and using their corpses to burn down Amam Scriostor.

Rozic would soon look shrewd for the reason the Warlock retreated back into the Wildlands was so one day he could re-emerge, He was not going to give up on his crusade to shape the world in his sick twisted vision. The day of his return was upon us.


Today was the day that The Warlock was going to conscript his new general. He had the perfect choice, Minenos Dak’Cadmus. Who else would be better than the man who struck down the last leader of his army. The Twisted One knew that his chosen one would not freely join him. That was just a minor inconvenience, most of his followers the Warlock had to break and then mold them into what his image of them were.

It was a simple plan, break Minoes body by molding it into what the Warlock deemed his new general should be, Then break his soul by the Soul Breakers instilling the belief of free thought was only allowed when needed. Then enjoyed watching his fallen and defeated nemesis as free as he could be help the Warlock achieve his goal.

While sitting on his throne in Amam Scriostor the Wicked One was approached by one of his minions. One of the Denizens of Taint with his head down holding a parchment in his extended hands. The Bringer of the New Man took the parchment asked his minion “How were you twisted into becoming better?”

The minion who has forgotten his name years ago wanted to tell the truth, but could not. He knew he was not always tainted, corrupted but did not know how. He knew better than to say he did not know, for the ruler of the Wildlands would want to know how he knew he was twisted if he did not know what was twisted about him. With, pain in his voice the nameless man said “I was not twisted.”

The Warlock was pleased, a man stood in front of him with hooves instead of feet and could not answer the question of how he was twisted and deformed. The magical disciplines of alteration and transformation were the Warlock’s forte. He was cruel but did not mold the body of his forced followers just to be so. His cruelty came from the purpose behind the transforming of the body. It was to break their will.

The Warlock thought that the Gods and Goddesses were wrong in giving sentient beings free will. Only the strong of mind deserved to be able to make decisions. He also believed that in making human, demihuman and humanoids all the same physically was another mistake made by the deities. Have each individual suited for their station in life.

That lowly messenger was a perfect example. Those hooves did break him, but now he can easily cover mountainous terrain. He now has a meaning in life, to travel rough terrain to make deliveries. The Warlock believed he made that Denizens of the Taint better, that nameless man was one of the new man who would help bring in an unprecedented era of peace to not only the Land of Man, but the entire world of Tamic.

The Warlock was pleased with the content of the message.


Minenos was spending the day getting drunk on ale, mead and praise while he laughed at his trusty right-hand man being overcautious. Then a serving wench caught his eye, she was beautiful. Even the oddity of her pupils being a little bigger than normal added to her allure. He wondered to himself why she did not make it over to his table where he was holding court. He was the savior of the day and everyone else made it a point to thank him. It had to be she did not know. Him being good hearted Minenos called the serving wench over to inform her of the hero in her presence.

In a bombastic voice “Wench please come here with a drink and then tell me your name.”

Timidly the wench got a drink from beneath the bar. As she walked over she wished that he would had told her want he wanted, instead of having to give him the drink made specially for him.

“Here you go and me, I am just a wench.”

Minenos might have hubris but he hated to see anyone spirits broken like the wrench serving him. He knew she gave up on life and it had to be hard on her. She did not get baptized on the sixth full moon after her birth so she was never given a proper name. They were stuck with the generic name all children of their gender had before they were given the naming ritual. For females Habmara, woman full of potential, and for males Habmoro, man full of potential.

With conviction in his voice “Your name is Habmara, you are not just a wench. You will never be just a anything. You are a person.”

With sorrow in her voice the wench said “Sorry, I am sorry. Please forgive me for my transgression against you.”

After Minenos gulped down his drink he said “You had not done me wrong, you have done yourself wrong. Now fulfill your namesake for yourself.”

The wench ran out of the inn hearing the advice she knew she could not take. Her soul was broken and she did not have the free will to do so. Erza from his perched saw it and knew he had to investigate. As he made his way down from the roof, the Fool saw his lord stumbling out of the inn. Minenos lumbered under the weight of the now ill-fitting plate mail.

The faithful companion of the owner of Sorrow Bringer knew he had to stay to defend his weaken friend. He went to fire his bow at the escaping woman but did not. Out of the corner of his right eye, Ezra saw four Soul Breakers with a platoon of the Warlock’s denizens approaching.

He thought about calling out for help, then made the wise decision of not to. That would not been a call for help but an invitation the townsfolk to their death or worse. Their capture by these foul men.

A new plan formulated quickly in the master tactician’s head. Get to their horses to escape. He fired a shot and hit the lead Soul Breaker right in the jugular vein. He goes to help his weaken brother in arms. The body which used to that of Minenos, with all the strength it could gather, went to push Ezra away. He hand barely nudge Ezra. A high pitch voice came from Minenos’ armour “Go save yourself Erza the Wise, Minenos was the fool for he did not listen to you.”

Ezra’s wisdom came from him being a pragmatist. His principle was to do what was best course of action to get the best outcome in any situation. He knew when to retreat to regroup and when to charge to victory. Now was the time to retreat.

Ezra matter of factly fire a cover shot while withdrawing to their horses.The second arrow was a direct hit on another Soul Breaker. The death blow hit right between the crease of the left pauldron and cuirass and another of the Warlock’s officers fell.

Ezra slowed his retreat for the tainted ones were not charging him yet, they were going to Minenos. He thought if he could drop the third Soul Breaker, him and the town folks would have a chance to save the one who saved others. He fired an arrow right at the throat of the last Soul Breaker. Ezra’s foe extended his left open hand from his body and a force shield deflected the arrow.

Ezra made his retreat and before he got to his horse, he shot 5 of the tainted ones dead. He knew it was a fruitless act, but it made him feel good. If they were going to kill his friend as many of them will go down with him. Then when the enemy got to Minenos and picked him up Ezra knew a fate worse than death awaited his friend. The Warlock was going to break Mineno’s soul.

It was the day of the sixth full moon since Minenos became no more and a woman replaced him. The lady who was once Minenos went from being the perfect man to the paragon of women. Her physical beauty was unparalleled: Habmara’s voice was as sweet as the rainberry, her skin as smooth as Gorgic Silk, her hair a perfect strawberry blond, had eyes as blue and clear as the Crystal Sea and Her legs were as long as a summer’s day, her curves.

She was a wench in Amam Scriostor and no one other than the Wench how betrayed Minenos called her anything other than that. She got beaten each day when she is asked her name and with pride says “I am Habmara.”

The twisting of Mineno’s body to that of a woman, constant sexual advancement of the Soul Breakers, daily beating, humiliation of her new station and degrading of her did not have the desired results of breaking the new woman’s will. In fact, each time she looked in the mirror, each time one of her captors said the nasty sexual act they planned to do to her, each strike to her body, each time she poured them a drink and each time they did not say her new name, justs added fuel to the flames of her resolve not to be broken.

Part of the new woman’s iron will also came from becoming humbled. Her newfound modesty came from the soul searching Habmara did. She saw all the things she done as a he in a different light. She realized that Minenos or herself was no hero. They might have wanted to do the right thing, but for the wrong reasons. She was grateful for the change for the emptiness that the praise filled inside her was now self-worth. She knew that the Wench made her see the errors in her way when she apologized for doing Minenos wrong.

Habmara knew tonight her captor, the Warlock, would put her in the light of the full moon to bind a new name to her. The name,Casimira Dagna, was twisted. It meant bringer of peace and a new age. In the Twisted One view his rule over Tamic would usher in a new age of peace. If mankind could not think freely then they could not disagree.

Even with the infinite fire of her resolved burning in her, Habmara knew that tonight was the end game. She would not go into the moonlight with a clear mind. That would foiled the Warlock’s goal of having Habmara’s new name be permanent reminder that she was broken by him. The caged woman knew that tonight she would gain her freedom, either physically by escape or spiritually by death.

Escape was unlikely for how well fortified the keep was and The new maiden was not the warrioress she used to be. In her life as Minenos, Habmara’s attack style was strength based; now she had to depend on her speed and dexterity to win a battle

The chance was lessen for she was not going without the Wench.The Wench, was her only friend and showed her kindness. The Wrench even threw herself in front of the one she betrayed to take the first strike a Soul Taker threw to start to wear down Habmara’s will. The Wench was a good person who had to commit a bad action.

The Wench deserved the dignity of a name, for she put her sons’ lives ahead of her immortal soul, so Habmara made her station in life it. Habmara admired that her friend did an action against the moral fiber of her being to gain her kids freedom and purity back. There was the added bonus which the Wench did not care about of her freedom and purity also. It was the right choice in the warrioress’ eye for Minenos was the enemy of her people, a tribe in the Frozen Wasteland. He helped thwart their horde which was marching on the Free City of Omic.

Habmara now regretted that decision, not for it gave her old self yet another enemy. It was for the reason why Minenos helped Omic. it was not to help the side which was right, the tribesmen were on the side of the righteous. They were defending their lands from advancement from Omic. Minenos picked the free city for he knew he would get more praised for helping the civilized people. They would spread the tale of his actions. It pained the lady full regret and remorse that her need to be admired helped cause a good person’s soul to be broken.

The saddest part was how The Warlock kept his word and still totally broke the Wench’s soul. He did take the taint off of her sons to make them normal humans again. Then he freed them. On their way out of Amam Scriostor her sons were killed by a group of heavily tainted ones. The more the taint is in a being the more likely they are to attack unprotected humans on sight, they despised seeingwhat they used to be. The only reason she survived was for the attackers Soul Breakers overseer wanted her to.

The Wench forgot her name on that day and went back to the Warlock to beg him to change her back to one of his followers. He corrupted her natural state of being by giving her what tainted her before, the eyes and eyesight of a hawk. The Twisted One was not done making her one with the taint but wanted to make the newest convert beg more to become more tainted.

The Wench deserved freedom and Hubmara might not be able to give it to her, but she would die in the effort to obtain it for her friend. Her death would be the unknown tribute to the lady who gave her the inner strength not to be broken.

The Warlock was in his throne having a debate with himself. He needed that wench’s spirit to be broken but did not want to do anything more drastic than he had to. For he needed his new general to be strong, fierce and independent when he allowed it. The Bringer of New Man took a sip of his water and then made his decree. “Kiv the Dreddmaker, you shall take our soon to be new general by force.”

Kiv smiled and thanked his overlord for the honor. Kiv raping should break her and it might also make the victim turn that resolve towards a her hatred of men. Hopefully she becomes a man hater. Add a hate which would always be bubbling in his general should add to her viciousness. As the Warlock watched Kiv walk out of his court, he man who was closer to letting the world know his presence again ponder why the lady who was once Minenos did not break.

The Warlock did not understand human nature and that was why wanted to control others. Sentient beings were just too unpredictable if they had free will. People being illogical to him was why he could figure out how Hubmara was holding out from being broken.

The Twisted One made his old foe the perfect woman, and that was a mistake. Hubmara was so intune with her emotions and spiritual side, it was where her true strength came from now. Her will was an iron fortress and only something drastic would penetrate its walls. Kiv defiling her purity by force will might makes those walls tumble down.


Hubmara stood in the corner waiting for the door to open. She knew she did not have the strength to overtake any of her jailers. The lady was going to rely on surprise and luck. The door swung open and the warrioress attacked. Kiv laughed and said “I like my victims feisty.”

He overpowered her quickly and threw Hubmara on the bed. As he walked closer the dazed woman was wondering why the man was unbuckling his belt. She screamed in horror when she saw him pull down his pants and his penis was erect. She knew he was going to take her by force.

He quickly pounced on her as his pants and belt laid next to the bed. Hubmara put up a fight but was no match for Kiv. He quickly had her legs spread and forced his manhood into her. As he started to thrust he started to whisper in her ears to help break her will menatlly also. “Just give in and enjoy it. Don’t fight it, for it will happen everyday until you just accept you are whatever the Warlock wants you to be. Give up and I will not be so rough and hold down your arms”

With each thrust Kiv whisper more facts about the hopefulness of the situation to his victim. Hubmara relaxed her muscles. When Kiv let go of her arms, Hubmara let a moan out. Thinking that he broke yet another wench, Kiv did not notice that Hubmara reached for the dagger on her attackers belt.

He saw a smile of victory on his victim’s face. For a split second the Soul Breaker mistaken it for a smile of pleasure. Then when he realized the truth behind the smile it was too late. Hubmara penetrated Kiv’s back with his own dagger.

The woman who had no time to feel dirty rolled her dead attacker’s corpse off of her. She used the dagger to penetrate the corpse a couple of more times.

She took the keys and sword for Kiv’s belt and left her cell, closing the door behind her. Without thinking she began to sneak down the hall towards the Wench’s room. She heard the heavy footsteps of one of her jailers. She found some shadow and waited for him to walk by. When he was beyond her she leap out into the light and slit his throat before he could utter a sound.

Looking at her second kill of the night, she grabbed his sword and dagger. The Wench would need weapons to make her believe that they had a fighting chance to get out of here. Then the newly freed woman continued her trek to the Wench’s room.

The Wench did not even care her door opened. She knew what was going to happened and resigned herself to just go to that far away place again. Each time she did it was harder for her psyche to come back to be able to interact with reality. If the Gods and Goddesses blessed her maybe this time her soul would not find its back this time.

A smile came on her face when she saw Hubmara, she was safe for now. Her relief of not being violated again made her not question why her friend was free.

Hubmara put a dagger in the Wench’s hand “Come on we are getting out of here one way or another.”

The Wench knew what her friend meant, dead or alive they would be prisoners no more. She was not strong enough to break free so she remained seated. This was her station and nothing will change it. Hubmara did not have time to talk it out so kept on her path to freedom.

When the escapee made it to the door well a tainted one pushed her down on the ground. Before he could deliver the killing blow a dagger struck him right in the heart. The Wench was standing with sword in hand ready to go. Her friend needing her help gave the Wench the strength she needed to break free of the chains she put on herself.

The two free ladies made it to the courtyard without encountering any more of the Warlock’s minions. If the can make it to the stables and get some horses they had a great chance of making it out of Amam Scriostor alive.

As they crept across the courtyard there was a section they needed to be in the moonlight. As soon as the valiant ladies were in the light of the moon, they shot up into the clear night sky.

The entire night sky to them was glowing white and three beautiful ladies were in front of them. They spoke in unison and looked at Humbara first. “You Humbara from this day forward will be known as Gavina Jokmeam, the hawk who delivers revenge for the people. Show your potential and live up to your namesake.”

Then they looked at the Wench “You the Wench from this day forward with be known as Svara
Jendia, Defender of the people. Show your potential and live up to your namesake.”

The two ladies baptized in light bowed their head and said yes. They knew it was their new purpose in life.

The three ladies spoke again “ We are Fraza, Huda Atur and Cyfi Awnder, the Trilateral Coven. We have been waiting for our champions to show themselves and you two have. You will become our heroines and drive the blight of the Warlock from Tamic “

Gavina knew the avatars of the Goddess of Love, Magic and Nature, and justice and vengeance bestowed an honor on her and Svara. She did not feel worthy. She spoke “You know who I was and I am not a hero. I am not capable of doing your bidding.”

In union the coven sisters said “We agree you are not a hero, we said you will become our hero. You have shown the integrity today to champion us. You two will are now pure again, your past means nothing.

In Lichterstadt meet with Stargazers and then the Scargazers to learn how to be triumphant in defeat and deal with losses in victory. You will need both. Start your journey from fame seeker to heronie now, Gavina. Start your journey to champion the defeated now,Svara.”

After those words were said the white light exploded out of existence. The Warlock was in his throne room waiting for his new general to be brought to him when a blast of white light came and forced him out of his chair. He knew yet again his foe somehow foiled his plans.


The two newly crowned champions of their patron Goddess found themselves in the tunnels under Amam Scriostor. They heard fighting and saw moonlight in front of them. They went to join the fray for they knew it was on the way out, plus someone needed their help.

As they turn the corner they saw a wounded man fighting off three tainted ones and one Soul Breaker which just surrounded him. Gavina knew the outline of that man, it was Erza the Wise. She quickly joined in and Svara did also.

Svara backstabbed the Soulbreaker to make the numbers now even. Ezra impaled one of the tainted ones and Gavina quickly slashed down the other two with her dagger and sword.

The exhausted man dropped to the ground. Gavina went to the fallen man’s backpack and got some herbs and bandages to put on his wounds. She then instructed Svara to find the sweet water in the backpack and make Ezra drink it.

After a couple of minutes the sweet water brought Ezra back from unconsciousness. “I got to get in there tell me the tunnel system so I can free my lord and my friend, Minenos.”

Gavina smiled for her faithful companion was a fool for once in his life. He was here to die to try free his friend.

“Come with us your friend is no more.”

“He is, I saw the Warlock men take him away.”

“They did but he is no more.”

“Woman you lie, I know the Warlock would not just killed him if he went to the trouble to capture him.”

“Ezra the Wise, do not be a fool. I speak the truth Minenos is no more for I was him.

Now let us get out of here, once we are far enough away from Amam Scriostor, we will go our separate ways.”

Ezra said “We will get out of here but not go our separate ways, my lady.”

“You need not hold up your promise of fidelity to me anymore, I am not that man.”

“I know you are not and I am making a new promise of fidelity to you, my lady. I was told by the crones of my village Minenos would one day go on the path of becoming a champion for the people if I was by his side. You are on that path and I will not let you stray from it.

I am your shield, I am your faithful man at arms, I am your adviser and I am your friend. Let me fulfil those roles.”

Gavina was touched by Erza’s loyalty and knew once again he was right, It was his place to be at her side. To be the support that her and Svara needed.

“Let us get going, we need to ride hard tonight to get far away as possible. I know you brought the three fastest horses you could find. Just in case you rescued others. Let’s ride and I will explain what happened when we make camp, my friend.”

The two heroines and their faithful sidekick rode off in the night away from the place where a vain man became a heroine.

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